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  • World of Warcraft
  • 785 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 143,005 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/15/2014
  • Created 05/08/2009
  • 420 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: r69
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About Misspelled

Misspelled is a chat spell-checker addon. Misspelled watches the chat messages you type, highlighting any misspellings and offering suggestions for any misspelled words it finds.

Misspelled Screen Shot

Misspelled utilizes the HunSpell style, affix (prefix/suffix) compressed dictionaries. The same ones used in Chrome, Firefox, and OpenOffice. Misspelled provides suggestions based on words that phonetically sound like the misspelled word, along with providing suggestions based on common mistakes of spelling. While Misspelled can detect nearly the same number of individually correctly spelled words as OpenOffice, it's suggestion engine, is "somewhat" less complicated, than the HunSpell implementation.

I've included in the US & UK English dictionaries some Warcraft specific proper nouns, including the zone names, and all dungeon and raid boss names. Your friends and guild members are also automatically added, and shouldn't get flagged as misspelled words..

Misspelled includes dictionaries for US-English, UK-English, French, German, Italian, Russian (experimental), and Spanish. The appropriate dictionary, for your game client locale, will auto-load, or you can manually choose what dictionary to use from Misspelled's Interface/Addons options page.

I'm attempting to localize the menus and configuration page. You can help by visiting:

Misspelled works with WIM (Wow Instant Messenger), and is compatible with: Prat, Skinner, Linerator and Chatter.

Usage note: Spell Checking is performed as you complete each work you've typed. The last word in the chat box, isn't spell checked until you type some form of word terminator, either a period, space, or some other word separating punctuation. Spell checking is very fast; but isn't performed needlessly, while a word is being typed.

Misspelled is compatible with client patch 6.0.2 If you are having problems with Misspelled, please try updating or disabling all other chat addons you may be running.

Official Distribution Points

Bitcoin donations accepted to: 1PvCJoeEc3d8QKXh4GGtZsbKJzMHmfdkPc

Change Log:

  • v1.6.00-r69 - TOC Bump for patch 6.0.2. Tested and working
  • v1.5.20-r68 - TOC Bump for patch 5.4.
  • v1.5.19-r67 - TOC Bump for patch 5.3.
  • v1.5.18-r66 - TOC Bump for patch 5.2. Teh vs the, hard coded rule added.
  • v1.5.16-r64 - TOC Bump to 50001 - Only .toc file and version change was needed.
  • v1.5.15-r63 - Added some Pandaria proper nouns to the enUS English dictionary.
  • v1.5.14-r62 - TOC Bump to 40300
  • v1.5.12-r60 - TOC bump to 40100
  • v1.5.11-r59 - Added missing Cataclysm instance boss names, to the enUS English dictionary.
  • v1.5.10-r58 - Version bump to update embedded libs.
  • v1.5.09-r57 - TOC bump to 4.0 for patch 4.0.1
  • v1.5.08-r56 - Added some Cataclysm proper nouns to the enUS and enGB dictionaries. (New zone names, dungeons, bosses, Worgen, etc...)
  • v1.5.07-r55 - Fix needed for compatibility with the PTR v4 and Cataclysm game client.
  • v1.5.06-r54 - Added support for UI localization. Now I just need some help with translations. "Fixed" compatibility with the addon Gryphonheart Items. (GHI) Gryphonheart Items begins it's item color tags with a (|C) capitol C (vs the standard |c). I added that possibility to the chat text parsing routines.
  • v1.5.04-r52 - Added itIT Italian dictionary, including Chromium delta words.
  • v1.5.03-r51 - Fix an error preventing the enGB dictionary from loading.
  • v1.5.02-r50 - Added ruRU - Russian dictionary (experimental), and support for PTR patch 3.3.5's IM chat changes, that introduce multiple chat edit boxes. This version is compatible with both release and PTR versions of the game client.
  • v1.4.02-r48 - Corrected a typo in the .toc file. The addon Title entry was mistakenly mistyped. "Mispelled" was changed to "Misspelled". Changing the title, may re-enable the addon, where it has been explicitly disabled.
  • v1.4.01-r47 - Added a UK English (enGB) dictionary. Those wanting to use this dictionary, should uncheck the auto-dictionary selection option, and select the enGB option, then reload. Like the other Misspelled dictionaries, this one was derived from the enGB dictionary included in Openoffice & Chromium. Included in this dictionary are the Wow proper nouns I included in the US English dictionary, including zone names, raid boss names, and a few other Warcraft specific words. Due to the similarity to US English, the suggestion engine uses the same phonetic rules for both dictionaries.
  • r46 - TOC updated for patch 3.3
  • r45 - Added UI to show, and allow deletes, of words added to user dictionary. You'll find the "Edit Dictionary..." button, in the Interface/Options area. Reminder: you can add words to your user dictionary, by right-clicking a misspelled word, and clicking, "Add to Dictionary"
  • r42 - Beta release for PTR Patch 3.3. Misspelled is fully compatible with the current PTR. This beta release contains only a TOC bump, and no other changes. I'll leave this release flagged as beta until patch 3.3 is released and I can perform final testing.
  • r41 - Fixed a version number typo.
  • r40 - Modified a hook to WIM, needed to remove the highlighting of misspelled words, prior to sending a chat message to the server. The author of WIM is due to add a specific API, just for this purpose, in the next release.
    Added the following words to the US English dictionary (includes some proper nouns from the patch 3.3 PTR): Frostwing, Sindragosa, Baine, San'layn, Bronzebeard, Valanar, Doomguard, Saurfang, Plagueworks, Highlord, Tirion, Valithria, runeblade, Fordring, Muradin, Putricide, Deathwhisper, Hippogryph, Bloodhoof, Lich, Frostmourne, Wrynn, Marrowgar, wyrm, Skybreaker, undeath, Orgrim's, Dreamwalker, Shadowfiend, Mograine, Darion, Lana'thel
  • r39 - Added 77 additional words to the US English dictionary. (Patch 3.2 instance boss names)
  • r38 - Ready for patch 3.2. Updated .toc file for patch 3.2
  • r37 - Replaced French dictionary with the one used in Chromium. I included the additional words Chromium added. (fr_FR.dic_delta)
    Fixed a typo/bug in the UTF8 section of RemovePrefix. This was causing words to be flagged as misspelled, if you were using one of the UTF8 (non-English) dictionaries and the word contained one of the affix compressed prefixes, even though the word was spelled correctly.
  • r36 - Added a French dictionary.
  • r35 - Hopefully fixed the issue that was crashing client.
    Hooked ChatThrottleLib:SendChatMessage so I can clean any misspelled highlighted words before the message is sent.
  • r34 - Misspelled now adds spell-checking to WIM chat windows. Please report any issues you have with this new feature.
  • r33 - Guild member and friends player names phonetic codes were always being generated using the US English phonetic code routine. The generic phonetic code is now used for German and Spanish. Locals added for ipairs and pairs, to WordDict.lua, to increased speed.
  • r32 - Added 642 new base words to the US English dictionary. See the change-log for more info.
  • r31 - Fix an error occurring for new users that were not using a prior version and didn't have a savedVariables Misspelled.lua file.
  • r30 - Spanish (esES) dictionary support added.
    There is a new interface options page, that allows you to manually select a dictionary to load.
    Fewer and better suggestions returned for misspelled words.
    UTF8 multi-byte character encodings support added.
  • r25-r27 Capitalized misspelled words will stay capitalized after selecting a replacement suggestion. Long term I want to detect the beginning of a sentence, so I can correct incorrect Capitalization. For now this change should help.
    Added these characters to the list of word separators: "(", ")", ";"
    The Suggestion ranking EditDistance method's substitution cost, is now case insensitive.
  • r24 - Changed the misspelled highlighting to a medium-cyan-ish color. Hopefully this will make it easier to see misspelled words in all the common channels: Say, Party, Raid, Guild, Whisper, Trade, Yell
  • r23 - Added Ace3 OptionDep tag to the .toc, so the addon would properly load for those running without libs embedded.
  • r22 - Now uses AceEvent to replace the hidden frame and OnEvent hook needed to load guild members.
    Added the "words" LFG and LFM to the US English dictionary.
    When a suggestion is selected to replace a given misspelled word (or Ignore or Add to Dic. was selected), the cursor was positioned at end of the replaced word. Now, if there is a space after that word, the cursor is positioned to the right of that space. This should reduce the spell-checking needed when the only character on the line, to the right of a cursor, is a space.
  • r21 - Changed some of the frame xlm code, to hopefully hide a phantom dropdown frame that was being reported showing up.
  • r20 - A German dictionary has been added and will load if you are using the German client.
    Note: No Warcraft specific proper nouns have been included in the German dictionary.
    Did some work to help ensure Misspelled's compatability with other chat addons.
    Various speed improvements.
  • r19 - Fix for errors reported loading friends player names into the dictionary.
  • r18 - Reduced memory needed to store the dictionary in half. Affix keys and phonetic codes are no longer stored using subtables. Memory usage went from 11.6Mb to 5.7Mb
    The user dictionary storage format was changed to match the, updated, in memory dictionary storage format. Any existing user dictionaries will be converted the first time you load r18.
    Improved the suggestions generation, especially when the word contains a capital letter.
    Maximum number of suggestions returned is now 8, not 10.
  • r17 - No UI or functionality changes. Made some parts of the code more efficient.
  • r16 -
    Maximum suggestions increased to 10
    Fixed an error where words in all CAPS, or words that contained numbers were throwing a Lua error.
    Fixed the chat edit cursor position so it moves naturally as you perform edits in and around misspelled highlighted words. Wow this was a lot of work. Did you know you can crash Wow, with an invalid cursor position!
    Fixed a problem where the spell checking routine was firing twice, if it found a misspelled word.
    More code cleanup. There shouldn't be any remaining, non reachable code.
    We're getting very near release quality!
  • r15 - The Misspelled word suggestions pop-up dialog now takes up less space. And a "Cancel" option was added to the bottom of the pop-up.
    Guild members weren't always loading. The loading guild members routine is now delayed until the first ChatEditBox_OnTextChanged event. I wasn't always getting guild member info during addon loading.
  • r14 - Fixed error loading guild members
  • r13 - Your friends and guild roster are now, upon zone-in, added to the list of correctly spelled words. Suggestions that match a friend or guild member player name are flagged with either (Friend) or (Guild), in the suggestions right-click pop-up. Lots of cleanup and remarks added to the code. Fixed cases where editing near the boundary of a highlighted misspelled word would mangle color tag information leaving only partial color tags. Started implementing routines to correctly set the cursor position when the chat text is changed by Misspelled. More work is still needed here.
  • r11 - Fixed an error that occurred when adding a word to the user dictionary.
  • r10 - Debug print statements turned off, fixes related to clearing cached information about the current chat text.
  • r09 - Fixes for Chatter
  • r07 - Added Wrath dungeon and raid boss names to the standard Dictionary, along with the words: Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, mana, and Warcraft
  • r06 - Fixes problems with embedded links.
  • r05 - "Ignore All" and "Add to User Dictionary" features implemented.


r69 | nrpieper | 2014-10-15 15:22:38 +0000 (Wed, 15 Oct 2014) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Misspelled.lua
   M /trunk/Misspelled.toc

TOC Bump and Lib updates.  
Tested and working with Patch 6.0.2
r68 | nrpieper | 2013-09-16 13:10:05 +0000 (Mon, 16 Sep 2013) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Misspelled.lua
   M /trunk/Misspelled.toc

TOC update for client patch 5.4


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  • #155
    Date: 2011-08-29 21:35:11
    ID: 1
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ..\AddOns\Misspelled\Misspelled.lua line 1034:
    bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)
    [C]: ?
    [C]: ?
    Misspelled\Misspelled.lua:1034: EditUserDict()

    This happened when I clicked the "Edit User Dictionary..." button inside the Interface options window.

    I had no words of my own added to it just yet, it was a fresh install. I was just clicking the button to take a looksie. @(O.O)@ rofl
  • #156
    Looking into it now. Thanks for the error report.
  • #153
    Can we get an English (Canada) dictionary added?

    Canadian spelling is different from US and UK spelling, so neither quite fits the job
  • #154
    Sure that's an easy one. The next rainy day, I have off, I'll code up the needed changes.
  • #168

    this would indeed be good news for us Canadians

  • #151
    I think I have only commented on an addon once before but i had to comment on this one, you have made my IQ seem 40 points higher and have made socializing in the game easier. It's a shame I can't live without a spell-checker but I try to improve my vocabulary skills daily ;). I recommend you to everyone the first polite chance I get - this addon is pure awesome-sauce!
  • #152
    Big smile. I created Misspelled out of me own need. I love how it allows me to use those larger, harder to spell, words, with ease.
    Thanks again for using and finding the addon helpful.
  • #150
    I love this addon, thank you for updating!
    I want to say to the people being scared about the memory usage that this addon is nowhere as big as a lot of other addons like Lightheaded, Questhelper, Gatherer, Auctioneer, etc.
    The Auctioneer addons for instance takes over 10 to 20 times as much meomory (in total) as this one does and it all works well for me.
    Addons collecting data are the ones to keep eye on. Those will make the meomory usage grow over time.
    Wowhead Looter, gatherers, dps-meters and especially gear-inspecting addons, etc. Those will make the game crash when staying in crowded areas for a while.
    But playing the game with over 200MB of used addon memory is not crashing the game, I can tell from experience. And this addon is just using a very small portion of that and enabeling/disabeling never ever had any influence in my game experience.
  • #147
    Great addon with a great flaw, needs too much memory to run. As a side note is there a way to remove the other languages and leave just one ? and maybe that way it will need less memory to run ?
  • #148
    Misspelled only loads, into memory, the dictionary you have selected. That being said, you can edit the file Misspelled.toc, and remove the lines that point to the dictionaries, you are not using. This will only potentially speed up zoning in. It will not reduce the overall memory usage of the addon.

    It's an opinion, I share with many other developers; Addon memory usage is not something you need to be concerned about. That is unless, and addon uses more and more memory as time goes on, without releasing any of it.

    What needs to be focused on is the CPU usage profile of an addon. An addon that uses too many CPU cycles, can slow the frame rate, of the game significantly.

    Missplled's memory usage is, usually, well under 10MB. That's nothing to be concerned about. I store large tables for the dictionaries, phonetic sounds of words, and additional tables that cache recent suggestion lookups, and correctly spelled words. It's a conscious choice to trade some additional memory usage, for the CPU cycles that would be used up, to calculate all this information on the fly, every time it was needed.

    Open up your Windows Task Manager. The Wow.exe process can only use up to 2GB of memory, total. If it's no where near that, you don't need to be concerned about addon memory usage. I've found wow.exe will crash, and become unstable if the process memory usage exceeds much past 1.7GB
  • #149
    Thanks for the heads-up mate
  • #145
    LF Polish leanguage :)
  • #146
    Dzięki za zgłoszenie. Będę się pracuje nad dodaniem polski.
  • #138
    Okay, I have to know -- what is the background used in the screenshots?
  • #140
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