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  • World of Warcraft
  • 961 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.0
  • 386,186 Total Downloads
  • Updated 06/25/2015
  • Created 09/20/2006
  • 4,116 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v2.9.32
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About MonkeyQuest

Note: For easy configuration, download MonkeyBuddy!

About MonkeyQuest:

The MonkeyQuest AddOn for World of WarCraft displays quests and their objectives in a nice drag able frame in a very customizable way.


  • Mousing over quests shows the overview in a tooltip.
  • Option to display the quest overview if there's no objectives.
  • Clicking on quests brings up the real quest log with that quest selected.
  • Displays the quest level in the quest title.
  • Elite quests display a ' ' in the level of the quest.
  • Completed quests show a '(Completed)' in the quest title.
  • Quest area headers are displayed.
  • Clicking on a quest area header collapses or expands it.
  • Check boxes next to quests allow hiding/showing of that quest.
  • Check box to toggle displaying collapsed quest area headers and hidden quests.
  • Close and minimize buttons.
  • Quest objective coloring.
  • Quest objective coloring for special 'friendly/hostile' type objectives.
  • Special quest objective coloring for 'find an area' type objectives.
  • Nice font for increased readability.
  • No additional buttons or options are displayed in the real quest log.
  • Option to always hide quest area headers.
  • New slash command for hiding the border.
  • Key bindings for toggle hidden, minimize, and close.
  • Slash command to change the expand direction, up or down (thanks Diungo)
  • Shift-left clicking on quests to add the quest name to the chat edit box if it's open.
  • Shift-right clicking on quests to add your current quest objective data to the chat edit box if it's open.
  • Option to display the number of free quest slots.
  • Lockable frame.
  • Option to display quest titles colored by difficulty. (thanks Pkp)
  • Option to hide completed quests.
  • Option to hide completed objectives.
  • Ctrl-Left clicking on quests to share that quest with party members.
  • Ctrl-Right clicking on quests to abandon that quest, after a confirmation dialog box.
  • Integration with MonkeyBuddy for configuration.
  • Font size setting.
  • Option to turn off right-click to open MonkeyBuddy.
  • Option to hide the title buttons.
  • Quest Items now show up in tooltips. Mousing over targets you need for quests will show 'Quest Item XX/YY' in the tooltip. Same for items you need for quests.

    (** Currently doesn't update if MonkeyQuest is closed or minimized **)

  • Dungeon quests display a 'd' in the level of the quest.
  • Raid quests display an 'r' in the level of the quest.
  • Party members show up in the quest overview tooltip. If they have that quest they'll be displayed in the 100% objective color.
  • If the current sub-zone name appears in the quest overview, the quest will highlight.

Slash Commands:

See included ReadMe.txt for slash commands or use MonkeyBuddy to configure your MonkeyQuest.


  • Updated TOC for Patch 6.2
  • Fixed work complete sounds


  • Updated TOC for Patch 6.1


  • Added option to disable quest items (still tainted)
  • Added option to toggle right click behavior
  • Fixed regex for non english objective descriptions


  • Changed options to global, only questlist per character
  • Added support for all quest tags (legendary, scenario, etc)
  • Added quest items to the abandon quest dialog
  • Tweaked open to quest log without MQL installed
  • Fixed issue with toggling quests via right mouse click
  • More fixes for work complete and more work sounds


  • Fixed work complete and more work sounds
  • Haven't received a donation since over two years ;)
  • If you like MQ, please consider supporting me!


  • Fixed open to quest log without MQL installed


  • Updated some vars from global to local
  • Fixed mouse over bag tooltip issue
  • Fixed WatchFrameItemButtonTemplate


  • Updated TOC for Patch 6.0
  • Added daily/weekly icon in tooltip
  • Fixed checkbox states (true/false)
  • Fixed GetQuestLogTitle API issues
  • Fixed regex for quest objectives
  • Fixed default objective color


  • Fixed getCVar("realmname")


  • Updated TOC for Patch 5.4


  • Updated TOC for Patch 5.3
  • Removed redundant mob tooltip text


  • Updated TOC for Patch 5.1


  • Fixed quest sharing functions


  • Updated TOC for Patch 5.0
  • Fixed party number API


  • Fixed API call errors (MoP)
  • Fixed FrameXML font issue
  • Added some nil checks
  • Removed BhaldieInfoBar (outdated)


  • Fixed FPS dropdown issue (you heard right)
  • Haven't received a donation since over a year ;)
  • If you like MQ, please consider supporting me!


  • Updated TOC for Patch 4.3


  • Updated TOC for Patch 4.2


  • Updated TOC for Patch 4.1


  • Added experience amount to MonkeyQuestLog
  • Added quest visibility toggle via right click


  • Fixed (hopefully) last nil errors with those bugged quests


  • Fixed multiple nil errors with quests without header
  • (Some instance quests after Patch 4.0.1)


  • Updated TOC for Patch 4.0
  • Changed "getglobal()" calls to _G[] calls
  • Fixed rare nil error with strLeaderBoardText
  • Included remaining this,event,arg# fixes


  • Fixed this,event,arg# to prevent issues with future patches
  • This also makes MonkeyQuest work in Cataclysm!


  • Fixed insertion of quest links into the edit box
  • (Insertion broke with the latest Client Patch 3.3.5)
  • Fixed nil error which sometimes popped up after login
  • Fixed default color (light blue) for "Finished Objectives"
  • Hide title buttons option now works in Blizzard Style


  • Updated TOC for Patch 3.3
  • Added clickable buttons for activate-able quest items
  • Added some options to be able to look like blizzard tracker
  • Check-boxes only show if you check show hidden
  • (Thanks to Wraithstrike for his help!)


  • Fixed stacked work complete sound after login
  • Fixed lua error after abandoning last quest
  • Clicking show hidden in MQ now updates MB setting
  • Supports new slider value display in MB


  • Fixed GetQuestLogTitle issue with suggestedGroup
  • Added Support for new Zone Highlight Alpha option


  • Fixed OnClick lua error after clicking on a quest
  • (only happened with disabled MonkeyQuestLog)


  • Updated TOC for Patch 3.2
  • Fixed GetDifficultyColor lua errors
  • Fixed MonkeyLibary lua errors in debug mode


  • Updated TOC for Patch 3.1
  • Added new sound for partial quest completion


  • Fixed misaligned rewards in MonkeyQuestLog
  • Fixed self lua error in OnEnter event (MQL)
  • Updated MonkeyLibary to allow font shadows
  • Fixed detection of unavailable MonkeyBuddy
  • Some smaller enhancements here and there
  • Cleaned up and rearranged localization


  • Updated TOC for Patch 3.0
  • Fixed several lua errors


  • Updated TOC for Patch 2.4
  • Now interacts with Blizzard options
  • Added new Blizzard quest links
  • Added daily quest counter (requires MonkeyBuddy)
  • ESC key now closes MonkeyQuestLog
  • Fixed work complete sound spam
  • Fixed highlighted zone alpha
  • Fixed refresh after font change
  • Adjusted default settings


  • Added optional work complete sound (default on)
  • Added a color for finished objectives


  • Fixed misalignment issue


  • Updated TOC for Patch 2.3
  • Fixed annoying free space issue
  • Added daily tag to pvp, heroic & dungeon quests


  • Fixed itemtooltip info in own bagslots
  • Added simple daily tag and heroic tag


  • Added suggested group number


  • Updated TOC for Patch 2.2
  • Added quick fix to prevent itemtooltip error


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  • #1150

    the only thing i'm missing is the progress bar for garrison apexis daily/zone objectives, even if it were a percentage indicator instead of the bar.

    this would make it perfect.



    Last edited by txamethyst on 8/28/2015 1:40:03 PM
  • #1149

    is there a way to select a mission so that thos of use that use dugi questing guide can select which mission our arrow points to?

  • #1148

    Can you tell me how to install once downloaded to my computer please.

  • #1146

    So far I mostly like this add-on, but there is this one thing that is annoying me right now. I can not click the quest item icons on it to use them. I always have to go to my bag or use it in the defualt side bar.  Is there a way you make it so you can use it or am I missing an option to enable it?

    Last edited by Amila on 7/10/2015 2:20:27 AM
  • #1147
    Quote from Amila »

    So far I mostly like this add-on, but there is this one thing that is annoying me right now. I can not click the quest item icons on it to use them. I always have to go to my bag or use it in the defualt side bar.  Is there a way you make it so you can use it or am I missing an option to enable it?

    I am having the same issue. I love this! But uninstalled due to having to redirect to find a quest location on the map through basic wow quest log or the map. Please fix if possible! 

  • #1143

    Edit MonkeyQuest.lua and search for the "PlaySoundFile" reference (4 in total) and change the "wav" file extension into "ogg".

    Peon and Peasant sounds are back :)

    Last edited by Warizan on 6/19/2015 12:38:50 AM
  • #1144

    Thanks, will be fixed in the 6.2 release next week!

    Last edited by Jim-Bim on 6/19/2015 6:22:40 AM
  • #1145

    You're welcome Jim-Bim, looking forward to see your next release for the 6.2 patch!

  • #1141

    Where's my "work complete" sound? :D

  • #1142

    I'm wondering about that too

  • #1140

    So, I downloaded this, but I disabled it for a bit, but now the default blizz quest log and Ui are gon, and I can't reenable the default blizz quest tracker, anyone know how to get blizz default quest tracker back?


    I disabled it because theres no "click here to complete" window, I have to open my quest log to do so, unless I'm missing something..

    Last edited by ShiroHikari on 3/7/2015 10:13:42 AM
  • #1139

    When  clicking on any of the headings in the quest frame, the game lages for about 1 second.  Something is definitely wrong but I'm not seeing any errors, just really bad lag since installing this.  Let me know if there's anything else I can provide to help troubleshoot this.  I do have Dugi's quest addon installed as well, however before I didn't have any lag, but with MQ it is extremely noticeable.

  • #1138

    MonkeyQuest creates lag when in combat with several mobs

  • #1136


    I dont know if its been reported yet, but the MQ doesnt show the progress bar of the daily garrison quests. Would be nice to have this imlemented.

  • #1135

    Thank you for this great addon.

    I have a suggestion for a future update.

    Is it possible that you can see the progress of a group member in the quest list? For example. Player A killed 5/10 fly. Next to or down there then shows player B 3/10 Flying killed.

    Sorry for my English. But I hope you understand what I mean.


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