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My little Pony Warcraft is magic (SDSP)

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 103 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 4.2
  • 5,377 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/19/2011
  • Created 10/18/2011
  • 9 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: My little Pony Warcraft is magic

About My little Pony Warcraft is magic (SDSP)

Fillies and Gentle Colts!

Due the lack of Awesome my little pony addons i decided to make this addon to make Azeroth 20% percent cooler I was working on this addon for about a week and tweeked every now and then but i got to the point that i wanted to make something new so i thought i'd share this addon with you guys :)

It is based on this addon Super mario soundpack addon by BigRedBrent i just tweaked the addon a bit i dont have any knowlege of writing this addon but i did ask him if it was oke for me to upload it

To use this addon you do need the Super Duper Soundpack addon

i hope you guys enjoy this addon and if you got any pony related questions Sent them to my youtube 'Bebberscosplay' or ingame on Darkspear EU Applejack,Fluttershy,Rainbowdash

Cheers and keep being awesome!

Added 'invulnerability' sound

Addon Packs Containing This...


  • #11

    Please update this to support 5.0.5! :)

  • #10

    i cant seem to get this to work please tell me how to get it working

  • #9

    a good friend of mine did a fan update of the great addon he got 100+ songs and sounds in to his update
    please take a look if you like

  • #8

    Love it, but can we get a list of the songs being played?  I wanna look them up and listen to them outside of the game!  Like that "She's not a tree" remix.

  • #7

    Have you fixed this to run on 4.3?

    I've been having a little trouble

  • #4

    This addon works, but I would not suggest installing it if you get annoyed easily.

    I sometimes use it with my sound effects off and music on, as it does add quite a bit of MLP music for different zones.  But if you mount a lot you will get tired of hearing AJ yell Yee-Ha everytime you mount, Fluttershy say yay everytime you lift off, and AJ yell What in tarnation everytime you dismount.

    Combat isnt that bad, the music is cool, but you get stray sound effects that I dont know what triggers them.  Its funny when Im fighting to a sped up 8-bit version of the MLP intro, but the sound effects seem to be unchanged, then out of nowhere, I hear "Okey Dokey Lokey..."

  • #5

    The 'Oki doki loki' is when killshot is triggered so i suppose it plays when the target gets below a certain amount of HP

  • #6

    I play a rogue and it does the Oki Doki Loki thing almost anytime I do any finishing move.

  • #3

    I shoved my wallet into my disc drive.

    Did you get the money?

  • #1

    Might DL this, but I'd like to know what sound effects are included and when they get set off. =]

  • #2

    its hard for me to explain all sound effects and music since its alot :< but i might add a lil more information later this day

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