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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 5,372 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/19/2014
  • Created 02/01/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: NickAlert

About NickAlert

Nick Alert scans incoming chat messages and alerts you when they contain one of your character names, nicknames, and triggers that you set up. It can also alert you to incoming whispers from specified people, or to Real ID messages from specified people. It can also alert you to people coming online and offline.

The nicks are saved per server. The scanning is case insensitive so that Tocar == TOCAR == tocar==Tocardamus so no matter how they type it is should match.

The triggers are saved per account and match case and lua regexs.

Nick Alert can output to MikScrollingBattleText if installed, its own moveable alert frame, play a sound to alert you, and even flash the edges of the screen, the alert frame is moveable (Left Button) and resizable (Right Button) while the frame is unlocked. Once the frame is locked all mouse input is passed through to whatever is under the frame

To use a custom sound file for the alert you need to make a directory called "\Interface\AddOns\NickAlert_CustomSounds" in the WoW directory and put your file called alert.mp3 or alert.ogg into it before you start WoW

  • for mp3 type "/nalert custommp3 on"
  • for ogg type "/nalert customogg on"

commands can be accessed by typing "/nalert"
"/nacf" will take you to the channel filter options. This filter is a whitelist for channels like "Trade" "Local Defense" "General" and such. If they are not in the list you will not be alerted about them

The Throttle function to stop people from sound spamming you is configurable from 1 to 60 in seconds and 1 to 60 alerts in that time before they don't alert you ( so, from 1 alert a minute up to 360 or just off ). ALL alerts are governed by the throttle. If ChatDebug is set on then it will display info lines on the throttle for feedback and setting it up

Also now has a control panel in with all the other ones and a sub panel for nickname management and chat channel management

New commands have been added

  • /nanl cmd option - Nick Alert NickList nicknames/ triggers the addon will scan the chats for add/rem/display/cfg
  • /nawl cmd option - Nick Alert Whisper List on/off/add/rem/display/cfg turn on/off the whisper alert feature and manage who it will alert you for
  • /nacf cmd option - like above but manages the channel filter list
  • /nabn cmd option - Real ID settings on/off/cfg
  • /namf cmd - manage the message frame on/off/lock/unlock

the cmd "cfg" will open the control panel to that lists specific page

all are available from the rewritten control panel plugin


  • removed remaining debug text (I hope)
  • removed extra file


  • fixed self alerts showing when not supposed to
  • removed debug text


  • fixes for the new WoW


  • fix for items saving to wrong list
  • fix for some items not being able to be removed from lists
  • fix to prevent non-guilded toons from accessing guild alert tab if no guilds are saved


  • bugfix for alert colors
  • added support for player names with UTF-8 chars
  • added ability to process raid target text into raid target icons


  • added alert filter (still in testing)
  • bug fix for friend list


  • major rewrite of addon
  • added many new features
  • Guild lists will sort themselves out when you go to the config page
  • you may need to delete old messed up guilds as they are now cross-realm and the addon now can understand that"


  • added button to delete old guild alert lists


  • temp removal of hints
  • Bill's Utils update
  • some small tweaks


  • Added log frame to log all alerts
  • added control lists for toast alerts instead of all or none
  • added release notes


  • Bill's Utils update


  • moved frame init back to initial location
  • fixed frame init problem (I hope)


  • moved frame init to addon loaded


  • removed forgotten debug stuff
  • some alert color tweaks


  • even more bnet tweaks
  • fixed some color changing buttons from not changing back


  • more bnet work


  • fixed bnet chat alerts


  • fix for toonName being boolean
  • added ability to set what toasts you get alerted for


  • added outline around alert text
  • added alerts for login/logout toasts
  • added color changing buttons in BNet config (Thanx Phanx)


  • re-repaired real id / battle tag support


  • repaired / battletag support


  • instance chat support


  • toc change
  • MoP Update


  • fixed previous fix


  • added a check to prevent errors on BNet messages
  • updated Bill's Utils


  • added ability to change the text size in the alert window
  • re-enabled the auto add feature for your characters
  • added ability to have/ not have the chat mode displayed in the alert


  • changed the mouse moving of the alert frame
  • made alert frame resizeable


  • removed some non used variables
  • replaces some text strings


  • added a moveable message frame if you hate MSBT
  • tweaked the control panel to help prevent list item removal errors
  • changed whisper matching to partial match from start of name


  • rewrote the Real ID list management system


  • fixed the auto opening control panel


  • added the ability for you to be alerted on Real ID messages
  • streamlined some of the control panel code


  • rewrote major portion of control panel plugin
  • added several command line features
  • added new WhisperList alerts
  • changed the saved variables so your old settings are gone (sorry)


  • toc bump


  • added a simple doc for Bill's Utils
  • some small tweaks


  • changed Bill's Utils to work with even better version checking
  • toc bump


  • removed Bill's Utils version checking from the addon
  • put version checking into Bill's Utils


  • tweaked Bill's Utils version checking routine to hopefully prevent any string split errors


  • added a library version of Bill's Utils


  • added a sub-panel for chat channel management


  • Bills Utils is now a seperate download
  • reduced addon size slightly


  • added debug info for chat throttle. You can shut off by shutting off CHATDEBUG


  • moved the custom sound file out of the "NickAlert" directory to "NickAlert_CustomSounds" so it will not be deleted on every update


  • re-wrote throttle routine
  • added more nil checking to Bill's Utils to prevent errors


  • fixed control panel typos
  • added sub panel for nickname management


  • moved common functions to a util library addon (Bill's Utils) to shrink addon size and memory footprint
  • added a throttle option to stop people from sound spamming you
  • changed filter to a whitelist
  • added a control panel plugin


  • added custom sound file support


  • added a chanel filter to filter out channels like the ones made by Carbonite (Chan Prefix Crb)
  • added "/nalert chatdebug" option to print matching messages to the default chat window so you can see where the spam is coming from


  • initial release


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  • #86

    I think NA is spamming my chat at login or when I open general addon settings. It looks like all the settings are listed for the entire addon. Is this intended?

    Also getting this when opening engineering:

    NichAlert Chat Debug:

    event = ADDON_LOADED

    1 = Blizzard_TradeskillUI

    Last edited by Zasz on 10/17/2014 12:07:18 PM
  • #87

    Well... it was intentional at a time, but I thought I removed it all. I had to put in some debug text trying to figure out why it wasn't loading properly after the 6.x pre-patch. I thought I had gotten it all out with the 2014.10.16.2 release but I guess I missed some still.

    As for the Chat Debug line, I would have to guess that the chat debug setting got set on.  If out of date addons was checked and and the addon was loaded while out of date, some of the settings that use checkboxes ( such as ChatDebug ) may have got messed up. (If you send me the settings portion of NickAlert's saved variables I might be able to think of a way to compensate for it.)

    Somehow I ended up loosing the built in party/raid frames from the update and had to delete my wtf folder contents to get them back. So no previous saved data for me... 100's of addons to re-setup  lol


  • #91

    so... the thing I did notice besides the values remaining boolean is that ChatDebug is set to true for you.

    /na chatdebug off 

    should fix your problem...

    stupid curse still not telling me I got a comment

  • #90

    NickAlert_Settings = {
        ["FontSize"] = 11,
        ["Guild"] = true,
        ["Enable"] = true,
        ["TFriends"] = false,
        ["DisplayMode"] = true,
        ["Toasts"] = false,
        ["Raid"] = true,
        ["MSBT"] = false,
        ["ChatDebug"] = true,
        ["ReleaseNoteVer"] = "03/19/2014",
        ["AllBNet"] = true,
        ["MFWarn"] = false,
        ["BNet"] = true,
        ["Yell"] = true,
        ["AutoAdd"] = false,
        ["MFScale"] = 133,
        ["TBNet"] = false,
        ["Log"] = false,
        ["AllGuild"] = true,
        ["TGuild"] = false,
        ["MF"] = true,
        ["Emotes"] = true,
        ["AllWhispers"] = true,
        ["Sound"] = false,
        ["Chats"] = false,
        ["CustomMP3"] = true,
        ["AllFriends"] = true,
        ["HideHandledToasts"] = false,
        ["RaidIcons"] = false,
        ["ScreenFlash"] = false,
        ["CustomOGG"] = true,
        ["ThrottleAmount"] = 10,
        ["BGs"] = false,
        ["MFAutoScale"] = false,
        ["Throttle"] = true,
        ["Say"] = true,
        ["FadeDelay"] = 5,
        ["ThrottleTime"] = 1,
        ["Party"] = true,
        ["WhisperList"] = true,

  • #89

    just the ones from the server saved variables should be fine and here is also fine.

    also just need the NickAlert_Settings table as that is the only one that may have toasted

  • #88

    Ouch. Setting up from scratch sucks. I did it once, back in BC. Since then I backup the WTF folder regularly. Didnt need it yet tho :P

    But removing the whole folder isnt necessary. Depends on the raidframes. Sometimes just deleting the config file gets things back to normal while leaving the saved variables untouched.

    Which file do you need? The saved variables from WTF/Account/xyz/Savedvariables or WTF/Account/Server/charname/Savedvariables ?

    Is it sufficient to post the content here?

  • #85

    an update has been posted for the pre-patch that broke it... If you force loaded the addon you may have lost some settings (the ones that were checkboxes)

  • #81

    Im using bazooka, a bar on the top of my screen for various things like friends and guild members. When I hover over them, I see a list of who is online. For my friends I set it up like this:


    Dont pay attention to the misalligned notes. Im wondering if the notes on the friendslist is the only place to tell the addon to post messages from these particular friends. I mean its not thaaaaat of a big issue. But as you can see, for users of ara guild and friends addon on the bazooka bar or similar addons, they see the same like above when they use nick alert. Well, almost the same because I only have one friend left that I use NA for. Others may have more.

    Last edited by Zasz on 6/10/2014 4:58:11 PM
  • #84

    so... it is more of a pain than I thought it would be so it has spawned a re-write in the code which will add features, change the way the alerts for people are done and what not. Like making the overides for alerts linked to the alert they overide and not overide any match. (that will make the overides easier to write since they will be specific to an alert and not all alerts.) This is requiring a new data structure that I have been working on along with a bunch of non related stuff...

  • #83

    OK... working on a way to figure out what realms are connected for the guild portion... looks like a huge array with the realm names and group numbers I have found that same name guilds(not the same guild) can co-exist on coaleced servers... don't know for sure on joined realms

  • #82

    stupid curse not telling me I got a comment... 

    Well, for guild / friends and what not they can be moved but not for real-id / battlenet.

    I will see what I can do.

  • #79

    The update has been posted!

  • #80

    Yay, colored whispers again. Thank you :)

  • #75

    The new version removed the coloring for BN/whispers. Just curious why its all white.

  • #76

    NOOOOOOOO!!!!!    Not more problems    LOL

    I will look to try and figure out what I did there... I am in the middle of trying to get it to recognize UTF-8 chars in peoples names for the toast function right now. I am hopeing to get an update out today that will fix both the color and UTF-8 problems (now that I know of the coloring problem)

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