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  • Updated 11/28/2015
  • Created 09/13/2009
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  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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About _NPCScan.Overlay

NPCScan.Overlay is an addition to _NPCScan that adds map overlays for rare mob patrols. When you search for a rare in _NPCScan, _NPCScan.Overlay will show where it patrols until you find it. It works similarly to keithgabryelski's Rare Spawn Overlay's , but supports the minimap and has a much smaller download size, along with a few new features.

Special thanks to Rare Spawn Overlay's patrol paths and Routes minimap drawing code for inspiration!

Note: _NPCScan.Overlay can integrate with _NPCScan if you have installed it, but make sure to keep both up to date if you do use both!

If you have a question check the FAQ, or a problem create a ticket


World Map

In addition to drawing paths on the World Map, _NPCScan.Overlay adds a key to a corner of the window with each rare's name. It only appears in zones that have rare maps, like Netherstorm as seen in the screenshot. Hovering over a mob's name in the key will cause the mob's path on the map to start flashing. If you need to read something under the key, it can be toggled by Clicking on the Key Toggle button on the map. The key can be repositioned by just moving your mouse over top of it while holding the shift key and the key will jump to a different corner.

Most map mods like Atlas will inherit the key and overlays from this module. Even Carbonite's map display will show them.

Battlefield Minimap

The small “Battlefield Minimap” (AKA the “Zone Map”) also shows mob paths.


All shapes and sizes of minimaps are supported. Rotating minimaps work fine as well.

One feature not shown in the screenshot is a thinner 100 yard range ring around your character. It helps you gauge _NPCScan's detection range, so you can sweep through zones more effectively. This option can be found in the Minimap subsection of the options panel, detailed below.


_NPCScan.Overlay's options can be found under _NPCScan's main options menu, under _NPCScan > Overlay or as its own entry of _NPCScan.Overlay if _NPCScan isn't installed. This panel can be opened with the “/npcscanoverlay slash command, or “/overlay” for short.

The “Always show all paths” checkbox at the top of the pane overrides the instructions of NPC tracking mods like _NPCScan to hide unused paths, and always displays all known paths instead.

The rest of the configuration pane lists each map display's options. You can enable/disable each map from here, as well as configure individual settings for them.

Each map display can have its overall transparency set independently with the “Alpha” slider, so that it doesn't obscure the maps themselves.

James D. Callahan III <>
2015-11-28 03:39:00 -0600

Localization updates.


No changelog


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  • #653

    Will this be updated for 5.2 rares?

  • #652

    I'm testing the new Carbonite BETA (5.2.1) and I just got this error...

    1x _NPCScan.Overlay-\Modules\Carbonite-5.1.2.lua:13: attempt to index global "NxData" (a nil value)
    _NPCScan.Overlay-\Modules\Carbonite-5.1.2.lua:13: in main chunk


    Just a heads up...  {◕ ◡ ◕}

  • #664

    I found that removing the Carbonite.lua file from /Interface/AddOns/_NPCScan.Overlay/Modules/ will stop that error. Overlays should now work on non-Carbonite maps (well, at least the default WoW maps).

  • #651

    love love love this addon.. but...

    I use carbonite as my minimap and when I hover over it to figure out what herb/ore is there, it brings up the color key box saying which rare spawn is what color.  

    Then to fix that I have  to unmerge my carbonite minimap, go into the npc scan settings and disable it on the minimap and then re-merge carbonite with my minimap because it for some reason wont let me disable it when carbonite is my minimap.  

  • #650

    Is this going to be updated before patch 5.2 because I really would like to use it without it saying out of date

  • #648

    It does not work, why not??:(

  • #647

    any plans to add vanilla overlays? or maybe for a seperate addon for vanilla? I'm a Heavy rare spawn/green drop farmer and i would love to have something like that

  • #649
    Quote from Sokinas »

    any plans to add vanilla overlays? or maybe for a seperate addon for vanilla? I'm a Heavy rare spawn/green drop farmer and i would love to have something like that

    I would really like this as well. NPCScan works on vanilla as I come by them but this doesn't overlay it on the map. So a ton of zones have no overlays even though they have a bunch of rares. I still have to look up their paths on a website.

  • #645

    If the paths in can be added in for hunters, it'd be super.

    There's always the possibility to make it default as off, but can be turned on by fellow hunters later.

  • #641

    The code to detect the kills seems to be buggy. It does not detect the kill but the death. So whenever I find a dead body of a rare its path(s) vanish from the map.

    Probably the best way would be to evaluate the corresponding criteria from the related achievments. Also this should be optional.

    BUT: Great helpful Mod !

  • #644

    Ok I did patch the code as a workaround, seems to work, but no warranties ;-)

    In _NPCScan.lua:

    In function ScanAdd after line 275:   CacheList[ NpcID ] = Name;
    insert line 276:   NS.Overlays.Add( NpcID ); -- PATCH

    then in line 377:  and ScanAdd( NpcID )
    add to read the following:  and ( ScanAdd( NpcID ) or true )

    The first patch makes cached NPCs which are not yet in the achievement shown by the overlay. The second patch makes them to be scanned as well as ScanAdd does not return true for cached NPCs which appears non-sense to me in this context.

    As said above it is only a dirty fix as workaround. It seems to work for th eachievement NPCs but will not work for the "Normal" NPCs not making part of an achievment. I have not yet looked into those.



  • #646

    Game Menu -> Interface -> Addon -> _NPCScan -> Overlay -> Always Show All Paths. Turn that on so the paths would stay there after an NPC is found, dead or alive.

    Though this mod should be used in conjuncture with _NPCScan, the main mod. It flashes your screen and make a loud warhorn noise when one of the NPC you wish to find is found.

    However, since the mod detects such NPC when the game adds it into the cache and will stop doing so afterwards, you will need to keep deleting World of Warcraft\Cache\WDB\enUS\creaturecache.wdb or the mod will stop alerting you.

  • #643

    I have now deleted all saved variables for this mod. It appears that for some reason I did not see all the options in WOW before.

    I now found th eoption to turn on/off the hiding of paths or the search for NPCs. However I do still not understand the mechanics behind. Krol th eBlade for instance is correctly marked as not finished for the achievement but it is dimmed (i.e. not shown on the map nor searched) apparently because it is cached.

    What is this caching about ? And how to disable it. Of course one want to search for that NPC as long as the achievment criteria is not met. Even if I switch on the option to search for all NPCs it will still not show the cached ones.



  • #642


    Ok found that the code is based on the Achievments. However for example I just located "Krol the Blade" which was dead when I arrived. Now he is shown in the cached data and no longer shown on the overlay map while the Glorious Achievment still shows him as not killed.

  • #640

    Wieso muss man "Veraltete Addons laden" aktivieren damit _NPCScan.Overlay weiter funktioniert, wird das Addon nicht mehr aktualisiert?

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