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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.4.0
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  • Updated 10/14/2013
  • Created 09/15/2013
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: 1.2.0

About MonkDPS


Powful DPS Addons which integrate most optimized rotations for every supported spell of all classes. these Addons suggest you the next spell which bases on energy, buffs, debuffs, cooldowns, casting status, moving status, range , the rationship of each spell and so on. The addons's description presents you all classes dps theories, rotations and priorities. Currently the HunterDPS and MageDPS will be the powest, HunterDPS can even predict future 2-5 spells in sequence in order to use power efficiently and fit the CD of important spells(like Kill Command). once you has a target then the spell icon which need to be cast mostly will be marked with a lovely ring( and the interface will be locked)


The Rotation of Monk bases on power and chi, then cast only on priority:

0.Chi Brew( Chi<=2)

1.Rising Sun Kick

2.refresh Tiger Palmbuff

3.Chi Wave\Zen Sphere\Chi Burst Blackout Kick Tiger Palm

6.Jab(high power,Expel Harm replace it when player's health below 80%)

7. Fists of Fury

8. Blackout Kick(high chi)

9.Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger


If there is White Tiger,and Tigereye Brew is availabe(>6 stacks),then cast Tigereye Brew,or Tigereye Brew will be cast 16 stacks. This Addon does not support Trinket,players need to cast Tigereye Brew with Trinket by yourself。

When player's health under 80%,Expel Harm will replace Jab

Energizing Brew is used below 70 power.

If the max of Chi is 5,keep 2 Chi at least,if 4, then keep 1-2 Chi. When Chi Brew or Fists of Fury is available,then may use it up

Someone says Fists of Fury has low DPS(Damage Per Second) and they do not suggest to cast this spell , but they had not seen the Damage Per Chi.

Support Spells :

Tiger Palm ,Rising Sun Kick ,4Jab ,Fists of Fury ,Blackout Kick , Tigereye Brew ,Touch of Death ,the White Tiger ,Chi Brew ,Chi Wave , Zen Sphere, Energizing Brew, Expel Harm

For all classes pls searching them at or

( HunterDPS,MageDPS,PriestDPS,PaladinDPS,MonkDPS,WarlockDPS,DeathKnightDPS,WarriorDPS,ShamanDPS,DruidDPS,RogueDPS)

Conflict with other DPS addons, make sure uninstall all other DPS addons Any Suggestion or Bug, please refer to, This Addon will update as your help

version 1.2.0

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