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  • Project Manager: d87
  • World of Warcraft
  • 45,505 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 3,416,758 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/10/2014
  • Created 07/21/2006
  • 1,299 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 6.0.12c

About NugComboBar

Class resource tracking:
Combo points for Rogues and Druids.
Holy Power for Paladins
Chi for Monks
Shards, Burning Embers, Demonic Fury for Warlocks
Shadow Orbs, Evangelism for Priests
Meatcleaver for Warriors
Arcane Charges for Mages.
Maelstrom Weapon, Fulmination charges for Shamans
Starsurge, Pulverize Lacerate for Druids
Shadow Infusion, Blood Charges for DK.
Frenzy for Hunters

Striped Skin
Makina Skin <- Cataclysm skin

My other combat addons:
NugRunning - Spell timers
NugEnergy - Energy/Rage/Balance tracker
NugHealth - Tanking Healthbar

 - Incanter's Flow for non-Arcane mages

 - Lightning Shield charges now go up to 20 and displayed as progress

 - Option to change alpha
 - Fixed a bug with Empowered Shadow Orbs not  being detected on login
 - "/ncb special" command for mages(missile procs) and
deathknights(Scent of Blood)

 - Windwalker Monk perk support

 - Support for Empowered Shadow Orbs

 - Blood Charges for DK if talented and not Unholy

 - Using UnitPower for CPs now

 - funnel presets just do not work, if you scale the bar below 0.9
   Automatically scaling up if it is detected

 - Workaround for combo points to be visible without a target

 - Changed fulmination to fill up to 14
 - Removed mushroom from Restoration Druid
 - Arance Missiles update (disabled by default)
 - GUI module ToC updated

 - ToC updated to 60000
 - added Starsurge charges
 - added Lacerate stacks when pulverize talent is chosen
 - added Unyielding Strikes
 - arcane mage arcane missle proc counter removed

 - added sound notification

 - fixed a bug with older skins causing crash

 - vertical orientation is now possible
 - aspect ratio autodetection for 3 monitor setups, 16:10, 16:9, 4:3
 - searing flames enabled for shamans

 - Resoration Druid mushroom now counts as 3 to match Balance setup

 - new preset: glowHoly

 - Stagger bar
 - TOC update
 - Monk bugfixes

 - Taste for Blood now rolls over to second layer after 3 points

 - Updated for new Taste for Blood
 - GUI module toc updated

 - ToC updated to 50300
 - removed the possibility to return default class frames without reloading ui, along with any ties to ShadowedUF stuff

 - Bugfix for offset adjustment on non-global configurations.
   (It's always global now)

 - Hide w/o target option
 - Custom point offset for weird resolutions
 - Demonology->Destruction switch bug fixed
 - Anticipation is now correcly consumed only on damaging finishers.
   When anticipation charges are exceeding current amount of CPs,
   they're displayed in status bar.

 - electricBlue skin restored

 - added option to toggle second layer
 - fixed glitchy animation of second layer transitions
 - updated ruRU localization
 - Makina and Striped skins updated

 - Anticipation as second layer
 - Colored light for 3d effects
 - PlayerModel type support (unused, buggy)
 - Evangelism bugfix
 - Druid 2pc setbonus should no longer cause bug with 1st point animation

 - Arcane Mage now using 4 point layout

 - ToC updated to 50200
 - removed broken electricBlue preset
 - Show Always now appears in options menu

 - fixed a error when LibStub wasn't loaded

 - fixed a bug with addon stuck being hidden after swapping to disabled spec
 - Hide out of combat option

 - druid bearform bugfix

 - console commands list bug fixed
 - not showing mushrooms in feral specs
 - toggleblizz works even if disabled
 - localization updated

 - Monk update for 5.1

 - ToC Updated
 - Wild Mushrooms
 - Specialization-level configuration, i.e. you can now disable addon for some specs or change visuals/position for each spec

 - fixed Anticipation (I finally got to 90 lvl rogue on ptr)

 - Meatcleaver duration
 - Anticipation support for rogues. I haven't tested it.

 - fixed issue with displaced points in 3d mode.
 It was caused by different aspect ratio of game resolution.
 Fix basically detects what resolution you have and if it's not something rare (eyefinity) then it'll probably compensate for this offset.
 - Removed Lacerate. It's useless now that Pulverize is gone
 - Added meat cleaver for warriors.

 - zhCN localization
 - bugfix for Show Always
 - Demonic Fury bar now fading as shards and embers
 - Show Always option
 - Small bugfixes

5.0.5a: Forgot to pack Options module
 - Better fading, mostly for warlocks.
 - Also showEmpty now works only inside combat
 - Demonic Fury bar now scales with main addon frame

 - Numeric display for demonic fury
 - Small bugfixes

 - Bugfix, nothing was working when on class other than warlock
 - zhTW localization
 - Taste for blood added
 - Fixed "Disabled" checkbox

 - Demonic Fury support

 - Fixed bug when attempting to change color for 6th point

 - ToC Updated to 50001
 - Added support for glyph of burning embers

 - Russian localization
 - Bugfixes

 - Added several new presets
 - Bugfix for classes without configuration

 - GUI Options module
 - Updated skin
 - Dynamic Class-specific switching
 - Support for 2-6 points instead of old 3/5.

 - TOC Update
 - Fixed Ready Set Aim for MM hunters

 - When CPs drop to 0, bar will fade only after few seconds, /ncb hideslowly to toggle it
 - Option to disable blizzard holypower bar, shard bar and combo bar
 - Arena/bg leaving bug should be fixed
 - WoW 4.2 animation issue fixed
 - TOC updated
 - Classic skin is also updated on wowinterface
 - Tracking only your Lacerate debuff
 - Shadow Infusion enabled by default
 - fixed typo with scaling
 - /ncb disable command
 - TOC bumped to 40100
 - showempty option
 - ready set aim and frenzy for hunters (not tested)


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  • #739

    d87 Hi,

    Ever since 6.0 was implemented I have been having this issue and only just realised it was this addon through Ravenholdt IIRC help.

    Combat Rogue's using anticipation: If you stack to 6 or more Combo points and use Slice n Dice or Rejuvenation Nug Combo bar will wipe all of the saved combo points instead of just 5 giving you the illusion that you just spent more than 5 combo points on SnD or Rejuv.

    i.e I get to 10 CP's use SnD, nug shows I have 1 CP.

  • #741

    When you use non-targeted finishers (snd and recup), anticipation charges stay unspent.

    in that case, ncb stores them in progress bar until it can show them again as a second layer. (that is when actual current CP >= anticipation charges).

    you're probably using skins and they don't support this progress bar, so you just don't see it.

    and that 1 cp is from Relentless Strikes.

    In short, disable skin and you'll get it

    Last edited by d87 on 1/12/2015 9:51:11 AM
  • #740

    The thing is though, the standerd UI also does this so not sure if there was anyway to show it in bug combo bar or not?

  • #738

    hi there,was wondering,how do i move the progress a warlock and its right by the right side of my head..would like to move it to my feet. Thanks

  • #742

    you can't move progress bar, but if you need to move addon frame then use Unlock button or /ncb unlock

  • #735

    How do I turn off stagger bar? Im kinda new to that addon i like it but I dont want stagger bar there :)

  • #736

    "Disable Progress Bar" checkbox

  • #737

    Thank you kindly

  • #731

    Hey, everytime i'm running with this addon i keep getting randomly kicked out of stealth? Even when i'm afk? I really like this addon so i hope you could look into this!

  • #732

    nah... that's impossible

  • #734

    I know you're just trying to fix your issue, but

    1) There's nothing in this addon that could possibly cancel your stealth, it just shows stuff.

    2) Even if i wanted to, things like aura canceling are protected and require user input. The only thing i can think of that can break stealth and is unprotected is summoning minipet

    3) If it really was the case, other people would notice by now

    For all i know, someone thrown a snowball at you while you were afk or you got werid macro or your keyboard is doing arbitrary keypresses (all of these are much more probable causes). And now i should embark on a journey of trying to reproduce some magical random bug without any info on it, other than it's just random.

    Sorry for ranting, but i can't help you here

    Last edited by d87 on 1/4/2015 1:45:57 PM
  • #733

    Well i contacted blizzard support about the issue i'm having... They told me the cause of this usually is a ''corrupted addon'' After i did some testing... it seemed to come from your addon... I'm running it deactivated for a few play hours now... and did not have any issues at all... Which i've never had before...

    Last edited by Zilveros on 1/3/2015 3:01:47 PM
  • #729

    How do I get my Rogue Combo points to look like the example picture?

    See below:

    Last edited by supersonic159 on 12/28/2014 2:12:37 AM
  • #730


    install makina skin

  • #727

    awesome work, it helps a lot.  But may i ask is there a way to remove that ticking sound?

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