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  • Supports: 5.0.4
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  • Updated 09/10/2012
  • Created 01/29/2007
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  • Newest File: 2.1.2

About MinimapRange

Shows a circle on the minimap to indicate spell range

2012-09-10  steve.kaye

[f8213df750be] [2.1.2]
* MinimapRange.toc

Update the TOC for 5.0.4

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    For those of you who would rather prefer a blank circle instead of the solid/filled one, I've created an alternative background you may use for that purpose. In your "Interface/AddOns/MinimapRange" directory, simply rename the existing "mm.tga" and then extract the "mm.tga" from the archive downloadable at the following location: (2,508 Bytes - 0a69adc735ce7dcca9540e987229d44b)
  • #8
    well there is some bugs...
    I got many addon but those affecting minimap and range display are...
    totem radius 1.0.5b
    rangecolors 2.1.3

    by setting minimaprange to 40 yard for my healing spell and standing at maximum range with my lightning bolt (36 yards) from a harm target, the radius show me OOR only when I zoom out my map at max does it show the accurate range as I mousescroll zoom in the range dispaly shrink. I know that the display is limited by minimap borders but still before reaching that limit the display isn't right.
  • #9
    after more testing without totem radius addon the range setting appear to be accurate.
    Still the range display slightly change by zooming in and out. that by taking minimap geographic display as benchmark, dunno if there is some conflict with my mousescroll button zoom from basic minimap still sexy map gopt the same option tho.
  • #6
    Pic would be nice.
  • #7
    Pictures added now
  • #4
    I agree with linkitch about additional rings but I would also like to note that the addon seems to not work with the addon sexymap. It causes the range circle to center on the clock at the bottom of the minimap. Can this be fixed so I can use both?
  • #3
    Nice addon, any chance you could add so you can have more than 1 circle?
  • #1
    does this adjust to hawk eye for hunters?

    3.02 version coming soon?
  • #2
    It doesn't know about any talents or abilities.

    It is a very simple addon - you tell it how far you want the circle to represent so if you want it to represent auto-shot range then you need to tell it to show a 30 yard range. If you have the hawk eye talent maxed out then you need to adjust that figure yourself and tell it to show a 36 yard range circle.

    There are no changes needed for version 3.02 - it already works as is.
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    how do i get the option menu ? so i can change circle radius ... ?
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