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  • World of Warcraft
  • 897 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.2
  • 61,160 Total Downloads
  • Updated 03/02/2014
  • Created 07/10/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: MessageBoard 1.19.4
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About MessageBoard


A guild-wide forum, similar to web-based discussion-sites. The difference is that this is a 100% in-game WoW addon. It does not need a web-server, or a server-character that is always logged in, or external software, or anything special.

It is often difficult to get guildies to log in to the web-site to check messages. It's usually only the "hardcore" people that bother on a regular basis. This addon will help you. It requires no technical skills at all, beyond the ability to use a simple forum. Just install and play.


You need to:
- install the addon
- be a member of a guild
- have an administrator create rank permissions and categories
- set an admin by adding #MB:A to officer or player note


- To open MessageBoard, press the minimap icon.
- Hover the mouse over the minimap icon for positioning-help.


- Notification of new posts.
- Search Feature.
- Officer Only Categories.
- Password Encryption of Category Posts.
- Supports announcements, sticky topics, normal topics, voting polls, and locked topics.
- Users can set an avatar.
- Administrators can be assigned by officer's or player's note.
- The text-editor supports inserting item,spell,http links.
- Quoting of posts during replies.
- The database size is regulated by automatic pruning, by means of post-count.

Please note

It is easy to forget that you are not using a regular forum, but it's all within the limits of the WoW game. This means that when you log in, you must allow MessageBoard 2 to 3 minutes to update data. The time will vary dependent on several factors. But the more posts, the slower it updates. The addons talk to one another, so the more people in the guild that have the addon, the better.


An administrator is needed to set MessageBoard options, like message-limit for database pruning (auto-removal of old posts), category names, and permissions. The admin can also edit, delete, and lock any post. An administrator is assigned by typing "#MB:A" (without quotes) in the officer's or player's note in the WoW guild-roster. He or she will also need access to read the officer's note (in the WoW guild-roster rank settings) for the addon to be able to read it. Write-permission is not needed.

[fixed] Call Ambiguate() on all guild names for servers with spaces, hyphens, etc. Fixes Admin button not showing up.

[fixed] Bad argument #1 to 'strlen' (string expected, got nil) error in Messageboard.lua
[fixed] Attempt to concatenate local 'count' (a nil value) error in ldb.lua
[fixed] Ambiguate() on version check sender.
[changed] No longer need all 6 categories to function. Must have at least one to function.
[possibly fixed] Ambiguate() on CHAT_MSG_ADDON sender for connected realms. Untested. Let me know if it fixes connected realm syncing.

[fixed] Add some cleanup code to get rid of old erroneous entries in the database. Should fix messages that won't open.

[changed[ Changed the way the minimap button works. Yellow means new posts. Dark means none. Hover for a new post count.
[added] Added LibDataBroker functionality. Shows count of new posts and icon.
[added] Option to turn off minimap icon in options window.
[added] Button to check guild member versions in options window. (Admins Only)
[fixed] Version checker showing <name-realm> in addition to <name>
[notes] MessageBoard versions will only communicate with like versions.

[fixed] Quick fix for GetGuildRosterInfo returning player name and realm name.

[fixed] Avatar selection scrolling.
[changed] Increased size of avatar selection window.

[fixed] Localization Error - thanks Dridzt

[updated] TOC Bump

[updated] TOC Bump
[updated] Russian Localization

[changed] Changed Fonts\FRIZQT.TTF to STANDARD_TEXT_FONT to fix locales.

[changed] Replaced StaticPopupDialog with LibDialog to further reduce taint.

[fixed] A few more tweaks to try to prevent the raid frame taint.
[added] Partial Russian Translation. Translations are maintained at

[changed] Names of categories will wrap at more than 12 characters to accommodate the new post notification
[changed] Changed uidropdowns to libdropdown and PopupDialogBox indexes to prevent taint (thanks to Dridzt for the code!)
[fixed] A Few typos (thanks Dridzt)
[fixed] Deleted posts still showing as unread should be fixed
[fixed] bad argument #2 to 'match' should be fixed.
[added] Localization via AceLocale. Translations are maintained at Please report any missing localization strings. Thanks.

[changed] TOC Update
[fixed] Minimap Button Issue

[fixed] Auto cleanup system added to repair corrupted databases
[fixed] Quote on reply disabled option causing issue with editing posts
[fixed] Editing text in a Voting/Poll causing post to revert to a normal post

[fixed] Fixed bug causing some users to report blank topics
[added] Forgot to include AceConsole
[added] Visual Indication of unread topics on category buttons (display may change in future versions)
[removed] MessageBoard 1.10 and lower database conversion code

[fixed] Deleted topics/posts not syncing
[fixed] Database sync hanging (hopefully)
[fixed] 'Table index is nil' error
[changed] Version checker UI. (/mb ver). Will not check for previous versions, only 1.15 and forward. Previous versions will show as not having the addon.
[changed] This version of MessageBoard will not communicate with any previous versions due to prior bugs.
[future] Database Conversion code from versions prior to 1.11 will be removed, so please update if you haven't.

[fixed] Bug with topic titles containing quotes
[fixed] Bad argument #1 to pairs error

[fixed] Green Bars on Topic names
[fixed] Bug with topic titles containing ">" or "<"
[changed] TOC Update
[changed] Tweak startup code for Admins converting old databases

[fixed] Bug in converting old database
[changed] Version display code (mb /ver)

[changed] Database Structure - faster.
[changed] Post editor scrolls down automatically when reaching bottom.
[changed] Buttons at the bottom of posts are now centered.
[changed] Moved Options to separate window.
[changed] Minimap Icon now displays number of unread topics.
[changed] Guild Tabard Icon in top left instead of mug.
[fixed] Many bugs.
[fixed] Button glitch on long posts.
[fixed] Correct color after http, item, spell links.
[new] Background Options.
[new] More avatar icons.
[new] Voting Polls.
[new] Admin can change category icons.
[new] Guild Tabard Icon on Post Editor
[removed] Toast notification placement option. Use "Toaster" Addon to customize toast window.
[future] Cross-Guild support coming soon.


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  • #364

    dont work on pirates server. Wowcircle

    Don't work "syncing forum settings and post"

    And dont open settings.

    #MB:A im write.

    4.3.4 wow

    i'm testing all versions and nothink

    Can you help as?

  • #363

    I seem to have trouble with MessageBoard Version 1.19.4 on my MacBook Pro 2014.

    I installed it and it worked just fine for the first couple of weeks, then I wasn't able to edit my posts, even with #MB:A in my officer notes (I am one of the officers and I can read/write officer notes).

    My first attempt in troubleshooting was to log out, quit WoW and, then go start them all up again. I checked MB, and I was still not able to edit my posts and most of the posts went away. I asked multiple members in my guild, and they said everything is fine on their end and they are able to edit their posts.

    My second attempt was to quit WoW and Battle.Net altogether, delete cache from WoW folder. Then logged back in. Same issue.

    My third attempt was to quit WoW and Battle.Net, delete cache from WoW folder, delete MB from addons folder, and perform a clean install of MB. Still same issue. As I logged back in, I was notified that there are new posts, but I cannot see them.

    I don't know what to do. Can you please help out?

  • #360

    Keep's saying 'Syncing forum settings and posts' for a very long time and no change. I saw quite a lot of comments about this problem below, but everyone just ignores it. I'm on server Goldrinn (EU)

  • #361
    Quote from Skripach0110 »

    Keep's saying 'Syncing forum settings and posts' for a very long time and no change. I saw quite a lot of comments about this problem below, but everyone just ignores it. I'm on server Goldrinn (EU)

    To solve this problem you need to read the addon description. The solution is: You need to put "#MB:A" (without quotes) in the officer's or player's note in the WoW guild-roster. When you succeed to do so, you will be able to setup the message board, add categories and everything.

  • #359

    It work again! :-D

  • #362

    or not please update it :-(

  • #358

    why is messageboard not working right on wow now  it's been go on and off for about aweek now 

  • #357

    There are two things I don't understand, cause english isn't my native language^^

    What's the meaning of "Remove Regular Before Sticky" and  "Remove Sticky Before Announcement" in the options menu?

    May be someone can give me a hint what these two options in the options menu do. :-)

  • #356

    I have just stared to use this add on with my guild. I was wondering if there might be a way to make it so you have more control over who can see what categories. Like only rank 3 and up can see a categories of say mumble/vent information that you do not what your newer guild mates to see. I have a probation time in my guid and mumble/vent is not given to them till after this time period is over.

    Can you do like officers, members, everyone. I hope you understand what i am saying if not look at a forum at wowlunch or any other guild website place as to how it look and see if you can do something like that within the game.

  • #355

    I have a request.

    My Guild is small and we have differing work hours, so we have trouble syncing the forums between us. However, I love the idea of this addon and would like to be able to use it more effectively. Would it be possible to add functionality to support an outside server as an option? Even if I have to rent a cloud server (you can get cheap ones at that start at $5/mo.), or run the server on an old PC at home, it would be a welcome option for small guilds with sporatic activity.


    P.S.: I second SiegaPlays' idea. Not all Guilds have Alts in a separate rank. Being able to set individual toons as Alts, and controlling whether they can vote, etc. would be extremely handy.

  • #354

    I have a possibly huge request for Messageboard.

    Our alts do not have a specific rank, we rank them by the same measure as mains, which means we have people posting and voting crisscross the system. since Messageboard operates from the perspective of alts having a seperate rank.

    What I was thinking is a tag on posts that tells that the main of this character is Soandso. This could also be used to prevent the same person from voting on the same poll multiple times on different characters.

    Not sure how to do it, possibly by adding some sort of public/officer note similar to the admin one, like:


    Example: #MB:M:Soandso

    Or perhaps there is something similar used as standard for developers on how to differentiate mains and alts in addons in generel. No idea.

    Could it be done?

  • #353

    Not working here, Keep's saying 'Syncing forum settings and posts' this is on server : Silvermoon (EU)


    Hope it's sorted soon!

  • #351

    Works fine here.

    I just want to say that while I would prefer to see a feature like this as a default guild feature or at least with server side storage, it is awesome that someone have taken the task to make it a possibly feature.

  • #350

    Not working, keeps syncing all the time... Server: EU Die Aldor

  • #349

    Is there any way to turn off player note as being able to become admin? I like to leave the player notes open for people to edit on their own with whatever silly things they want....

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