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  • World of Warcraft
  • 172 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 68,834 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/17/2014
  • Created 03/09/2013
  • 44 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v165

About Nemo

Nemo is a pre-configured addon that glows the highest priority spell in your DPS rotation.


  • Supports any class
  • Rotations are fully customizable through the addon
  • Rotations support items and macro buttons
  • Actions can trigger alerts textures, sounds and text
  • Simcraft rotation importer
  • Compatible with: dataBroker, Dominoes, Bartender, Masque, ElvUI, ZygorGuides

tag v165
soulwhip <>
2014-11-17 07:55:05 -0600



    - toc update
    - lowered the engine cycle time

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  • #323

    Hi Soluwhip, I'm just wondring if we could an staus update on Nemo.

  • #324
    Quote from KatanaOfSW »

    Hi Soluwhip, I'm just wondring if we could an staus update on Nemo.

    Same question here )

  • #321

    The other day I was DC'd from a raid (first time its happened in a very long time), and Nemo would not load in combat. Now I know a lot of raid frames addons do this, but they can be brought back by a simple /reload even while in combat.

    My question is, is there a way to force Nemo to load or make changes while in combat? Loading is more important for sure, but I simply ask because the two are likely tied together.

    Thanks again for the support.

    Last edited by charleywex on 3/17/2015 1:17:51 PM
  • #325

    Ya there is way. Basically all Nemo buttons have to become uncilckable.

  • #320


    We missss your updates :*( 

  • #319


    Before you had a class breakdown of rotations that you completed, and ones that you're going to work on next. I'm really glad that you switched back to Nemo. I like it alot better. Any chance of seeing that list again though? Thanks!

  • #317

    Sorry to bother you, is it possible to track trinkets with an internal cooldown. Under what category and what function in Nemo does this?. 

  • #318

    Nemo doesn't track internal cooldowns right now, but I will work on adding it.

    I went and tried weak auras for a few weeks and after that time I have realized that Nemo is better suited for building rotations so I will continue developing Nemo.

  • #307

    Hope you are enjoying your holidays.

    It's been awhile since any updates. I presume you are busy with life.

    If you ever get time, perhaps you could write up how to create rotations, including sources, examples, etc.? That way we could do these things without bothering your all the time. 

    P.S. Frost DK plz? :)

  • #306


    I am in love with this addon. It is so much better than rotation builder. As an enhancement shaman, sometimes I get lost. Only problem I am having with the rotation is in an AOE group where you kill 3+ mobs but the boss is left, it continues an AOE rotation instead of reverting back to single target.

    Also, I would really love to see a ret script. Ret does not have alot to it, and I think it would be a really simple rotation. Any help on ret would be great!

  • #304

    Any updates on when the Windwalker rotation will be up and running? Keep recomending your addon to people who's specs are complete hoping my main's spec will be added soon lol :P

  • #302

    It seems the last update has done something to the prediction functionality as Nemo no longer presents the next predicted spell. If all of the criteria of a rotation fail there is simply no Nemo icon at all.

  • #303

    Which rotation?

  • #305

    It's happening for a custom rotation I put together for my Ret Paladin and for my wife on her Enhancement Shaman using the default Nemo rotation. These are the only two rotations either of us have been using recently. This is on two seperate computers.

  • #300

    Hello, Feral Druid is suggesting use Shadowmeld (racial / night elf) instead of Prowl for starting rotation.

    Thank you

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