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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.4.7
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  • Updated 04/20/2014
  • Created 10/08/2011
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 2.1.2
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About MogIt_Sets

A plugin for MogIt that shows item sets.

Requires MogIt 3.3 or later.



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  • #22
    Quote from Temari1985 »

    Please update. I can´t live without it. T_T

    Really? Shouldn't you have suffocated by now? 

  • #27

    I just returned as undeath. And still waiting for the update. 

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  • #18

    Im just wandering if your talking abt putting the sub sets of armor that go together but isnt named the same or obtained from the same place, and JW if your planning on updating this or making another module for this purpose bc im having to use atlasloot to find sets then look them up individually on mogit :)


    Last edited by soadivine on 9/9/2012 10:43:25 PM
  • #17

    "Module needs to be updated to work with this version of Mogit"

  • #16

    How do you get these to show, I have put them in the addon folder but they are not showing ingame, its only showing the seperate armor types and weapons / accessories

  • #15

    This will probably not include randum suffix "sets". We've been talking about a separate module for that purpose, however.

  • #14

    Could it be possible to addin World Drop Sets like "Glorious Set", "Netherstalker Set", also offset gear (belts, bracers, boots). Thanks!

  • #13

    I use and love MogIt, but i found MogIt_Sets kinda incomplete. The "Sets" included in the addon are missing all the 'offset' gear (like belts, bracers, boots) and they're listed (and thus considered sets) only if they have a set's bonus. I was just wondering if there's a chance to have this addon updated with all the many various sets listed in sites like "WoW Roleplay Gear" or Wowhead's "Transmog Sets" tool.

  • #12

    It's a small issue, but occasionally when viewing sets the display models seem to have bits of unrelated sets mixed in with what they should be displaying.  If I scroll down, and then scroll back up to the top it fixes itself.


    A small request too: I understand the sets are the pure gear sets (in otherwords, gear with actual set pieces and bonuses), but I would like to see Sets also include the BoE matching named gear (like the Swashbuckler's Set or the Black Mageweave Set).  I'd love to be able to view how the whole set would look on my character without having to fish out the individual pieces. :)

  • #11

    Version 2.1 released

  • #10

    This sets download shows as out of date in the addons list. You have to load out of date addons to make it work.

  • #8


    I'm not sure why that's happening. Nothing was changed between beta and release to break sets. Do the regular models work? How is it apparent that it does not load the data? You choose a set category, and no models appear? Does the amount of pages appear in the bottom right corner?

  • #9

    Sometimes Blizzard makes last minute (well, last week) changes to new patches but doesn't release them to the beta because there's no time for thorough testing. Seen a lot of nerfs and changes happen this way that have left people scratching their heads, and yes, it's BS.

  • #7

    I like the idea of this mod.
    Although it works with MogIt 2.0 Beta, I have been unable to get it run properly in 2.0 Release. There's no error. It just doesn't load the data.

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