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  • Updated 11/22/2012
  • Created 09/15/2008
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  • Newest File: v10.2.11-Beta
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About MrPlow

Regain that wasted space!

MrPlow is a fast and simple inventory sorter. Designed generally for Onebag style setups where it treats all bags as a single one, it will sort all the items in your inventory, bank or guild bank into item groups and types.

Could those who are having looping issues with the inventory sorting, and are willing to do a bit of debugging to help find the cause, post a ticket here with all the items that are being swapped around with? It's important to list all the items in that group, because the sorting algorithm has a few levels, and the reason it's looping is that the items are matching to the same comparison at different levels, so there ends up being conflicts in the order, depending on which gets compared first. I'll take those items, and give you a line to insert into the code so it'll output exactly how each of the items are being compared/sorted to one another, and from there we can debug where it's making the mistake.

To post a support ticket, please click here

So... uh. Yeah.

A year after the latest release, MrPlow is back. I went through the effort to kinda pimp him up a bit. He will work a lot faster (and without AceTimer/Event). I'd like some feedback on how it deals with special bags, currently it won't group them up well if you have multiple of the same bag, but it will sort within those bags (and consolidate to them all). Also, any suggestions as to the UI would be appreciated.

The commands are as follows:

/mrplow [[g]bank] [stack|defrag|sort|consolidate|theworks]

  • stack - Restack all items to fit in the smallest number of slots
  • defrag - Move items to leave all available space at one end of the bags
  • sort - Sort all inventory items in place
  • consolidate - Move items from the normal bags to special bags if they fit
  • theworks - Runs Stack->Consolidate->Defrag->Sort->Stack

this comes out to:

Normal bags

  • /mrplow stack
  • /mrplow defrag
  • /mrplow sort
  • /mrplow consolidate
  • /mrplow theworks

Your bank:

  • /mrplow bank stack
  • /mrplow bank defrag
  • /mrplow bank sort
  • /mrplow bank consolidate
  • /mrplow bank theworks

Guild bank (No special bags to consolidate with):

  • /mrplow gbank stack
  • /mrplow gbank defrag
  • /mrplow gbank sort
  • /mrplow gbank theworks

And, if anything goes wrong, and MrPlow appears to be swapping items forever:

  • /mrplow stop

will apply the emergency brakes.

(/mp is also a shortcut)

10.2.10 Darkmoon decks are now sorted within each other

10.2.9 - Adjusted guildbank sorting to not fail so much at the end. Changed special bag detection and consolidation forthwith.

10.2.6 - Added a fix for the Spring Flowers (which don't actually have an official equipslot location... damn them..) and one for those who were getting the null reference.

10.2.5 - Er, this bugfix fixes the sorting issue between chests and robes. Also included are some debug switches to make it a little easier to submit a ticket. Check out the bug ticket if you're having issues and follow the prompts there.

10.2.4 - This bugfix fixes the sorting issue between chests and robes. Temporarily, if you want, use /script MrPlow:Ignore(bag, slot) to ignore a specific slot. I'll have it shoved into a config ui soon. Personal bags are 0,1,2,3,4 from the backpack, bank is -1,5,6,7,8,9,10,11. Remove the reference to the slot if you want to ignore a bag (MrPlow:Ignore(bag)). Guildbank stuff is a little more involved for setting the ignore settings. I'll have this all in a ui at some point soon.

10.2.3 - This version fixes the issue in regards to equipment not sorting correctly, along with tradeskill items. This will also fix some of the infinite sort loops that occur in regards to Simple Grinding Stones and others.

10.2.2 - This is a embeds fix for people who want a clean install to actually work. Apologies for the messup on that.

10.2.1 - If you want reversed functionality, hit
/script MrPlow.db.profile.EmptySpace = "Top"
for the moment, until I can get a UI config going. This will set a toggle to affect the normal direction of flow of the addon. Set
/script MrPlow.db.profile.EmptySpace = ""
to undo it.

10.1 has guildbank functionality, please be aware however, that this is not perfect (and I very much doubt it will ever be). The problem with guild banking, is that due to it's shared functionality with other players, the response time for any action is far longer than your personal inventory/bank.

Thus, applying the normal speeds to the operation results in a hozillion spammed attempts at moving items. It all sounds very pretty, but is less than effective, as it attempts to move stuff, checks the order, tries to move it again, checks the order, etc etc repeat til you hear a ringing sound in your ears.

I've put in a throttle to slow down the cycles and the gbank will move a whole lot closer to what the original MrPlow sorting speeds were, and also, due to lag and response times from the server reporting where items in the guild bank are, MrPlow -may- get utterly confused near the end and endlessly cycle some items around in a loop. As a patch for this eventuality, there's now a /mp stop command to cease his endless plowing if you notice a loop occurring. Generally, given enough time, it'll sort itself out, but I'm sure you all have better things to do, when it's down to two or three last items =)

2012-11-22  wobin  <wobin>

[f998b28a767a] [v10.2.11-Beta]
* MrPlow.toc

- incremented version


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  • #137
    Sort gets stuck on my bank all the time. I have so much its hard to tell whats causing it, but its multiple spots/combinations. I dont have a problem with the Crashin' Thrashin' Racer Controller. Spring Flowers and Elune's Candle will cause problems (6 items keep being switched around) if both are in, but not if only one is in. However they both wont cause a loop if i remove one item from the bank before them.

    I think you might have some kind of logic issue with your sorting algorith and you are going to need some debugging to figure what is up.
  • #144
    If you're up for it, could you follow the instructions in bold at the top of the description above?
  • #138
    I am probably the worse case scenario. I have 6-22slots and 1-32slot ench bag full off all kins of weird things from years of play.
  • #139
    I'll poke around the TCRC and what various holiday stuff I have. I'm going to put in a kinda debug, that stores what items are running when you hit /mp stop so that people can post it as a ticket to see where it's not being sorted correctly.
  • #136
    THe addon seems to like to cycle around with my Crashin' Thrashin' Racer Controller. Positive it is this. Wherever it goes, Mr Plow's confusion follows.
  • #134
    I dont know what i am doign wrong but it still doesnt seem to be working for me , ive tried on my bags, gbank and bank , ive tried clicking it and using the / commands , but all it seems to do for me is restack, it does no sorting at all , it just stacks what needs stacking and moves all the item to the top and left , so as to leave the empty slots at teh bottom and right, but makes no effort to sort anything.
  • #135
    also when i first log inot a toon and click teh fubar button it does teh above then gives me this

    Message: ..\AddOns\MrPlow\PlowEngine.lua line 725:
    attempt to call field 'new' (a nil value)
    [C]: new()
    MrPlow\PlowEngine.lua:725: ?()

    so far i have tried uninstalling teh addon and del the wtf file for it and reinstalling but no luck
  • #131
    I'm glad the sorting by equipment slot feature was put back in, however, I'm having a problem. I started theworks about 6 minutes ago in my bags and it's still going...

    It seems it's performing the same actions multiple times and it's taking forever to sort. I don't know if this is a bug or what.
  • #132
    Use /mp stop to stop any sort that gets out of hand
  • #133
    What items is it cycling over?
  • #127
    Speed is insanely faster than the previous versions. Great improvement.

    However, it no longer is sorting equipment by slot. The old version kept all chests together, then legs, etc. These seem much more random.Please bring back the sorting by item type and slot functionality. Adding further sort definition like quality or ilevel, or soulboundness might be nice features too.
  • #129
    10.2.3 should fix that problem
  • #126
    Request - something like:

    Click minimap button = theworks
    Shift+click minimap button = bank/theworks

    "Consolidate" seems to deal with my previous Soul Shard issue, and you've stated you'll add an "ignore" option in a future release.

    And thanks again for working on this addon! It's one of the few I can't really play without!
  • #128
    Currently right click will bank theworks
  • #130
    Cool, tyvm!
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