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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.4.8
  • 13,039 Total Downloads
  • Updated 08/15/2014
  • Created 08/07/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: release14.2

About MountHelper

A simple addon to help with summoning a random mount from a preselected favorite list.

Steps to get started after installation:
1. type /mounthelper or /mh for command list
2. create the macro you will be using to summon the mounts.
2.1. "/mh macro" or "Create Mount Macro" button in misc configuration tab creates the basic macro to be used with this addon, includes a call to /mount command of the addon and dismount logic.
2.2 "/mh druidmacro" or "Create Druid Macro" button creates a separate macro for druids, automatically detects if user has swift flight form or not and chooses which to put in macro in case it was selected.
3. open the addon configuration page either with "/mh config" or go to interface options -> addons tab -> MountHelper
4. select the mounts you want to use in ground mounts tab
5. select the flying mounts you want to use in flying mounts tab
6. use the macro created earlier to summon a random mount from the ones you selected.
7. to force the addon to use a ground mount, you can hold the control key while activating the macro containing /mount command

Since release9 you can use /ground to summon a ground mount and /flying to summon a flying mount

Current translations:
Traditional Chinese by: lsjyzjl
Russian (partial) by: YuukiHogo

PS: Translators required to support languages other than english. If you are a registered user here at curse, speak one of languages (other than english) supported by WoW and willing to help then go to and pick your favorite language to add translations for.

2013-09-29  toomy  <toomy>

[8c3a6f358bca] [release14.2]
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Added tag release14.1 for changeset 5521cb827775


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  • #30

    How come release 14 is only half the size of 13? (67kb versus 134)

  • #27

    Pet Macro no longer seems to work.  Just says I have no Pet

  • #28

    Blizzard pretty much redid the whole companion related api and i havent had the chance to figure the new api out yet. Also the new api seems to not quite work either so not even sure if i can make it work again as it was

  • #29

    No worries.  Just letting you know.

  • #26
    Hello, this addon works great but when I try to use it in wintergrasp, nothing happens.
  • #25
    Any way to add worgen Running Wild (lvl20) to Ground Mount as it is the speed of a ground mount and when you get it you also get first teir in riding Skill. Thus i believe this to be a ground mount. (As i can write LUA i was able to add this in myself but would like to see it in there officially)
  • #21
    Is there a way to stop this addon hijacking the /pet command?
    I enjoy petting people.
  • #23
    will be in release10 which should be out today. The /pet command will only be "hijacked" when "show pet selection" option is selected in the addon configuration
  • #20
    Is there any way to prevent the macro from autoremounting me? What happens is, if I do not move when I dismount, a new mount is summoned. This is happening with a single click of the macro. Thanks, and keep up the good work.
  • #22
    is this on a druid character? if so, check the stance numbers in the druid macro. for ferals all you should have stance:5 all over the macro, for balance/resto stance:6

    And yes, the druid support is a bit quirky.

    Don't see how this could happen on a non-druid character without manually swapping around /mount and /dismount commands in the macro. The non-druid macro should look like:
    /dismount [noflying,nomod][mod:ctrl]
  • #24
    I hate when I post a question then forget about it. I figured out what was happening, and it was my fault. I like to have random pets out so added a /pet command to the macro. When it was at the top, every time I mounted/dismounted a random pet was summoned. But, for some reason it would cause me to autoremount.

    I tried placing this in other places and the only one that prevented the autoremount was to place the /pet command after the dismount command but then I got an error (already casting or something like it) every time I dismounted.
  • #17
    I love your addon, it's so simple to use that I almost hate to post this... But since the Shattering, MountHelper wants to summon my flying mounts in Azeroth, and not the ground ones. Is there possibly anyway you could add a ground mount only macro? Thank you!
  • #18

    Fixed the mount choice for Azeroth. The addon now checks for the flight master's license, if you haven't learned it and are in one of the old continents, then it selects ground mount.

    However, there was a way to bypass the checks and force ground mounts even before now. Just hold the control button while you press or click the macro.

    With release9 there are separate commands for ground and flying mounts as well:
    /ground or /mh ground
    /flying or /mh flying

    So you can use these in a macro to choose ground or air manually if you want.

  • #19
    I didn't know about the Ctrl option, likely because I sometimes forget how to read stuff (and it really wasn't a big deal).

    I love the additions though, thank you so much! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
  • #16
    Nice addon, had 2 things I noticed, after selecting a bunch of mounts the selection window would drop to the bottom of the list for each selection and it has the blazing hippogryph, x53 rocket and celestial steed as unknown mounts. plus it doesn't seem to account for swimming and choosing the sea turtle. Odd little glitches.
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