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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 4.0.3a
  • 77,297 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/09/2010
  • Created 10/02/2008
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v2.2.11

About Mounted

Brand new complete rewrite of Mounted is available as alpha

Mounted Priority Config

  • Complete redo of Mounted
  • profile based priorities
  • mounts can be grouped
  • macros sytem has been simplified (only 2 tags <primary>, <secondary>)
  • Fancy new interface which attaches itself to the Mount Journal page blizzard provides

Mounted is patched for 4.0

with the mount changes in 4.0 Mounted is due for another rewrite until then Mounted will work just like before (but since mount speeds now scale with skill they have all been set to max Mounted 3 will remove the speed selection options all together)

Please report any bugs to the ticket tracker here

Warning in order for Mounted to work properly in your local the following strings need to be translated at the very least.

  • L["SpeedFast"] = "extremely%s+fast" -< unique phrase found only in extremely fast mounts (310% flying)
  • L["SpeedMedium"] = "very%s+fast" -< unique phrase found only in fast mounts (100% ground or 280% flying)
    • Translations may be submitted here.

With the coming of WoW 3.0 we may now have as many mounts as we want since we learn them and do not have to carry them in you bags.

Thus my dilemma which mount shall i use and how can i chose them easily out of the mess of mounts found in the mounts tab.

Out of this Mounted was born. Instead of mucking about with secure code and make buttons that have to be skinned and carefully placed in your UI i instead chose to utilize the macro functions. Thus enabling you to simply use any actionbar mod.

So what does mounted actually do for you?

  • It will create a macro called Mounted in your global macro space this way you only use one slot and not one per character.
  • It will scan through all your mounts and create a list and sort them by speed.
  • It will then analyze your surroundings and edit the Mounted macro.
    • If you can fly then it will chose a random flying mount from the fastest category it will also chose a random ground mount to be used when using a modifier with the macro.
    • If you can not fly it will simply chose a random ground mount from the fastest category.
    • If you enter combat it will change the macro to a combat macro which you can edit in the Blizzard Addon options.
    • If you are indoors it will change to the indoor macro.
    • If you are swimming it will change to the swimming macro.
  • A new mount will be chosen for you every time you mount up.
  • the macros are compleatly customizable (editing of the attack macro is highly recommended)
  • macros can by customized with tags that get replaced when the macro is parsed (see below for list of available tags)
  • custom macros are saved globally so you will have access to them from all your characters (per account)
  • you can preview your macros before deciding on them
  • you can set priorities for mounts from 0-10 (0 = will never be selected, 10 will most likely be selected)
  • If you want to add a spell such as travel form you may do this from the options this will then be put into the mount linup (after you configured the spell)

Macro tags are:

Here are tags you may use to customize the above macros:
<ff> == Random Flying Mount (fastest speed increase)
<f310> == Random Flying Mount (310% speed increase)
<f280> == Random Flying Mount (280% speed increase)
<f60> == Random Flying Mount (60% speed increase)
<gf> == Random Ground Mount (fastest speed increase)
<g100> == Random Ground Mount (100% speed increase)
<g60> == Random Ground Mount (60% speed increase)
<g0> == Random Ground Mount (0% speed increase)
<ww> == Random Water Mount (defaults to <gf> if no mount was found)
<aq> == Random Ahn'Qiraj Mount
<s#> == will be replaced with the spellname of spellid (will not insert rank so will scale)[/code]

If any mounts are missclassified please let me know so i can fix the scanner. You may fix this on your end by simply editing the mount in the Mount Options

Mounted also supports the various Druid forms and the Shaman Ghost Wolf form though there may be some bugs associated with them since i don't have either character to do extensive testing on all i get is premades on the PTR when they are available. Mounted will also present you with some druid /shaman macros as appropriate.

any suggestions or improvements are most welcome please open a ticket about them.

If you want a very similar addons for your other Critters look no further and go to here.

tag v2.2.11
Yssaril <N/A>
2010-12-09 11:21:12 -0600

Tagging as v2.2.11


    - fix to vahjir (reported by doxxx)


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  • #415
    I was getting frequent errors in Wintergrasp, so replaced the first two conditionals in Core.lua's MNT2:SPELL_UPDATE_USABLE with this:

    local _, _, WGIsActive, _, _, _ = GetWorldPVPAreaInfo(1)
    if Wintergrasp == GetRealZoneText() and WGISActive then
    self.state.isFlyable = false
    elseif Wintergrasp == GetRealZoneText() and not WGISActive then
    self.state.isFlyable = true
  • #413
    Mount macro doesn't cancel moonkin form, works for all other druid forms, though.
  • #412
    Yesterday Mounted worked fine for me, but today i don´t know why it´s broken the icon is the red question mark and it says "Default Ground Mount scheint kein zulässiges Makro zu sein" I use the German Client
  • #411
    Someone on that other site said you can enable worgen support by adding it manually. Can you (or anyone) let us know how to do that? I can't figure it out. I can't use this addon anymore until we get worgy support and the druid thing. Is there a way to make druid flight plus dismount? All I see is "flight form" and it won't let me dismount until I'm on the ground. :(
  • #422
    bring up the options for Mounted, and go to "Mount Options" subsection. Select the "100% Ground" tab, and at the very top, theres a line that says "Add Spell to Mounts". Type in "Running Wild" and press "Okay" at the far right of the line. In the box that pops up, select "Ground" and drag the slider over to 100% and press "Add Speed". Now press "Save". Thats it.
  • #406
    Cant get it to work at all. The default macro went through each of my mounts one per click then doesn't do anything.

    You need to take a serious look at your instructions and perhaps provide an actual working example:

    edit your Strings with L["SpeedFast"] = "extremely%s+fast" -- wtf??

    btw-your macro frame graphic shows a macro with "/cast " -- that doesn't work.

  • #410
    there are a bunch of problems atm which i am fixing in the next version however it should work out of the box.

    /cast works fine however you need to edit the macro in the mounted config NOT via the regular blizzard macro interface

    as far as translations they are currently not needed anymore but i have code to write for the next version before i will update the description
  • #405
    Anyway to get this mapped/bind to a key? :) Great addon
  • #407
    Go into your macros and you'll see one names Mounted. It creates it for you. Drag that to a bar and keybind it to whatever you want.
  • #408
    Thanks but I'd rather not bind a key to my precious bar space. :)
  • #414
    isn't that what you asked for?
  • #409
    this is planned for the next major release (though probably not right away)
  • #404
    Is there a way I can donate to support this addon? I love it so much.
  • #401
    Also getting the bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil) error. It happens when I open the Macro options to the Default Vash'jir macro and my Mounted macro won't work in Vash'jir.
  • #402
    In Mounted\MacroTextParser.lua at line 52, change this line:

    mountSpeed = 280


    mountSpeed = 450

    Then I set my Swimming macro in the Mounted options to Default Vash'jir and it works.

    It looks like the Abyssal Seahorse speed is registered as 450.
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