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  • Updated 09/10/2013
  • Created 03/27/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: 3.5.4
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About myBigIgnite


myBigIgnite has been designed to allow fire mages to quickly decide whether it is worth to trigger their Combustion spell.

To achieve this, the addon display is centered on the amount of damage done by Ignite and provides additional informations around. Addon colour and size is adjusted depending on whether a threshold of Ignite damage is reach and Combustion is available.
Together with this central function, myBigIgnite comes with other features such as a specific timer for Ignite as well as an automatized power bar, a entire module dedicated to providing informations about Combustion, etc.
The addon has a modular structure: every feature can be seperatly activated. It means that it can virtually fit any player preference whether a full or a minimalistic set of information is wanted.


  • Clear display of Ignite damage
  • Ignite timer bar
  • Ignite power bar
  • Combustion module
  • Heating up module
  • Statistics record
  • In game help
  • Autohiding following different conditions
  • Configurable layout that supports sharedmedia
  • Addon activation only in fire spec (and only if you're a mage)

More precisely:

Ignite damages:
Blizzard now transmits tick values through the aura of dots. This allow to fetch the value of Ignite damage even before the tick. The downside is that it is inaccurate when several spells hit the target in a short period of time: all the spells will be incorporated in the calculation for the next tick but the value transmitted by the Ignite aura changes as fast as a new spell lands on the target. To avoid too much confusion, myBigIgnite incorporate a timer that delays slightly the refreshing of damage display, so most of these fast landing spells are absorbed and never reflected in the display. You can turn off this option if you will, but the damage display will consequently be more prompt to change and inaccurate (not badly as this shoudn't lead to an overprediction of the next tick, only a downprediction). You can also keep with the former way of fetching Ignite damage by looking at the combat log, but you loose in this case the advantage of being able to see Ignite damage before the tick happens.

Ignite power bar:
A bar indicating the power of current Ignite tick. This is done by real-time computing your damages. Briefly, it calculates the average and standard deviation of your Ignite damages over a certain amount of ticks. It makes the limits of the bar flexible but still relatively stables and should help you to spot exceptionnal ticks more quickly.

Combustion module:
It is entirely dedicated to Combustion. The module pops each time Combustion is available and Ignite damages are above a threshold. It then shows a predicted amount of total damages for Combustion as well as the number of ticks. If Combustion is triggered it will show its timer, CD and tick damages. The last scrolling information corresponds to the total damage done and shows you the deviation compared to the prediction.

Heating up module:
This module shows when you get Heating up and Pyroblast! buffs. By default, Heating up icon is hidden when Inferno Blast is in CD.


Type /mbi config to access configuration tab or use the Interface button in game options. Type /mbi threshold [value] to set your optimal threshold without using the config panel.
Type /mbi help to access in game help. Type /mbi stats to access your records.


English, French

tag 3.5.4
Istaran <>
2013-09-10 17:00:22 +0100

combu prediction: adjusted tick damage coef (20%, down from 50%)


No changelog


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  • #44

    Try making sure you have living bomb on the target dummy. Even with an ignite on him if there is no living bomb and you have not adjusted the settings to NOT look for living bomb you will need it to affect the box.

  • #41


    i´m searching for an similar addon

    for feral druid - watching the rip and rake dot

    do you think it would be possible to edit your addon for this ?


  • #42


    myBigIgnite is higly mage specialized having several features related only to mage mechanic so I don't wish to include something in this addon that is not related to this class as it would make it feeling wonky.

  • #37

    Just idling, I get massive amounts of LUA errors where the Count: TimeSinceLastUpdate and elapsed and time variables keep incrementing at breakneck speed.  I have to turn the addon off.


    Message: Interface\AddOns\myBigIgnite\myBigIgnite.lua:1155: attempt to compare number with nil
    Time: 01/11/12 20:34:00
    Count: 959
    Stack: Interface\AddOns\myBigIgnite\myBigIgnite.lua:1155: in function `OnUpdate'
    Interface\AddOns\myBigIgnite\myBigIgnite.lua:547: in function <Interface\AddOns\myBigIgnite\myBigIgnite.lua:547>


    Last edited by Istaran on 3/11/2012 7:26:42 PM
  • #38

    I think I spotted the issue but I'll try to reproduce it first. I should provide a fix probably today or tomorrow. Thanks for the report!

  • #40

    Fixed in version 2.2.1

  • #36

    Loving the new Ignite bar. Everything I was hoping for and more :)




  • #35
    version 2.2.0

    New version with 2 user requested features:

    - a timer bar for Ignite

    - the possibility to pop the frame a few seconds before Combustion cooldown ends when Combustion-in-CD autohiding is enabled


    Let me know if any bug went through testing

    Last edited by Istaran on 1/10/2012 6:23:15 PM
  • #31
    Quote from Istaran »

    I will not make any kind of guide to set up myBigIgnite. The options are self explanatory and the help via the mouse-over description of each option is well documented. What does myBigIgnite is well described in the description of the addon. However, because it does not seem obvious, I have emphasized what you have to do to start with the addon, i.e. set up a thresold of Ignite tick damage before using it.


    This may sound stupid, but I don't understand the bolded part above, and have been googling for an answer now for over an hour.   What is the threshold of Ignite tick damage?  If there isn't a guide for how to set this up, why isn't there a default value in here so people don't have to Google for an hour on how to set up a threshold of Ignite tick damage?

    If I sound testy, I apologize.  I'm just ready for this addon to work.

    Last edited by ablib on 12/26/2011 1:24:24 AM
  • #33

    Your threshold for ignite tick damage is what you consider to be a large enough value to make using Combustion worthwhile.

    Pick a number, such as 10,000, and use that as your threshold number.  Whenever you get a tick of ignite for 10k damage or more, the addon gets bigger and turns green because this is what you told it was a big enough number to warrant using Combustion.  If you're well geared and you hit 10k all the time, raise it to 12k or even 15k.  It's completely subjective.

    Once you do that, mBI works just fine.  It's nice even when you don't hit your threshold value because it gives you a place to look for your ignite values so you can decide on the fly if that last tick was "close enough" and fire Combustion anyway.

  • #32

    If you play fire mage, you want to maximize you combustion output, right? (if it doesn't sound obvious for you, you should have a look on any kind of guide that will teach you the fire spec basics). Combustion dps is directly dependent on your total dot dps at the time you trigger combustion and ignite makes the biggest part of mage's dot dps. Consequently, given that Ignite dps can vary a lot, you want to monitor it and be able to react instantly if a massive ignite pop out. mBI simply changes its display in function of a given value of ignite (the threshold) and the presence of dots. This is described in the Usage and Features sections.

    I cannot provide a default threshold simply because it varies a lot for every user, depending on your level/gear/skill/type of content you play (5 man groups, raids, ...). Just put a value to start with (say 5000 if you are 85 mage) and play on dummies to increase it until it becomes almost impossible to trigger mBI. If you play in a raid, you can increase the value a bit more and adjust it in real condition later. What you want is that mBI warns you for massive damages done by ignite, because you want to press your combustion key right at this time.

    Hope it helps.

    Last edited by Istaran on 12/26/2011 5:32:58 AM
  • #34

    Thanks for the replies guys. Very helpful. :)

  • #27

    Hi Istaran or any other mBI users,

    Love the addon works great! Had 1 question regarding one of the options. In the advanced setting there is the refresh option that you can toggle up or down. Just a bit unclear about this option. Will a higher or lower refresh be more accurate in giving ignite numbers? Thanks in advance


  • #28

    Hello Cluntisaurus,

    This options controls the frequency at which buffs/debuffs on target and player are queried and is essentially there for testing purpose (for me). So don't touch it and leave it on 100 ms, this is the quickest speed we can achieve :)


  • #22

    SO, maybe i'm blind or stupid, but how do I turn off the report to chatbox spam? For clarification - I don't want to see when e/g living bomb exploded in my chatbox.

    Cheers and thanks for a nice addon.

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