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  • Updated 10/15/2014
  • Created 09/13/2009
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About _NPCScan.Overlay

If you care at all about my wishes, you won't download this AddOn from SolidIce: They are leeching it from the site I actually choose to put it on.

NPCScan.Overlay is an addition to _NPCScan that adds map overlays for rare mob patrols. When you search for a rare in _NPCScan, _NPCScan.Overlay will show where it patrols until you find it. It works similarly to keithgabryelski's Rare Spawn Overlay's , but supports the minimap and has a much smaller download size, along with a few new features.

Special thanks to Rare Spawn Overlay's patrol paths and Routes minimap drawing code for inspiration!

Note: _NPCScan.Overlay can integrate with _NPCScan if you have installed it, but make sure to keep both up to date if you do use both!

If you have a question check the FAQ, or a problem create a ticket


World Map

In addition to drawing paths on the World Map, _NPCScan.Overlay adds a key to a corner of the window with each rare's name. It only appears in zones that have rare maps, like Netherstorm as seen in the screenshot. Hovering over a mob's name in the key will cause the mob's path on the map to start flashing. If you need to read something under the key, it can be toggled by Clicking on the Key Toggle button on the map. The key can be repositioned by just moving your mouse over top of it while holding the shift key and the key will jump to a different corner.

Most map mods like Atlas will inherit the key and overlays from this module. Even Carbonite's map display will show them.

Battlefield Minimap

The small “Battlefield Minimap” (AKA the “Zone Map”) also shows mob paths.


All shapes and sizes of minimaps are supported. Rotating minimaps work fine as well.

One feature not shown in the screenshot is a thinner 100 yard range ring around your character. It helps you gauge _NPCScan's detection range, so you can sweep through zones more effectively. This option can be found in the Minimap subsection of the options panel, detailed below.


_NPCScan.Overlay's options can be found under _NPCScan's main options menu, under _NPCScan > Overlay or as its own entry of _NPCScan.Overlay if _NPCScan isn't installed. This panel can be opened with the “/npcscanoverlay slash command, or “/overlay” for short.

The “Always show all paths” checkbox at the top of the pane overrides the instructions of NPC tracking mods like _NPCScan to hide unused paths, and always displays all known paths instead.

The rest of the configuration pane lists each map display's options. You can enable/disable each map from here, as well as configure individual settings for them.

Each map display can have its overall transparency set independently with the “Alpha” slider, so that it doesn't obscure the maps themselves.

SLOKnightfall <>
2014-10-15 00:07:10 -0700

Tagging WoD Updates


    - Update Toc
    - Repositioned toggle buttons due to map layout changes. Changed key to be positioned to the right of the world map when it is minimized. Added WoD mobs to enUS localization Temporary disabled Alani's path


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  • #970

    when not in the big map is there anyway to disable the legend or could you please give us that option thank you. i cant put this damn thing anywhere without it being in the way even when its not visible cause it still blocks me from clicking anything anywhere in that area. not even a mob. or at least make it click through. i dont like it directly on the map cause when i put my mouse on the map the legend covers the whole friggen thing. on big map i dont care cause at least there its actually useful for me.

  • #971

    Follow the directions in the FAQ to hide it on the large map and it will be hidden on the small map also.  The key position is being reworked due to changes in the maps with Warlords.

    Last edited by SLOKnightfall on 8/21/2014 8:50:07 PM
  • #972

    thank you :))))))

  • #968

    what does the green check mark mean next to the names of the mobs you miss when you look at your map? :)

  • #969

    The green checkmark show up for mobs that you have killed that count towards an achievement.

  • #967

    I've got an issue with this and Carbonite. Not sure if this is Carbonite causing the issue or not, but the npcscan overlay reverts to 100% on its own anytime the map updates (like when any tracked icon pops up). I've even turned the overlay options for Always Show and Main Map off and the overlays just keep coming back at 100% transparency. Any idea what option toggles in NPCscan or Carbonite may be causing this?

    Die by the Arrow

  • #965

    This isn't entirely relevant, but I changed all the colours to make it easier to discern what mob is what. Now, things look fabulous. And it was important for me to share that.

    Here is a screenshot of vale's map, because that has plenty of rares to demonstrate with: Custom Colours for NPCScan Overlay

    I don't know if anyone wants this config file to share in the rainbow, but I still uploaded it just in case. ( )

  • #962

    Great addon, but everytime i close the npc alert the overlay for that npc is taken off also

  • #963

    In the Overlay settings menu, check the "Always show all paths" option.  This will have the Overlay display paths for mobs allready in the cache.

  • #959
    Problem with Npc_Scan Overlay and Carbonite

    Got a MAJOR problem with this addon and Carbonite.  The minimap buttons for Carbonite are being over-written with your buttons for showing legend and paths.  And the buttons it is over-writing are useful, like the warehouse button.  Have to right click on the toolbar on the map and stretch it out as far as it will go just to get the proper buttons to show instead of the crappy buttons you decided to add to this thing lately.  Only been going on for the last couple of updates.  Getting really fed up with it to the point I'm ready to un-install your addon and find something else that can do the job.  I already have to disable it just to look at my warehouse to see who has an item I need before having to login all my toons on a server to search for it.  Can we just put it back to the good old days when the blasted thing just showed the routes and the legend by default?  I do miss that terribly.  Either that or put in an option to turn off your blasted buttons so I can have my carbonite buttons I use like every 10 minutes?  Getting tired of having to turn off the addon that often just to accomplish something.  And moving the carbonite toolbar does nothing.  I have moved it all over the map and they still get over-written in each location.  FIX THIS.

    Last edited by BamaWolf on 7/14/2014 2:28:27 AM
  • #964

    Think you could be less of a jerk and be greatful someone is actually working on an addon like this? Before you complain about the issues maybe you should go write your own one instead of being condescending and "demanding" the author fix these things.

    They have lives to. Be greatful this addon exist. If your not happy go find "another one".

    Bugs exist, its part of writing this stuff. Its not magically going to work first time with other addons since all addons are different.


    tldr - Be patient and chill out. Stuff breaks.

    Last edited by jpsgaming on 7/20/2014 10:25:53 PM
  • #961

    The issue should be fixed in the alpha version and will be rolled into the next release.

  • #960

    It should not be overwriting the carbonite buttons, so I'll look into the issue and try to get it fixed.  When changes get made sometime bugs slip through, and they are not going to get fixed unless someone reports them.  You are the first person to report the issue which is why it hasn't been addressed yet.

  • #956

    I love this addon! I am able to see the overlay on all my toons but one. I have tryed everything and can't think what is wrong. Its just one char out of 10 that can not use it. Have any ideas what I can check?

  • #958

    Thanks all fixed! Love the add ;)


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