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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.2.2
  • 218,591 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/02/2015
  • Created 05/16/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: MistWeaver 6.12
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About MistWeaver


MistWeaver is a very special healer addon for the monk.

Move the Addon Frame

  • InfoButton:
    • [ctrl] +right-click and move this button to move the whole frame

Main Features

  • up to 40 unit frames
  • checks distance, afk, disconnected
  • simply click on the unit frames to cast spells
  • simply check the amount of available mana and chi
  • all cooldowns and resources at a glance
  • sort unit frame by id, group or name
  • config dialog
  • save/load profiles



  1. UnitFrames: click on the unit frames to cast spells
  2. Target: heal your target
  3. Focus: heal your focus target
  4. Info-Button: Move the Addon-Frame, toggle some settings
  5. Chi-Bar: amount of available chi, click to use chi brew
  6. Mana-Bar: amount of available mana, click to use mana tea
  7. ActionButtons: cast spells, show cooldowns



  1. health bar: cast spells
  2. renewing mist bar: cast spells
  3. Unit: Unit-Contextmenu, set target, set focus
  4. Detox: cast detox

health bar

click on the health bar of a unit to cast one of the following spells

  • left click: enveloping mist
  • right click: soothing mist
  • button 3: life cocoon
  • [shift]+left click: surging mist
  • [shift]+right click: use lvl 30 talent: chi wave, zen sphere or chi burst
  • [shift] +button 3: use lvl 60 talent: ring of peace, charging ox wave or leg sweep
  • [alt] + click: expel harm
  • [alt] + right click: use lvl 100 talent: breath of the serpent or chi explosion
  • [ctrl] + click: whisper out of range
  • [ctrl] + rightclick: highlight the unit frame (e.g. your assigned targets)
  • [ctrl] + [shift] + click: resuscitate
  • [ctrl] + [shift] + rightclick: set target

renewing mist bar

click on the renewing mist bar of a unit to cast one of the following spells

  • left click: UPLIFT
  • right click: RENEWING MIST


(the info button is almost transparent, it gets opaque when the mouse is over it)

  • click the info button next to the thunder focus tea button to open a menu with your saved profiles and a short link to the config
  • hover this button to show some healing statistics
  • right-click and move this button to move the whole frame


Your English is not the best (like mine)?
You do not speak German?
Assist us in translating into your preferred language.

Dein Englisch ist nicht das Beste (wie bei mir)?
Du sprichst kein Deutsch?
Hilf uns beim √úbersetzen in deine bevorzugte Sprache.

Thanks to the translators

(Latin American) Spanish
Simplified and Traditional Chinese
Brazilian Portuguese

Chat commands

use /mw or /mistweaver

  • /mw width #: unit frame width (50 - 200)
  • /mw height #: unit frame height (40 - 100)
  • /mw colortype health: use health color for health bar
  • /mw colortype class: use class color for health bar
  • /mw sorttype id: reorder raid unit frames by raid id
  • /mw sorttype group: reorder raid unit frames by group
  • /mw sorttype name: reorder raid unit frames by name
  • /mw stat <channel> <name>: list some statistics in the chat window
    • channel and name are optional
    • use chat channels like e.g. p, ra, s or w (all chat channels should work)
    • channel 'w' (whisper) requires a name (player to whisper with)* /mw on: enable MistWeaver
  • /mw off: disable MistWeaver

Additional Addons (not required but recommend)

User InterfaceCleanUI: CleanUI is a complete ui replacement. It reuses the blizzard ui, changes graphics and adds some neat features.
LayoutMasque (formerly ButtonFacade) a button skinning add-on
Masque: CleanUI a skin for ButtonFacade
MinimapMinimap Zoom hides +/- Buttons for MinimapZoom, enables mouse scrolling for zoom
Minimap Button Frame moves the other 'addon-minimap-buttons' in a movable frame
  • bugfixes
  • new spanish translation (esMX). Thanks to Ferokan!
  • 6.2.2 fixes


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  • #103

    there is no special detox button, but you can use detox: alt+click

  • #99

    Thanks for the great Add-on.


    Is there any way to make sure I am top left in boxes when grouped/raid/bg?

    I really like being in a fixed spot and can't see how to anchor myself top left corner like HB.


    Thanks in advance

  • #100

    no. you actually can't anchor your unit frame position.


  • #101

    Ok thanks...just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. 

    Thanks for the quick response....still love the add-on!

  • #98

    Really loving this addon, been using it since I dinged 90 and it's fantastic in 5man heroics... but now I'm moving up to 10-25mans I'm really looking for more of a "grid" type layout but with the added bonus of the "mists" bar. I really don't need to see the buttons attached to the unit frames anymore but it would be nice if we could just move, resize and select orentation (horiztontal/vertical) of them because they do provide nice cooldown information etc...

    I guess what I'm asking is are you going to impliment a more "grid" like option in future versions of the addon?


  • #94

    What about heath bars for Hunter Pets.  We should be able to heal the pets too right?

  • #97

    Thats the hunters job.Just the same for the warlock.IMO

  • #96

    ok... maybe i could add a config to add pets optionally

    Last edited by Nirriti on 10/22/2012 2:53:23 AM
  • #93

    Two things i'd like to see.

    Option to resize text

    Ability to sort by role(I.E tank first healer last, ect)

    Overall though really liking this addon so far. nice job.

  • #95

    i'll add 'sort by role' in the next version.

  • #90

    Great addon, thanks for taking the time.

    These likely have been mentioned, but here's my thoughts:

    1) Auto res on clicking dead member.

    2) Give the option of changing which mouse buttons cast which spell

    3) Auto trinket/glove option for all spells (like vuhdo and healbot)

    4) Numerical timer in addition to renewing mist bars.


    Otherwise it's amazing. Great work.

  • #92

    1) on my todo list

    2) i'll add a config for all key bindings... but not tomorrow

    3) what?

    4) hmmm. there is not much place... maybe on the button at the left side

  • #89

    but the renewinb mist bar is not set on a specifi unit. i mean for example fo 5 man group how do select a certain unit? when click on a cetain heath bar it select the certain unit i mean. how  how i do the same for a specific unit fo the renewing mist bar?


  • #91

    A click on a health bar doesn't select the unit. The click casts the spell on the unit you click.

    e.g. right click on the health bar of player 1 and soothing mist will be casted on player 1.  right click the renewing mist bar of player 2 and renewing mist will be casted on player 2.

    You need not select a unit as target to cast a spell.

    The buttons at the left side use your target for the casts or (if no target exists) you are the target.

    Last edited by Nirriti on 10/18/2012 4:47:26 AM
  • #86

    how can you move the unit frames?  also hsve not competely understood how you can make the differnce  betweeen left/right clicking the  fisrt set of spells and the 3 row of spells since in you image decription you have them both on the same  combo of  clicks.

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