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  • World of Warcraft
  • 178 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 4.0.3a
  • 77,276 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/09/2010
  • Created 10/02/2008
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v2.2.11

About Mounted

Brand new complete rewrite of Mounted is available as alpha

Mounted Priority Config

  • Complete redo of Mounted
  • profile based priorities
  • mounts can be grouped
  • macros sytem has been simplified (only 2 tags <primary>, <secondary>)
  • Fancy new interface which attaches itself to the Mount Journal page blizzard provides

Mounted is patched for 4.0

with the mount changes in 4.0 Mounted is due for another rewrite until then Mounted will work just like before (but since mount speeds now scale with skill they have all been set to max Mounted 3 will remove the speed selection options all together)

Please report any bugs to the ticket tracker here

Warning in order for Mounted to work properly in your local the following strings need to be translated at the very least.

  • L["SpeedFast"] = "extremely%s+fast" -< unique phrase found only in extremely fast mounts (310% flying)
  • L["SpeedMedium"] = "very%s+fast" -< unique phrase found only in fast mounts (100% ground or 280% flying)
    • Translations may be submitted here.

With the coming of WoW 3.0 we may now have as many mounts as we want since we learn them and do not have to carry them in you bags.

Thus my dilemma which mount shall i use and how can i chose them easily out of the mess of mounts found in the mounts tab.

Out of this Mounted was born. Instead of mucking about with secure code and make buttons that have to be skinned and carefully placed in your UI i instead chose to utilize the macro functions. Thus enabling you to simply use any actionbar mod.

So what does mounted actually do for you?

  • It will create a macro called Mounted in your global macro space this way you only use one slot and not one per character.
  • It will scan through all your mounts and create a list and sort them by speed.
  • It will then analyze your surroundings and edit the Mounted macro.
    • If you can fly then it will chose a random flying mount from the fastest category it will also chose a random ground mount to be used when using a modifier with the macro.
    • If you can not fly it will simply chose a random ground mount from the fastest category.
    • If you enter combat it will change the macro to a combat macro which you can edit in the Blizzard Addon options.
    • If you are indoors it will change to the indoor macro.
    • If you are swimming it will change to the swimming macro.
  • A new mount will be chosen for you every time you mount up.
  • the macros are compleatly customizable (editing of the attack macro is highly recommended)
  • macros can by customized with tags that get replaced when the macro is parsed (see below for list of available tags)
  • custom macros are saved globally so you will have access to them from all your characters (per account)
  • you can preview your macros before deciding on them
  • you can set priorities for mounts from 0-10 (0 = will never be selected, 10 will most likely be selected)
  • If you want to add a spell such as travel form you may do this from the options this will then be put into the mount linup (after you configured the spell)

Macro tags are:

Here are tags you may use to customize the above macros:
<ff> == Random Flying Mount (fastest speed increase)
<f310> == Random Flying Mount (310% speed increase)
<f280> == Random Flying Mount (280% speed increase)
<f60> == Random Flying Mount (60% speed increase)
<gf> == Random Ground Mount (fastest speed increase)
<g100> == Random Ground Mount (100% speed increase)
<g60> == Random Ground Mount (60% speed increase)
<g0> == Random Ground Mount (0% speed increase)
<ww> == Random Water Mount (defaults to <gf> if no mount was found)
<aq> == Random Ahn'Qiraj Mount
<s#> == will be replaced with the spellname of spellid (will not insert rank so will scale)[/code]

If any mounts are missclassified please let me know so i can fix the scanner. You may fix this on your end by simply editing the mount in the Mount Options

Mounted also supports the various Druid forms and the Shaman Ghost Wolf form though there may be some bugs associated with them since i don't have either character to do extensive testing on all i get is premades on the PTR when they are available. Mounted will also present you with some druid /shaman macros as appropriate.

any suggestions or improvements are most welcome please open a ticket about them.

If you want a very similar addons for your other Critters look no further and go to here.

tag v2.2.11
Yssaril <N/A>
2010-12-09 11:21:12 -0600

Tagging as v2.2.11


    - fix to vahjir (reported by doxxx)


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  • #507

    try the latest alpha it will now throw an error if something tries to mess with the frame level (hopefully)

    please post all errors you recive from this it should help me track down which addon is causeing it.

    I also for good measure renamed the MainFrame so if any legacy addon tries to manipulate it that way it can't anymore without an update

  • #495

    just posted a new alpha which can be found here

    Highlights are:

    • proper profile updates/validation when changing them
    • random mount generater reset when closing the mount window (fixes LaoTseus problem with only haveing every mount exept one at zero priority
    • some small UI fixes/changes

    read the full changelog for details

    wih the changes to the profile system if you have any wierd problems with mounts not showing up try swiching your profile back and forth (this should run the validator and fix things) if this doesnt help try deleting your mounted SV file

  • #503

    i tried the latest Alpha and the Felsteel and Dreadsteel are still never selected by mounted. I deleted the SaveVariables file and started from scratch just to be on the safe side.

    It's worth mentionning that neither the Felsteel nor the Dreadsteel appear in the default list (with the sliders) even though we can select them when making a new group.

    Is it possible that the problem with with the Warlock mount spells?

  • #505

    alright the random mount generator should be fixed and once again choose grouped mounts

    latest alpha is here

    Last edited by yssaril on 10/28/2012 5:55:30 PM
  • #504

    doesn;t have anything to do with warlock spells its a mount grouping issue it looks like

    am working on fixing it 

  • #492

    The new UI looks very nice. I have a problem though. I created I profile for my Warlock and created a Ground mount group with Dreadsteed and Felsteed. In the Mount Priority Stes, I modify the default set so that everything except the new Warlock group which I put to 100.

    My warlock is level 88 and cannot fly in Pandaria. The macro is always suggesting the Swift Brewfest Ram insteadof the Dreadsteed or the Felsteed. If I go to Stormwind, the macro works like it used to for flying mounts but if I press SHIF, the Swift Brewfest Ram is always the choice.

    Additional toughts (not related to the problem):

    • I would be very useful to be able to create Priority Set no based on the zone or to be able to at least resset everything that is not a group to 0 in a set
    • The sliders with 0 to 100 are are very hard to use when not setting 0 or 100, 0 to 10 or even 0 to 5 would work way better
    Thanks for a great addon.
    Last edited by LaoTseu on 10/27/2012 8:55:56 AM
  • #493

    profiles are still buggy as hell if you change it :(

    does logging out and back into the game resolve the dreadsteed issue? i think it may be a problem with the random mount generator breaking down with only 1 mount option if it had more before (will test this myself when i get home)

    as far as the priority sliders go i am actualy thinking of simply removing the number so that peoples OCD doesnt take over since it doesnt matter much if you have it set to 50 or 52 unless you only have very few mounts

    expect an update somtime tomorrow with a new alpha

  • #501

    Did you try deleting your mounted SV and SV backup file? Also you are on a warlock when trying to summon them right?

  • #500

    Just tried the latest version (v2.2.11-6-g005fc15) and I still can make Mounted select the Dreadsteed or the Felsteed ever.

  • #494

    Relogging didn't correct the problem. Since you were taling about a possible issue if there was only one option, I've added an extra mount (Tyrael's Charger). The Charger became the choice for the macro but neither the Dreadsteel nor the Fetsteel ever got selected.

    Also, I realised that neither the Dreadsteel nor the Felsteel appear in the list of mount for the default priority set even though they are present in the normal mount list. This might have something to so with the fact that they never get choosen?

  • #479

    Looks like it will be a winner, but if i click off Mount Priority to any of the other 4 tabs there is nothing there, and when i click on Mount Priorty again, there is nothing there to select, have to Relaod the UI to get it back, so i cant set Grouping, Macros or Profiles. I know i have LOTS of addons, but this is the ONLY mount addon i have

  • #480

    see if it happens without any other addons?

    it works fine on my end with the default UI so without knowing what addon is interfearing i can't help

  • #502

    you can try running the following

    /script MNT4.MainFrame:SetAlpha(.5)

    that should turn the entire mounted UI tansparent and you should be able to see everything if its there

    also when this happens please run the 3 following scripts and report back what each of them print into your chatlog

    /script print('MainFrame:', MNT4.MainFrame:GetFrameLevel())

    /script print('ChildFrame:', MNT4.MainFrame.childframe:GetFrameLevel())

    /script print('SubChildFrame:', MNT4.MainFrame.childframe.child:GetFrameLevel())

    I also browsed through your list of addons and nothing stands out in particular but try disabeling KGpanels and see if that helps (since its an addon that is meant to hook into other frames it could be interfereing)

    you also have quite a few addons that do the same thing so you may want to consider going through your addons and cleaning out unwanted stuff.

    in the end to be able to fix this i need to be able to reproduce it so you still need to find that one addon that breaks it without that there is not much i can do from my end

  • #499
    List of addons _NPCScan _NPCScan.Overlay Accomplishment AckisRecipeList ACP ArchDB ArkInventory ArkInventoryRules Armory Atlas Atlas_Battlegrounds Atlas_BurningCrusade Atlas_Cataclysm Atlas_ClassicWoW Atlas_DungeonLocs Atlas_OutdoorRaids Atlas_Scenarios Atlas_Transportation Atlas_WorldEvents Atlas_WrathoftheLichKing AtlasLoot AtlasLootAdvancedSearch AtlasLoot_BurningCrusade AtlasLoot_Cataclysm AtlasLoot_ClassicWoW AtlasLoot_Crafting AtlasLoot_Loader AtlasLoot_MistsofPandaria AtlasLoot_Source AtlasLoot_WorldEvents AtlasLoot_WrathoftheLichKing Auc-Advanced Auc-Filter-Basic Auc-ScanData Auc-Stat-Histogram Auc-Stat-iLevel Auc-Stat-Purchased Auc-Stat-Simple Auc-Stat-StdDev Auc-Util-FixAH AutoBar BadBoy BankStack BeanCounter FB_Broker !BugGrabber BugSack BunnyHunter Carbonite Classannouncer Cooking_Helper CustomFlightMap DailyGrind DailyTodos DailyQuestHelper DropTheCheapestThing DungeonStatus Edge Enchantrix EpicGemList FactionGrinder3 Factionizer FishingBuddy FB_TrackingFrame FlightMapEnhanced FriendXPBar friends4ever FriendsShare GatherCounter Gatherer Gatherer_HUD GathererDB_Wowhead GatherMate2 GatherMate2_Data Glamour GrinderCore2 GuildRecruiter GuildRecr HealBot HomingDigeon Informant ItemLevel Display kgPanels kgPanelsConfig LearningAid LibAboutPanel Ace3 LibBabble-Zone-3.0 CallbackHandler-1.0 LibStub LibTourist-3.0 LibMounts-1.0 Loremaster Loremaster_Data ManaCore MinimapButtonFrame MogIt MogIt_Accessories MogIt_Armorkinis MogIt_Cloth MogIt_Leather MogIt_Mail MogIt_OneHanded MogIt_Other MogIt_Plate MogIt_Ranged MogIt_TwoHanded MoneyTrail Mounted NeedToKnow NeedyGreedy Omen OmniCC OmniCC_Config Ovale Overachiever Overachiever_Tabs Overachiever_Trade PhanxBuffs Postal Prat-3.0 Prat-3.0_Libraries Quartz RaidIconBar RatingBuster RazerNaga RazerNaga_Cast RazerNaga_Config RazerNaga_XP RealIDToons RecipeRadar Recount recruitmentenhancement Reforgenator Routes SexyMap Skillet SmartBuff Spy Stubby SwynGuildPromoter TabardAddict TabardTracker TauntMaster TellMeWhen TellMeWhen_Options TitanReputation TitanMail TitanSpec TitanBag TitanClock TitanCurrency FB_Titan TitanGatherer TitanGold TitanGP TitanLocation TitanLootType TitanPerformance TitanRecZone TitanRepair TitanSocial TitanVolume TitanXP TitanDiggerest Titan TolBaradMaster Tycoon TycoonContent +Wowhead_Looter XPerl XPerl_ArcaneBar XPerl_CustomHighlight XPerl_Options XPerl_PartyPet XPerl_Party XPerl_PlayerBuffs XPerl_PlayerPet XPerl_Player XPerl_RaidAdmin XPerl_RaidHelper XPerl_RaidMonitor XPerl_RaidPets XPerl_RaidFrames XPerl_TargetTarget XPerl_Target kanotekeeper TradeSkillMaster TradeSkillMaster_Accounting TradeSkillMaster_AuctionDB TradeSkillMaster_Auctioning TradeSkillMaster_Crafting TradeSkillMaster_Destroying TradeSkillMaster_ItemTracker TradeSkillMaster_Mailing TradeSkillMaster_Shopping TradeSkillMaster_Warehousing Ara_Broker_Tradeskills DBM-Core DBM-DefaultSkin DBM-GUI DBM-BlackTemple DBM-BWL DBM-HeartofFear DBM-Karazhan DBM-MogushanVaults DBM-MC DBM-Hyjal DBM-Outlands DBM-Pandaria DBM-Party-BC DBM-Party-MoP DBM-AQ20 DBM-Scenario-MoP DBM-Serpentshrine DBM-Sunwell DBM-AQ40 DBM-TerraceofEndlessSpring DBM-TheEye DBM-WorldEvents ZygorGuidesViewer
  • #498
    is there a config that could fade the background to see if that would help?
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