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  • World of Warcraft
  • 1,687 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.2
  • 133,956 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/08/2014
  • Created 05/16/2012
  • 66 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: MistWeaver 5.24
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About MistWeaver

MistWeaver is a very special healer addon for the monk.

  • TODO: Config to disable the blizzard raid frames

Move the Addon Frame

  • InfoButton:
    • [ctrl] +right-click and move this button to move the whole frame
  • ManaBar:
    • drag the mana bar using [ctrl] + right mouse

Main Features

  • up to 40 unit frames
  • checks distance, afk, disconnected
  • simply click on the unit frames to cast spells
  • simply check the amount of available mana and chi
  • all cooldowns and resources at a glance
  • sort unit frame by id, group or name
  • highlight unit frames
  • buttons for mana tea and thunder focus tea
  • config dialog
  • save/load profiles


(the info button is almost transparent, it gets opaque when the mouse is over it)

  • click the info button next to the thunder focus tea button to open a menu with your saved profiles and a short link to the config
  • hover this button to show some healing statistics
  • right-click and move this button to move the whole frame

Key Bindings

key bindings


Your English is not the best (like mine)?
You do not speak German?
Assist us in translating into your preferred language.

Dein Englisch ist nicht das Beste (wie bei mir)?
Du sprichst kein Deutsch?
Hilf uns beim Übersetzen in deine bevorzugte Sprache.

Thanks to the translators

(Latin American) Spanish
Simplified and Traditional Chinese
Brazilian Portuguese

How To Use

health bar

click on the health bar of a unit to cast one of the following spells

  • left click: enveloping mist
  • right click: soothing mist
  • button 3: life cocoon
  • [shift]+left click: surging mist
  • [shift]+right click: use lvl 30 talent: chi wave, zen sphere or chi burst
  • [shift] +button 3: use lvl 60 talent: ring of peace, charging ox wave or leg sweep
  • [alt] + click: detox
  • [alt] + right click: tigers lust
  • [ctrl] + [shift] +click: resuscitate
  • [ctrl] + [shift] +rightclick: set target

renewing mist bar

click on the renewing mist bar of a unit to cast one of the following spells

  • left click: UPLIFT
  • right click: RENEWING MIST

raid extension

raid extension

  • you can activate the new raid extension in the configuration
  • left click this extension set the unit as target
  • [shift] + left click this extension set the unit as focus
  • right click to show the unit context menu (out of combat only)
  • TODO: Config to disable the blizzard raid frames

other features

  • click on the chi bar to use your chi brew (usable when the number is green)
  • [alt]+mouse over: show tooltip (health bar and renewing mist bar)
  • [ctrl]+left click: out of range whisper
  • [ctrl]+right click: highlight a unit frame
  • move the frame: drag the mana bar using [ctrl] + right mouse
  • saved statistics
    • hover the info button to show a statistic tooltip
    • use the mouse wheel to scroll through the last ten saved combats

Chat commands

use /mw or /mistweaver

  • /mw width #: unit frame width (50 - 200)
  • /mw height #: unit frame height (40 - 100)
  • /mw colortype health: use health color for health bar
  • /mw colortype class: use class color for health bar
  • /mw sorttype id: reorder raid unit frames by raid id
  • /mw sorttype group: reorder raid unit frames by group
  • /mw sorttype name: reorder raid unit frames by name
  • /mw stat <channel> <name>: list some statistics in the chat window
    • channel and name are optional
    • use chat channels like e.g. p, ra, s or w (all chat channels should work)
    • channel 'w' (whisper) requires a name (player to whisper with)* /mw on: enable MistWeaver
  • /mw off: disable MistWeaver

Additional Addons (not required but recommend)

User InterfaceCleanUI: CleanUI is a complete ui replacement. It reuses the blizzard ui, changes graphics and adds some neat features.
LayoutMasque (formerly ButtonFacade) a button skinning add-on
Masque: CleanUI a skin for ButtonFacade
MinimapMinimap Zoom hides +/- Buttons for MinimapZoom, enables mouse scrolling for zoom
Minimap Button Frame moves the other 'addon-minimap-buttons' in a movable frame
Buttons and
OmniCC: OmniCC is an addon that adds text to items/spells/abilities that are on cooldown to indicate when they’ll be ready for use
  • r404 | 2014-02-08 10:34:15 toc update
  • r401 | 2014-02-01 19:50:11 change alpha in and out of combat
  • r386 | 2013-12-27 22:27:43 code format
  • r368 | 2013-12-03 23:17:24 mw_info("MistWeaver: Statistics have been saved."); entfernt
  • r365 | 2013-11-12 20:32:00 Alpha Werte


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  • #53

    planned for one of the next version...

  • #45

    gave this addon a try after seeing the write up on it.  It is a really cool addon, but the only thing that I would like to address is being able to reposition the ui out to the side or someplace that we might want to have it instead of its default location, and than being able to lock it in place in the new location.

  • #47

    move the frame: drag the mana bar using [ctrl] + right mouse

  • #43

    Hi there. First of all, to all mistweaver's arround there, this is the best add-on you can use. Great job. 

    Second...maybe just me who cant figure this out, but is possible to move the frame units? Its allways over the char at the center of screen. I tried to move it to a corner or something and it just wont move..

    Thank you.

  • #46

    move the frame: drag the mana bar using [ctrl] + right mouse

  • #42

    Hi I love this addon. If I could I would like to make a few suggestions...

    Can you make it so even if the player is /away it doesnt almost blackout their bar? Gets annoying when they dont get heals.

    not sure if this is already in it but when I am channeling soothing mist and I want to use enveloping mist on a different player I dont see it go on the other player unless im missing it. If its not can you change this or does it have to be that way in the game? 

    Im not sure if this is a bug or not but I have revival and it doesnt show up in the button slot it should and the button does nothing.

  • #48

    i'll add a config for the 'away' alpha value

  • #41

    Leider geht bei mir das Addon überhaupt nicht. Die Optionen sind dafür vorhanden, aber keinerlei Ausgabe. Mein Mönch ist Level 37.

  • #44

    du musst in der Nebelwirker-Spezialisierung sein und du musst den Stil der weisen SChlange aktivieren oder optional das Addon in allen Stilen aktivieren.

  • #51

    Also Heiler Spec muss sein, sonst geht es gar nicht an. Und dann den Stil anmachen oder die Optionen ändern. Wenn ich das jetzt richtig verstanden habe.

  • #40

    Great addon, very well thought out too. Some things I would like to see in future versions:

    * The ability to change the size of the unit frames as a whole.

    * "Healing Spheres" added since it's part of the core healing as specified by Blizzard.

    * The ability to change the default button spells to something you can specify.

    * Keybindings.

    These would be nice additions and add some more polish to what already is a very useful addon for mistweavers, I particulaly love the "mists" bar addition which adds more value to a 3 button mouse.


  • #55

    hi. the unit frames are resizable. healing spheres need to be placed, and ar not casted on a unit. change spells and key bindings is in work.

  • #58

    Thanks for the response, I did wonder about healing spheres being included and you're right it's not really part of a unit frame addon. About resizing, I know you can resize each unit frame itself via the options but I mean rezising the whole addon (similar to the option you get in WoW to reduce UI size). I ask this because I find the actionbar buttons to be bigger than I really need. Thanks for letting me know the change spells and keybindings is in the works. We can all look forward to improving what already is a fantastic addon.  

  • #38

    Hi, just wanted to say this addon is great. You've done some nice work.  Just one thing not sure if it's just me but the Mana bar and the numbers for how much chi we have seem to be going over the to of other windows such as the spell book e.t.c  Also, It would be made extra awesome if you had a couple of tracking timers for our 3 timed buffs and how many current stacks they are at.  (Tiger Power) (Serpent's Zeal) and (Vital Mist)  That would be great if possible..

    Thanks for a great Addon.

  • #39

    timers are planned for the next version

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