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  • World of Warcraft
  • 8,838 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.3
  • 415,715 Total Downloads
  • Updated 01/17/2016
  • Created 07/09/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 1.33
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About MonkTimers

Shows Cooldowns and Buffs for all Monk Specializations.

Timers are divided between short, rotational spells and longer cooldowns. Brewmasters get Stagger debuff displayed as a bar. Chi and Energy/Mana combined in one bar.

Supports Masque and rActionButtonStyler.

Feature requests welcome :)


If you'd like to have MonkTimers localized to your language, you can edit the localization at Curse Forge. Updated localizations will be automatically included in each release.

    - fix Chi Brew options
    - .toc-update for 6.2
    - Added lvl 100 talents
    - Added GUI option for Mistweaver Rising Sun Kick
    - Fixed displaying only 1 chi
    - Timer text on buttons is now independent again from new blizz cooldown text
    - Added Chi Brew
    - Added Rising Sun Kick for Mistweaver
    - Added Touch of Death to long cooldown bar (needs to be enabled manually)
    - Bugfixes
    - Updates for Patch 6.0.2
    - Fixed Guard button number when Guard cd finishes while shield is still up
    - Fixed Rushing Jade Wind button
    - Fixed Guard cooldown duration if Vial of Living Corruption is equipped
    - Show cooldown of glyphed Mana Tea
    - Glyphed Mana Tea button works while running
    - Chi should update more frequently
    - Added option to disable Spear Hand Strike for Mistweavers
    - Moved Rushing Jade Wind to short cooldowns
    - Brewmaster T15-4pc fix
    - .toc update
    - Added small timer to Elusive Brew button for Brewmaster T15-2pc
    - Stagger bar glows when the next Purifying Brew costs no chi (Brewmaster T15-4pc)
    - Changed Tigereye Brew timer to work with the new mechanics
    - Fix Serpent's Zeal timer
    - Added lvl 30 talents for all specs    
    - In addition to Power Guard shows Tiger Power duration in the corner of the Tiger Palm button for Brewmasters
    - Fix scenario errors
    - Fixed Tiger Power not counting down
    - Vital Mists now shows nr of stacks as counter and duration as blue bar
    - Bugfix
    - Enabled big pulse animations (and option) for expired long cooldowns
    - Added Spear Hand Strike for Mistweavers
    - Fixed part of frame not being clickthrough when option enabled
    - Fart 3 times to get your meditative cloud going
    - Fixes for 5.1
    - Shuffle is now displayed the same as other buffs
    - Buff duration on long cooldown buttons is displayed in the same style as other buff timers
    - Dampen Harm now shows stacks left instead of buff duration (duration is still shown as a blue bar)
    - The values on the stagger bar can be changed
    - Stagger bar also shows the total dmg of the stagger dot
    - Stagger bar maximum is now 6% of max player health (so it's half full at yellow stagger and full at red)
    - Moved display of Serpent's Zeal to the correct button
    - Fixed displaying the 5th chi
    - Added Mana Tea to Mistweaver cooldowns (no cooldown display yet if glyphed)
    - More bugfixes for showing/hiding in pet battles, vehicles and out of combat
    - Added Grapple Weapon to Mistweaver and Windwalker specs
    - Fixed spell options for Windwalkers and Mistweavers
    - Fixed Touch of Karma cooldown
    - Default mode for levels 1-9 is now Windwalker instead of Brewmaster
    - Fixed stagger bar for appearing after a pet battle even if disabled
    - Fixed timers disappearing in CRZs
    - Properly hide in pet battles
    - Some small bugfixes
    - Modified text on stagger bar
    - Added Blackout Kick dot to Windwalker CDs
    - Added spell activation overlay glow to Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick, Guard
    - Timer Frame can be moved by dragging the chi bar
    - Option to hide blizzard chi bar
    - Colors timers properly for out of range or out of mana/energy/chi
    - Fixed compatibility issue if both MonkTimers and TotemTimers are loaded
    - Chi bar is no longer hidden when the player frame is hidden
    - Added size option for the chi bar
    - Added Stagger Bar
    - Added Chi Bar
    - Added support for Masque
1.0 Beta 8
    - Added tooltips
    - Added spell options
    - All options should be working now
1.0 Beta 7
    - Added bar for longer cooldowns
    - Added Windwalker cooldowns
    - Added Mistweaver cooldowns
1.0 Beta 6
    - Hide in pet battles
1.0 Beta 5
    - Added more Brewmaster timers
    - Addon should only load fully on monks
1.0 Beta 4
    - Bugfixes
1.0 Beta 3
    - Fixed Libs
1.0 Beta 2
    - Added options gui
    - Added Elusive Brew counter/timer for Brewmasters
1.0 Beta 1
    - Initial version with Tiger Palm Stacks counter and BlackoutKick/Shuffle Timer

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  • #123

    Would love Ring of Peace to be tracked by the addon too !

  • #121

    Would be beautiful if you could sperate move ur chi/stagger/energy bar by it self, so it didnt stuck with spells.

  • #119

    Great addon its really cleared up my bars :) 

    Any chance of adding  Nimble Brew ? 


  • #118

    Ive been using this mod since 5.1 and I loved it, helps so much to maximize my raiding dps.  But, ever since 5.2 hit, Im getting lua errors everytime I start the mod preventing its use (at start it creates as many as 49 lua errors immediately, each one different).  Below is the first one (I can add as many more as necessary).  I don't know the first thing about this coding, so can anyone help?  I'd really like to continue using this mod.

    Message: Interface\AddOns\MonkTimers\Spells.lua:11: attempt to index field 'options' (a nil value) .

    Time: 03/23/13 19:02:28

    Count: 1

    Stack: Interface\AddOns\MonkTimers\Spells.lua:11: in main chunk

    Locals: _ = "MonkTimers" MonkTimers = <table> { } L = nil SpellIDs = nil SpellNames = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = "attempt to index field 'options' (a nil value)"

  • #120

    Try deleting the MonkTimers folder and reinstalling the addon. It seems some files that should be in the addon's GUI subdirectory are somehow in the parent directory.

  • #117

    Xianghar can you add an option to disable the mouseover purify brew on the stagger bar ? its really irretating to use healing spheres and missclick it on the stagger bar. 

    otherwise great addon

  • #116

    Is it possible to make the Tiger Brew not look like it's on cooldown. It always throws me off and I think it's not ready yet while I sit on 20 stacks. Maybe add a little flash, just like on Blackout kick and Tiger palm? The original UI has it,

  • #115

    Is there a way to add Touch of Death?

    I tried to add this:

    touchofdeath = {
    order = 10,
    type = "toggle",
    name = SpellNames[SpellIDs.TouchOfDeath],
    set = function(info, val) MonkTimers.ActiveProfile.Timer_Spells[2][10] = val MonkTimers.ProcessSetting("Timers") end,
    get = function(info) return MonkTimers.ActiveProfile.Timer_Spells[2][10] end,

    And added: TouchOfDeath = 115080,

    To spells.lua, name shows up in options, but doesn change in toolbar.

    I did a quickfix and replace a spell's id for now. But it would be awesome if we got an update with TOD on all specs :)



    but it doesnt show up

    Last edited by lasseedsvik on 3/15/2013 9:32:13 AM
  • #114

    Hey there. I'm using the addon since the first days of MoP and its great. 

    Since the 5.2 patch there's a problem with tigereye brew tracking when it's above 10 stacks. I noticed that  blizz actually named both the stacks buff and the use buff with the exac same name. Any fix for it?

  • #113

    Hey there,

    thanks for making this addon. It's great so far but I have one minor gripe. Could you add the lvl30 talents to the long cooldowns? I like my new Chi Burst since the chi cost has been reduced to 0.

  • #112


    Is it me or Serpent Zeal doesn't show anymore (on BK icon), for MW.


     edit : ok, i've temporarily modify your code, Timers file, SerpentsZealEvent function, disable if condition on "count" :) it works. Of course, waiting for the official modification. Keep the good working, nice addon.

    Last edited by landeilo on 3/9/2013 2:08:13 PM
  • #111

    When updating this for 5.2, can you add an option to track Ring of Peace, Charging Ox Wave, and Leg Sweep?

    A cooldown tracker for Chi Wave, Zen Sphere, and Chi Burst as windwalker would be cool too, for PvP purposes. 

  • #109

    Is there any way to not display the blue timer bar on spells? Its seems like whatever options I change, they still apper. Other than that, great addon!

  • #105

    Hey, very nice addon :)

    But after the latest patch i cant hide the "Spear hand Strike" as mistweaver. Is there an option im missing? Can seem to find the spell under mistweaver...

    Last edited by nizax on 1/24/2013 12:00:28 PM
  • #110

    I have a fix for the missing Spear Hand strike for mistweavers.  In the Monktimers folder, go to GUI and then open Spells.lua

    Scroll down to the second group of spells, or the Mistweaver section, and add this into the list after Grapple Weapon:

    spearhandstrike = {
                        order = 10,
                        type = "toggle",
                        name = SpellNames[SpellIDs.SpearHandStrike],
                        set = function(info, val) MonkTimers.ActiveProfile.Timer_Spells[2][10] = val  MonkTimers.ProcessSetting("Timers") end,
                        get = function(info) return MonkTimers.ActiveProfile.Timer_Spells[2][10] end,

    It will look like this in the end

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