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  • Updated 11/24/2014
  • Created 09/13/2009
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About _NPCScan.Overlay

If you care at all about my wishes, you won't download this AddOn from SolidIce: They are leeching it from the site I actually choose to put it on.

NPCScan.Overlay is an addition to _NPCScan that adds map overlays for rare mob patrols. When you search for a rare in _NPCScan, _NPCScan.Overlay will show where it patrols until you find it. It works similarly to keithgabryelski's Rare Spawn Overlay's , but supports the minimap and has a much smaller download size, along with a few new features.

Special thanks to Rare Spawn Overlay's patrol paths and Routes minimap drawing code for inspiration!

Note: _NPCScan.Overlay can integrate with _NPCScan if you have installed it, but make sure to keep both up to date if you do use both!

If you have a question check the FAQ, or a problem create a ticket


World Map

In addition to drawing paths on the World Map, _NPCScan.Overlay adds a key to a corner of the window with each rare's name. It only appears in zones that have rare maps, like Netherstorm as seen in the screenshot. Hovering over a mob's name in the key will cause the mob's path on the map to start flashing. If you need to read something under the key, it can be toggled by Clicking on the Key Toggle button on the map. The key can be repositioned by just moving your mouse over top of it while holding the shift key and the key will jump to a different corner.

Most map mods like Atlas will inherit the key and overlays from this module. Even Carbonite's map display will show them.

Battlefield Minimap

The small “Battlefield Minimap” (AKA the “Zone Map”) also shows mob paths.


All shapes and sizes of minimaps are supported. Rotating minimaps work fine as well.

One feature not shown in the screenshot is a thinner 100 yard range ring around your character. It helps you gauge _NPCScan's detection range, so you can sweep through zones more effectively. This option can be found in the Minimap subsection of the options panel, detailed below.


_NPCScan.Overlay's options can be found under _NPCScan's main options menu, under _NPCScan > Overlay or as its own entry of _NPCScan.Overlay if _NPCScan isn't installed. This panel can be opened with the “/npcscanoverlay slash command, or “/overlay” for short.

The “Always show all paths” checkbox at the top of the pane overrides the instructions of NPC tracking mods like _NPCScan to hide unused paths, and always displays all known paths instead.

The rest of the configuration pane lists each map display's options. You can enable/disable each map from here, as well as configure individual settings for them.

Each map display can have its overall transparency set independently with the “Alpha” slider, so that it doesn't obscure the maps themselves.

SLOKnightfall <>
2014-11-24 00:06:12 -0800

New tag to fix bad merge


    - Added Draenor Rare mob locations


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  • #998

    There are currently no mobs for Draenor added yet.  Check to see if it shows overlays for older zones.

  • #999

    It does work for mop and back just not draenor.

  • #996

    Is there a way to show the rares that drop mounts in Draenor on this? Would be really helpful. Thank you for the wonderful addon though, I use it all the time :)

    Last edited by Tasharene on 11/18/2014 8:18:42 PM
  • #994

    According to the Overlay, the (elite) rare mob Trigore the Lasher is by Far Watch Post in Northern Barrens. This is obviously not the case. This mob supposedly spawns within the Wailing Caverns, much like Boahn does.

  • #995

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll get it fixed for the next build.

  • #992

    Hi, I have the latest update, but Overlay is not showing on the map in Draenor, I have not checked the older areas....  Have I missed something?

  • #993

    Draenor rares have not been added as of yet.  It should be done later this week.

  • #991

    Hi... please fix the zoom in/ out bad behavior. Not very polished and it has unecessary options. Interface design, mob path key frame and buttons not integrated in wow, 6/ 10. Thanks. A good example is PetTracker.

    Last edited by vaargrr on 11/11/2014 9:43:47 PM
  • #988

    My Dears,
    I always used and loved your addon but since it seems NPC scan won't be usable with the sound allert any more, would be great to have at least NPC SCAN OVERLAY as a separate single light addon just for the Rare paths to be followed by each player instead of something to be used only together NPC SCAN.

    In this way we could at least keep using something made from NPC Scan family in the meanwhile.

  • #989

    NPCScan.Overlay has always been a seperate addon and can be used with out needing NPCScan.

  • #985

    Hate to be that guy, but why not add the map options; 'Toggle Tracked Mob Paths' & 'Toggle Mob Path Key' into the magnifining glass drop down menu with the other map options?

  • #986

    In the past adding to the Blizzard drop down menus causes taint errors with the CompactRaidFrames.  I am unsure if this has been fixed with the new menus or not.  If it is then the options can be move to it.  I'll probably wait a bit for all the 6.0 bugs to get worked out before looking into it again.

  • #980

    There is a list of rares that pops up. Is there a way to hid the list so everytime I mouse over the mini map the list does not show?

  • #983

    You must be using a map addon as the key does not show up on the minmap by default. See here.if you are useing Carbonite.  If you are using some other addon, try bringing up the default world map and folowing the instructions and that should disable it.

  • #978

    This is probably the second or third update where I have to go back in and change something manually. I keep putting this comment off.

    Anyways, is there a way to disable Alani's path in Vale? Every update, I have to go back in and delete that whole line. Alani isn't listed anywhere in the rare lists.

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