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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.1.0
  • 7,411,012 Total Downloads
  • Updated 05/13/2015
  • Created 10/23/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 15.1.3
Support development! **

About MoveAnything

MoveAnything enables you to move, scale, hide and adjust transparency of just about any screen element in WoW, offering tools to help you customize your UI. Some other frame modifications are also possible using MA's Frame Editors (Introduced in 11.b2), including framestrata, frame grouping and more.

Type /move to show the main window or click the button below the game menu. This main window contains a list of Blizzard's frames (any element not in the list can be added to the Custom Frames category by either /move frameName, /mafe frameName, /hide frameName or one of the move/mafe/hide keybindings).

Currently maintained by Resike. Many thanks to Alea of Гордунни EU who maintained it since the launch of MoP. Special thanks to Wagthaa of Earthen Ring EU who was the developer since the pre-WotLK patch. Kudos to Skrag (Original author), Jason (Vanilla) & Vincent (TBC) for earlier versions.


  • Raid Boss Alternative Bar - mover for player/boss addition indicator (like The Stone Guard progress bar)

Reporting Bugs: Report bugs here - Include the LUA error message if applicable!
If the problem is with a certain frame, always try to reset the frame and reload before modifying it again. If the problem persists please report it at the above link.
Make sure you are running the latest version! You would be surprised how much time is wasted by reports of issues that are already resolved.
The LUA error message should be from an addon such as Swatter(a part of Auctioneer) or BugSack if at all possible. If the issue you are reporting is the result of a LUA error and you don't include this you might as well not bother posting.
If you feel like being helpful include your MA profile as an exported textstring in the report.
Any comment on Curse or forum post on WoWInterface containing a full error report will be deleted, as one of those quickly takes up more than half a page.


  • All screenshots was taken with a customized button skin loaded. Buttons will appear as other buttons in your WoW.

Quick Reference for MoveAnything

Main window:

  • Move - toggles a mover for the frame
  • Hide - toggles hiding of the frame
  • Reset - undoes MA's changes to frame and removes frame from list if custom
  • MF - Modified Frames - toggles whether to only show modified frames in the list
  • CE - Collapse/Expand - collapses/expands all categories
  • FS - Frame Stack - toggles Blizzard's Frame Stack tooltip
  • M - Movers - toggles all movers. Shift click clears the list
  • FE - Frame Editors - toggles visibility on all open frame editors. Shift click clears the list, closing all frame editors
  • S - Sync - synchronizes all frames modified by MoveAnything
  • O - Options - opens options
  • X - Close - closes the MA window. Ctrl-Alt-Shift click reloads ui

Interacting with the movers:

  • Left-Drag - moves frame
  • Left-Drag the small buttons - scales frame
  • Right-Click - stops moving frame
  • Shift Right-Click - toggles visibility of the mover, while still allowing modifications to the frame
  • Mousewheel - adjusts alpha blend
  • Control-Click - opens a frame editor

Key Bindings:

  • Toggle MA window - toggles MoveAnything's main window
  • Move frame - Safe - toggles moving of the first found parent frame, from MA's default list or a top level frame if possible
  • Edit frame - Safe - toggles a frame editor for the frame, picking a modified, a default or a top level frame in that order
  • Hide frame - Safe - hides frame at cursor, from MA's default list or a top level frame if possible
  • Reset frame - Safe - resets frame at cursor, from MA's default list or a top level frame if possible
  • Move frame - Exact - toggles moving of the exact frame at cursor
  • Edit frame - Exact - toggles a frame editor for the exact frame at cursor
  • Hide frame - Exact - hides the exact frame at cursor
  • Reset frame - Exact - resets the exact frame at cursor
  • Update frames - updates all frames influenced by MA

Slash Commands:

  • /move - toggles MA window
  • /move frameName - toggles moving of frame named "frameName"
  • /hide frameName - toggles visibility of frame named "frameName"
  • /mafe frameName - toggles a frame editor for frame named "frameName"
  • /unmove frameName - resets frame named "frameName"
  • /movelist - lists profiles
  • /moveimport profileName - import settings from profile into the current profile
  • /moveexport profileName - exports settings into named profile
  • /movedelete profileName - deletes named profile

/move, /mafe, /unmove and /hide accepts several shorthands: last, minimap, buffs, debuffs, player, target, targetoftarget, focus & pet.

Tips: - Work in progress

  • Quickest way to modify a frame - Go into Keybindings, scroll down to MoveAnything and bind a key to "Move Frame - Safe". They key you bound now toggles a mover on the topmost frame underneath your mouse cursor.
  • Easiest way to reset a frame - Bind a key to "Reset Frame - Safe" as described above and press it while hovering your mouse cursor above the element you want to reset. Check the chatframe to verify it's the right frame before clicking the key again to confirm.
  • Moved something by mistake - Type /unmove last and it will reset the last frame you interacted with.
  • Figuring out frame names for use with /move, /hide, /mafe and /unmove - Use the "FS" checkbox to show Blizzard's Frame Stack tooltip. This tooltip displays a list of frames currently underneath your mouse cursor, divided by what screen layer they are in(aka framestrata).

Current issues:

  • Frames jumping when switching graphics from windowed to windowed-maximized mode have been reported.


  • Toggling the modified Raid Frame Manager in combat causing taints.
  • Reseting bags while the bag is not opened won't reset it's scale to default.


  • Fixed some smaller issues.
  • Fixed Frames:
  • Player Buffs From Right to Left


  • Fixed a smaller issue.


  • Fixed an issue with the microbuttons when entering/leaving pet battles.
  • Some other smaller fixes.
  • Added Frames:
  • Boss Banner


  • Fixed Frames:
  • Mounts / Pets (Now renamed to Collections)
  • Micro Menu
  • Micro Menu - Split
  • Micro Menu - Vertical


  • Updated for 6.1.0.
  • Some other smaller fixes.


  • Smaller fixes with showing frames.


  • Fixed an issue with enabling/disable frames.
  • Added Categories:
  • Garrison
  • Store
  • Added Frames:
  • Draenor Zone Ability
  • Player Alternative Power Counter Bar
  • Garrison Report
  • Garrison Minimap Button
  • Garrison Architecht
  • Garrison Missions
  • Garrison Misson Alert
  • Garrison Building Alert
  • Garrison Follower Alert
  • Garrison Work Order
  • Store Purchase Alert


  • More taint fixes with the "ObjectiveTrackerFrame".
  • Fixed some leaks.
  • Added some upvalues.
  • Some other smaller fixes.
  • Fixed Frames:
  • MiniMap


  • More taint fixes with the "ObjectiveTrackerFrame".


  • More taint fixes with the "ObjectiveTrackerFrame".
  • Some other minor fixes.
  • Removed frames:
  • Loot Won Alert Frame (Addons can't access this frame anymore.)


  • Fixed the protected taint issues with the "ObjectiveTrackerFrame".


  • MicroButton fixes.


  • WorldMapFrame will sync when toggling it's size down.
  • Boss frames can be properly hidden. (To reshow them you need to reload your UI after you reset the frames.)
  • Added frames:
  • QuestLogPopupDetailFrame


  • Updated for 6.0.2.
  • WatchFrame and Arena frame fixes.
  • Quest related frame fixes.
  • Minimap and World Map fixes.
  • Some other smaller fixes.
  • Removed frames:
  • Map Level
  • Map Options
  • Map Track Quest
  • Map Coordinates
  • Quest Log
  • Quest Details


  • Quick update for 6.0.2 for the US guys out there.


  • Fixed a nasty taint.
  • Added frames:
  • ArchaeologyFrame
  • ReforgingFrame


  • Fixed the issue with saved variables loss.
  • The interface options should properly update on show.
  • Added some extra taint protection.
  • Some other smaller fixes.


  • Player buff and debuff frames are now properly scaleable.
  • Consolidate buff fixes.
  • Fixed frames:
  • Player Buffs Default
  • Player Buffs From Right to Left
  • Player Debuffs Default
  • Player Debuffs From Right to Left


  • Force locked buff/debuff frames on unitframes.
  • Fixed frames:
  • TargetBuffsMover
  • TargetDebuffsMover
  • FocusBuffsMover
  • FocusDebuffsMover


  • Fixed an issue which caused massive errors when you hidden your "AchievementMicroButton" by any way.
  • Added frames:
  • Trainer Frame
  • Fixed frames:
  • TargetBuffsMover
  • TargetDebuffsMover
  • TargetFrameToTDebuffsMover
  • FocusBuffsMover
  • FocusDebuffsMover
  • FocusFrameToTDebuffsMover


  • Reverted disabled frames from the last version. (Sorry for the inconvenience.)
  • Fixed a major issue whcih caued scale locking not working properly. (This will fix a lot of frame jumping issues.)
  • Some other smaller fixes.


  • Some minor fixes.
  • Disabled frames:
  • Boss1TargetFrame
  • Boss2TargetFrame
  • Boss3TargetFrame
  • Boss4TargetFrame
  • Boss5TargetFrame


  • Fixed an issue which caused hidden frames to reappear on profile change and on some other events.
  • Added a function to auto-reset the "LFRParentFrame" if modified on load. This will fix the broken "Other Raid Panel".
  • Fixed a random SetPoint error, specially with scaling.
  • Fixed an error when reseting textures.
  • Some other minor fixes.


  • Fixed frames:
  • TargetBuffsMover
  • TargetDebuffsMover
  • TargetFrameToTDebuffsMover
  • FocusBuffsMover
  • FocusDebuffsMover
  • FocusFrameToTDebuffsMover
  • Some other smaller fixes.


  • Added frames:
  • Zone Minimap


  • Fixed an issue when you deattached "Texture" and "FontString" type elements.
  • Scaling the "Action Bar Vertical" will properly scale, the "ActionBarDownButton" and "ActionBarDownButton" frames too.
  • Some other minor fixes.
  • Added frames:
  • Player PVP Icon
  • Player Rest Icon
  • Player Rest Icon's Glow
  • Player Attack Icon
  • Player Attack Icon's Glow
  • Player Attack Icon's Background
  • Player Status Texture
  • Player Leader Icon
  • Player Master Icon
  • Target PVP Icon
  • Focus PVP Icon


  • Scaling the "Action Bar" will properly scale, the "ActionBarDownButton" and "ActionBarDownButton" frames too.
  • Added more upvalues.
  • Some other minor fixes.


  • Added upvalues.
  • Fixed an issue which caused hidden frames to reapper sometimes.
  • Fixed an issue with "Close GUI on escape" options.
  • Fixed an issue with the "List Row" slider.
  • Added SetCVar safety options.
  • Some performance upgradements.
  • Some other minor fixes.


  • Some minor fixes.
  • Added frames:
  • Bank Bag Slot 1
  • Bank Bag Slot 2
  • Bank Bag Slot 3
  • Bank Bag Slot 4
  • Bank Bag Slot 5
  • Bank Bag Slot 6
  • Bank Bag Slot 7
  • Guild Bank Tab 1
  • Guild Bank Tab 2
  • Guild Bank Tab 3
  • Guild Bank Tab 4
  • Guild Bank Tab 5
  • Guild Bank Tab 6
  • Guild Bank Tab 7
  • Guild Bank Tab 8


  • Minor minimap related fixes.
  • Some other fixes.


  • Fixed an issue from the last release.
  • Fixed frames:
  • Player Buffs from Right to Left


  • Fixed frames:
  • Arena Enemy Pet 1
  • Arena Enemy Pet 2
  • Arena Enemy Pet 3
  • Arena Enemy Pet 4
  • Arena Enemy Pet 5
  • Arena Enemy Casting Bar 1
  • Arena Enemy Casting Bar 2
  • Arena Enemy Casting Bar 3
  • Arena Enemy Casting Bar 4
  • Arena Enemy Casting Bar 5


  • Added frames:
  • Chat Edit Window Length
  • Fixed frames:
  • Chat Edit Window
  • Player Buffs Default


  • Fixed an issue with profile handling.
  • Some global cleanups.
  • Some other smaller fixes.
  • Added frames:
  • Raid Frame Buff Tooltips
  • Raid Frame Debuff Tooltips
  • Consolidated Buffs
  • Ally Pet Buffs
  • Ally Pet Debuffs
  • Ally Pet Pad Buffs
  • Ally Pet Pad Debuffs
  • Enemy Pet Buffs
  • Enemy Pet Debuffs
  • Enemy Pet Pad Buffs
  • Enemy Pet Pad Debuffs
  • Fixed frames:
  • Objectives Window
  • Objectives Window Scale
  • Focus Buffs
  • Player Buffs Default
  • Player Buffs From Right to Left
  • Player Debuffs Default
  • Player Debuffs From Right to Left


  • Workaround to set Micro Menu buttons to the default postion in pet battles, and vehicle frames.
  • Xml fixes.
  • Added frames:
  • Other Raids
  • WorldMapTrackQuest
  • Fixed frames:
  • Micro Menu
  • Micro Menu - Split
  • Micro Menu - Vertical
  • Ally Pet 2


  • Fixed an issue which caused frames children's alpha not to reset properly.
  • Added frames:
  • Micro Menu - Split
  • Bank Money
  • Bank Money Gold
  • Bank Money Silver
  • Bank Money Copper
  • Bank Money Border
  • Bank Money Inset
  • Top Left Center
  • Ally Pet 2
  • Ally Pet 3
  • Enemy Pet 2
  • Enemy Pet 3
  • Fixed frames:
  • Top Right Art
  • Top Left Art
  • Weather
  • Player Pet Frame
  • Enemy Pet Frame
  • Bottom Frame
  • Pet Selection Frame
  • Pass Button
  • Bottom Frame
  • Pet Selection Frame


  • Workaround for HideRaidFrame addon's "Hard Disable" function.
  • Readded !NoTaint, seems like it was too early to remove it.
  • Fixed an issue with hiding frames.
  • Fixed incorrent bag order with "Bag Buttons".
  • Some other smaller fixes.
  • Fixed frames:
  • Round Border
  • North Indicator


  • Fixed an issue with scaling.
  • Fixed a taint with AlwaysUpFrames.
  • Fixed an issue with force locked frames.
  • Added frames:
  • WorldMapLevelDropDown (Experimental)


  • Hiding a frame not automatically gonna detach it's mover.
  • Hided frames can't be reattached untill you show the frame again.
  • Fixed a major scaling issue.
  • Fixed an issue with groups.
  • Fixed an issue with Always Protected frames.
  • Fixed a taint with PetJoural, when you opened Mounts and Pets info panel while in combat.
  • Removed an unnecessary MicroButton taint fix.
  • Removed NoTaint lib.
  • Fixed a taint issue with: AlwaysUpFrame1, AlwaysUpFrame2, AlwaysUpFrame3, WorldStateAlwaysUpFrame.
  • Fixed the position of ArenaEnemyFrames and ArenaPrepFrames.
  • CompactRaidFrameManager's toggle button is going to work properly, when you moved the frame. You can also properly hide the frame.
  • The addon automatically going to unregister and reregister event for PaladinPowerBar frame when it hidden/shown/reset. (More powerbar frames will be added later.)
  • Xml validation fixes.
  • Added Categorys:
  • Map (Experimental)
  • Fixed frames:
  • PlayerPowerBarAltMover
  • CompactRaidFrameManager
  • CompactRaidFrameManagerToggleButton
  • MicroButtons
  • MicroButtonsVertical
  • BagButtons
  • WorldStateAlwaysUpFrame
  • Added frames:
  • AlwaysUpFrame3
  • MainMenuBarBackpackButton
  • TargetFramePowerBarAltMover
  • BankBagItems
  • BankBagSlots
  • BankItemSearchBox
  • GuildItemSearchBox
  • GuildBankInfoSaveButton
  • GuildBankFrameWithdrawButton
  • GuildBankFrameDepositButton
  • GuildBankWithdrawMoneyFrame
  • GuildBankWithdrawMoneyFrameGoldButton
  • GuildBankWithdrawMoneyFrameSilverButton
  • GuildBankWithdrawMoneyFrameCopperButton
  • GuildBankMoneyFrame
  • GuildBankMoneyFrameGoldButton
  • GuildBankMoneyFrameSilverButton
  • GuildBankMoneyFrameCopperButton
  • WorldMapFrame (Experimental)
  • WorldMapShowDropDown (Experimental)
  • WorldMapPositioningGuide (Experimental)
  • Removed frames:
  • PVPTeamDetails
  • Fixed a lot of other smaller issues.


  • Fixed a major issue, which caued some frames and it's movers to change positions.
  • Fixed a taint caused by "AlwaysUpFrame" most likely in battlegrounds.
  • Code cleanup round one.


  • Localization updates.


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  • #3096

    Is this project abandoned?  Haven't seen any response from the project manager on this site or the ticket system and many of the tickets have been left in the "new" state with no change in status or assignment.  I hope not as this is an amazing addon.

  • #3095

    Just a suggestion. So people do not always have to ask/wait for you to add any new or changed names in frames. Allowing a custom frame list, by which users can add and customize anything Frame Stack sees, and which may not have been officially added by you.

    One thing that still persists for me and has for years. Even using a new computer and a fresh copy of this addon and its preferences, proves no better. Frames at times forget their information, position, scale, etc. And either move oddly to another location or back to default. It would be nice if it remembered. I've had to always save a backup specifically to this addon. So that when it decides to forget (even closing WoW and restarting doesn't fix). I just add it back.

    Last edited by darkreign11 on 4/14/2015 10:47:21 PM
  • #3102

    It's doable with the "/move frameName" command.

  • #3108

    Its due to the fact the quest and achiev tracker's parent frame is the minimap frame, not uiparent. try changing the parent frame to it to UIParent, as well as change also parent of the frame "objectivetrackerblocksframeheader" set to "objectivetrackerframemover" and see if that helps. worked for me

    Last edited by roflstomper1 on 5/1/2015 1:17:58 AM
  • #3106

    If you move a frame with this command the addon is gonna add that frame the the Custom Frames list.

  • #3105

    Yes I noted a frame list not just a command. Because lets say this addon is missing 15 different frames. People would have to discover those names all over again. Rather than have a list specifically showing moved frames not in its actual list. Just to keep better track of them.

    Also is there any progress to enabling MoveAnything to remember its frames, its positions, etc better? While I do love the addon it is often forgetting where its put things, or pushing them far off into weird corners. I play with DBM, Dominos, and MoveAnything. And have over the years tested the addon off on its own, to the same effect. Currently the main one it seems to be screwing up with more than others. Is the Quest Tracker frame. It does not accept movement nor does it willingly accept resize. Any attempt to move the frame even by 1 point. Shoves it up into the far top corner. Barely in view. Selecting reset doesn't fix it and have to sometimes relog, and reset a few times. Until it eventually repositions in the default area. Also selecting to hide the quest tracker does not hide the accompanied reward frame merged into it. Which also extends to the Proving Ground wave glow at the end of each wave. It does not show the current wave which it should not when hidden. Though its that wave glow that it fails to also hide. And if you do a daily dungeon with the tracker hidden. The reward frame attached to it still appears. Hiding the tracker should also prevent the reward frame from showing. As well as hide the glow frame to each waves end in the Proving Ground.

    Last edited by darkreign11 on 4/27/2015 5:17:24 PM
  • #3094

    Hey, nice add on.

    But do you know if it's possible to change the window's size? I mean only height, thx.

  • #3093

    How can I move a frame that I found through Framestack?

    The 'Garrison cashe' is not yet listed in the default Garrison frames. Are you adding it in the next update?

  • #3101

    "/move frameName"

  • #3092

    Hmmm ... how do I move the "Request Stop" button?  It doesn't seem to be in the list.

  • #3091

    Hi! I really like your addon. However I am having a couple issues.

    Achievement Alert bars 1 & 2

    Criteria Alert bars 1 & 2

    These four bars will not stay where I put them. When I log in they are back down at the center /bottom of the screen which is the default Iocation I assume.

    Here is an error log I get with this:

    Date: 2015-04-01 13:36:23 ID: -2 Error occured in: Global Count: 3 Message: ..\FrameXML\AlertFrames.lua line 122:    attempt to call method 'RegisterForClicks' (a nil value) Debug:    ..\FrameXML\AlertFrames.lua:122:       ..\FrameXML\AlertFrames.lua:121    [C]: ?    MoveAnything\MoveAnything.lua:1792: AttachMover()    MoveAnything\MoveAnything.lua:1916: ToggleMove()    MoveAnything\MoveAnything.lua:2513: OnMoveCheck()    [string "*:OnClick"]:1:       [string "*:OnClick"]:1 Locals: self = AchievementAlertFrame1 {  0 = <userdata>  glow = AchievementAlertFrame1Glow {  }  waitAndAnimOut = AchievementAlertFrame1WaitAndAnimOut {  }  shine = AchievementAlertFrame1Shine {  }  animIn = AchievementAlertFrame1AnimIn {  } } (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = AchievementAlertFrame1 {  0 = <userdata>  glow = AchievementAlertFrame1Glow {  }  waitAndAnimOut = AchievementAlertFrame1WaitAndAnimOut {  }  shine = AchievementAlertFrame1Shine {  }  animIn = AchievementAlertFrame1AnimIn {  } } (*temporary) = "LeftButtonUp" (*temporary) = "RightButtonUp" (*temporary) = "attempt to call method 'RegisterForClicks' (a nil value)"



  • #3103

    I'm aware of it, and i know whats causing it, i just havn't found a way to bypass it yet.

  • #3090
    Ticket #421... following-up

    Hi, Resike. Just a comment following up on my ticket (#421) on your CurseForge site.

    I mentioned this error about 9 days ago but I don't see a reply either here or on CurseForge so I fitured I'd 'ping' you in case you hadn't noticed them yet :)

    My comment on this page is at and it links to ticket #421 on CurseForge.

    Anyway, the same error occurred for me today as I was exiting a completed Warsong Gulch battleground (edited to add: also happened exiting a completed Eye of the Storm, and it happened when I accepted a guild invitation, and it happened when I died due to fatigue while swimming... sigh); details below: 

    Date: 2015-03-27 17:59:39

    ID: 1
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 32
    Message: TargetFrameDebuff1:SetPoint(): TargetDebuffsMover is dependent on this
    [C]: ?
    [C]: SetPoint()
    [C]: SetPoint()
    ..\FrameXML\TargetFrame.lua:781: updateFunc()
    ..\FrameXML\TargetFrame.lua:700: TargetFrame_UpdateAuraPositions()
    [C]: TargetFrame_UpdateAuras()
    ..\FrameXML\TargetFrame.lua:205: OnEvent()
    (*temporary) = TargetFrameDebuff1 {
    0 = <userdata>
    MAParent = TargetDebuffsMover {
    MALockPointHook = true
    MAScaled = 1.3899418115616
    SetPoint = <function> defined =[C]:-1
    unit = "target"
    (*temporary) = "TOPLEFT"
    (*temporary) = TargetDebuffsMover {
    0 = <userdata>
    OnMAPreReset = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\MoveAnything\MoveAnything.lua:6096
    data = <table> {
    OnMAHook = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\MoveAnything\MoveAnything.lua:6068
    lastChild = TargetFrameDebuff1 {
    ReleaseChildByName = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\MoveAnything\MoveAnything.lua:5848
    attachedChildren = <table> {
    MAEVM = <table> {
    SetPoint = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\MoveAnything\MoveAnything.lua:98
    ReleaseChild = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\MoveAnything\MoveAnything.lua:5835
    opt = <table> {
    OnMAScale = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\MoveAnything\VirtualMovers.lua:26
    MAScanForChildren = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\MoveAnything\MoveAnything.lua:5942
    FoundChild = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\MoveAnything\MoveAnything.lua:5811
    MAScaled = 1.3899418115616
    MASetPoint = <function> defined =[C]:-1
    OnMAAttach = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\MoveAnything\MoveAnything.lua:5992
    MAHooked = true
    OnMAHide = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\MoveAnything\MoveAnything.lua:6037
    MAE = <table> {
    OnMAPostReset = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\MoveAnything\MoveAnything.lua:6123
    MAOnEnable = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\MoveAnything\MoveAnything.lua:6135
    firstChild = TargetFrameDebuff1 {
    (*temporary) = "TOPLEFT"
    (*temporary) = 0
    (*temporary) = 0

    Swatter, v5.0.0 (<%codename%>)
    Altoholic, vr155
    AltoholicSummary, vr155
    Bagnon, v6.1.5
    BagnonConfig, v6.1.5
    DataStore, vr53
    DataStoreAchievements, vr39
    DataStoreAgenda, vr21
    DataStoreAuctions, v6.0.001
    DataStoreCharacters, vr31
    DataStoreContainers, vr49
    DataStoreCrafts, vr65
    DataStoreCurrencies, vr28
    DataStoreGarrisons, vr9
    DataStoreInventory, vr42
    DataStoreMails, vr42
    DataStorePets, vr37
    DataStoreQuests, vr34
    DataStoreReputations, vr35
    DataStoreSpells, vr25
    DataStoreStats, vr24
    DataStoreTalents, vr50
    GatherMate2, v1.33.5
    MacroBank, v1.11
    Masque, v6.1.0
    MoveAnything, v15.1.1
    OmniCC, v6.1.0
    OmniCCConfig, v
    Postal, v3.5.4
    Quartz, v3.2.4
    Recount, vv6.1.0b release
    Routes, vv1.5.1
    SaySapped, v2014-10-15
    Scrap, v12.24
    ScrapCleaner, v11
    ScrapOptions, v12.24
    SimpleClassPortraits, v
    Spy, v3.2.5
    UnitFramesImproved, v1.4.13
    BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v6.1.2.60100 <none>


    Last edited by zentherogue on 3/27/2015 8:32:19 PM
  • #3089

    Hi, love the addon!

    How does one prevent frames from overlapping though? In the default ui opening the merchant frame will "push" the character frame over to the right, opening the spell book will close a frame to make room etc. currently with the addon i can have character/merchant/dressing room etc open at the same time making it very dificult to read (semi transparent frame textures)Thanks for any insights.

  • #3088

    Is there a way to move the 

    "You Won: insert item"  Frame


    Last edited by Elio on 3/24/2015 6:07:31 PM
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