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  • Project Manager: d87
  • World of Warcraft
  • 4,033 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 103,388 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/10/2014
  • Created 11/05/2010
  • 62 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: NugRunning 6.0.5

About NugRunning

Rotational timer addon for all classes.
- Timers are customizable for each spell
- Supports groups, priorities and is able to normalize selected timers duration and hence bring them to a common speed
- Multitarget, works with combat log
- Works with cooldowns, totems, internal cooldowns, castbar timers.
- Support for dot/gcd ticks, Pandemic and similar WoD dot mechanic
- Nameplate timers (supports TinyPlates, by default only for warlock and priest)

- Good default config for most classes.
WoD version brought up the quality for Paladins, Monks, Druids, Hunters, Mages. Previously they weren't especially good.
- Relatively easy to skin, still no ingame GUI

/nrun - list of slash commands

NugRunning on github

For detailed customizatation of spell list/settings edit user config module.
NugRunningUserConfig wiki page

- UnitAura-only buffs
- glow2, used for Shuffle

- fixed a bug with proficiency on warrior

- Empowered Seals added
- Rogue update

- Major update for Monk, small updates for Paladins and Warriors
- Gradient colors
- Several bugfixes

- WoD update
- snapshotting features removed
- 30% "pandemic" display for many dot spells
- hunter, shaman, balance druid configs greatly improved

- Dot power persists through soul swap
- Hacks for 5.4 combat log mess with Agony

- bugfixes

- fixed corruption on live
- showid for all timer types

- Dot ticks
- /nrun targettext
- Some preparations for 5.4 PTR

- Rain of Fire timer
- Fire and Brimstone Immolate added

- Update for warrior 5.2 overpower changes
- ToC updated to 50200

- Immune timers no longer appear.

- Miss notification timers, some warlocks now play without a hitcap, so that became important.
- TidyPlates alpha support
- Priest config update, mainly for discipline.
- shine animation bug fixed for real

- multitarget timers duration bug fixed
- fixed strange bug with shine animation getting stuck

- /nrun listauras <target|player> - command to display spell IDs of applied auras.
- /nrun lock command fixed
- scale timer option. Which is a vertical scaling of a timer for given spell.
- affilliation option. It can be "raid" or "any", replaces anySource, while it still works it is now equals to affiliation = "raid"
- Warriors now can see banner timers from other warriors.

- Fix for 5.1 nameplate changes

- ToC Updated to 50100
- Anchors and groups are now configurable, "/nrun separate" removed.
- Warrior fury config updates
- Haunt duration overlay for affliction dots
- Dot power value now ignores damage multipliers. I'm not really sure if it's right, but it shouldn't mess up indicators in demo anymore.

- Warrior config updates
- Dot power level difference now displayed as text
- Calibri font included as default. Instead of

- Rain of Fire and Backdraft timers
- SoC-Corruption now comes as a separate multitarget timer
- Shield Barrier and PW:S now display absorb value

- Corruption from soc (that's a separate spell) removed, it was spammy. Nothing is probably better than 20 timer column. I'll try to do something with that and void ray sometime later
- Tiger Power and Serpent's Zeal
- Nameplates configuration (w,h,x,y) from config

- dot power feature (warlock only for now): indicator of whether your dots on target are stronger or weaker than those you can apply at the moment. Thanks to pandemic you have the choice to wait for them to fully expire or refresh asap based on your current stats/buffs.
/nrun dotpower to turn it off
ligher = dot's power level on target is higher than yours
darker = dot's power level is lower than yours

- overlay, which serves mostly the same purposes as the recast mark.

- added Rune of Power and Invoker's Energy
- bugfix for 5.1.1
- added/fixed Savage Defense, Survival Instincts, Bear Berserk, Nature's Vigil
- specmask, weakened blows now only shows up for tanking specs
- Enrage ant Tiger Power buffs

- Nameplate timers (disabled by default, /nrun nameplates). They're not configurable yet, and positioned to fit default nameplates.
- leaveghost now disabled by default too, it may cause some hanging timers when switching rotation for some classes.

- new feature: effect-cooldown timer pair (after effect timer fades cooldown timer activates). Only used on Bloodbath atm
- Fixed SW:Death timer, added Mind Flay for the sake of visualisation
- Second part of warlock Pandemic update

- Warlock config changes to support Pandemic
- /nrun leaveghost - don't hide target/player ghost timers in combat (enabled by default)

- Totems bugfix
- Mortal Strike now refreshing Overpower
- Fixed shockwave and piercing howl
- Added Storm Bolt, Bloodbath and banners
- A lot of color and priority changes

- Several fixes for warrior

- New "singletarget" timers (Weakened Armor/Blows, Curse of Elements, DK debuffs)
- Config tweaks for warlock, priest, warrior
- Where it wasn't before, spell count now updating on existing "unit targets".

- one more awesome bug that happens when i don't test anything
- Fixed Weakened Armor/Blows refresh on non-player auras
- Small config tweaks for some classes

- Updated remaining DK, paladin and shaman configs

- Fixed bug that caused major performance issues
- Fixed Leg Sweep to be properly considered as multitarget

- Fixes for Warrior

Updated to WoW 5.0
Recharging cooldowns support.

- 4.2 hack now scanning more more units
- Unlocked resize bug fixed
NOTE: There was a mistake in 4.4.1 release of userconfig docs. texture and fonts customizations now should be NugRunningConfig.texture instead of NugRunning.texture
- NugRunningConfig.width and NugRunningConfig.height added to userconfig
- fontscale removed
- Negative priorities now possible
- Drain soul ticks accuracy improved, at least after first tick.
- Timer frame now completely separate from addon functionality, so it can be easily modified.
- UserConfig module and several related small changes. See userconfig.lua for a guide
- Enrage timer bug probably fixed.
- EventTimers for internal cooldowns
- Improved hack for 4.2 bug (they won't fix it for a looong time if ever):
updating info from target unit when switching targets
- TOC update
- SnD, Rupture, MS, ShSlam, BT now use fixedlen option.
- Enrage timer & Raging blow fading for fury warriors, Revenge timer, resetable cooldowns improvements
- Warlock config fixes by DagonX, Hungering cold id changed
- fixedlen & 4.2 hack bug, combo points bug, rogue config tweaks
- In 4.2 all unconventionally refreshing spells stopped generating SPELL_AURA_REFRESH event for combat log.
- Workaround for that (works only on target and player)
- Update for WoW 4.2 combat log changes
- /nrun swaptarget option
- Update for WoW 4.1
- drain soul bug fixed
- fixedlen, glowtime config options (not really used)
- special shadow orbs timer for priests
- minor config changes
- typo in paladin config
- set fontscale option
- set width/height bug fixed
(these features only configured for warlocks and priests atm)
- "Ghost timers"
- Priorities, that allow to make static timer order. Timers without them will be still sorted by time left.
4.0.1: shaman spells and totems now updated for cataclysm
4.0: stackcolor, small frame construcion fixes
4.0 beta1: rewritten. (while you may not notice)
Also updates for some classes. Drain soul plugin now merged into core addon.
Totems disabled.

2.9.5: mages, hunters, deathknights updated
2.9.2: Animations, Infinite Timers, Spell Activation timers

2.5.6: little fixes for paladins, hunters, warlocks. + localized spell names option

2.5.5: anySource and target options added. anySource = true means that spell appliacation/refresh from other players is tracked too, and target = "target" (any unit id) means that spell will only start a timer if you're targeting it. => Warrior's sunder armor, thunder clap, demoshout now updated correctly from other tanks.
Eradication, 4pc warlock t10 setbonus, crippling poison added.

2.5.4: nontargetopacity option + mb something else

2.5.3: update for dks. blood plague and frost fever timers now updating for current target

2.5.2: holy vengeance, tiger's fury added. bug with cooldown and buff timers with same ids (thanks to yaroot)

2.5.1: cot, cow, coex added, selfbuff/cooldown arrangement fixed

2.5: optimizations, cooldown improvements

2.4: Cooldown revisited, now correctly disables timer when cooldown is reset
removed corruption supporting code, now with refresh on filler spell it's not that important
config file design changed, now for dynamic durations there's special function field "init". typos possible

2.3.2: haste function improvements, horn of winter added

2.3.1: Added Dismantle and Envenom, removed Vampiric Embrace
Also some 3.3 enchancements for Affliction Warlock Corruption

2.3: Totems, minor stuff and bugfixes

2.2: Sync between UNIT AURA and CLEU
Commanding Shout added

Shaman spells

Hunter spells
Expose Armor

S'n'D probably not yet
Position reseting fixed

Drain Soul ticks plugin
Warlock pet spells
Mage spells
Paladin spells

Warrior spells
Core DK spells
maxtimers option to prevent spam from pestilence.

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  • #80

    Back again, still love the addon! Any way to pull rogue Anticipation charges (spell: 114015) and display them? Tried fiddling with the GetCP function a bit, but to no avail :(

  • #81

    Anticipation is just a simple aura. But i assume it doesn't work properly if you're asking, and that's probably because it's one of those special buffs that do not show up in combat log.

    It should be fixed in the next release

    Or don't torture yourself and use NugComboBar or other CP addon

    Last edited by d87 on 11/29/2014 1:15:08 PM
  • #78

    Having some trouble getting the Dancing Steel proc to show... I have the agility version for which the spellID is 118334, but it still isn't working after adding it to the lua. Additionally, the proc is not showing when using nrun debug (which is probably the problem). As such, is it possible to add this spell?

  • #79

    Yeah, RPPM procs just don't appear as "from character"

    Here's an example with jade spirit:

    Spell( 104993 ,{ name = "Jade Spirit", affiliation = "any", color = colors.LGREEN, target= "player", group = "procs", duration = 10 })

    Last edited by d87 on 11/24/2013 9:08:46 AM
  • #74

    Hi, I just downloaded the addon and it is so so useful. But I have a question, I just want to see the dots on the namplates of my enemy, how can I hide the main zone where the debuffs are shown?

    Thank you for this awesome addon. 

  • #75

    in config.lua find this:

    NugRunningConfig.anchors = {
        main = {
            { name = "player", gap = 10, alpha = 1 },
            { name = "target", gap = 10, alpha = 1},
            { name = "buffs", gap = 25, alpha = 1},
            { name = "offtargets", gap = 6, alpha = .7},
        secondary = {
            { name = "procs", gap = 10, alpha = .8},

    and set alpha to 0 everywhere. It's pretty stupid, but there's no other way

  • #77

    Thank you so much.

  • #69


    1. I am experiencing some troubles with the ElvUI Skin, it bugs out the entire addon, so I am assuming it doesn't work, not too surprising though as it hasn't been updated for 1 year or so.

    2. On another note, I am trying to skin the addon myself to fit the ElvUI theme, but I am struggling to add a border, or for that matter to increase the alpha of the default "border". I am aware that the addon doesn't use a border by default, so I am wondering if it is even possible to add one atm.

    3. Another Problem I have encountered is if I am trying to remove a spell/cd w/e, the entire Addon stops working, so I guess simply adding Spell(xxxxxx, nil) somewhere within the class module doesn't work. I also had no luck editing this line: Spell( 103103 ,{ name = "Malefic Grasp", tick = 1, overlay = {"tick", "tickend"}, showpower = true, priority = 14, duration = 4, color = colors.CURSE, target = "target" })

    (I want to remove Malefic Grasp as clipping for recasting it with a stronger version is almost always a dps loss and therefor I don't need it displayed)

    Thanks in advance


    Last edited by nephalat on 10/3/2013 9:50:13 AM
  • #70

    1) yes, probably outdated

    2) Well, you can override or wrap stuff from frame.lua and then you can skin it pretty much however you want <timerframe>:SetBackdrop(...) is the usual way to add borders

    3) Turn on Interface > Help > Display Lua errors, you'll see what error pops up

  • #73

    Much appreciated! Thanks for the quick response.

  • #72

    i see, i'll fix it in the next release.

    for now just use "NugRunningConfig[id] = nil" for spell types instead

    Last edited by d87 on 10/4/2013 5:53:58 AM
  • #71


    your advice worked like a charm so far. Regarding 3. this is the lua error I received once I reloaded my Interface after the change:

    Message: Interface\AddOns\NugRunning\helpers.lua:58: attempt to index local 'opts' (a nil value)
    Time: 10/04/13 12:31:47
    Count: 1
    Stack: Interface\AddOns\NugRunning\helpers.lua:58: in function `Spell'
    Interface\AddOns\NugRunning\config.lua:113: in main chunk

    Locals: id = 103103
    opts = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = "attempt to index local 'opts' (a nil value)"

    I somehow don't feel smarter. ;)



  • #68

    How can i hide it in combat?

  • #67

    Leave your totem to instance and happens this...

    Counter wont stop calculating negative numbers until you /reload

  • #66

    config.lua:344 print("asdkal;sd")

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