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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.2.0
  • 232,875 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/24/2015
  • Created 08/21/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: Mutilate

About Mutilate

Mutilate is an action recommendation mod for rogues in Assassination spec. It takes the current state of the game (buffs on you, debuffs on your target, combo points, energy, etc), and recommends a good move to do next. This mod is single target only and doesn't consider Fan of Knives. Rotation logic is based on as of 6.0.3.

The addon displays a panel of icons. The large central icon is the recommended action, which is also spoken when it appears. One of Mutilate, Dispatch, Slice and Dice, Rupture, Envenom, Shiv or Recuperate. Voice prompts can be disables in the options.

On the left is a grid for four icons:

  • Vendetta shows when it is off cooldown.
  • Kick shows (and speaks) when it is off cooldown and your target is casting an interruptible spell. The name of the spell being cast is shown under the icon.
  • Vanish and Tricks of the Trade each show when you are in a group and they are off cooldown.

On the right of the central recommendation is an attempted prediction of the next action. It is not perfect.

On the far right is a space for the Cloak of Shadows icon, and below it the debuffs it might dispel (not perfect, can show spurious things). The Cloak of Shadows icon can be disabled in the options.

If you have the Anticipation talent, Mutilate will regard 5 combo points as a full load, else 4+. Shadow Focus talent is taken into account if you have it. The Draenor perk Improved Slice and Dice is also taken into account.

V1.30 Version update.

V1.29 Corrected non-preservation of voice prompts and cloak-of-shadows options.

V1.28 Corrected rupture logic (was incorrectly letting rupture expire due to a typo). Corrected logic that was allowing energy to max-out uselessly.

V1.27 Added voice prompts for main recommendation and kick (disable in options). English only at the moment. Stopped next suggestion prediction flashing off just after doing an action. Corrected always predicting Shiv when suggesting Shiv. For Cloak of Shadows, ignore debuffs generated by the player (such as recently bandaged).

V1.26 Fixed (I hope) Improved Slice and Dice perk check. Kick icon also shows if the target is channeling. Added optional Cloak of Shadows icon and list of debuffs it will remove. You can disable in options and/or make it only show if debuffs have long durations remaining. (The next spell icon has moved a bit to fit this in.)

V1.25 Added recommendation to use Shiv when target has a dispellable enrage. Fixed detection of Assassination spec in non-English locales. Fixed display of cooldown abilities in non-English locales. Fixed Slice and Dice recommendation when player does not have Improved Slice and Dice.

V1.24 Don't recommend Slice and Dice if the player has the passive Draenor perk Improved Slice and Dice.

V1.23 Vendetta icon was not showing. Corrected.

V1.22 Removed most options in favor of automatic settings. Introduced Kick notification icon. Shows when your target is casting a interruptible spell. The name of the spell is shown under the icon. Introduced Recuperate recommendation into the rotation. Your health threshold is in settings. Set to 0 to disable. Vendetta and Vanish are never shown in the rotation, only in the notification icons. Vanish and Tricks of the Trade only show when you are in a group. Takes into account Anticipation talent for determining how many combo points to build. Spell prediction is better than the previous update, but still not perfect. (Update by thudel.)

V1.21 Further corrections required by 6.0 API changes. Update with new rotation logic for WoD based on Icy Veins. This is still an interim update. Most options are not hooked up. (Update by thudel.)

V1.20 Quick update for 6.0 API. (Rotation not updated yet. Recommendation cool-down not displaying.)

v1.19 fixed a bug with envenom_buff

v1.18 Adding Blindside proc into the rotation. Adding an option for the Stealth opener to be Mutilate. (Shadow Focus makes it a free cast + Blindside proc chance) Renaming the Backstab options to Dispatch. Coldblood has been removed along with Overkill.

v1.17 5.0.4 bug fixes with changed interfaces....

v1.16 5.0.4 bug fixes with changed interfaces....

v1.15 Interface update

v1.14 Interface update

v1.13 Interface update

v1.12 fix for required CP in "backstab mode"

v1.11 Interface update

v1.10 More config options, reworked decision logic.

v1.09 fix for Mutilate spell id, update Rupture to 1+ combo points

v1.08 new option - suggest vendetta - false by default. /mut or /mutilate to change option if vendetta is not on cooldown, suggest vendetta while rupture and SnD are active

v1.07 Updated for 4.0. Added support for Vendetta. Cp generator suggests backstab if mob < 35%. Rupture is back in default rotation.

v1.06 Added more complete list of bleeds. Added ability to show / hide frame: /mut show /mut hide /mutilate show /mutilate hide. Mutilate will now hide frame when hunger for blood talent is not detected.

v1.05 Added "Suggest Rupture" interface option for rogues that prefer rupture in their dps cycle. This is set to false by default.

v1.04 Modified mutilate rotation for rupture-less cycle. Note: it will still suggest rupture if no bleed debuff is present and hunger for blood requires refresh.

v1.03 Updated toc

v1.02 Added configuration options for envenom and vanish

v1.01 Added Deadly Poison timer and limit envenom to one second after Deadly Poison tick.

v1.00 Added options panel. Added slash commands /Mutilate /mut. User now has the ability to scale the GUI and lock the panel.

v0.90 Initial Revision


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  • #269

    Is there anyone else having problems with the UI? I cannot see the addon show up anywhere :s it's activated and able to work but i cannot see it around my UI.

  • #270

    Nevemind! got it! Dunno why it was hide by default. /mutilate show works :P

    Thanks anyway! And great addon indeed i'm using it since early Cata.

  • #268

    Thank you for updating this for the current patch!

  • #267

    man I wish someone can resurrect this, this is one of my favorite addons.

  • #266

    looks like it has but oddly still works without updates for a bit now lol

  • #265

    Has this addon been abandoned?

  • #264

    Great addon, a few requests:

    • support for shadow blades
    • change rupture clip timer to 2 (or 2.5 to add reaction time), as you can clip dots now
    • I don't know if this is possible, but an option to only suggest cooldowns on bosses (lvl 92 in 5-man groups and lvl 93 (boss) in raids) 
  • #263

    Thanks for the addon! 

    Looked at a few similar addons and this was the one I felt was the best! I'd like to suggest/request a couple features if you are open to it.

    One of the other similar addons has a suggestion for Kick when the target was casting an interruptable spell. It would be awesome to have that functionality here as well.

    The second request would be for the Vanish recommendation to only function in groups. Vanishing when solo pretty much just resets the mob you are fighting. However having the reminder for it in groups is great!

    It would be awesome if the suggestion for Rupture and Anticipation would only trigger when the target has more than a certain amount of health. There isn't any good reason to use either ability on a mob that is going to die in a fraction of the time both Rupture and Anticipation are good for. For instance, if the mob you are fighting when solo has less than say 100k or 150k health or when in a group if it has less than maybe 250k. In all those situations the mob is probably going to die in next 3-6 seconds anyhow so I'm better of just Mutilating/Dispatching or using Envenom to blow off the CPs.

    The last thing I think would be interesting is if it was able to keep track of how many CPs you had on a target when it dies and then suggest Redirect if you had more than 0 when you select a new target.

    Anyhow,... thanks so much for the kick ass addon! Loving it!

    ~Bookins, Cenarion Circle

    Last edited by ICanHazBisquit on 11/15/2012 4:23:10 PM
  • #262

    Some more on what's wrong with this.

    AddOn should detect Anticipation and when it is an active talent, suggest Mutilate to 5+ for Envenom/Rupture.



  • #261

    Can you add shadow blades? I love this addon btw :)

  • #258

    Why is this addon not accounting for target health and replacing mutilate suggestions with dispatch suggestions? Also it is making suggestions to use envenom when rupture has little to no time left, resulting in lost rupture uptime. 

  • #256

    I dont know if the author will see this but in 5.0.4 there was a change

    Venemous wounds will not proc off rupture AND garrote anymore its either or

    is it possible to make it so that the addon will stop suggesting to put rupture on while garrote is on by making the addon recognize garrote as a rupture 

  • #259



  • #254

    Great Addon, a tremendous help for any mutilate rogue. I really enjoy this one. 

    However, I have the same issue with the addon window not showing up at all, despite configuration settings, a clean new install of the mod and so on. Error-Message  starts with:

    Message: ..\AddOns\Mutilate\Mutilate.lua line 547:

    attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'start' (a nil value)


    Mutilate\Mutilate.lua:547: DecideSpells()

    Mutilate\Mutilate.lua:265: ?()



     I don't think that's much of a help, since the error message is a whole lot longer but I don't want to clutter up this comment section. Since some people have the problem and some don't, my bet is on a conflicting addon.

    Keep up the good work however.

  • #260

    addon does not work in my localized client.

    after doing research, I found thah it is because of function, I change its body  to

    local currentSpec = GetSpecialization()
    local currentSpecID = currentSpec and select(1, GetSpecializationInfo(currentSpec)) or 0

    if currentSpecID == 259 then

    then I added  Mutilate.L[] to some spell names in function Mutilate:DecideSpells().

    now it works for me...


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