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  • Updated 10/17/2014
  • Created 03/27/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: 3.6.0
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About myBigIgnite


myBigIgnite has been designed to allow fire mages to quickly decide whether it is worth to trigger their Combustion spell.

To achieve this, the addon display is centered on the amount of damage done by Ignite and provides additional informations around. Addon colour and size is adjusted depending on whether a threshold of Ignite damage is reach and Combustion is available.
Together with this central function, myBigIgnite comes with other features such as a specific timer for Ignite as well as an automatized power bar, a entire module dedicated to providing informations about Combustion, etc.
The addon has a modular structure: every feature can be seperatly activated. It means that it can virtually fit any player preference whether a full or a minimalistic set of information is wanted.


  • Clear display of Ignite damage
  • Ignite timer bar
  • Ignite power bar
  • Combustion module
  • Heating up module
  • Statistics record
  • In game help
  • Autohiding following different conditions
  • Configurable layout that supports sharedmedia
  • Addon activation only in fire spec (and only if you're a mage)

More precisely:

Ignite damages:
Blizzard now transmits tick values through the aura of dots. This allow to fetch the value of Ignite damage even before the tick. The downside is that it is inaccurate when several spells hit the target in a short period of time: all the spells will be incorporated in the calculation for the next tick but the value transmitted by the Ignite aura changes as fast as a new spell lands on the target. To avoid too much confusion, myBigIgnite incorporate a timer that delays slightly the refreshing of damage display, so most of these fast landing spells are absorbed and never reflected in the display. You can turn off this option if you will, but the damage display will consequently be more prompt to change and inaccurate (not badly as this shoudn't lead to an overprediction of the next tick, only a downprediction). You can also keep with the former way of fetching Ignite damage by looking at the combat log, but you loose in this case the advantage of being able to see Ignite damage before the tick happens.

Ignite power bar:
A bar indicating the power of current Ignite tick. This is done by real-time computing your damages. Briefly, it calculates the average and standard deviation of your Ignite damages over a certain amount of ticks. It makes the limits of the bar flexible but still relatively stables and should help you to spot exceptionnal ticks more quickly.

Combustion module:
It is entirely dedicated to Combustion. The module pops each time Combustion is available and Ignite damages are above a threshold. It then shows a predicted amount of total damages for Combustion as well as the number of ticks. If Combustion is triggered it will show its timer, CD and tick damages. The last scrolling information corresponds to the total damage done and shows you the deviation compared to the prediction.

Heating up module:
This module shows when you get Heating up and Pyroblast! buffs. By default, Heating up icon is hidden when Inferno Blast is in CD.


Type /mbi config to access configuration tab or use the Interface button in game options. Type /mbi threshold [value] to set your optimal threshold without using the config panel.
Type /mbi help to access in game help. Type /mbi stats to access your records.


English, French

tag 3.6.0
globule <>
2014-10-18 02:03:06 +0100

- WoD compatible
- new option to show threshold as combustion tick damages


    - -removed irrelevant stuff for wod:
    smooth dmg
        show ignite tick as dps
    - changed way combu tick is calculated to reflect wod changes to Combustion
    - new option to show threashold as combu tick damage
    - help updated
    - new option to display ignite dmg number : auto
    - corrected bug to auto enable addon because of blizz removing ignite as a spell
    - toc to 60000


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  • #121


  • #122

    Cool deal.  Now go un-nerf fire spec.

  • #117

    Thank you ! :)

  • #115

    Thanks for fixing it for patch 5.1, but for some reason on my screen it only shows half the damage that my ignites are actually doing. This isn't a huge problem as I can simply half my treshold too, but  I'm wondering whether it's an option to set, or just because of the update.

  • #118
    Quote from Ganda11 »

    Thanks for fixing it for patch 5.1, but for some reason on my screen it only shows half the damage that my ignites are actually doing. This isn't a huge problem as I can simply half my treshold too, but  I'm wondering whether it's an option to set, or just because of the update.

    Same here. But I'm afraid, it's Blizzards doing and not a malfunction of MBI.

    MBI shows the same ignite values like before 5.1, so i assume, the values are correct. That combustion only uses half this value seems to result out of blizzards ... adjustments ... so combustion deals the same damage like before, even without the pyroblast dot.




    Sorry...just found the Hotfix-Patchnotes. Combustion Damage was reduced by 50%.

    So at least my values are definitly correct.

    Last edited by Exzentrik on 12/2/2012 4:27:23 PM
  • #119

    Yes, for the time being, mBI shows only Ignite tick damages (or dps if you toggled the option).

    Combustion damages were indeed reduced by half yesterday, it made me lost 30 minutes thinking I had a bug coming out of nowhere as I was testing a new feature of the next release until I started to wonder "Hum, and if blizz had again put a mess?...."

  • #116

    I think you toggled "show as dps" option, as Ignite ticks every 2 seconds, this is consequently normal. If you don't, then this is very strange!

  • #114


  • #112

    The addon doesn't work ...

  • #113


    Last edited by Istaran on 11/28/2012 12:03:58 PM
  • #111

    Please fix for 5.1 ;)

  • #106

    I just started using this today with 5.1 but does not seem to work without using combat log mode, is this something the patch broke?

  • #107

    having the same issue

    Last edited by beltonjordan on 11/27/2012 3:37:48 PM
  • #110

    If it helps, 63 errors in a few seconds:

    63x myBigIgnite\myBigIgnite-3.1.0.lua:1364: attempt to compare number with boolean
    myBigIgnite\myBigIgnite-3.1.0.lua:1364: in function "MainEngine"
    myBigIgnite\myBigIgnite-3.1.0.lua:648: in function <myBigIgnite\myBigIgnite.lua:648>

    Last edited by dascott on 11/27/2012 7:03:36 PM
  • #109

    erf, it shouldn't... The patch will hit EU servers tomorrow so I'll have a look on what's going on at this moment. Just use the combat log mode for now

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