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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.1.0
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  • Updated 02/23/2015
  • Created 07/30/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: ncHoverBind

About ncHoverBind

ncHoverBind is a simple addon that does one thing: binding buttons on mouseover. You can mouse over actionbuttons, spells in the spellbook and macro's in the macro pane and bind them while hovering. You can bind keys, mousebuttons 4 and 5 and the scrollwheel with this addon. If you made a mistake in binding, you can just press "Discard" and your old bindings are loaded. Real simple!

Usage: Download and install. To start use either /hb or /hoverbind. Hover over buttons, spells or macro's and press a key, scroll with the mouse or press mousebutton 4 or 5. After you've bound your spell/items/macro's press "Save bindings" and your done! Due to request, HealBot users now use /hvb, instead of /hb. Sorry for any inconveniences.

Upcoming features: - Items Suggest features!

Credits: FatalEntity


Added to Curse.


Should no longer interfere with HealBot's /hb slash command.


TOC bump


Update for WoW patch 6.0 and release of Warlords of Draenor expansion


TOC bump for WoW patch 6.1

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  • #20

    Hi , does hoverbind not work in combination with ELVUI?

  • #19

    Possible to get profiles?

    e.g. PVE vs PVP, MS vs OS

  • #16

    Just realized I never uploaded my beta server copy here, and it was only at WoWInterface. I haven't tested this on live servers, but it was working for me during beta before I upped it at WoWInterface. I've just uploaded a copy of it here, though keep in mind it isn't fully tested, and I can not promise it will work.

  • #17

    Any plans on making it work with the Logitech G15 (blue backlight)?

  • #18

    It should work with the G15. You'll need to set binds in LGS for them to register in-game. I have the G11, which is the same, minus the smal LCD panel, and haven't had trouble with binds that were set in LGS.

  • #14

    Plan on update for 5.0.4 or when MoP is released?

    Last edited by OldeWilly on 9/9/2012 3:27:19 PM
  • #15

    I plan to update when MoP is released. I've been taking a break since shortly before 5.0 dropped, and will not be around until MoP. 

  • #13

    i think its busted... tried it the other night, and nothing changes when it's active and i hover and hit a key.

    is it compatable with Bartender?

  • #12


    I can't believe Blizzard has yet to build such functionality into WoW. binding keys to buttons from some scroll forever menu is just plain dumb.

    Thank you for this.

  • #11

    Doesn't work with the logitech G15 (blue backlight version v1). Shame, woulda been very usefull to me otherwise

  • #10

    Patch 5 Fix:

    edit: ncHoverBind.lua

    find line # 242 (use notepad++)

    line should read:

    local stance = ShapeshiftButton1:GetScript("OnClick")

    change to:

    local stance = StanceButton1:GetScript("OnClick")


  • #4

    This is an amazing addon. Thanks for it! =)

    The only thing I miss is the possibility to keybind mouse keys.

  • #5

    Standard mouse buttons are supported. Most gaming mice have more buttons than are detected by the game as mouse buttons. Just retested on my G700, and most of the mouse keys bind without problem, only the macro keys didn't unless they were already set to keybinds.


  • #8

    I personally see little reason to rebind left/right/middle, but I am looking into this, and will hopefully have a fix available soon(ish) if possible.

  • #6

    My problem is with the middle mouse click. I usually bind it for some characters. But it isn't that much work to go to the binding default interface once in a while anyway. Thanks for the reply!

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