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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.2.3
  • 45,680 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/04/2015
  • Created 09/07/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Creative Commons
  • Newest File: MillButton 6.2.3 - 1.2

About MillButton


MillButton is a small addon that greatly simplifies the macro a scribe uses to mill semi-large quantities of herbs. Instead of being limited by the macro's resources - character limit, what functions can be called - the new macro (instructions are further down) calls MillButton, which executes from the Addons.


  • The herbs must be: in stacks of 5, multiples of 5 or at least greater than or equal to 5. The addon will not and cannot compact disparate same-type stacks. It will output the message "No more herbs in stacks of 5 or more." to your chat window.
  • Make certain that only the herbs you want to mill are in your bags. The addon is not capable of differentiating between mill and don't-mill.
  • If you are a scribe that does a super load of milling on a constant basis, i.e.: to create and sell lots of glyphs on the Auction House, you may be more satisfied with using a different addon. MillButton is geared for scribes that perform milling in spurts.
  • MillButton now mills Desecrated Herb again! Thank you Puxx and Ro.
  • Added locale support for deDE, esES/esMX, frFR, itIT, and ptBR! Big thank you to flow0284! Added locale support for ruRU! Thank you to Black_Mokona.
  • MillButton now ignores Golden Lotus and all partial herbs (ex: Torn Green Tea Leaf)! flow0284 is awesome.


Download the addon and place it in your AddOns folder. The AddOns folder is located within the Interface folder of your World of Warcraft folder. To give you an idea: C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns. If you are using the Curse client, then don't worry about this step.

Next, make certain you have MillButton enabled in the Addons list. Launch World of Warcraft. At the character selection screen, look at the bottom left for the AddOns button. Click the button. Scroll, if necessary, down the list until you see "MillButton". Click next to it to place a check mark (click again to remove the check mark, disabling MillButton, if you want to turn the addon off). Click "Okay".

Now log in to the character you mill with. Once in the game, type /macro . This shortcut command opens up your Macro page. NOTE: If you have multiple characters that you will use to mill herbs, then stay in the General Macros tab. Otherwise, click <Character name> Specific Macros. Or not. Whichever you prefer or works best for you.

Choose an icon for the macro to use. Name it something appropriate to what you will use it for. Keep it short. In my case, I named it "mill".

In the box labeled "Enter Macro Commands" type the following text:

#showtooltip Milling
/run MillButtonSetup()
/click MillButton

These macros work no matter your game locale.

Remember to click the Save button! Just in case. :)

Finally, click and drag the icon to any location on your action bars. Now if you want, you can - as Ro put it - "Put it on mousewheel and spin ahoy." I myself prefer to click.

Type in your chatwindow /mbtn or /millbutton to open the new tiny optionswindow. Choose the WoW Addon on the left side and check or uncheck the herbs you want or dont want to mill. Note: Only the checked herbs will be milled

I hope this is useful! If I wasn't clear on something, please let me know in the Comments section on


Last but never least - credit and thank you to Ro of Hyjal for creating and sharing this in the WoW Professions forum (link). (Plus, I'm really sorry that I missed giving you credit for so long, I honestly thought I'd written it in here!) It is being maintained on Curse so more people are aware of it and can benefit from it. Ro, you are awesome. <3

04 Dec 2015 - flow0284:
v 6.2.3 - 1.2

  • Sorry for the faulty translation for Earthroot... :([/list

01 Dec 2015 - flow0284:
v 6.2.3 - 1.1

fixed missing translations for Earthroot. SORRY!

01 Dec 2015 - flow0284:
v 6.2.3 - 1.0

  • Updated .toc
  • fixed missing Earthroot. Thank you Honeybunn38

18 Jul 2015 - flow0284:
v 6.2.0 - 1.1

  • Updated .toc
  • disabled some forgotten debuginfos

18 Jul 2015 - flow0284:
v 6.2.0 - 1.0

  • Updated .toc
  • reworked code
  • added tiny optionsmenu

If you have any problems with the beta release, please open a ticket on CurseForge

09 Jan 2015 - flow0284:

  • Updated .toc
  • Code rework.
  • Now it should play no matter where in the bags are not millable herbs.
    e.g.: bag 1 - slot 1: Dreanic Seeds > bag 1 - slot 2: Broken Frostweed Stem > bag 1 - slot 3: Nagrand Arrow Bloom
    As in this example skips MillButton now do not millable herbs and mills directly "Nagrand Arrow Bloom".

    !! If you find a error leave a comment pls. !!

26 Nov 2014 - flow0284:

  • Updated .toc
  • Added "Draenic Seeds" that was not millable. Thanks to Camreth for this information

    !! If you find a error leave a comment pls. !!

17 Oct 2014 - flow0284:

  • Version number format changed.
  • Finally MillButton supports WoD and the Pre-Patch.
  • Added new partial herbs.
  • Added Draenor herbs.

    !! If you find a error leave a comment pls. !!

11 Aug 2014 - flow0284:

  • Added Support for WoD. If you find a error leave a comment pls.
  • increment version to v1.35

29 May 2014 - Changes by flow0284:

Split internal herb database from corecode into extra file "herb_db.lua"
Prepared Database with herbs from latest WoD Alpha Build, there are many new Petals, Stems, Leafs and more for "old" content.
For example: Cinderbloom Petal, Tiger Lily Petal, Gromsblood Leaf
Updated translations and we need some translators for: French, Italian, Korean, Russian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Spanish and Latin American Spanish. If you are a good translator, so please visit and help us to translate these few phrases.
increment version to v1.35

11 May 2014 - Changes by flow0284:

* Fixed the latest issue that the addon stopped working when MillButtonSetup().
* Re-compact the aliok's changes in the code.
* Also tested the changes in german and english WoW client. If MillButtonSetup() was used the user gets NO information about skipped herbs and the addon mills the millable herbs in the users bags. If MillButtonSetup2() was used the user gets the informatin about skipped herbs with ItemLink in Mainchatwindow and the addon mills the millable herbs in the users bags.
* Increment version to v1.34b for Beta testing.
* If there were no errors for other users we release the version.
Please do not hesitate to leave feedback in the comments! Or use the Ticketsystem on**

10 May 2014 - Changes by aliok:

  • Fixes an issue with MillButtonSetup() which may have been introduced when MillButtonSetup2() was added for users wanting a report of any herbs skipped. Code probably isn't as compact as it could be, will look into consolidating. Please do not hesitate to leave feedback! You can leave a message on the addon's page at or contact me directly at Curse (aliok), MMO-Champion (Aliok), or Twitter (AliokWOWDB).
  • increment to v1.33

v1.32 - Changes by flow0284:
In my last changes I forgot to remove some tested functions, sorry my fault.
Now MillButton is again able to mill herbs. Huge SORRY!

Removed localization for macro_spell "milling", now we use Blizzards SpellID

ToDo: Restack function for herbs in our bags and maybe a sortbag function.

v1.31 - Changes by flow0284
Some code cleanup and moved localizations into a subfolder called "locales".
Added changelog file into Addonfolder.
Added to Curseforge our localizationsstrings, there are some localizations that needs some review.
Added support for AddonLoader Addon.

ToDo: Restack function for herbs in our bags and maybe a sortbag function.

03 May 2014 - Changes by flow0284:
Removed translations for ItemType "Herb", "Desecrated Herb" and for each partial herb.
Added AceLocale-3.0 Support for better translations (if needed in future).
Added internal table for ignored herbs that cannot be milled like Golden Lotus and partial herbs.
Added second table for millable herbs like Desecrated Herb. (Already prepared for WoD)
- Both tables now use Blizzards ItemIDs so we dont need herb translations again.
Added information in DefaultChat for skipped herbs that cannot be milled.
- If you want to use it, change your macro to /run MillButtonSetup2() /click MillButton

Restack function for herbs in our bags and maybe a sortbag function.

29 Apr 2014 - MillButton now supports the locale ruRU! Thank you Black_Mokona for providing the translation. Also, HUGE thanks to flow0284 for sharing his modifications to the addon - it now will ignore any herbs that cannot be milled, like Golden Lotus and partial herbs (ex: Torn Green Tea Leaf). As always, if you experience a problem with the addon you may comment on the Curse addon page for MillButton or send me a PM.

28 Feb 2014 - MillButton now supports additional locales: deDE, esES/esMX, frFR, itIT, and ptBR. Thank you to flow0284 for helping make this happen! As a side note, I need French and Italian translators. Don't worry, it's only for a single line - "No more herbs in stacks of 5 or more." Any Russian speakers? flow0284 provided framework for adding ruRU but I need a Russian translator to verify that the translations are correct. Additionally, if anyone else wants a locale not listed here, please send me a PM at I'll do my best to add it, but I make no guarantee on fast it will happen. I hope everyone is enjoying the new year!

14 Sep 2013 - ToC bump and inclusion of readme.txt (just so there is off-line documentation of how to use the add-on). I also want to take this opportunity to inform users that MillButton is 100% within the rules laid down by Blizzard Entertainment for add-ons. There was incident in which a former user claimed it got his account banned and, on appeal, instead suspended. This had nothing to do with the add-on and everything to do with what the user was doing. If a player sits down and continuously mills hundreds and hundreds of herbs for hour or two then that is going to trigger an automated response by Blizzard's anti-botting system regardless of the add-on being used. I am sorry that the incident occurred but I am not responsible for its occurrence. On to a lighter note: I hope everyone is enjoying Patch 5.4 - especially all the new glyphs!

22 May 2013 - ToC bump. Everything is working (including Desecrated Herb). I hope everyone is enjoying the 5.3 patch!

17 Apr 2013 - Fixed MillButton so that it mills Desecrated Herb. Big thank you to Puxx and Ro! (Also, I noticed that I wrote the wrong year for the previous entry in the change log, so I fixed that, too.)

05 Mar 2013 - Everything still works, so I am bumping the TOC to 5.2. For those who may be interested, orchaceus posted a modified macro in the comments section of the addon page on Curse that allows you to turn autoloot on/off. ( ) Also in the comments section is a Prospecting version of MillButton, if you are interested in that.

10 Dec 2012 - Bumping the TOC since Patch 5.1.0a made the addon show as out of date.

11 Nov 2012 - Discovered that actually had accepted the addon way-back-when. So embarrassed. The only change is a bump to the TOC so that it should no longer shows as "out of date" even though it works fine. If you have recently experienced an error using MillButton, it is very likely that another addon is the actual culprit.


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  • #24

    A different localization? The addon should still work, but I guess the macro commands would need to be translated a bit. What language do you need it in?

  • #32

    An update for MillButton should appear soon. There is no need to use a different macro, just copy+paste what is shown under the Instructions section. Please let me know if you experience a problem or if you just want to share feedback!

    Last edited by aliok on 2/28/2014 2:01:38 PM
  • #26

    I'll do my best to get a localization working for you, but it's going to take some time (at minimum a month, probably longer). I need to do a lot of looking up how addon locale works and then test it.


  • #25

    Portuguese, brazilian localization. Thank you, didn't think you would answer.

  • #18

    Hi just to let you know, someone posted that they got banned for using this plugin. Not sure why, but perhaps it'll be of interest to you. Don't mean to scare anyone off of it or anything, just thought the creator may want to have a look.

  • #20

    I appreciate your time in reporting this to me. I am already aware of the claim, however, and responded to lanceb's concerns through a private message. Unfortunately, I do not have an EU license for World of Warcraft and am unable to publicly respond to that thread. The add-on is legitimate and does not break any EULA or ToS.

  • #11

    Strangely, it didn't mill Desecrated Herb when I tried today. I still love the addon though ;)


  • #14

    So, here is what I suspect is occurring (and I've seen reports in author comments for other milling addons): Desecrated Herb isn't identified as being an herb. This is something I cannot fix because the fault is with Blizzard. In the meanwhile, I'm testing various tweaks to the addon to work around this problem.

  • #12

    Thanks for the report. I will investigate why this is occurring.


  • #2
    useful macro

    Great addon! I was just looking for something as simple as this. No idea why it shouldn't be put to 'serious' usage.

    I macroed it with Auto Loot option. To disable Auto Loot, right click the button. Tried to disable it right away but it cannot work.

    #showtooltip Milling
    /script SetCVar("AutoLootDefault", 0)
    /stopmacro [button:2]
    /script SetCVar("AutoLootDefault", 1)
    /run MillButtonSetup()
    /click MillButton

    Thanks, aliok!

  • #4

    I'm a little confused on what you are reporting or asking for. Do you mean that Auto Loot will turn on with the modification you made, but will not turn off when you perform the same action?

    Last edited by aliok on 2/4/2013 11:03:29 PM
  • #7

    Oh, that's good to hear. (Not the game issue - that's a shame.) Thank you for posting the macro for others to use. :)


    (Curse keeps putting my replies in the wrong places, sorry if I end up spamming your e-mail.)

  • #5

    I mean, with my macro you can Mill with Auto Loot with left click, and disable Auto Loot with right click. I tried to make a macro that turns on Auto Loot, mills, then turns off Auto Loot but then pigments aren't auto-looted. That's game's issue, not addon's one ;)

  • #1
    MillButton into ProspectButton

    Another user asked me about re-purposing MillButton to perform prospecting. I may upload it as its own mini-Addon at some point, but in the mean-while I'll put the instructions here.

    Create a new folder in your Addons and name it "ProspectButton". Go to your MillButton folder and copy/paste the two files there into the folder you just created.

    Rename MillButton.toc to ProspectButton.toc and MillButton.lua to ProspectButton.lua

    Open ProspectButton.toc using Notepad or similar. Here is what it needs to look like:

    ## Interface: 50400
    ## Title: ProspectButton
    ## Notes: Help for prospecting

    Save the changes and close the file.

    Open ProspectButton.lua using Notepad or similar. Here is what it needs to look like:

    --[[ macro should be: /run ProspectButtonSetup() /click ProspectButton ]]

    local prospect = CreateFrame("CheckButton","ProspectButton",UIParent,"SecureActionButtonTemplate")

    local function findmetal()
      local function f(b,s)
        return select(7,GetItemInfo(GetContainerItemLink(b,s) or 0))=="Metal & Stone" and select(2,GetContainerItemInfo(b,s))>=5
      for i=0,4 do
        for j=1,GetContainerNumSlots(i) do
          if f(i,j) then
            return i,j

    function ProspectButtonSetup()
      local b,s = findmetal()
      if (not b or not s) or LootFrame:IsVisible() or CastingBarFrame:IsVisible() or UnitCastingInfo("player") then
        -- do nothing if no ore, if looting or casting
        if not b then
          print("No more ore in stacks of 5 or more.")
        ProspectButton:SetAttribute("macrotext","/cast Prospecting\n/use "..b.." "..s)

    Save the changes and close the file.

    Open World of Warcraft and make certain that the addon is enabled. Log in to your server and make the following macro:

    #showtooltip Prospecting
    /run ProspectButtonSetup()
    /click ProspectButton

    You should be good to go now! **I have one very important caveat, however.** There must be no stone or non-prospectable ore (this includes partial ore such as Ghost Iron Nugget) in-between your stacks of prospectable ore. You will get a game error message telling you "There are no gems in this" instead of the addon error message in your chat box. If that occurs and you still have ore you want prospected, you will need to open your bags and shuffle stuff around.

    Have a good time in WoW!



    Last edited by aliok on 3/31/2014 8:04:24 PM
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