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Minimap Button Frame

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.2
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  • Updated 10/15/2014
  • Created 12/02/2007
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 3.1.10d
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About Minimap Button Frame

This little addon will gather up all of your addon minimap buttons and put them into a movable frame.


- Add or Remove almost any minimap button
- Option to display round or square minimap buttons
- Multiple Sorting Options - Including Custom!
- Collection of Blizzard Buttons
- Collect only the buttons you want
- Background Color Changeable from the configuration screen
- Hide most of the Blizzard Minimap Icons
- LDB support.
- Key Bindings
- Profiles!
- Localized in English, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Russian, and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified)

Notes: TO ADD OR REMOVE A BUTTON YOU CAN EITHER HAVE THE MOUSE CURSOR OVER THE BUTTON TO BE REMOVED WHEN YOU EXECUTE /MBF ADD OR /MBF REMOVE OR YOU CAN NOW TYPE IN THE NAME OF THE BUTTON. /MBF ADD [ButtonName] OR /MBF REMOVE [buttonName] The ability to add minimap icons to the table can be a general or partial name of the icons. The button override table add should be the exact name of the button that you want to override and collect.

New Features in version 3.1.10d
- Update - Toc updated
- Update - Updated Libraries

- Update - Toc updated

- Update - Fixed unmovable bug

- Update - Fixed conflict with another addon using MBF
- Update - Toc updated
- Change - Changed MBF to a local instead of global. Apparently it got changed at some point

- Update - Fixed Issue with the Queue Status button not behaving like other Blizz buttons
- Update - Fixed issue with buttons not having border restored upon removal
- New - Added option to exclude the Queue Status button from being gathered

- Update - Toc updated to 50001
- Update - Added Size check on gathering


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  • #1238

    This is currently stealing the Blizzard Queueing Interface for LFR/LFR/PVP map button from the minimap and has no option to place it back.  Please add one or let us know how to manually set it as an exception.

  • #1237

    This does not work with Elvui. 

  • #1252

    I've tested it with ElvUI and it seems to work just fine.  I'm not sure what the problem you're having with it is.

  • #1232

    After your update to MoP I get these black icons using MBF.

    Last edited by martinboy on 8/30/2012 1:15:52 PM
  • #1233

    got the same prob, just reset the settings an do them again, now all icons will display right..


    Last edited by lordscorp on 8/30/2012 2:16:11 PM
  • #1235
    Quote from lordscorp »

    got the same prob, just reset the settings an do them again, now all icons will display right..

    Did that and when I closed and started the game up again, the black icons came back.



  • #1231


    There seems to be a small bug in your update for Mists of Pandaria (Patch 5.0.4). When I queue for a dungeon the little 'searching' eye is picked up this addon and palce into the window that is then at the bottom right hand side of my screen.

    I'm hoping you can fix this so the addon works correctly as soon as possible

    Yours, Krinkin

  • #1234

    got the same prob, mbf collects blizzard buttons even if its uncheckt.. like lfg eye and pvp icon, plz fix

    Last edited by lordscorp on 8/30/2012 5:01:42 PM
  • #1236

    Sounds like they changed the name of the button on me.  :)  I'll look into it.

  • #1230

    i'm having a small problem with this addon.

    i didn't do anything beside the normal updates, but now it's hiding the minimap button for the dungeon/raid queue (the eye) and i can't find a way to make it show again.

    i tried adding an exception, but it either doesn't work or i did something wrong (wrong method or name of the icon)

    anyone knows how to fix this?

  • #1227
    Minimap Button Frame

    Okay.  I've uploaded the new version.  It works with Mists and has the size check in there.  Hopefully it will be approved soon.  Version number is 3.1.8

  • #1224

    Calendar button refuses to display until I check and then uncheck "hide calendar" every time I log in.

    Other than that, love this addon! been using it for aaaaages :D

  • #1225

    You have another addon messing with the calendar button.  I see this comment a lot.  I don't do anything with the button unless you select the checkmark to hide it.  All unchecking the hide calendar button does is to show the button.  No matter who hid it.  :)

  • #1229

    It's usually addons that change your minimap.

  • #1228

    Hmm, any idea what sort of addon might be hiding it? I'm at a loss to think of anything I have that is related to the calendar in any way. Thanks a ton for the mists update, by the way! I felt icky having icons around my map again.

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