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  • World of Warcraft
  • 146 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.0
  • 35,485 Total Downloads
  • Updated 06/25/2015
  • Created 09/20/2006
  • 344 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v3.1.6
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About MonkeyClock

About MonkeyClock:

The MonkeyClock AddOn for WoW displays the time in a nice customizable frame.
The clock doesn't use many resources. You can configure it in the Interface Options.

MonkeyClock Features:

  • AM/PM or 24h format display
  • Alarm notification and Snooze feature
  • Color + opacity of frame customizable
  • Color + opacity of border customizable
  • Frame is movable, resize-able and lockable
  • Right-click opens options (can be disabled)

MonkeyClock Options:

Interface Options


  • Updated TOC for Patch 6.2


  • Updated TOC for Patch 6.1


  • Updated TOC for Patch 6.0


  • Updated TOC for Patch 5.4
  • Fixed blizzard new weird slider behavior
  • Now always opens to options on first try


  • Updated TOC for Patch 5.3


  • Updated TOC for Patch 5.1


  • Updated TOC for Patch 5.0


  • Fixed snooze functionality
  • Fixed FrameXML template issue


  • Updated TOC for Patch 4.3


  • Updated TOC for Patch 4.2


  • Updated TOC for Patch 4.1


  • Updated TOC for Patch 4.0
  • Changed "getglobal()" calls to _G[] calls
  • Fixed several "this" lua errors


  • Updated TOC for Patch 3.3


  • Added slider option to change amount of snooze minutes
  • Frame is now easily resize-able without limited sizes
  • Frame and Frame Border are now customizable
  • New Interface Options, just right-click the frame to open
  • Doesn't need MonkeyLibary/MonkeyBuddy anymore
  • Please delete your MonkeyClock saved vars in your WTF folder


  • Updated TOC for Patch 3.2
  • Fixed MonkeyLibary lua errors in debug mode


  • Updated TOC for Patch 3.1


  • Updated MonkeyLibary to allow font shadows
  • Fixed detection of unavailable MonkeyBuddy
  • Cleaned up and rearranged localization


  • Updated TOC for Patch 3.0


  • Updated TOC for Patch 2.4
  • Now interacts with Blizzard options
  • Adjusted default settings


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  • #33

    Apparently DST isn't being detected. It's currently showing the pre-time change time rather than the actually DST time.

    (Posted a ticket.)

    Last edited by Palladia on 3/11/2015 1:42:13 PM
  • #32

    This looks nice. It deifnitely makes the clock more visible. But one thing I miss from the built-in clock is the abiluty to mouseover and see both local and server time, since I play on a realm in a different time zone.

  • #31

    Would be nice to resize the clock to larger sizes, double, quad-size for example to make it easier to read

    Also be nice to have a digital looking format or be able to change font color of the numbers in addition to the background colors, then i could make it look like a digital click somewhat (square borders instead of round borders) would probably be required,


  • #30

    I like the addon its simple and works great but the issue i have with it is seeing realm time then having to always add hours for my local time just gets to be anoying so i just wanna suggest adding a option for people to see their own time not the servers time

    Last edited by Kegdoctor on 9/7/2012 7:53:40 PM
  • #29

    Would be nice if this could utilise shared media.

  • #27
    Any chance of adding seconds to this clock?

    I've used the clock from CosmosUI for the past 5 years, this patch seems to have finally killed it.
    It had the very lovely XP/Hour & XP/Session, Estimated time to level, Average Gold Income/Hour..

    But I can live without that, but I do miss the seconds :p
  • #28
    Oh, would be awesome if you could make the letters bigger too :D
  • #26

    The 3.0 version doesn't seem to support separate servers anymore. When I adjust the time on one server it changes it on the other. Is there a new profile setting that I'm missing?

  • #25
    I just released v3.0.0 of MonekyClock - I hope you like it!

    Please delete your MonkeyClock saved vars in your WTF folder before reporting errors.
  • #23
    A version for patch 3.0 is ready and will be released today. Stay tuned!
  • #22

    It still works *dances*

  • #21

    This is in regards to interacting with MonkeyQuest. It says it will open MQ upon right clicking. Will this make it so that if MQ is closed, the tooltip for quest mobs will still be updated?

    example: I have to kill 10 MOBS for a quest. while MQ is open, I can kill a MOB, and the tooltip will be updated for 1/10 MOBS killed. I would close MQ, go kill two more MOBS, and the tooltip would still display 1/10 MOBS killed. I would then open MQ, it would update the tooltip to say 3/10 MOBS killed. While leaving MQ open, each MOB killed would have an updated tooltip. So my question is this: if MQ is closed, and I'm running MonkeyClock, will the tooltip be opened as if MQ were open?

  • #20

    It's not really simple to code, but it's something I've wanted to add for a while now. I don't think I'll ever get around to it though.

    You could try this mod:

  • #19

    At least from a non coder stand point I think it is a simple request..

    An alarm.

    15-10-5 minutes out - pop window or something. Description line.

    So like alarm set for 10pm, at 9:45 window pops up, "Hey The Shield is coming on, log off!"

  • #18

    Over minmap: You should try myClock, that's exactly what you're looking for.

    Lock option: It's in the latest version.

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