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  • Project Manager: d87
  • World of Warcraft
  • 1,264 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 125,265 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/27/2014
  • Created 11/05/2010
  • 76 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 6.0.7

About NugRunning

Rotational timer addon for all classes.
- Timers are customizable for each spell
- Supports groups, priorities and is able to normalize selected timers duration and hence bring them to a common speed
- Multitarget, works with combat log
- Works with cooldowns, totems, internal cooldowns, castbar timers.
- Support for dot/gcd ticks, Pandemic and similar WoD dot mechanic
- Nameplate timers (supports TinyPlates, by default only for warlock and priest)

- Good default config for most classes.
WoD version brought up the quality for Paladins, Monks, Druids, Hunters, Mages. Previously they weren't especially good.
- Relatively easy to skin, still no ingame GUI

/nrun - list of slash commands

NugRunning on github

For detailed customizatation of spell list/settings edit user config module.
NugRunningUserConfig wiki page

- Affiliation check for UnitAura activations

- glow2 fix
- Hemo and Find Weakness added

- UnitAura-only buffs
- glow2, used for Shuffle

- fixed a bug with proficiency on warrior

- Empowered Seals added
- Rogue update

- Major update for Monk, small updates for Paladins and Warriors
- Gradient colors
- Several bugfixes

- WoD update
- snapshotting features removed
- 30% "pandemic" display for many dot spells
- hunter, shaman, balance druid configs greatly improved

- Dot power persists through soul swap
- Hacks for 5.4 combat log mess with Agony

- bugfixes

- fixed corruption on live
- showid for all timer types

- dot ticks

- Rain of Fire timer
- Fire and Brimstone Immolate added

- Update for warrior 5.2 overpower changes
- ToC updated to 50200

- Immune timers no longer appear.

- Miss notification timers, some warlocks now play without a hitcap, so that
became important.
- TidyPlates alpha support
- Priest config update, mainly for discipline.
- shine animation bug fixed for real

- multitarget timers duration bug fixed
- fixed strange bug with shine animation getting stuck

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  • #89

    Hey! I was wondering how can I disable all buffs debuffs for rogues and only keep rapture ?

  • #90

    go to config.lua and remove every spell except rupture.

    Last edited by d87 on 1/7/2015 12:14:15 AM
  • #93

    Thank you!

  • #92

    Rogue clause should look as follows:

    if class == "ROGUE" then

    Spell( 1943  ,{ name = "Rupture", shinerefresh = true, fixedlen = 24, color = colors.RED,
        duration = function() return (4 + GetCP() * 4) end,


    And to see syntax errors enable Interface > Help > Display Lua Errors

  • #91

    I did that but I probably did something wrong cause the addon stoped working for me after that. Will try it again. Thanks for the swift response!

  • #86

    Savage Roar triggered by Glyph of Savage Roar isn't showing up for me.

    Last edited by sortajan on 12/29/2014 10:09:05 PM
  • #87


  • #84

    Hey there, love the addon!  Thanks a lot for the Monk update - I'd been manually putting stuff in before but I'm glad to see we're included now. :)

    With this latest update, I keep getting a lot of "spam" regarding party-wide buffs.  For instance, when Bloodlust goes out it will show the duration on the buff left for every person I mouse over, which ends up taking up a lot of screen space with completely useless information.

    How do I change this?  I still want to know what MY buff durations are, but I don't need to see that the tank also has 15 seconds left on Bloodlust.

  • #85

    should be alright now, it was a bug

  • #82

    Hi,I play subtlety rogue and got 2 problems - addon not showing Find Weakness and Hemorrhage - they are in config.lua but addon don't showing them in game...

  • #83

    added them in 6.0.6c

  • #80

    Back again, still love the addon! Any way to pull rogue Anticipation charges (spell: 114015) and display them? Tried fiddling with the GetCP function a bit, but to no avail :(

  • #81

    Anticipation is just a simple aura. But i assume it doesn't work properly if you're asking, and that's probably because it's one of those special buffs that do not show up in combat log.

    It should be fixed in the next release

    Or don't torture yourself and use NugComboBar or other CP addon

    Last edited by d87 on 11/29/2014 1:15:08 PM
  • #78

    Having some trouble getting the Dancing Steel proc to show... I have the agility version for which the spellID is 118334, but it still isn't working after adding it to the lua. Additionally, the proc is not showing when using nrun debug (which is probably the problem). As such, is it possible to add this spell?

  • #79

    Yeah, RPPM procs just don't appear as "from character"

    Here's an example with jade spirit:

    Spell( 104993 ,{ name = "Jade Spirit", affiliation = "any", color = colors.LGREEN, target= "player", group = "procs", duration = 10 })

    Last edited by d87 on 11/24/2013 9:08:46 AM
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