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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.2.3
  • 415,716 Total Downloads
  • Updated 01/17/2016
  • Created 07/09/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 1.33
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About MonkTimers

Shows Cooldowns and Buffs for all Monk Specializations.

Timers are divided between short, rotational spells and longer cooldowns. Brewmasters get Stagger debuff displayed as a bar. Chi and Energy/Mana combined in one bar.

Supports Masque and rActionButtonStyler.

Feature requests welcome :)


If you'd like to have MonkTimers localized to your language, you can edit the localization at Curse Forge. Updated localizations will be automatically included in each release.

    - fix Chi Brew options
    - .toc-update for 6.2
    - Added lvl 100 talents
    - Added GUI option for Mistweaver Rising Sun Kick
    - Fixed displaying only 1 chi
    - Timer text on buttons is now independent again from new blizz cooldown text
    - Added Chi Brew
    - Added Rising Sun Kick for Mistweaver
    - Added Touch of Death to long cooldown bar (needs to be enabled manually)
    - Bugfixes
    - Updates for Patch 6.0.2
    - Fixed Guard button number when Guard cd finishes while shield is still up
    - Fixed Rushing Jade Wind button
    - Fixed Guard cooldown duration if Vial of Living Corruption is equipped
    - Show cooldown of glyphed Mana Tea
    - Glyphed Mana Tea button works while running
    - Chi should update more frequently
    - Added option to disable Spear Hand Strike for Mistweavers
    - Moved Rushing Jade Wind to short cooldowns
    - Brewmaster T15-4pc fix
    - .toc update
    - Added small timer to Elusive Brew button for Brewmaster T15-2pc
    - Stagger bar glows when the next Purifying Brew costs no chi (Brewmaster T15-4pc)
    - Changed Tigereye Brew timer to work with the new mechanics
    - Fix Serpent's Zeal timer
    - Added lvl 30 talents for all specs    
    - In addition to Power Guard shows Tiger Power duration in the corner of the Tiger Palm button for Brewmasters
    - Fix scenario errors
    - Fixed Tiger Power not counting down
    - Vital Mists now shows nr of stacks as counter and duration as blue bar
    - Bugfix
    - Enabled big pulse animations (and option) for expired long cooldowns
    - Added Spear Hand Strike for Mistweavers
    - Fixed part of frame not being clickthrough when option enabled
    - Fart 3 times to get your meditative cloud going
    - Fixes for 5.1
    - Shuffle is now displayed the same as other buffs
    - Buff duration on long cooldown buttons is displayed in the same style as other buff timers
    - Dampen Harm now shows stacks left instead of buff duration (duration is still shown as a blue bar)
    - The values on the stagger bar can be changed
    - Stagger bar also shows the total dmg of the stagger dot
    - Stagger bar maximum is now 6% of max player health (so it's half full at yellow stagger and full at red)
    - Moved display of Serpent's Zeal to the correct button
    - Fixed displaying the 5th chi
    - Added Mana Tea to Mistweaver cooldowns (no cooldown display yet if glyphed)
    - More bugfixes for showing/hiding in pet battles, vehicles and out of combat
    - Added Grapple Weapon to Mistweaver and Windwalker specs
    - Fixed spell options for Windwalkers and Mistweavers
    - Fixed Touch of Karma cooldown
    - Default mode for levels 1-9 is now Windwalker instead of Brewmaster
    - Fixed stagger bar for appearing after a pet battle even if disabled
    - Fixed timers disappearing in CRZs
    - Properly hide in pet battles
    - Some small bugfixes
    - Modified text on stagger bar
    - Added Blackout Kick dot to Windwalker CDs
    - Added spell activation overlay glow to Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick, Guard
    - Timer Frame can be moved by dragging the chi bar
    - Option to hide blizzard chi bar
    - Colors timers properly for out of range or out of mana/energy/chi
    - Fixed compatibility issue if both MonkTimers and TotemTimers are loaded
    - Chi bar is no longer hidden when the player frame is hidden
    - Added size option for the chi bar
    - Added Stagger Bar
    - Added Chi Bar
    - Added support for Masque
1.0 Beta 8
    - Added tooltips
    - Added spell options
    - All options should be working now
1.0 Beta 7
    - Added bar for longer cooldowns
    - Added Windwalker cooldowns
    - Added Mistweaver cooldowns
1.0 Beta 6
    - Hide in pet battles
1.0 Beta 5
    - Added more Brewmaster timers
    - Addon should only load fully on monks
1.0 Beta 4
    - Bugfixes
1.0 Beta 3
    - Fixed Libs
1.0 Beta 2
    - Added options gui
    - Added Elusive Brew counter/timer for Brewmasters
1.0 Beta 1
    - Initial version with Tiger Palm Stacks counter and BlackoutKick/Shuffle Timer

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