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About _NPCScan

_NPCScan helps you find rare mobs through the use of dynamic target macros, mouse over alerts and for Vignette mobs proximity. Once a mob is found by one of these methods an on screen alert is displayed, in addition to an audio alert.

_NPCScan & Warlords

Due to changes in how the game caches mobs in WoD, it is looking like _NPCScan will no longer be able to auto detect non-Vignette mobs. Due to this the only way to find pre-MoP rares via _NPCScan will be via mouse over, nameplate, or the new dynamic target macro keybind being added. The new keybind will trigger a /targetexact …” macro that updates with tracked mobs based on the zone you are currently in. Vignette mobs will still automatically trigger an alert when the mob gets in range, and should work more reliably due to updates to the Vignette API.

V6.x Changes
  • Cache Scanning Removed - Due to changes in the way WoW cache mobs, NPCScan can no longer auto alert when mobs are nearby like it use to.
  • Dynamic TargetExact Macro Keybind - NPCScan now has a keybind you can set that will try to /exacttarget tracked mobs. This macro will dynamically update based on the zone you are in and which mobs are being tracked.
  • Updated Vignette Alerts - Vignette Alerts are now more reliable and show the actual mob when detected the majority of time.

If you have a question check the FAQ, or a problem create a ticket

If you have a question/comment about _NPCScan.Overlay please post it in it's comment section.


Dynamic Target Keybind

NPCScan now includes a keybinding that will trigger a stored dynamic target macro. Each time it is pressed, the keybind will trigger a /targetexact <mob name> for every tracked mobs in the current zone you are in, in addition to any custom added mobs. This macro will be auto updated based on the zone you are currently in. To access this feature, just set a keybind under the Key Bindings->Addons->_NPCScan->Dynamic Target Macro section. Note: To search via the keybind, you will need to continuously push the bind. Pushing it once will only trigger it once, it does not auto scan like it did Pre WoD.


NPCScan now tracks "vignettes". These are the little skulls appear on the minimap, that denote rare mobs. This is a beta feature and is disabled by default. Enabling this feature will alert you to a rare that's within minimap range, without any worries about having to clear your cache. When you get an alert you will be shown a target button similar to the standard mob alert, letting you know that a vignette mob was detected. Clicking on the target button will try and target the mob.


If you have nameplates turned on, NPCScan now has the ability to trigger alerts off them. This method is not completely reliable as it has to rely on name comparison, so if mob name that NPCScan has does not match it will not trigger an alert. Also the range is limited as you need to get close enough to a mob to have the game display its name plate.

Addons that modify nameplates may interfere with this.

“Found” Alert

When a rare mob is found, _NPCScan alerts you by playing a loud and distinctive sound, making your screen pulse red, and displaying an animated Targeting Button. To get a feel for what this alert looks and sounds like, try the “Test Found Alert” button in the addon's main Interface Options panel. (See the Options section below.)

Targeting Button

When clicked, the targeting button tries to target the most-recently-found mob.&nbsp; You can also bind a key to hit this button. If the default button position isn't to your liking, you can move it while holding your CTRL key.

Note: The button cannot be shown during combat. In the unlikely case that you do find a rare while fighting, the button will appear after you leave combat. You will still hear the alert however, and the name of the mob will appear in your chat log.


_NPCScan's main options window can be accessed from the Interface Options menu. This panel includes a “Test Found Alert” button, various ways to customize the alert sound, and an option to suppress cache warning messages on log-in. New sounds can be added to the alert sound dropdown menu by installing SharedMedia-type addons.

Search List

The list of mobs that _NPCScan searches for can be modified easily through the Interface Options panel, however it comes pre-configured with most rare mobs.; To access the mob list, type “/npcscan”. Grayed out NPCs in a list aren't being searched for, either because they're cached or not needed for their achievement.

The first tab available lists Custom NPCs that you can enter or remove manually. NPCs that are already cached show a red “X” in the first column. You can add or remove Custom NPCs with the [+] and [-] buttons at the bottom right.

All other tabs control achievements like Bloody Rareand Frostbitten. These tabs show an additional column on the right with green check marks for completed achievement mobs. You may enable or disable tracking each achievement with its tab's checkbox.

To remove non custom mobs from a tab, click on the mob that you want to remove and then click on the "Remove" button. This will remove the selected mob from the current tab and add it to the Ignore List Tab. If you ever want to restore a Ignored Mob, select it from the "Ignore List" tab, click the "Remove" button and it should be added back to its original tab.

The “Search for completed Achievement NPCs” checkbox at the top left of the pane allows you to keep looking for mobs you no longer need for achievements.

Finding NPC IDs

A mob's NPC ID is its unique identification number, and it can be found on sites like WowHead or WowDB For example, search for the mob “Dirkee” on WowHead and go to the mob's page.&nbsp; That page's URL will look like

32500 is Dirkee's NPC ID.

James D. Callahan III <>
2016-02-08 04:43:44 -0600

Localization updates.


No changelog


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  • #1598

    ok when i log into wow u know u got the tab that says add ons ok well its on that list and i checked it and said load out of date stuff ok when i go in world its no where to be found i go to inferface etc its not on that list i've deleted it cleaned the cache re down load and its still not working

  • #1591

    Hey guys, I'm just thinking?

    Would'nt it be better if you had a script that could automaticly run between the spawn points, when you AFK or sleeping? I'm farming Poseidus atm. But out of the 4(5) spawn points it reduced my chance to catch it with 75%. And if it's not possible because of terms, why can we then have anti-AFK programs, marcos and so on without getting banned? Moving from the diffrent spawn points would'nt disturb anyone, unless they are farming the same mount? And there has to be some challenge, but im just saying it would be alot easier.


    Image eksample:

  • #1593

    That would be automated gameplay, and as such isn't allowed. A macro doesn't play the game for you-- having a bot that moved your character from one location to another would be "playing the game" for you. It would be a bannable offense IMO.

  • #1590

    Terrorpene just disappeared from NPCScan and NPCScan overlay over night.. Is there something I missed? I've cleared cache, relogged, exit/enter game, different toons etc, it's just gone.

    Deleting an NPC is one thing, but when it disappears from the Overlay as well I'm thinking this is done on the Author end :o

  • #1589

    My question...

    Does this addon work in Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor?  I've been debating whether I want to use this addon or Silver Dragon, but if this doens't work in the old world...then it's not the one for me.

    The reason I ask is I flew very close to 2 rares yesterday and NPC didn't do a thing.

  • #1606

    No, it doesn't work for that -- you're better off with Silver Dragon for vanilla rares.  It does work in Cata zones for the new rares just fine.

  • #1588

    I really like NPCScan, but the thing that I most dislike is once it finds a rare, it will not alert you again of that rare for a considerable period of time.  This is very irratating when you find a rare and that toon already has killed it, but another toon still needs it.  NPCScan will not find the rare again on the alt and you have to manually find them if you can.

  • #1592

    If you read the description, it says that once a mob is found and cached you have to delete the cache before it's found again. If you found a rare on one character, log out and delete your cache, the alert will be shown as soon as you find it again

  • #1587

    That would be the same known problem with all mobs, and not just pets. You probably seen Npcscan alerts go off when any rare is dead too. Once we actually click to target the mob will the blizzard functions know the difference between alive, dead and tamed, but is too late because the alert already popped up to annoy us. Unfortunately, blizz has blocked /target from being run automatically from addons to check all this before the alert pops.

  • #1585

    I would love it if NPC Scan could tell the difference between a LIVE & UNTAMED beast to one that's tamed or dead.

    "No other object has been misidentified as a flying saucer more often than the planet Venus..." 
    X-Files Ep: 3x20 - Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'

  • #1584

    Total rubbish... I load the add on and as soon as I enter a new zone the scan tool catches all of the rares listed and deletes them from the registry...

  • #1597

    I have noted a similar behaviour. I now have deleted the creaturecache file *twice*, but it still lists a large number of rares as cached although I definitely did not get any alarms and have not even *been* in those zones. It puzzles me greatly. I will uninstall and reinstall this addon and see if that helps.

  • #1583

    Sometimes _npcscan will find something when I'm on a flightpath, which is fine - I just don't know where to go look when I've landed. A spot on the minimap and/or some coordinates of where said mob was last seen would be really useful.


  • #1586
    Quote from livejamie »

    ... A spot on the minimap and/or some coordinates of where said mob was last seen would be really useful ...

    Search for and install the Npcscan Overlay addon. It has the option called, "Show 100 yard ring for approximate detection range (on the main world map or minimap)"

  • #1582

    Hi, does teh Mysterious Camel figurine also come under teh creaturecache or does it come under one of the others? I am asking this because i had it go off once in almost a year, i have cleared the creaturecache file, yet it has never ever gone off since, and that time another player had got to it before me.

    I am on practically an empty server, i have spent hrs just flying round very low, but now i am beginning to wonder if this item exists anymore or if npc scan detects it (i know that /tar macro no longer works) and that npc scan is supposed to detect but not target it anymore. Just wondering if blizard have changed that so it can no lomnger be detected by npc scan? Either that or the server i am on has it continously bugged and it never spawns up.

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