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  • Supports: 5.0.5
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  • Updated 10/13/2012
  • Created 10/07/2005
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: NotesUNeed_6.82.50001
Support development! **

About NotesUNeed

NotesUNeed v6.82.50001

Please do not use the comments page for reporting bugs. To report a bug with NotesUNeed, use the following link to open a support ticket.


Compatible with patch 5.0.*
Feature-rich, searchable Notes database with many automated features, and additional NuN tooltips for viewing note details.

Make Contact Notes on other Players, or General Notes on anything else.

This AddOn is for making your own custom notes on players, and quests, and items, etc. and does not come with any pre-made notes. It does provide an Export and Import Feature for sharing of sets of notes, or publishing of note databases.

The default Modifier keys for creating notes from Container Items and Hyperlinks is now simply "<Alt>-Left Mouse Click". For anyone unhappy with this key-Combo, then they can now specify their own via the NotesUNeed Options frame.

Titan Integration: NotesUNeed now includes support for displaying a pin on the Titan toolbar. Originally, however, NotesUNeed could only be used in Titan by installing an additional addon. Though that's no longer the case, and NotesUNeed provides its own Titan plugin these days, I still endorse their efforts, and some users might find that they prefer the layout and style of the external plugin. It can be found here:

Compatible with LibDataBroker AddOns via :

Below is a summary of NotesUNeed functionality, but you should read the Readme.txt file for much more detailed discussion on these subjects. I've been overhauling and updating code steadily for the past few months; if you find something in our documentation that is out of date, don't hesitate to bring it to my attention by creating a ticket for it. I'm usually pretty quick to respond to new tickets.

Main Features of NuN

1. Create Player Notes (aka Contact Notes) :

  • Create Contact notes : a) using new NuN buttons in the Friends Frame b) using the NuN Micro Buttons described in point 3 c) using slash commands d) via new NuN options in the player context menu e) Or via any of the automated methods mentioned below
  • NuN can auto-populate many details about race, class, guild, etc.
  • Also add your own free Text notes
  • auto maintain Friend / Ignore Lists across different Alts
  • auto-note people you Party with
  • auto-note Guild members
  • auto maintain notes on your own Characters plus Levelling notes
  • Rate Players via Right click menu and see that Rating in Tooltips or tagged to Player Names in Chat

2. Create General text notes on anything you like :

  • Create General notes : a) via the Micro Buttons in point 3 below; b) via slash commands; c) use the NuN Modifier when clicking on Container Items or Hyperlinks (Default "<Alt>-Left Mouse Click" but can be changed in Options) d) importing from a Plugin database e) receiving notes in-game from other NuN users f) Or via any of the automated methods below
  • Options to auto maintain Quest Notes which will save a few kinds of notes a) Quest notes that record quest details plus Quest Giver name and location b) Quest progress notes which record location when completing quest objectives c) Quest History detailing when a given Toon Accepted, and Completed quests
  • General notes can be saved at Account or Realm level
  • Scripting - LUA scripts can be executed from General notes by : a) Using the Run Script button in the frame b) Slash command "/nun -x <NOTE_NAME>" c) Execute one NuN Note from another NuN Note with the following command : NuN_ExecuteNote("<Note Name>")
  • General notes can be assigned the following Types for easy searching : a) ITM - Item notes b) QST - Quest notes, and quest objective notes c) NPC - Notes made on NPCs and Mobs d) LOG - NotesUNeed records Transmission logs when you send/receive notes e) LUA - Keep your own in-game scripts library and execute notes like Macros f) - or just leave blank ;p

3. NuN has a MicroButtons panel with 4 buttons for quick access to features. This frame can be moved by dragging the small border surrounding the buttons, and can be hidden if not needed (see slash commands). From left to right the buttons are :

  • Options : toggle the NuN Options frame
  • Note Browser : toggle the NuN Note Browser frame <Alt> Left Click to browse General notes only Right Click to browse Quest History
  • Contact Note : create a note for the current target will create a General note if current target is an NPC <Alt> Click to re-open the last opened Contact Note
  • General Note : Start a new empty note will create an NPC note if current target is an NPC <Alt> Click to re-open the last opened General Note, use the the keybind, or if you have Titan installed, simply click the NotesUNeed icon on the Titan bar.

4. Note Browser Window. This is where you can view the list of notes you have :

  • default sorting is your Faction, then Opposing, then General Notes
  • search for notes containing text you specify in the edit box a) Left click : Case insensitive search b) Right click : Case sensitive search
  • filter visible notes from the Options Frame e.g. to only show Quest Notes, or NPC Notes
  • a tick indicates a General note is saved at Account level
  • hover over a note to see its contents in a Tooltip
  • Right-Click to open the sticky NuN PinUp Tooltip
  • <Shift>Left-Click to paste the note name in to open chat box
  • After filtering and searching to narrow down the visible set of Notes, you can : a) Mass delete those listed in the browser frame b) Export listed notes for other players to install and Import

5. Options frame - open via the Microbuttons or slash command "/nun" Configure NotesUNeed here, or filter the notes to appear in the Note Browser frame. For example, to just look at NPC notes, or browse Quest History for one of your Toons

6. Backup and Restore functionality to save your database This functionality is kept in separate LoadOnDemand AddOns to save memory. Both the Backup and Restore processes will execute a ReloadUI()

7. Import and Export of notes Databases Share sets of notes with friends, or publish notes databases as a Plugin for others to Import

8. Broadcasting & Sending of NotesUNeed Notes Broadcast Raid Instructions for Boss enchounters or PvP strategy, or just your enchant selling menu; Or send formatted notes for other NotesUNeed users to add to their database.


Slash Commands

/nun : Toggles the NotesUNeed Options window

/nun -h : Displays this list of Slash commands

/nun <note title> : Will attempt the following : 1. Fetch a saved Contact note with that name 2. Fetch a saved General note with that title 3. Create a new Contact note if a player of that name is in your party/raid group or is within target range 4. Toggles the NotesUNeed Options window

/nun -t : Fetches the saved Contact note for the current target, or creates a new one, or shows your own characters note if no valid target. Since v2.00.1800, this command will create notes for NPCs and populate some basic information about them.

/nun -g : Creates a new General Note, untitled.

/nun -g <note title> : Fetches the existing General note with that title, or Creates a new General note with that title.

/nun -ch <name> : Create a Horde Player Character note for the given name without validating it /nun -ca <name> : Create an Alliance Player Character note for the given name without validating it

/nun -tt : Toggle NotesUNeed Tooltips on/off

/nun -micro : Toggle the NotesUNeed Microbuttons panel hide/show

/nun -x <note title> : Tries to execute the specified note as a Lua Script. If no note exists, then will open the Note Search window

/nun -i <name> : to stop NotesUNeed trying to ignore a player

/nun -f <name> : to stop NotesUNeed trying to befriend a player

/nun -resetlists : to reset NotesUNeed's Friend/Ignore lists to those of the currently logged Alt

/nun -purgeexport : to clear Exported records and allow the creation of a newly named set of records

/nun -delay [number of seconds] : transmissions to channels have a default delay between each line being sent of 0.33 Use this slash command to change this value. Will report the current value if you do not pass any seconds value.

/nun -restrictwho : stops NuN from automatically trying to gather /who information

Slash Commands for Sending Messages

/nun -sendG "NOTE_NAME", "SEND_METHOD"[, "SEND_PARAMETER"] - sends General type note text

/nun -sendGF "NOTE_NAME", "SEND_METHOD"[, "SEND_PARAMETER"] - sends General type note as Formatted text

/nun -sendC "NOTE_NAME", "SEND_METHOD"[, "SEND_PARAMETER"] - sends Contact type note text

/nun -sendCF "NOTE_NAME", "SEND_METHOD"[, "SEND_PARAMETER"] - sends Contact type note as Formatted text

where - "NOTE_NAME" = the name of the note or note title "SEND_METHOD" = how to send the note e.g. "GUILD", "RAID", "WHISPER", "CHANNEL", etc. "SEND_PARAMETER" = Optionally required (i.e. who to WHISPER to -OR- the Channel ID/Name) NOTE: using any of these slash commands will close any currently open note.

r134 | orgevo | 2011-05-14 13:02:45 +0000 (Sat, 14 May 2011) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/NotesUNeed_6.70 (from /trunk:132)

** 6.70, RC1 **
r132 | orgevo | 2011-05-14 06:50:26 +0000 (Sat, 14 May 2011) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed/NotesUNeed.toc

- incremented version number
r131 | orgevo | 2011-05-14 06:48:41 +0000 (Sat, 14 May 2011) | 9 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed/NotesUNeed.lua

- finished implementing first pass of the new ModifiedClick handling code, to allow NotesUNeed to interact with more areas of the default UI when it comes to linking stuff
- all of the following features are activated by shift+Left-mouse-click on the associated control, and for some types of links (items, quests, etc.) automatically creating and opening a note for the associated data can be a accomplished with a keybind that is configured in the notes U need options panel.
** the tradeskill trainer window now supports enhanced linking for the items crafted for each of the skills in the trainer
** the quest log now supports enhanced linking for active quests
** the quest log now supports enhanced linking for quest rewards
** the talents interface now support enhanced interaction and linking of talents or glyphs
** the auction UI now supports enhanced linking of items from the main search tab

- moved most all of the function hooks to a single function that is called after everything else is hooked up.
r130 | orgevo | 2011-05-14 00:18:23 +0000 (Sat, 14 May 2011) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed/
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed/
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed/Localisation.lua
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed/NotesUNeed.lua
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed/NotesUNeed.wowsln
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed/NotesUNeed.xml

- added checkbox to the custom header dialog (displayed when you click a header on the left side of the panel, when editing a contact note) that controls whether that field's value is included in the note tooltip
- header fields that are being used in tooltips no longer display "tooltip" in the header's name (like "tooltipEmailAddress")
r127 | orgevo | 2011-05-13 15:41:48 +0000 (Fri, 13 May 2011) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed/NotesUNeed.xml

- removed comment from script block in .xml file, as it causes WoW's xml parser to choke for some reason
r125 | orgevo | 2011-05-13 15:13:31 +0000 (Fri, 13 May 2011) | 19 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed/Bindings.xml
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed/
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed/
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed/Localisation.lua
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed/Modules/NUN_PratIntegration.lua
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed/NotesUNeed.lua
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed/NotesUNeed.toc
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed/NotesUNeed.wowsln
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed/NotesUNeed.xml
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed_Backup/NotesUNeed_Backup.lua
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed_Backup/NotesUNeed_Backup.toc
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed_Backup/NotesUNeed_Backup.wowproj
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed_Export/NotesUNeed_Export.lua
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed_Export/NotesUNeed_Export.toc

- updated to be compatible with patch 4.1
- fixed note text editbox not created, resulting in unable to edit notes or view previously created notes
- fixed position of label that displays the note's character count
- note title editbox now respects the value of the 'use alternate editbox behavior' checkbox
** pressing escape will no longer always cause the note to be closed without saving

- fixed keybinds which use the "Alt" key not working if a note is open
- fixed search editbox stealing focus if you cancelled editing the title of a note
- fixed "Open Last Note" feature not working if you cancelled editing the title of a note

- fixed export functionality
** when export button is pressed, export title editbox is now focused by default
** pressing escape in export dialog cancels the export
** added message notifying user that exported notes aren't saved until the UI is reloaded

- restore feature now warns you that a UI reload will occur as a result

- restored some of code that got accidentally deleted in last change to NotesUNeed.lua

r124 | orgevo | 2011-05-13 06:27:06 +0000 (Fri, 13 May 2011) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed/NotesUNeed.xml

- moved script include for PostFrameInit back to end of .xml
r123 | orgevo | 2011-05-13 05:01:32 +0000 (Fri, 13 May 2011) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed/NotesUNeed.wowproj
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed/NotesUNeed.wowsln
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed/NotesUNeed.xml
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed_Backup/NotesUNeed_Backup.wowproj
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed_Export/NotesUNeed_Export.wowproj

- upgraded project files to AddOn Studio 2010
r122 | orgevo | 2011-03-07 13:34:42 +0000 (Mon, 07 Mar 2011) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/NotesUNeed/NotesUNeed.lua

- fixes for hyperlinked text


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  • #373


    What I ment by 61xx was 6,100 characters.

    Even though Notes you need is set to 10,001.

  • #374


    k, I'll have a peak at some point, but this is low priority for me atm, as I'm very busy updating other AddOns atm :)

  • #376

    Hey Telic,

    I was wondering if you've had any time to check out the problem I was having?

  • #377


    I used the ->Reply feature, which has posted the answer BELOW your original post.

    I also sent you a PM via the site... ;)

    Although, I should amend what I said, and make clear that I won't delete that XML code in my future releases, so that is just another small thing you will have to change manually.

  • #378

    Changes in v6.35.20300 from v6.31.20300

    - can now customise the Player Ratings.
    Open up any Player note;
    Click on the Player Rating DropDown button;
    <Control>-Click on any Player Rating button to change it via 2 dialog boxes :
    Box 1 allows you to change the Player Rating text
    Box 2 allows you to change the Tooltip text
    <Alt>-Click on a Player Rating button to reset it (and the tooltip) to the NuN default value

    - compatibility changes to work with the "Black List" AddOn
    When customising Player Ratings using the technique described above, then checkboxes will allow you to specify whether that Player Rating should also Black List the player;
    A further two check boxes allow you to specify whether the black listed player should also be Ignored, or trigger a Warning.
    Now when you select that Player Rating for a Player, then they will be automatically be added to the Black List AddOn database.
    The Black List reason will be auto populated with the NuN Player Rating and Tooltip text.
    If you select a different NuN Player Rating with different Black List criteria, then the Black List details will be updated in the background.
    If you select a different NuN Player Rating with no Black List criteria, then the Black List details will be left untouched.
    If you remove someone from your Black List, then their NuN Player Rating will be reset to blank if it can detect that the Player was Black Listed from NuN;
    i.e. players Black Listed from NuN will have a reason for black listing pre-fixed with a purple NuN !
    > Black List AddOn :

    - the Options Frame is now moveable

    - the Options Frame and MicroButtons are now Clamped-To-Screen and can't be 'lost'

    - fixed a small graphical problem on the Options frame

  • #379

    Changes in v6.36.20300 from v6.35.20300

    - the "[]" hyperlink button functionality can now be restricted to output individual hyperlinks, by highlighting them in the note text.
    So if no text is highlighted, then the functionality is unchanged and all Hyperlinks are "echoed" to the Chat frame where they can be clicked.
    But if you highlight individual Hyperlinks in the text before using the button, then only those will be "echoed"

    - the "[]" hyperlink button will now also paste hyperlinks in to the chat frame edit box rather than "echoing" to the chat frame, IF the edit box is open

    - can now use the <Control>-S shorcut key to save open NotesUNeed notes
    This is the most common short key used to save documents in all types of word processors and notepads, and I won't be offering a way to modify it.
    I am so used to using <Control>-S to save documents/scripts while writing them, that this has been on my wish-list for a long time ;p

    - a chat frame message will now confirm when you manually save a note

    - adjusted the position of the NuN Icon on the "Looking For More" frame to ensure the Raid leader symbol will be visible

  • #380

    Was pasting text changed with this version? The previous ones (v6.35.20300 and older) allowed me to use control-c and control-v to copy and paste text from another windows program into a note. After upgrading to v6.36.20300, I can no longer use control-v to paste. I deleted the new version and reinstalled the previous one and it is working again.

  • #381


    Nuts !

    My dream of <Control>-S note saving scuppered again :'(

    I didn't notice that <Control>-C, etc. had stopped.

    Let me take a look...

  • #382

    Changes in v6.37.20300 from v6.36.20300

    - Bleh! Had to change the shortcut key for Saving notes to <Alt>-S
    This should re-enable normal shortcut keys for cutting / pasting

  • #383


    I looked in NotesUneed. I must be over looking something obvious, but how exactly to you import and export the notes for another player to download later. For instance I create a walk through, or like a starters guide for guild mates? I tried to export, and named it "testnotes" but I could not find the file. Somebody else here on curse seems to have a list of notes to import, but with out loading their possibly older version of NotesUNeed I could not import it. Is there a simpler way to import, and export notes with out coping the entire NotesUneed folder, and just a single file to do that?

    Thank You

  • #384

    Note Exporting / Importing

    The short version is as follows :

    When you Export some notes, they will be saved in a file called "NotesUNeed_Export.lua" in the \WTF\.......\SavedVariables\ folder.
    (Remember the file might not be created / updated, until you log out of the game : That's the way that WoW works)

    To Import a NotesUNeed_Export.lua file in to your database, copy it in to your \Interface\AddOns\NotesUNeed folder, before logging in, and then the "Import" button on the Optinos frame should be enabled.
    To Import another different set of notes, copy it in to your NotesUNeed AddOn folder again, replacing the old file.
    i.e. you can only import one set of notes at a time.

    For MUCH more details on this subject, check out the file called "Whatever you do DONT READ THIS.txt"
    I spent A LOT of time writing up user instructions on how to use NotesUNeed ;)

    To see an example of a database AddOn you can import see "WorldBossStrategyGuide" :

    The contents of the text are a little out of date, but it can still be imported in to the current version of NotesUNeed.

  • #385

    Changes in v6.38.20300 from v6.37.20300

    - NotesUNeed will now remember Pinned Tooltips between sessions

    - small fix to incorrect Pinup tooltip checkbox status if one is already showing when checked

    - fix to problem with Slash commands for Sending of notes
    Should now be able to send NotesUNeed notes, or broadcast to channels via Macros/Scripts

    - small update to Drop Down box initialisers

  • #386

    Changes in v6.39.20300 from v6.38.20300

    - disambiguated between Player and NPC tooltips when mousing over the WorldFrame

    - increased the maximum size of notes

  • #387

    I'm having a problem that new notes or modified notes cannot exceed about 1000 characters. I used to be able to get around 6000.
    The tip at the bottom of the screen indicates the size should be around 10,000.

    I reloaded a previous version of NUN and my problem is fixed. As long as I didn't modify the old notes, they are now showing all the characters.

  • #388


    Sorry, my mistake...

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