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Mizus RaidTracker

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 702 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.2
  • 211,951 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/20/2015
  • Created 07/26/2010
  • 178 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v0.64.5
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About Mizus RaidTracker

Mizus RaidTracker is an easy to use addon for tracking raids, loot and attendance. It provides solid automatic tracking functions, a simple to use GUI for modifying tracked data and a CTRaidTracker compatible data export.

Full support for english, german and french WoW-Clients. Good support for korean, simplified chinese, traditional chinese and spanish clients. Limited support for russian clients. For detailed information about the translation status, take a look at the translation status page at

If you need a detailed explantion of MRT's options, please scroll down.


  • Raid size detection: tracks and saves raid size
  • Difficulty detection: tracks and saves raid difficulty
  • Boss kill tracking: automatic detection of boss kills
  • Loot tracking: automatic tracking of looted items and item cost (gems and shards are ignored by default)
  • Attendance tracking: tracks raid attendees for each boss kill
  • Guild attendance tracking: option to track additional guild attendees per whisper (MRT provides guild message for guild attendance tracking)
  • Raid Log Browser: a simple GUI to review, modify and export tracked data
  • Various export options: data export for a complete raid, a single boss or all normal/hard encounters of a raid
  • Options panel: fully integrated into Blizzards options menu

Export formats:

  • EQdkp/MLdkp 1.1 (CTRT compatible): if you have a dkp-system, which can import data from the CT RaidTracker, then just choose this format and it should work
  • EQdkp-Plus XML: the recommended export format for EQdkp-Plus (set your Raid-Log-Import-Settings accordingly)
  • MLdkp 1.5
  • DKPBoard
  • Plain text: creates a simple text summary in a human readable form - for e-mail, notepad, etc.
  • BBCode formatted text: same as plain text but with basic BBCode for forums. A variant with wowhead itemlinks is also available
  • CSS based HTML: A HTML export with CSS support.

Slash Commands:

  • '/mrt' brings up the raid log browser
  • '/mrt o' and '/mrt options' are shortcuts for the options panel
  • '/mrt snapshot' creates a raid entry with the current raid composition
  • '/mrt dkpcheck' will create a new boss event entry ('Attendance check') and starts a guild attendance check
  • '/mrt deleteall now' will delete the complete raidlog (use with caution)


Main options:

  • 'Enable MRT': Enable or disable automatic raid tracking
  • 'Enable debug messages': Enable or disable debug messages (for developers only)
  • 'Slash command': Changes the slash command of MRT. Please relog after changing.
  • 'Show minimap icon': Enable or disable the minimap icon
  • 'Automatically delete raids older than X days': Use with caution. If enabled, MRT will delete raids older than the configurable threshold automatically.

Raid tracking options:

  • 'Create new raid on new zone': If enabled, MRT will automatically create a new raid entry after changing raid zones. If you only want to export one raid per raid day, you might want to disable this option.
  • 'Track 10 player raids': Enable or disable tracking of 10 player raids
  • 'Track Archavons Vault': Enable or disable tracking of Archavons Vault (25 and 10 player version)
  • 'Track WotLK raids': Enable or disable tracking of raids of the WotLK expansion.
  • 'Use server time': If enabled, MRT will use the server time instead of local time.

Item tracking options:

  • 'Min item quality to log': Set the threshold for item tracking (Note: you can always manually add items of every quality)
  • 'Ask cost for item': Enable or disable the popup dialog for asking cost of each raid loot
  • 'Min item quality to ask cost for': Set the threshold for the 'ask cost' dialog
  • 'Use EPGP GP values': When enabled, MRT will try to calculate the GP value of an item and provide the value to the loot popup. This feature is experimental.
  • 'Only track items equal or above Itemlevel X': Only track items above a certain itemlevel. Set the value to zero in order to deactivate this option.
  • 'AutoFocus on loot cost dialog': Set if and when the loot cost dialog popup should automatically take focus to its editbox. Three options available: 'Always' / 'When not in combat' / 'Never'
  • 'Ignore enchanting materials': When enabled, MRT will ignore shards, dust, etc.
  • 'Ignore gems': When enabled, MRT will ignore gems.

Attendance options:

  • 'Track only first 2/5 groups': If enabled, MRT will only track the first 2/5 groups in a 10/25 player raid.
  • 'Track offline players': If enabled, MRT will track offline players.
  • 'Enable guild attendance check': If enabled, MRT will ask after each boss kill if you want to take guild attendance. If accepted, MRT will send a guild message, calling your guild member to whisper you with their character name. The whispered names will be added to the boss kill attendees list.
  • 'Ask for confirmation': If enabled, MRT will ask you before sending the guild message.
  • 'Use trigger instead of character name': If enabled, MRT will react on a configurable text message instead of guild member names. The guild attendance announcement text will change accordingly.
  • 'Duration of taking attendance': Set the duration of the guild attendance check. While taking guild attendance, MRT will post a reminder each minute.
  • 'Use custom guild attendance text': When enabled, you can provide a custom text that MRT will post when doing an attendance check. Variables are available for boss name, remaining time and trigger command.

Export options:

  • 'Export format': Let you choose the format of your data export
  • 'Export zone names and boss names in english': If enabled, MRT will try to export zone and boss names in english instead of the localized versions of your WoW-Client.
  • 'Ignore per boss attendance': If enabled, MRT will ignore the per boss based data when exporting. Each attendee will be exported as if he/she attended all boss events. If you only create one raid entry for each raid in your EQDKP(-Plus) and make corrections to raid members manually, you might want to activate this option.
  • 'Enable attendance fix for the EQdkp-Plus Raid-Log-Import': This option changes the export of timestamps a bit to pass the 50% attendance threshold of the Raid-Log-Importer. Only use this option, if your DKP system is based on per boss attendance.
  • 'Enable boss encounter detection fix for the EQdkp(-Plus) CT_RaidTrackerImport 1.16.x': This option changes the loot export a bit to fix the boss encounter detection of the CT_RaidTrackerImport. Use this, if you have boss events in your raid without loot associated to it. (e.g. attendance checks).
  • 'Set format of date and time': You can change the date-format of the text based data exports here. Essentially, whatever you enter here, will be in front of the first line of the export. Check the ingame tooltip for more information.
  • 'Currency': Sets the currency text for the text based exports


  • Currently, there is no GUI to edit the default item ignore list. You can change the list by adding/deleting item IDs to/from the 'IgnoredItemIDList' in the 'MizusRaidTracker_Constants.lua'
  • EQDKP CTRT-Import-Plugin: If you run a raid composition which change at each boss kill and want to have automatic boss splitting, you will need to assign boss names (as listed in the MRT raid log) as raid note triggers and the instance name as event trigger. You can find an example at my Website in the file section.

tag v0.64.5
Mizukichan <>
2015-09-20 18:49:56 +0200

Tagging as v0.64.5


    - Mannoroth typo fix


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  • #407

    Saw  the following error today while attacking a dummy with my hunter (caught by Swatter).

    Date: 2015-11-30 18:42:57
    ID: 1
    Error occured in: AddOn: MizusRaidTracker
    Count: 3
    Message: Note: AddOn MizusRaidTracker attempted to call a protected function (CompactRaidFrame1:Show()) during combat lockdown.
    [C]: Show()
    ..\FrameXML\CompactUnitFrame.lua:290: CompactUnitFrame_UpdateVisible()
    ..\FrameXML\CompactUnitFrame.lua:248: CompactUnitFrame_UpdateAll()

  • #408

    Giving up on this addon.  Too many errors when I'm not even using it.

  • #406

    Really love the addon, it has made my life pretty damn easy i must admit. One thing that i would like to be able to change however, is to drop the server name from character names in an export. When people are registered on our website, it doesn't have the server name, so when any guild members from different servers are imported via xml, it creates a new entry for them with "-<servername>" appended to them. Not sure if there is already a work around for this? Perhaps i'm just missing something. Cause right now, i import the raid information into our website, then have to go an manually change loot, dkp, etc, and delete the newly created raid memeber.

  • #405

    Hi Mizukichan, I want to say thank you heaps for this tool, it has made enforcing my guilds 80% minimum attendance umpteen million times easier.

    I have noticed though that occasionally raids will show an end time that is inaccurate, for example this evening it showed people joining the raid at 19:50 (which is correct, this is the time at which we zoned in) but ending/leaving at 21:44, we didn't leave the instance until 11:05pm, when we killed our last boss for the evening.

    Please let me know if you need any files or exports from me to check the data, I'm happy to help in any way I can.

    Thanks again!

  • #404

    Does this work with patch 6.2.2? Whenever I try to upload the xml file to our website it shows up empty...

  • #402

    Does this track bonus rolls as well?

  • #401

    Would it be possible to add tracking of BoEs which drop from trash, with them being placed into their own section?

    With the recent change for BoEs to always be personal loot its a pain to continually poke guild members to put the BoEs into the guild bank for dispersal across the raid team.

    In the raid this evening two BoEs dropped; one came from a boss on personal loot and was tracked. One came from other loot and wasn't tracked.


  • #400

    Any chance you could add the ability to export in JSON format?  Ideally, the item format would match Blizzard's item API as closely as possible.   (Seen here:

  • #399

    Is it possible to add a right-click option to the Raid loot table, with just 4 options of "MS, OS, DE, Open Roll". For the basic notes that a lot of people do, its just quicker than having to select item, click modify, enter note, click modify.

  • #397

    Not sure if this was mentioned before.. Using Export via BBCode formatted text with wowhead links

    Addon gives - [url=;bonus=1:566]Six-Eyed Band[/url] - <dkp> <playername> <note>

    If you try the above link, wowhead can't find it. For the '&bonus=' part, the digit before the colon confuses wowhead it seems. Example below is for a heroic ring. Wrong link will show as normal, right link will show as heroic.

    wrong >>;bonus=1:566

    right >>;bonus=566

    Last edited by wowza2 on 7/2/2015 10:20:33 PM
  • #398

    Thanks for pointing that out. Will get it fixed.

  • #394

    sometimes the addon tracked items from nhc Hellfire as hc items, maybe because of the boss detection not working correctly ?

    also killed Gorefiend today (nhc), count as 'Trash Mob'

    Last edited by Xerxes13 on 6/25/2015 9:03:40 PM
  • #392

    Hey, thanks for updating it! Used it again tonight, the raid is tracked correctly (start/stop/members), but the loot isnt exported (even tho it shows in the list ingame). Also out of the first 3 Boses HFC on hc it only recognized the Iron Reaver as "Boss", the rest was marked as "Thrash Mob" :)

  • #393

    I am aware about the Hellfire Assault encounter not working. Fix is on the way. Which was the third boss you tried? Was it Komrok or the Hellfire Council?

  • #396

    Fixed in v0.64.1

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