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  • Supports: 5.4.8
  • 43,794 Total Downloads
  • Updated 08/03/2014
  • Created 03/09/2013
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v141
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About Nemo

Nemo is a pre-configured addon that glows the highest priority spell in your DPS rotation.

We are looking for developers to help with rotations and features. Send soulwhip a PM if interested.


  • Supports any class
  • Rotations are fully customizable through the addon
  • Rotations support items and macro buttons
  • Actions can trigger alerts textures, sounds and text
  • Simcraft rotation importer
  • Compatible with: dataBroker, Dominoes, Bartender, Masque, ElvUI, ZygorGuides

tag v141
soulwhip <>
2014-08-03 22:11:50 -0500



    - toc update
    - Enabled spell aura debug in /nemo debug window
    - Added SetCountInfo Red, Green, Blue, Alpha params
    - Fixed action without a type set matching external frames
    - Added red,green,blue,alpha params to Misc->SetCountInfo
    - Fixed HotKey text not hiding if no hotkey set
    - Fixed typo with button disabled localization
    - Added Nemo.GetQueueSlotGID to Misc criteria
    - Added IsPlayerSpell inside of Nemo.GetSpellIsUsable
    - Fixed a bug with setting action queue SecondsUntilNeeded
    - Renamed Nemo.D.P.ECT to Nemo.D.P.EnteredCombatTime
    - Fixed a bug with moving actions up or down in the list
    - Added ability to track UI Error messages with Misc-> chat message recived criteria
    - Added GetUnitDebuffTimeleftInList to Unit criteria
    - Removed left in debug from tgMainOnGroupSelected
    - Fixed a menu gui bug when selecting actions that have the same name


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  • #203

    Nemo is a great app, but sometimes it doesn't show any actions. It works on my ret paladin, arms warrior, frost death knight, and combat rouge, but doesn't on my destro warlock, assassination rouge, or monk (lvl 5 doesn't have a specialization yet.) It says on all of them that the correct rotation is selected. Only the paladin is over lvl 40, is that part of the reason? I just want to be able to use it on all my characters.

    Thanks for the help!

  • #204

    Hi stongecat,

    The destro warlock rotation first spell is curse of elements and I check if you have a target. If you don't have a target then it does not show a icon. I am changing that in v140 though so it always shows up to avoid confusing people.

    You are the first person to ask for Assassination. I never made a Assassination rotation because no one asked for it. It will take a couple days, but I should be done by this weekend.

    Monk rotations are all good at max level, I play monk daily. If you dont have a specialization yet then the addon does not know which rotation to select automatically. You can manually click on a rotation name in the gui to select a rotation if you are not max level. There might be some tweaks I need to make to rotations to support lower level toons. Let me know if you see something not right and I can fix it.

    Last edited by soulwhip on 6/26/2014 7:56:51 AM
  • #205

    Thank you for replying so quickly, and thank you for making an assassination rotation!

    For the warlock, would it matter if you do not have curse of elements yet? My toon isn't high enough level yet. 

    When my monk and warlock are high enough levels, I will contact you more if it still isn't showing up.

  • #200

    First of all, THANK YOU for Nemo. It is a huge help for me on my BM hunter (so many abilities to track, lol). The only issue I have is FF/BW/AMoC showing when I am on trash that is about to die. I don't want to waste my CDs if I don't have to, and those icons don't go away until I use them. Is there a way I can tweak this? Like perhaps setting a 'time til death' option, or maybe moving where the icons are (like off to the side with RF/stampede). I've tried looking at how Nemo is set up and it is way above my head - I don't want to break anything, lol. ;-)

    Anyway thanks again, and thank you so much for your help.

  • #201

    Sure, I can easily add the time until death criteria to the FF/BW/AMoC cooldowns in BM. I will put it in v138.

    If you ever want to play around with the default _rotations you can delete actions or play with their criteria. To reload the default rotations to default you can type /nemo update

    Be aware reloading the default rotations will override any changes you have made to them.

    Last edited by soulwhip on 5/11/2014 6:06:37 PM
  • #202

    Okay thank you! Yes I was looking through there a bit, I've seen where I can make an action a smaller sidebox like for RF and stampede and whatnot - very cool. :-) I look forward to trying out the changes, haven't updated it yet today. Again thank you so much for all of your hard work on this addon, it is SUPER appreciated! And thank you for the quick help and reply!

  • #195

    How i can track channeling spells?

    I channeling spell "A" and I need to track last tick of this spell or last second.

    Last edited by soulwhip on 4/26/2014 11:56:52 AM
  • #199

    In v137 I added Nemo.GetUnitCastTimeleft for you. Here is a mind flay example that shows the action at 1 second left in channel. You can use Nemo.GetUnitCastingSpell and Nemo.GetUnitCastTimeleft for channeled spells as well as normal spells.

    and Nemo.GetUnitCastTimeleft("player")<=1

    Last edited by soulwhip on 4/26/2014 11:59:39 AM
  • #193

    I just wanted to drop in and say that this is an amazing addon. I know that coding these can be kind of a thankless job so I just wanted to encourage you and let you know I am thoroughly enjoying it on my shadow priest.


  • #194

    Thanks magepowar! Let me know if you see anything that could be improved.

  • #189

    Love this addon! But I've found a few issues.

    First, some icons seem to be missing from the Highest Priority Action button display thingy. For monks it's missing the level 30 talent abilities (ie: Chi Wave or Zen Sphere or Chi Burst), along with Breath of Fire. It still shows the fish over the actual button on the bars, but the Nemo frame appears blank.

    Second, it doesn't show the fish over buttons on your bar that are macros, even if you've set it to show tooltip for that ability. For example, I have macro'd Jab  to use my trinkets on cooldown, but the fish will never appear over Jab on my bars.

    Also, for some reason, when I'm windwalker spec the Nemo frame is arranged right to left, while as brewmaster it's left to right.

    Last edited by suzumebachi on 3/4/2014 6:48:23 PM
  • #190

    Hey Suzumebachi!

    For monks it's missing the level 30 talent abilities (ie: Chi Wave or Zen Sphere or Chi Burst), 

    Chi Wave is in Brewmaster rotation and WW at the bottom. I have no excuse for Zen Sphere except that I never used it, and I never added Chi Burst because it is directional. I didn't want to recommend when to cast directional spells. I wont stop you from creating your own rotation with it though ;)

    It still shows the fish over the actual button on the bars, but the Nemo frame appears blank.

    Reading this will explain that

    Second, it doesn't show the fish over buttons on your bar that are macros, even if you've set it to show tooltip for that ability

    Ya the problem there is addon authors can store the macro text in any variable name they want so it is too much work to parse every macro addons macro text to see if it matches the Nemo action. Nemo can highlight / find macro buttons if you modify the Nemo action type to Macro and tell it what macro slot in Attribute1. I use that for my mistweaver rotation. Modify the Jab action in your rotation and set the Type to macro and attribute1 to the macro name and it should highlight it then.

    Also, for some reason, when I'm windwalker spec the Nemo frame is arranged right to left, while as brewmaster it's left to right.

    The quick start guide goes into more detail, but Nemo actions are really buttons. Think of nemo as a button creator. I am not allowed to move or hide buttons in combat, so I have to put buttons on the left and buttons on the right to allow in combat rotation swapping without overlapping the buttons. It's design intent.


    Last edited by soulwhip on 3/6/2014 11:22:32 PM
  • #186

    Hello, just started using Nemo!!  LOVE IT!!  Only problem I am having is, that on all my toons it works, but the rogue..  nemo will not show up at all, can anyone explain it? 

    Again this is a wonderful addon!! 

  • #187

    You are the first person to request a rogue rotation so I never got around to making any.

    Nef posted a sub rotation in the forums:

    What spec are you?

    Last edited by soulwhip on 3/2/2014 2:08:54 PM
  • #192

    The curse repository will not let me update nemo, but in v136 I included this combat rotation:

    You can import it into v134 if you do not want to wait for v136.

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