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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 805,302 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/19/2014
  • Created 05/23/2006
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: MyRolePlay

About MyRolePlay

MyRolePlay is a roleplaying UI AddOn for World of Warcraft, developed by Etarna at It lets you make a roleplaying “profile” about your character that other users of MyRolePlay (and other compatible “MSP” RP AddOns) can see in the tooltip and a more detailed window. It’s fast, light, and powerful.

  • Spot other roleplayers at a glance, see which RP AddOns they are using, and get a quick overview of their character in the tooltip!
  • Change your character’s name; add a last name—or whatever you wish!
  • Mark your preferred style of roleplaying (casual, full–time, beginner, or a custom style…), or your status (in character, out of character, being a storyteller…)
  • Exercise your creativity further—describe your character’s appearance! Eye colour, height, weight…
  • Give people a taste of your character’s story, if you wish—add biographical information like their age, hometown, birthplace, and maybe even some tidbits of history to make people hungry to discover more by interacting with your character and roleplaying with you? Or hide others’ biography, if you prefer to discover that kind of thing through interaction.

What if your character’s appearance changes, say when they wear different clothes, or shapeshift into different forms? No problem: simply add another ‘profile’, and just change the fields you want to be different in that alternate profile. Select freely between the default and alternate profiles to suit your character’s mood, dress, form and so on! If you name a profile after an equipment set (Blizzard’s, ItemRack or Outfitter) or a form (druid, shaman, warlock, priest or worgen) MyRolePlay can even automatically change profile for you when you switch!

MyRolePlay has tremendous scope for creativity. It’s extremely fast and flexible—a roleplaying AddOn that lets you express your character however you wish! Use it as an aid to roleplaying, fleshing out your character’s “feel” or just helping you stumble into more roleplay… how you choose to use it is up to you!

Editing your profiles

Bring up the Character Sheet (“C” by default), and select the new MyRolePlay tab underneath. Click on a field to edit it.

Alternate profiles management: + to add a new alternate profile, - to delete or clear the profile, R to rename it. Fields that appear dimmed out are ‘inherited’ from the default profile—simply select to Change the fields you want to modify from that.

Further options (such as a choice of units to display height/weight) can be found in the Interface Options, AddOns tab, under MyRolePlay.

Where can I see other people’s details?

When you mouseover someone who has MyRolePlay (or another compatible roleplaying addon), you’ll see some of the extra roleplaying details they added in the tooltip, plus if they use MRP or another RP AddOn such as GHI (GryphonHeart Items) or T (Tongues), which is a handy hint that they're a roleplayer!

Want more information about their character than the tooltip provides, like the full description or history (where applicable)? Target them and click on the “MRP” information button that appears by the target frame, to browse their profile in a resizeable description window. (Or set a key combination in Key Bindings to bring up that window, or: /mrp show <charactername> or just /mrp show when you have them targeted.) You can target yourself and view your own profile as it appears to others in there, if you like, and if you want to move the MRP button, right-click to unlock it, drag it where you want it, and right–click again to lock it in place.

(Users are reminded that your RP profiles are public content which may be seen by other players and Blizzard, and are subject to the Terms of Use, and policies of the realm(s) you play on. Please have fun and remember to exercise your creative freedom responsibly and respectfully.)

Hot patch time. It'll stop bugging you for an update now.


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  • #251
    *sigh* I thought I pasted the info of the rest of the problem, but I was tired when I posted this. I was in fact falling asleep at my pc when I attempted to report this bug.

    The problem is... the forums will not allow me to register. I never see the 'letters' it is talking about to type in to confirm I am not a machine. I see the Agree box, but I see no letters to type, much less a box in which to type them in. The only feilds I see are: User Name, email, password, and password confirm.
  • #252
    Problem fixed, ladysilverwolf.
  • #248
    This add on causes game crashes at log in when used with either Chatter or Elephant.
  • #254
    Unable to reproduce, hellboundheart.

    I run Elephant 2.5 myself and have experienced no such problems. Though, you should probably set it not to record the two hidden channels (MyWarcraftCo and xtensionxtooltip2), as that isn't very useful. If you're still having an issue, that is presumably an issue with the Elephant mod and should be reported there.
  • #247
    In addition to my last comment, it does not appear to be another addon causing the problem. I disabled all addons besides MRP and the problem still continued.
  • #245
    There is a problem with the 10/23 version of MRP. It distorts descriptions for everyone who uses it. I, as well as many others, are unable to decode the error in the coding that results from this distorting. Wierd symbols and cut off words are substituted in for the original text. Just making you aware of the problem.
  • #246
    Ya I'm having similar problems that thuger is discribing.
  • #253
    Either the other user is using an old version of MyRolePlay (before Beta 3.0.48), and must update to the newest version (3.0.49) because the old method of character encoding no longer works properly, or you're using it together with WoWDings, which isn't supported. (See my comment on that and what you need to change to make WoWDings compatible.)

    If you have any other problems, post on with a full bug report.
  • #243
    Note: The addon "WoWdings" has a conflict with MyRolePlay that will (at least) corrupt your description as seen by other people.

    This is a bug in WoWdings, not in MyRolePlay. If you want to continue using WoWdings, a workaround is possible. See below link for details:
  • #241
    I'm having a problem...for 2 days, MRP worked great, but when i signed on today all my information I had entered was gone. I'm on Vista, but it saves all my other settings, and UAC is disabled entirely...
  • #242
    WoW 3.0.2 has a bug regarding this; sadly, this does not appear to be an issue specific to MyRolePlay, and can occur to _any_ addon if you get disconnected from the server. :(

    You could try looking for a MyRolePlay.lua.bak file buried in your character's SavedVariables file. If it's bigger than the 15K blank MyRolePlay.lua file saved in there, try deleting the blank one and renaming the .bak file to .lua. You might get your settings back. By all means take a backup if that works...

    Bear in mind that under Windows Vista, WoW prefers to save all its settings under Users\Public.
  • #244
    Unfortunately, the backup is blank too. I guess I'll just have to redo it...hopefully it won't get lost this time...
  • #239
    Updated to Beta 3.0.48, compatible with WoW 3.0.2.

    Unfortunately, I managed to track down the issue with description/history corruption some people were seeing, and it turned out that it wasn't anything to do with a bug in MyRolePlay — Blizzard started truncating chat lines sent with a \r character (ASCII 013) in them. I'm not sure when they started this, but this was a bit of a problem, because that's how MyCommunication (MyRolePlay's communication module) sent newlines in your description and history — and that's why they were messed up.

    This means that I needed to change the character encoding used, and unfortunately there's no way of doing that without breaking compatibility with all older versions of MyRolePlay (including, yes, 3.0.43). So, that's what I've done.

    Note that compatibility with FlagRSP, FlagRSP2 and ImmersionRP are unaffected. They all still work just fine, but this new version won't correctly display data from old MRP versions, and old MRP versions won't have a clue what this new version is sending. There's really not much I can do about that... :(

    So if anyone's using an old version, it's time to bug them to update to this one! ^^

    On the bright side, I've resolved all the known issues; including, I hope, the performance issue (it has, at least, gone away for me, even when sending very big descriptions). I've also raised the limit of character descriptions and histories to 5000 characters/200 lines — and if you need more room than that, I humbly suggest you simply include a link to your latest novel. ;-)

    Share and enjoy!
  • #237

    I've loved MRP since Mon's original version. Would it be possible to disable the tooltip formatting for conventional stuff, for those of us that use custom tooltip UI mods? For instance, allow us to turn off level display, coloring, or any of the other formatting done by MRP NOT related directly to the RP functions. I believe the latest FlagRSP2 does this, but I have an affinity for MRP. Does this sound feasible? Thanks for keeping a great mod alive.
  • #238
    Ellipsys: An interesting idea, but unfortunately MRP basically entirely replaces the tooltip and it's not done in a particularly clean way.

    I [i]am[/i], however, planning CowTip support in a future version, so that MRP should integrate properly with what seems to be the most extensible/popular one out there at the moment.
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