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  • World of Warcraft
  • 113 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.0.4
  • 27,840 Total Downloads
  • Updated 08/29/2012
  • Created 04/03/2009
  • 165 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: BSD License
  • Newest File: v0.6.8.1
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About MrTrader

MrTrader is a Tradeskill window replacement, with additional features to streamline how you interact with others for your tradeskills, especially if you have alts. Browse all your tradeskills from any character on the same server, link them just as easily to others, and even allow others to ask for a tradeskill link without having to do anything on your part.

Core Features:

  • Tradeskill Window Replacement
    • Difficulty Filtering
    • Custom Collections
    • Context Menus
    • Auction House-style Filter Browsing
  • Auto-Responses in chat to link requests using '!full' or '!link'.
    • Supports Guild, Raid, and Whispers.
    • Fully configurable, with privacy-friendly defaults.
  • Server-Wide Tradeskill Access (requires a LibDataBroker display)
    • One-menu access to your tradeskills.
    • Link any tradeskill you know, or your alts know.
    • Browse any tradeskill you know, or your alts know.
    • Browse your guild's tradeskills without having to dig through the guild roster window.

LibDataBroker displays like Fortress or TitanPanel are required for the Tradeskill Access menu feature. I personally like TitanPanel, but any of them will work.

If you have a feature request, or a bug report, please Create a Ticket. You can View all Tickets to see if your request is already being tracked, add your own comments, or participate in the discussion of a feature request.

Note: I have been on break from WoW, and would be happy to pass the reins onto someone who is interested in running with the project. I can catch them up to speed on where things were going and share some prototypes I was playing with before I went on break. Contact me if interested.


  • Hotfix for Inscription fixes.


  • Fixes for 5.0.x clients.


  • Fixes to bring it up to latest WoW client version.


  • New Feature: You can now access guild professions from the LDB menu.


  • Fix for localization issues due to a change to use Curse's packager to populate the localization files.


  • Can now sort by difficulty
  • Localizations are now more up-to-date, and should stay that way
  • Tradeskill window should now save the sort you select, on a per-tradeskill basis
  • Tools needed for a recipe are now displayed in the tooltip for the recipe
  • Engineering should no longer produce really long strings that wind up under the reagents. Instead it should clip the list. To see the full list, you can always use the recipe tooltips.


  • New sorting options.
  • New search bar.
  • A couple of bugfixes related to timing issues when loading.


  • Bug fix for position of Filter Scrollbar.
  • Bug fix for a LUA error related to reading the skill list.


  • Some tweaks/bugfixes to the MrTrader API.
  • Bug fix when dealing with linked tradeskills on higher population servers.
  • A new feature to let the user collapse the window to be more compact by hiding the filter list.
  • More tradeskill window cleanup, it now uses Blizzard templates for the window, making it easier to maintain going forward.
  • Bugfixes on some buttons appearing when they shouldn't.


  • Fixes a bug with updating Categories and Inventory Slots
  • Link behavior is closer to the official UI (can whisper the owner of a linked tradeskill).
  • Search behavior is closer to the official UI (can search linked tradeskills and guild lists).
  • Support for new guild functions, letting you look up who can craft certain guild recipes.
v0.6 Cataclysm Support

Cataclysm is around the corner. 4.0.1 is already on the PTR. MrTrader is ready.

Revised Tradeskill Window

First, MrTrader introduced a Tradeskill Window replacement. Now it's been made even better. No more having to scroll through two different panes in order to see what reagents you need. Basic profit estimates have been added as well, feeding off of AuctionLite, Auctioneer or Auctionator for auction pricing.

The Tradeskill Window now includes an API for other addons to extend it. Add information to the window itself in the form of text lines, add information to a recipe's tooltip, or even badges.

Improved, Refined, Polished
  • Major optimizations which make windows faster to open, respond to the server faster, and behave better when the client can stream data from the server.
  • The tradeskill window can be made movable by selecting the "Undock Window" configuration option.
  • New "Clear Search" button makes clearing a search faster than before.
  • /mrt and /mrtrader takes you straight to the configuration window without arguments.
  • Bugfixes reported by users.
BETA Notes - Known Issues
  • Profit Estimation only supports AuctionLite, Auctioneer or Auctionator for auction data, for now.
  • Profit Estimation doesn't yet support a vendor DB for purchase pricing on reagents for more accurate estimates.
  • Engineering loves to use a lot of tools and long names. This is causing some layout problems in the GUI.
  • There is currently no way to sort or disable plugins for the tradeskill window (tools/cooldown and the profit plugin).
  • Tooltip plugin interface isn't implemented.
  • Cleanup of the configuration window isn't quite complete.


  • Fixes a bug that would interrupt crafting.


  • Fixes interactions with the chat window after 3.3.5 changed the API.


  • TOC update for 3.3.0


  • Reverts back the change from 0.5.1 where we block the Blizz UI from loading. Instead we just hook Blizz UI, and only override its display.
  • Tradeskill windows should use the tradeskill icon for its portrait rather than the player icon. This makes a bit more sense in a world where tradeskills can be linked, and we won't even be able to get the portrait of the character with that tradeskill.
  • Moved the tooltip when hovering over a recipe so it is more visible when browsing.


  • Library cleanup
  • Ackis Recipe List support (Requires r2509 of Ackis or later).


  • Fixes for DockingStation for the menu
  • Fixes in the Tradeskill UI to remove some script errors.


  • Minor tweak to the positioning of the drop-down tradeskill menu to match the old DewDrop positioning.
  • Fixes so that MrTrader can load correctly when everything else is disabled.


  • No longer hook TradeSkillFrame_Show before the blizzard add-on is loaded. Should lead to causing fewer problems with other addons that hook this API.
  • Convert drop-down menus to UIDropDownMenu and remove dependency on DewDrop-2.0 for more memory savings.
  • Removal of debug spew.
  • Fixes for the 'remember selected category' feature which was broken with regards to category/inventory slot filtering.


  • MrTrader-side support for LilSparky's Workshop
  • Ability to whisper back more than 1 version of a tradeskill at a time (if you have multiple characters with the same tradeskill). Has a privacy option of also whispering back the character name, which is disabled by default.
  • Ability to remember which category on the left side of the window was selected by the user.


  • Fixes on the hooks to make them a bit more robust in more uncommon situations.
  • Fixes for the search bar to make it a bit more robust when switching tradeskills.


  • Fixes a stupid bug introduced when making the tradeskill window independent from Blizzard's.


  • Fix for some refreshing issues (bag related and so on) with the tradeskill window.
  • Fixes an issue where trying to use Market Watcher's tradeskill filtering wouldn't work.
  • The tradeskill window is now a module and is loaded on-demand. MrTrader will also prevent the Blizzard UI from being loaded at all if you don't want it to be used.


  • Big new functionality: A replacement Tradeskill window. Comes with the following features:
  • New filter selection UI based on the Auction House
  • Difficulty Filtering
  • Custom Groups
  • Context menu support for manipulating filters and tradeskills
  • Search as you type for all filters
  • Blizzard UI-parity
  • Can be turned off in the configuration to remain compatible with other Addons
  • Partial translations for French and Simplified Chinese (Thanks for submitting localizations guys!)


  • Fix for a bug with !link and alts without any tradeskills to track.


  • Cleaned up Config GUI.
  • New icon for menu.


  • Some more fixes so that certain combinations of addons don't cause MrTrader to fail.


  • You can now configure MrTrader to also respond to commands over guild, or raid/party chat. It is off by default and must be enabled by the user.


  • You can now turn off secondary skills (Cooking, First Aid) and unlinkable skills (Runeforging, Smelting) from showing up on the list of tradeskills for your alt's. The character you are logged into will always show all your tradeskills.


  • Fixed the AceLibrary dependancy... really.


  • New logic for matching partial skill names. Any part of the full name can be used, as long as it is unique to the skill 'black' or 'smith' will both match Blacksmithing. 'alch' will match Alchemy, as well. The name of the skill matched is localized.
  • Removed some debug code which would spew text into a chat window if you had linking alt's tradeskills turned on.


  • Supports '!link' in addition to '!full' to get a skill link.
  • Responding to whispers can be turned off in the options.


  • Cleanup of the localizations, removing old phrases.
  • Support for German and Russian translations.
  • A fix that should address errors when someone doesn't have AceLibrary.
  • Support for '!full <skill name>' as a whisper command, to be similar to CraftList2
  • Options for turning off showing opposite faction alts, and for having '!full' search your alts skills when responding.


  • Fixes to adding a link, so that it won't fail if you don't already have the chat editor up.


  • No longer claims to be incompatible with 3.1
  • Items in the menu now have better tooltips
  • Characters of the opposite faction will now show up in the menu, tinted red.
  • You can now ignore characters and remove them from the list until you decide otherwise. For now you will need to log into the ignored character and select 'Unignore' from the menu to undo this.

Due to changes to the DB in 0.3, you might run into the following issues:

  • Tinting of characters won't work until you login.
  • You will need to log into characters of both factions before the DB is properly merged so that you can see both factions at the same time.

If you run into issues with links not working, login to the character whose links aren't working to refresh them. Changes to skills in 3.1 make links saved before the patch not work.


  • Allows removing a character from the menu, so you don't get deleted characters clogging up the menu.
  • Cleanup of the code to make WoWAce and lib owners happier.
  • MrTrader should use spellIDs now, so we can let WoW localize skill names for us.
  • Fixed a debug spew issue.


  • Initial release. View and link skills. Whee.


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  • #103
    Any update?
    After the 4.0.6 "have materials" and "has skill up" buttons don`t workings.
  • #104
    Looks like an addon (possibly Broker_ProfessionsMenu) had an interaction with MrTrader and broke it. Make sure your addons are up to date and it should be fixed now.
  • #101
    I forgot to attach a changelog to 0.6.1 so here's the changes:

    * Fixes a bug with updating Categories and Inventory Slots
    * Link behavior is closer to the official UI (can whisper the owner of a linked tradeskill).
    * Search behavior is closer to the official UI (can search linked tradeskills and guild lists).
    * Support for new guild functions, letting you look up who can craft certain guild recipes.
  • #99
    have the same problem as Mechrior. You can workaround that by searching for anything. After you searched once (and even found nothing), the categories show up and you can click/use them.
  • #98
    ok something is badly borken as i cant click categories at all but it it not thorwing an error. any advice?!
  • #100
    Seems there might be a bug related to how 4.x sends down data from the server to the client.

    Categories and Inventory Slots don't appear to be available when the window is opened, but instead at some point later on (this is different from how it worked in 3.x). For some reason, I'm not correctly updating the list of Categories and Inventory Slots when they do become available... I'll see what I can do here.
  • #102
    thanks for anything you can do...... its just minorly annoying...... great mod though!
  • #97
    0.6 is out, but it's more that 4.0.1 forced my schedule a bit. It's stable, but a few things are still in flux, and future 0.6.x releases will continue to refine the UI, API, and plugin system.
  • #95
    I understand where you are coming from. Part of the problem I had with the UI of tradeskills in general is that it is hard to get information you need at a glance.

    I'm still tinkering with exactly how the window will work/look, and I need to probably do some more testing on a more 'default' UI. I run with the whole UI scaled normally, and the window is a bit big on a 1600x1050 display. It's definitely too tall right now, in my own opinion. I'm thinking on a few ways to shrink the width a bit too. I use the AH UI for filtering, but do I really need to? Is it more consistent with Cata to do something else like the new Glyph/Trainer/Tradeskill UI there and save space that way?

    The reason I pushed it out into beta is hoping to stumble across feedback like this. I'm not sure I'd revert the direction, but the feedback here I think is still worth mulling over to balance the various wants from users. Thanks for this. :)
  • #96
    So, in a way you've read my mind. :)

    So, the new window in Cata uses a drop down menu like you suggest. The options for having mats and showing skill ups only are in the menu as well.

    The character window will expand to the right to show and hide your character's stats. Putting the extra information there.

    What I'm looking at doing is a variation of one of these two. I'm thinking that pressing a button will bring up the filter list, either by expanding the window, or by using the space used for showing reagents to show the list. This will keep the window a bit more compact horizontally, and I can always remove a row or two to make room vertically. Right now the height is kinda arbitrary, as it shows the same number of recipes as the 0.5 window did (10). The normal tradeskill window shows 8-10, and I'm just trying to stay within the same ballpark.
  • #89
    Would it be possible to add some kind of UI to the main window where I can advertise a craft?

    As in... in the craft list, I highlight an item and to the left of it, there is an exclamation point (or similar). With my Editbox (chat) open, if I click on the exclamation, it will paste into my chat a pre-configured message to post to current channel.

    I could ideally define what is said in this message in some kind of editbox in the addon ("Type below what you want your trade message to be when you click the exclamation next to an item") with a character counter.

    I could then use a switch like...

    " LFW - now crafting "

    In the above case, I'm a Blacksmith and I want to advert for Pillars of Might. So the outbound message, per the above example, would be:

    "[Blacksmithing] LFW - now crafting [Blacksmithing: Pillars of Might]" (or similar, if it's possible to still 'create links' with custom text like in Vanilla WoW).

    Just a thought - this would put you ahead of the competition. Thanks!
  • #91
    Go ahead and open a ticket on this please. I can't guarantee anything with the sudden burst of feature requests/etc and my limited time, but having a ticket on it will help make sure it doesn't get lost.
  • #88
    Also, would it be possible to add a scaling feature? The main window is very large and obscures almost 1/2 the screen.
  • #92
    Go ahead and open a ticket. The size of the window is still in flux in the beta, but this feedback is useful.
  • #87
    Still getting this error in the current version

    Error: Usage: GetItemInfo(itemID|"name"|"itemlink")
    AddOn: MrTrader_SkillWindow
    File: MRTUIEvents.lua
    Line: 78
    Count: 1
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