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  • Updated 02/08/2016
  • Created 09/13/2009
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  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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About _NPCScan.Overlay

NPCScan.Overlay is an addition to _NPCScan that adds map overlays for rare mob patrols. When you search for a rare in _NPCScan, _NPCScan.Overlay will show where it patrols until you find it. It works similarly to keithgabryelski's Rare Spawn Overlay's , but supports the minimap and has a much smaller download size, along with a few new features.

Special thanks to Rare Spawn Overlay's patrol paths and Routes minimap drawing code for inspiration!

Note: _NPCScan.Overlay can integrate with _NPCScan if you have installed it, but make sure to keep both up to date if you do use both!

If you have a question check the FAQ, or a problem create a ticket


World Map

In addition to drawing paths on the World Map, _NPCScan.Overlay adds a key to a corner of the window with each rare's name. It only appears in zones that have rare maps, like Netherstorm as seen in the screenshot. Hovering over a mob's name in the key will cause the mob's path on the map to start flashing. If you need to read something under the key, it can be toggled by Clicking on the Key Toggle button on the map. The key can be repositioned by just moving your mouse over top of it while holding the shift key and the key will jump to a different corner.

Most map mods like Atlas will inherit the key and overlays from this module. Even Carbonite's map display will show them.

Battlefield Minimap

The small “Battlefield Minimap” (AKA the “Zone Map”) also shows mob paths.


All shapes and sizes of minimaps are supported. Rotating minimaps work fine as well.

One feature not shown in the screenshot is a thinner 100 yard range ring around your character. It helps you gauge _NPCScan's detection range, so you can sweep through zones more effectively. This option can be found in the Minimap subsection of the options panel, detailed below.


_NPCScan.Overlay's options can be found under _NPCScan's main options menu, under _NPCScan > Overlay or as its own entry of _NPCScan.Overlay if _NPCScan isn't installed. This panel can be opened with the “/npcscanoverlay slash command, or “/overlay” for short.

The “Always show all paths” checkbox at the top of the pane overrides the instructions of NPC tracking mods like _NPCScan to hide unused paths, and always displays all known paths instead.

The rest of the configuration pane lists each map display's options. You can enable/disable each map from here, as well as configure individual settings for them.

Each map display can have its overall transparency set independently with the “Alpha” slider, so that it doesn't obscure the maps themselves.

James D. Callahan III <>
2016-02-08 04:44:32 -0600

Localization updates.


No changelog


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  • #1072
    Quote from shirra24 »

    Hello! I can only get NPCScan Overlay to work when I have the always show all paths selected, and then it always shows all paths (as it's supposed to).  When unchecked, no paths shows at all, so there's no way for me to have mobs I've already killed not appear while still seeing mobs I haven't killed yet.  You're probably aware, but wanted to mention it anyway.  Thanks!

    Having the same problem! Can't find how to make anything show unless I check the show all paths option. Really feels like it's not suppose to be working like this? Otherwise why have the option there.

  • #1066

    After updating both, NPCscan and NPCscan overlay, suddenly minimap overlay does not work anymore, it gets toggled just fine, except nothing is rendered on the minimap, not even the 100 yard ring.

    Using classic interface, performed full interface reset.


    Once again I completely uninstalled and reinstalled _NPCScan and _NPCScan.Overlay, but this time I completely removed overlay broker. The problem still persists.

    Everything works fine until first zone teleport, after I change zone overlay is not drawn on the minimap anymore.

    Last edited by MyMilkshakesFFS on 8/2/2015 9:23:57 AM
  • #1063

    The list that goes with the paths needs a wraparound or something, if possible. Currently can see down to "The Iron Houndmaster", and the rest is offscreen.
    This is invaluable, btw. <3

    Last edited by Veliuona on 7/15/2015 5:20:57 PM
  • #1064

    Yup.  It is in the process of being done.  When this addon was initally written most zones only had a handfull of rares so it was not an issue.  Tanan has about 60.  I noticed that there were to many mobs for the index, but didn't want the delay the last update. 

  • #1062

    Any plans on adding the spawn points/ paths of Pathrunner, Poundfist and co to the map?

  • #1061

    Does it work in Deepholm?

  • #1067

    From my experience, yes, it does.

  • #1059

    does this addon not work in Tanaan anymore ?   since 6.2 went live i can't see the mob paths and legend when i'm in Tanaan nor when i'm looking at the map of Tanaan zone when i'm in another zone.

    Prior to 6.2 it was showing me the mobs etc in Tanaan.

    any help appreciated. (i've updated NPC_Scan and Overlay). I've tried it w/out any other addons enabled and even tried it in a fresh install that i keep as a backup in case the fit hits the shan prior to a raid time or for testing addons.  i've also completely uninstalled (with settings) then reinstalled all NPC_Scan addons yet no luck.

    Last edited by Nethcruuth on 6/30/2015 12:47:45 AM
  • #1060

    The addon has not been updated to include the new mobs in Tanaan yet.  I'm in the process of adding them and hope to have an update for it sometime this week.

  • #1057

    You don't seem to have fixed the overlay in relation to The Razza in Feralis. From Cataclysm on, this rare was moved to another area. A gnoll encampments located 84/49

    Also, I may have mentioned before, but Trigore the Lasher is in the wrong place also. It would probably be wiser to remove Trigore and Bahn from the Nth Barren map, and put them in their own Wailing Chasms one. Also, there's supposed to be a Deviate Farie Dragon rare in there which is not on the list.

    Finally, there's a lot of issues with the name hover the mod provides, causing multiple mob zones to flash instead of just the hovered name. It's not much of a real problem, since most rares are colour coded to their zones, but when two are the same colour it can be annoying when you hover the names, and three different mob zones flash.

    Last edited by Wyr3d on 6/29/2015 1:49:16 AM
  • #1056

    To the author of the addon:  If SolidIce is hosting it without your permission, send them, or their web hosting company, a DMCA takedown order.  According to a WhoIs lookup, SolidIce is hosted by Network Solutions LLC.

  • #1053

    I love this addon and have used it for many years.  It is always one of the first addons that I download.

    I do not understand the negative posts from above.  I question if that person is legit or merely pushing a different addon,.  Ignore them.

    These are great addons.  (I have no relation to the writers of this add on.  I a merely a very satisfied user.)

  • #1051

    I am having a serious issue with this addon.  It worked beautifully. But now it causes dead spots where the mobs name list is. The list use to be in the map, now it is in a separate window and wherever that window is it takes over and you CANNOT click on anything. I've tried moving the window to various locations and everywhere it winds up is in a bad spot so you can't click.  Please fix this issue!  Perhaps make it so you can remove that window, or put it back into the map itself.  Otherwise, I will have to stop using NPCScan because it is causing major drama.

  • #1058

    Sounds like you have a conflict with another add-on to me. Try loading just the overlay to see if it's fine without other mods running. If it is, then you have your answer. Just find what the conflicting Mod is.

    Alternatively you may need to delete your WTF and junk and reinstall all your Mods. :(

  • #1052

    If you want the mob list attached to the map again hold shift and mouse over the list.  This will force it to one of the corners of the map.  If you want to hide the list entirely click on the Toggle Mob Path Key button at the top right of the map.

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