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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.2.0
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  • Updated 06/23/2015
  • Created 05/23/2006
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: MyRolePlay

About MyRolePlay

MyRolePlay is a roleplaying UI AddOn for World of Warcraft, developed by Etarna at It lets you make a roleplaying “profile” about your character that other users of MyRolePlay (and other compatible “MSP” RP AddOns) can see in the tooltip and a more detailed window. It’s fast, light, and powerful.

  • Spot other roleplayers at a glance, see which RP AddOns they are using, and get a quick overview of their character in the tooltip!
  • Change your character’s name; add a last name—or whatever you wish!
  • Mark your preferred style of roleplaying (casual, full–time, beginner, or a custom style…), or your status (in character, out of character, being a storyteller…)
  • Exercise your creativity further—describe your character’s appearance! Eye colour, height, weight…
  • Give people a taste of your character’s story, if you wish—add biographical information like their age, hometown, birthplace, and maybe even some tidbits of history to make people hungry to discover more by interacting with your character and roleplaying with you? Or hide others’ biography, if you prefer to discover that kind of thing through interaction.

What if your character’s appearance changes, say when they wear different clothes, or shapeshift into different forms? No problem: simply add another ‘profile’, and just change the fields you want to be different in that alternate profile. Select freely between the default and alternate profiles to suit your character’s mood, dress, form and so on! If you name a profile after an equipment set (Blizzard’s, ItemRack or Outfitter) or a form (druid, shaman, warlock, priest or worgen) MyRolePlay can even automatically change profile for you when you switch!

MyRolePlay has tremendous scope for creativity. It’s extremely fast and flexible—a roleplaying AddOn that lets you express your character however you wish! Use it as an aid to roleplaying, fleshing out your character’s “feel” or just helping you stumble into more roleplay… how you choose to use it is up to you!

Editing your profiles

Bring up the Character Sheet (“C” by default), and select the new MyRolePlay tab underneath. Click on a field to edit it.

Alternate profiles management: + to add a new alternate profile, - to delete or clear the profile, R to rename it. Fields that appear dimmed out are ‘inherited’ from the default profile—simply select to Change the fields you want to modify from that.

Further options (such as a choice of units to display height/weight) can be found in the Interface Options, AddOns tab, under MyRolePlay.

Where can I see other people’s details?

When you mouseover someone who has MyRolePlay (or another compatible roleplaying addon), you’ll see some of the extra roleplaying details they added in the tooltip, plus if they use MRP or another RP AddOn such as GHI (GryphonHeart Items) or T (Tongues), which is a handy hint that they're a roleplayer!

Want more information about their character than the tooltip provides, like the full description or history (where applicable)? Target them and click on the “MRP” information button that appears by the target frame, to browse their profile in a resizeable description window. (Or set a key combination in Key Bindings to bring up that window, or: /mrp show <charactername> or just /mrp show when you have them targeted.) You can target yourself and view your own profile as it appears to others in there, if you like, and if you want to move the MRP button, right-click to unlock it, drag it where you want it, and right–click again to lock it in place.

(Users are reminded that your RP profiles are public content which may be seen by other players and Blizzard, and are subject to the Terms of Use, and policies of the realm(s) you play on. Please have fun and remember to exercise your creative freedom responsibly and respectfully.)

-Updated for 6.2

Will be monitoring the game to see if any changes will be needed. Overhaul's on hiatus due to life issues.

Please remember to back up your profiles BEFORE each update of either your profile addon and/or WoW's game client, I cannot stress this enough. Each profile is located in your WTF folder under your toon's name in a folder called saved variables.


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  • #1011

    I recommend switching to XRP. It lets you change your characters' IC class, loads faster, lets you bookmark/export/etc. profiles, see who is targetting you without having to do so yourself, and much more. The author works on XRP a lot more as well.

  • #1010

    I am having an issue on my main character where there is no MRP button to click on when I select another person's player (ie. I cannot read their bio). When I hover over them, I can see that they use MRP because it gives the last name and currently but that's it. On any other character, the MRP button is there. I just don't know what I did on my main to make it go away.

  • #1009

    Any chance can you guys make it where you can copy links in another persons MRP? Or not even tech for it.



  • #1008

    MyRolePlay won't work for me. The patch build just happened, and right after that it stopped working, and wiped whenever I log into my main character. I was wondering if the patch build has something to do with it, or if it's just the computer.

  • #1006

    I think the latest version did something to non-player tooltips?

    I mouse over a treasure chest or the like, and the tooltip is as long as a player's MRP tooltip, even though the name of the chest is much shorter. Same for various other objects and NPCs.

  • #1004

    Name changing no longer works on ElvUI as of ElvUI version 8.10. :( I don't want to lose my UI, but I also love my custom names.

  • #1005

    A fix for the ElvUI chat issue... If you replace the files in Addons/ElvUI/modules/chat with (the files from an earlier ElvUI) it will work. 

  • #1000

    I cannot see surnames in /s or /y but I can see them in /e

    I am totally stumped. Can someone please help me.

  • #999

    I usually play on a pve normal realm I have this installed for my RP realm one thing I noticed when on my pvers none of the rp people I run into has Mrp so I question one, he tells me he does have the addon.

    seems it dosnt show in xrealm (dungeon finder/battlground) groups, is this intended ?

    Last edited by Rzia1 on 4/13/2015 5:54:53 PM
  • #1003

    I've been trying to fix the xrealm issue Blizzard caused for this addon some time ago. Bor (Author of XRP) seems to have found a slight fix to it a little bit ago for his addon

    As for MRP, I'll probably have to tear it down to the foundation and rebuild it again to make the fixes, which will also inadvertently make it much easier for me to make updates and add more features. This will take some time, so until further notice, the old coding format will stay available up until the day I finally make the new code workable and useable for the public.

  • #998

    I suggest the addition of a drop-down menu for race selection.  It's getting really bothersome to see how people misuse the "Race" field.  I imagine it was meant for freeform race selection, so that people could play dragons and high elves (but, really, why would they?).

    I'm seeing people put in "Patchwork Forsaken", "Lordaeronian Human", and "Preserved, not a [Death Knight]."

    Call me a purist, an elitist, or whatever, but I'm not sure this level of liberty for special snowflakes was intended. 

  • #1002

    As Nork put it, this would be a very bad idea.

    Yes, you're going to run into people who take that bit overboard. It happens. MRP is a window into how the person roleplays, and the addon is usually the first contact you make with that player. At that point, best make your own judgements on roleplaying with said person.

    That, and it wouldn't be fair to the other hundreds, if not thousands of other roleplayers who know exactly how to roleplay what they put down in there without stirring the wrath of stricter lore abiders.

    So, no, I shan't be making any drastic changes to the racial option.

    Last edited by Angry_Footman on 5/4/2015 12:48:46 PM
  • #1001

    There are plenty of people who play non-traditional races that can pull it off just fine, and there are reasons to use the race to dismiss the idea that the character is, for instance, a Death Knight. Many orcs and trolls especially play Death Knights to have access to customization options that are not otherwise available to them, to play other tribes/clans. (Non-death knight orcs can't appear to be Blackrocks, and trolls can't be Sandfury.)

    There are also those that fully write out profiles for "NPC" characters to aid in large-scale story and plot development. The people who play different races would end up just putting it at the beginning of their actual profile, and all this accomplished was a "cleaner" tooltip.

    Ultimately, the addon should not become restrictive solely because of special snowflakes. Though I tend to look down upon those who use MRP as a way to make an ass out of themselves (or their terrible ideas, sure you can call me an 'elitist' too), the last thing we need is for an addon to tell us how to develop our characters.

    Don't RP with people that write characters you don't like. If anything, take solace in the fact that this amount of freedom just gives someone like you an obvious red-flag that they are not someone you want to interact with. Not every dragon is a bad and lorebreaking RPer, nor can I fathom why a human specifying their heritage would bother you enough for such a suggestion.

  • #996

    Regarding a way to change your class I think XRP does it right since the class color stays so one can distinguish it. If no space can be made in MRP then could functionality that allows RP classes from other mods be seen by MRP users be added? Just keep the colors and people will be able to tell between them.

    Last edited by SeekingSword on 1/2/2015 8:55:33 PM
  • #994

     hello i'm haveing a problem with MRP where basicaly i can't see anything said by random players who have mrp. i also can't see there mrp. i have no idea what's causing this.

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