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  • World of Warcraft
  • 24 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.1
  • 2,002 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/30/2013
  • Created 09/28/2012
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: 1.1.8

About Mountle


Mountle is a simple addon that allows dynamic selection of a mount depending on where you are and what your preferred mounts are. When you click your mount macro, it will automatically detect if you can fly in the zone or not, if you're under the water or if you are in a specific zone. When selecting a mount it will randomly choose from mounts you have predefined for that selection. To make things easy for you this dosn't come with a fangled, hard to use UI, it intergrates seemlessly into the existing BlizzardUI for a user-friendly expereience.

Using Mountle

To use Mountle, first open up your Pet Journal (Shift-P by default) and select the mounts tab. When viewing a mount you will notice four checkboxes have appeared below the 3D model. Ticking these boxes indicates that you would like that mount to be used for each specific situation, of which they are labelled.

After selecting your mount load-out in the journal, you need to place the macro on your action bar somewhere! To do this, simply type in /mountle and a macro will be automatically created and placed on your cursor for easy placement onto your action bars! If you loose the macro, you can simple retype the command at anytime to recreate it, or you can find it in your global macros!

Holding CTRL when you click (or hit the keybind for) the macro will select a land mount regardless of the area, unless something else is bound to that key combination.

  • Fixed an issue with Artisan Riding (without Master Riding) not being detected.


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  • #31

    I really love this addon. It was broken by 6.0. I'd love to see it updated. Anyone know a fix for the current problems?

  • #30

    Hi there... could we please get an update for patch 6.02?  As always thank you! 

  • #29

    does it support worgen racial mount.. if so then how.. cannot see a option for it.

    thank you



  • #14

    Thanks for updating this so quickly... but note that since the update for 5.2 I have been unable to select the mounts I want to use. I went ahead and replaced the old mountle folder in the add-ons folder and clicked on the "reset mountle selections" button on the top/right side of the mount window, and still can not set the mounts using the check-boxes... This is by far one of my fave add-ons!  Any idea what the problem may be? Thanks again!

    Last edited by Trecman11 on 3/6/2013 6:37:22 PM
  • #16

    I updated during the downtime for EU and when the servers came back up, I was poked by a friend regarding this issue. I hadn't had any time to sit down and sort it out until just now, but I have deployed an update for it which fixes it!

  • #27

    Awesome! Thanks so much for the quick-fix.... U ROCK!!! :)

  • #12

    Some addon improvements:

    1) I don't mind my druid mounting an actual mount.  The Mountle macro could have a "/cancelform" before the "/run ..."  (I'll try adding it by hand, not sure when/if the Mountle macro gets overwritten)  (I don't play the druid often, just trying to make it better)

    2) I'd like a way to set the mounts (a default set) across all characters.... I have 10 alts on the account, so 10 extra settings (per account ;-) )     A "set for all chars" button is what i'm looking for.

    3) Anyway on the Mount window to temporarily only show the mounts that have been set for that character?


    Thanks for a great addon :)

  • #13

    Frankly, I edit the code to change IsControlKeyDown() to be IsShiftKeyDown, and I comment out the dismounting code.

    so 4)   a way to set the Force Ground Mount modifier key would be welcome

    and 5)  a setting for whether you  want to dismount/leave vehicle via Mountle or not.

  • #26

    Looking back over the situation, I will look into adding an option to disable the dismount/leave vehicle mechanic, as I really can't see any harm in it being togglable.

  • #24

    Hello again,

    Please don't use the phrase "we're taking longer to yak about this than it would to add it to the code". I am not about to start adding code to a plug-in which takes time before any planning has gone into it. I can understand how what I said could be taken as "not wanting" to do it, but I want to implement everything that users desire, however sometimes it is not fesible and therefore proper planning and communication is required.

    If you had of mentioned you were stressing concerns of multiboxing with your comment regarding dismounting, that one would have been a lot better accepted. However, as it stands, Mountle will not be taking on native multiboxing support as I belive it is in the multiboxers interest to adapt plug-ins and macros for their style, not the other way. I multibox myself and have gotten around this by creating simple macros to check before each character gets Mountle called.

    Regarding the changable land modifier, I did misread that and I apologise, I will be looking into making this an option that can be changed.

    Thanks for your input, I hope to get some of your ideas implemented!

  • #19

    No, you did not read me properly.  I edit your code to make SHIFT be the force-ground-mount modifier.    I comment out the dismounting/disembarking code, because that causes problems with the way I play.

    I request (4) because I do not wish to use CTRL to force ground mounting, I use SHIFT.   Perhaps someone else prefers to use ALT.

    To illustrate the problems that auto-dismounting on next press causes, suppose that you have 2 characters, A and B.   You tell them both to mount, but B is in combat, or is moving the last few steps to catch up with A.  (Pick whichever way you wish to have the two characters get out of sync, perhaps they are fighting and got split up)   

    So A is mounted, B is not.   You press the magic Mountle button and.... A dismounts while B mounts.  Press it again and B dismounts while A mounts.  Except you don't play 2 chars at once... you play 5.   (And if A was at altitude, A is now dead.)

    Anyways, we're taking longer to yak about this than it would to add it to the code... and based on your misreading it sounds like you don't want to do this, so I'll edit your code to add "--" before Dismount() and  VehicleExit() each time you release a new version.   Thanks :\

  • #15

    1) I am working on getting Mountle working properly for Druids and other such non-simple mechanics. I am not for a simple addition to the macro like that, it does not work how I want it to.

    2) That is something I have thought about doing, but is not high on my list of things to implement.

    3) First time this has been suggested, I will add it to the list of future implements.

    4) You first mentioned you commented out some of my code (which is fine) but then ask for a force ground mount modifier? If I read you correctly, you just commented that out. Holding CTRL will force a ground mount, regardless of location.

    5) This is not something I see as important. Why would you want it not to dismount/leave vehicle when you are mounted/in a vehicle?

  • #9

    is there a way to get this to work with druids?

    i love this addon because it's so simple and yet does everything you need without any hazzle.. just noticed that my druids forms are not there so i need to use 2 mount addons atm.. heeeeelp


  • #10

    I am working to a solution for this as it annoys me as much as you! The way I created Mountle in the first place does not allow for use of restricted things such as casting spells and changing forms from a macro. I could easily change this if I redesigned Mountle, but I am not wanting to do that because I love the way it works currently.

    That being said, I have some ideas I am playing around with so stay tuned, I will do my best to make it happen!

  • #7

    Would be cool if the download file had a version number as part of it.... a little disconcerting to overwrite with   ;-)

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