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  • World of Warcraft
  • 3 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 4.3
  • 441 Total Downloads
  • Updated 03/04/2012
  • Created 02/10/2011
  • 9 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v1.1
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About MountNoise-B-Gone

This mod removes the odd noise that plays when you Mount or Dismount and Druid or Shaman shapeshift as well as others.

How it works

It places an empty sound file for that noise in to the Data folder that overrides the default. It removes the sound for all of the events listed above as well as any others that share that sound.

How to install

Simply extract the zip in to your World of Warcraft root folder. Directory structure must be maintained for this to work. It does NOT go in the Interface folder

It installs in to <WoW Install>\Data\Sound\Spells\

Do not use the Curse Client. Since this does not go in to the Interface folder the Curse Client will not work.


Changed file extension from .wav to .ogg for compatibility with latest patch


Initial Release


  • #10

    Hey man, I wondering if you'd ever be willing to make a sound addon in the future that plays the vanilla lightning bolt and Chain lightning sounds. Currently the lightning bolt sound has almost no sound, and the chain lightning sound I believe sounds like Earth shock...

    There used to be this addon called True Lightning (or something along those lines) that allowed me to use the vanilla sound of lightning bolt & Chain lightning (which was phenomenal!!).


    I just thought to ask. =]

  • #8

    Love to kill the mount noise in 4.3...

  • #9

    It still works in 4.3.   The advantage of not making these in to proper addons is they rarely need to be updated.

  • #7
    Aha, it was SpiritWolf.wav all along.. of course!

  • #6
    the greatest mod with only 3 hits in history
  • #4
    I always hear the rumor that using a mod like this or the one to silence guns is a breach of EULA and Blizz can/will ban you when/if they find out. Which makes me wonder, how Blizz would ever know if you had this or not? Any truth to the rumor, or is it just an urban legend?
  • #5
    Sound modification is not explicitly against the EULA or ToS. Blizzard has taken a grey stance on it neither getting bouncy happy about it nor forbidding it. On the old forums there was a thread asking for an official stance on this and that was more or less the response. Do it if you want but don't whine to them if something blows up. Nor will they support it like they do normal addons (IE: letting us know if anything changes with the game that would break the sound mods). I guess they're about as happy with it as they are with so many people playing with the WoW sounds off. "Well if you feel you *must* /sigh"

    Visual modification like spell effects. terrain, models, etc is very very bad. That's the kind of modding that brings the banhammer. Understandable considering that doing that kind of thing can drastically change the gaming environment. That's how people mine under the world or bypass content. PVPer's do it to help them see the enemy or flag. Crap like that. It would be a far stretch to imagine a sound modification giving anyone an advantage over anything.

    If you need any further proof then look no further than your own question: tracking. Altering a sound is relatively simple. Now try to alter a model. Getting caught or not, the game lets you know instantly that it not only knows what you're trying to do but is also pissed at you for attempting it. The game locks down and wont run unless you make use of third party hacks to bypass the security. If Blizzard didn't want people touching the sound either then trust me.. we wouldn't be. At least legitimate modders. And of course being here on Curse too. This place is about as mainstream as you get. I have little doubt Blizzard would be sending the good folk at Curse many an angry email over hosting so many "illegal" mods. Remember that Curse has an entire category devoted to Audio so it's not like we're all hiding or getting overlooked in the crowd here.

    I tried to dig up the Blue but it seems to be lost with the old forums =(

    Of course all of that said, I would never try to pressure anyone in to doing something outside of their comfort zone. Sound modding make you uneasy? Don't do it. You wont hurt my feelings any =)
  • #3
    Beyond awesome. WoW devs really fail sometimes.
  • #2
    Thank you so much! Works great. So tired of hearing that when I am farming herbs.
  • #1
    THANK YOU! Hate that noise, so annoying :(
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