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Moncai Compare

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 3,450 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.1.0
  • 448,879 Total Downloads
  • Updated 03/06/2015
  • Created 08/19/2009
  • 693 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v6.1.0

About Moncai Compare

About Moncai Compare

EquipCompare. Many have used it, many loved it. Then, Blizzard added it's own implementation. However, this requires you to hold the shift key every time. Not anymore! MoncaiCompare is a lightweight addon with zero overhead to bring you the comfort of the original EquipCompare using as much as Blizzard's own code as possible.

Automatically showing comparison tool tips in the bank, at the auction, in your bags, in the dungeon journal, when looking at quest rewards and when clicking item links. Replacement for EquipCompare.

Moncai Compare works also great when used together with Pawn and/or RatingBuster (when it's updated)!

New in 6.0.2

  • Full Warlords of Draenor compatibility! Squashed (hopefully) the last remaining bug. Code is now fully checked against latest Blizzard libraries for a seamless experience. If you still have problems, don't hesitate to create a ticket so I can investigate and solve your issue.

New in 6.0.1

  • Warlords of Draenor support. If you encounter any problems, don't hesitate to create a ticket so I can investigate and solve your issue.

New in 5.3.0

  • New! Dungeon Journal Item tips now shown on the left side, or as far left as possible

New in

  • Tested to work in all languages and localizations, including ptBR and itIT.
  • Now also works in the dungeon journal
  • If, for some reason, you temporarily don't want to see the comparison, simply hold the comparison modifier key (usually shift)

Known Bugs

  • Currently no known bugs. May or may not work with certain bank / inventory / item based addons. If you come across an addon you would like for Moncai Compare to work with, please create a ticket.

Your feedback

I value your feedback. Please let me know if the addon does or does not work for you.

r42 | moncai | 2015-03-06 21:33:27 +0000 (Fri, 06 Mar 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/v6.1.0 (from /trunk:41)

Tagging as v6.1.0
r41 | moncai | 2015-03-06 21:32:58 +0000 (Fri, 06 Mar 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/!MoncaiCompare.lua
   M /trunk/!MoncaiCompare.toc
   M /trunk/EncounterJournal.lua

6.1 update


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  • #101

    I love this addon.

    I only have an issue: it prevents Auctioneers tooltip to show up (even on non-equip items like food). Is there any way to solve this?

  • #99

    will we get so combat(crit/haste/so on) ratings into percentages.
    like ratingbuster since it really seems like ratingbuster is dead and we really needing a replacment for that and pawn is kinda a bad replacment for this


    aswell as rating buster showed us how much Spell power you get from  intellect and so on

    Last edited by mariodkzz on 11/21/2014 3:00:44 PM
  • #100

    I can't help but beg for this, as well.  I'd love to see % gains, spellpower / attackpower gains (relative to int or agi/str) etc.  Right now this addon is great, it has the potential to be incredible.

  • #102

    /agree - would love to see that too

    thanks for the fantastic addon!

  • #98

    I have one little problem with this addon. I have two chat frames. One in the lower left corner of my screen and the other one in the lower rigt corner.

    When ever ich hover over an item in the right chat window the tooltip overlaps so both items are displayed in the same spot and I can't read any of the information.

    Is there a way to configure where the anchors for the tooltip is and where to expand it??

  • #97

    Version 6.0.2 should be is online shortly to fix the Dungeon Journal issue. Thank you for your support and for using my addons!

    Last edited by Moncai on 11/2/2014 4:30:45 PM
  • #93

    The tooltip does not display the correct item version for the instance. For example, if you pick SoO Mythic, it shows item level 540 gear in the tooltip, not 566. Filed a ticket :)

    Great addon, otherwise. This was exactly what I was looking for!

    EDIT: Found a solution. Replace lines 47-51 with the following:

    if then
        GameTooltip:SetOwner(self, "ANCHOR_LEFT");
        self.showingTooltip = true;

    Pertinent parts are bolded. It seems that an item has an itemID, but has different flags to denote what version to display in the item link. This is also how Blizzard seems to set their tooltips in the Dungeon Journal (item link instead of item ID).

    Last edited by Rayocell on 10/29/2014 4:00:49 PM
  • #96

    Thank you for your report and ticket. I seem to have missed a spot! I'm not going to copy/paste your solution, as it has a few other compatibility issues. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction though! Expect a new version tomorrow as soon as I've been able to test it in-game!

  • #91

    The addon seems to ignore gems and/or enchants when tallying up stats for stat change comparison, is this an intended behaviour?

    I've actually created a ticket with a more detailed explanation but figured I'll post it here too.

  • #92

    Hi, thanks for your message. The intended behaviour is to use Blizzard's own code where possible, and unfortunately the shortcomings you mention are indeed in WoW's own UI code.

    Although it may seem useful to include enchants and gems in the total of stats for an item, there are drawbacks. For enchants, you can always put an identical enchant on the new item, making the comparison of an enchanted item to an unenchanted one biased; you'd have to subtract the enchantment stats out of the total to see if the new item, when properly enchanted, would be an upgrade in that stat.
    For gems, the situation is even more complex. The item you compare to may or may not have gem sockets, same or different color. This would also bias comparisons, sometimes with reason, other times without. It does, however, give you a clear number of sockets gained and lost over your equipped item, giving you a rough idea at least.

    I hope this helps a bit. If you have a concrete proposal for changes in this behaviour, and if it is possible to implement it through the API, I may be able to write something for you and release it as a separate add-on.

    Last edited by Moncai on 10/28/2014 4:55:06 PM
  • #94

    Thank you for the response.

    I don't mind it as long as it's intended to work that way. Like you said, enchant is easily solved. Fortunately for us, gem sockets won't be as common in WoD. It's only a slight issue when you want to quickly determine whether to greed or need when an item drops.

    I am actually not sure how enchants and/or gems can be included in stats change, but I used to use rating buster and that addon somehow has options that allow players to choose whether to include enchants and/or gems in stats change.

  • #90

    A few questions:

    - Is there a way to also compare achievements? I thought in MOP this was okay, but with latest build (6.0.2 patch) it seems to not work anymore.

    - Is there a way to make the screen abit bigger or a way to scale it?

  • #89

    Thanks for this! I'd been using Rating-Buster (may it rest in +10 Peace).


  • #87

    Using 6.0.0  Error when mousing over items in dungeon journal.

    156x !MoncaiCompare\EncounterJournal.lua:72: attempt to call method 'SetHyperlinkCompareItem' (a nil value)
    !MoncaiCompare\EncounterJournal.lua:72: in function `Journal_GameTooltip_ShowCompareItem'
    !MoncaiCompare\EncounterJournal.lua:20: in function <!MoncaiCompare\EncounterJournal.lua:12>

    self = EncounterJournalEncounterFrameInfoLootScrollFrameButton2 {
     0 = <userdata>
     showingTooltip = true
     bossTexture = <unnamed> {
     slot = EncounterJournalEncounterFrameInfoLootScrollFrameButton2Slot {
     encounterID = 846
     bosslessTexture = <unnamed> {
     boss = EncounterJournalEncounterFrameInfoLootScrollFrameButton2Boss {
     name = EncounterJournalEncounterFrameInfoLootScrollFrameButton2Name {
     link = "|cffa335ee|Hitem:112795:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:90:491:4:1:451|h[Ring of Restless Energy]|h|r"
     index = 2
     itemID = 112795
     icon = EncounterJournalEncounterFrameInfoLootScrollFrameButton2Icon {
     armorType = EncounterJournalEncounterFrameInfoLootScrollFrameButton2ArmorClass {
    elapsed = 0.015000000596046

  • #88

    Will investigate and fix asap, thanks for reporting!

    Edit: Should be is fixed in 6.0.1!

    Last edited by Moncai on 10/20/2014 4:07:58 PM
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