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Nutty Recruit

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 4.0.3a
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  • Updated 01/11/2011
  • Created 10/19/2010
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About Nutty Recruit

Nutty Recruit is a auto recruitment advertisement/officer addon. it will spam your guild recruitment advertisement in your selected channels at set intervals. <font color="green">New features in ver 6 Ability to use multiple keywords for raid inviter, guild info and so on (basically anything that uses a keyword now has the ability to use multiple keywords). The ability to auto fill guild name and lvl in your recruitment message. Added auto reply to keywords options. You now have up to 5 auto reply's not including guildinfo. The auto reply's can use multiple keywords. You can also send the auto reply's manually by typing /ar1 (player name) e.g /ar1 Nuttyprot or /ar2 Nuttyprot. Just replace /ar(number) With the auto reply number to select your spam. Nutty Recruit will no longer spam your recruitment message when you are afk or busy but I have included an option to allow Nutty Recruit to spam when you are afk/busy. Nutty Recruit will no longer spam you when you use a keyword Also bug fixes for deDE translations Redesigned some options.</font> <font color="red">Due to this update sadly when upgrading to Ver 6 of Nutty Recruit you will have to delete your old Nutty Recruit profile Saved Variables or you will get errors. So you are best backing up all your announcements to a txt file and copy them back when you have done the update. To delete SavedVariables navigate to \WoW\WTF\account\youraccountname\SavedVariables and delete any files named NuttyRecruit.</font> The reason I created this addon was since the last patch 4.0 NazGuildRecruiter and DirtyRecruit did not work for me. The addon does not sync with other members in your guild and I have no plans to change this. -------------------LIST OF FEATURES----------------- Everything is disabled by default. To Configure IT? ---------------------- * Access the options from Options -> Interface -> AddOns -> NuttyRecruit * Type "/nr" or "/nuttyrecruit " Recruitment Spam: The addon will detect zone change and spam it will also prevent overspamming when moving in and out of the same zone or when traveling between citys. Thanks to zaphon for the code. The Interval option is in seconds 300 seconds = 5 mins you can select anything between 300 seconds and 3000 seconds. When in a city you can select trade or guild recruitment channels When out of a city you can select General or Local defense channels The addon will only send a message when you are in a guild and not in an instance or combat. MOTD Options: Set the addon to auto spam MOTD message at set intervals can select between 900 seconds (15mins) and 18000 seconds New Recruit Spam options: Auto Welcome new recruits to your guild can set a time to wait before welcoming them. Guild Info: With this enabled when someone /w you the keyword guildinfo you will auto replie with upto 5 configurable messages. you can change this word in the options. New: You can type /gispam playername to spam the player with yer guild info. e.g /gispam Nuttyprot New: You can now set a timer for the guild info prevents spamming all at once. Raid Options: /w !invite when someone /w you the keyword /w !invite you will auto invite them to a party/raid. you can change this word in the options Auto Convert to raid Enables auto converting to raid when you are the party leader and have more than 2 members in your party. usefull for /w !invite if forming a raid. Short ready check enables the use of /rc to do a ready check Raid Roll with this enabled you can type /rr /raidroll or /rroll to perform a raid roll you can also add an item link to the raid roll. Roll Tracker With this enabled you get a window for tracking rolls made has basic options. Will Sort rolls from high to low highlight duplicate rolls and highlight false rolls e.g /roll 5 Raid disband type /dr /disband or /draid to disband you raid Spam options: I got sick of having to repete certain things and I dont like useing macros for text announcments so I created The Spam options You can have a selection of spams upto 4. To use a spam you can type /spamone or /s1 for spam one or /spamtwo or /s2 for spam two depending on the spam you wish to use. You have to channel Options for each of the spams Raid/Party or Guild Spam. Raid/party with this option the spam will announce to Party or raid depending on if you are in a raid or a party it will not spam both. Guild Spam with this option you will spam guild chat Guild Inviter: Set a keyword to auto invite people into your guild. HOW CAN I HELP? ---------------- If you find any faults or bugs please tell me in the comments section and i shall get them fixed asap. If you have requests please tell me in the comments section and I shall look into them (altho that don't mean they will be granted) The addon is localized for enUS and deDE it may not work with other clients. If you would like to help with translations please send me a pm. Thank you. INSTALLATION: -------------- Extract the data to your "World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns" directory so that the "NuttyRecruit" directory is a subdirectory of the "AddOns" directory. TO DO ------------------- TO DO ------------------- Gold Donation If you like the addon then why not send the character Nuttyprot on the Silvermoon the Europe server some gold? Created by: Nuttyprot Silvermoon EU

ver 6. Big update (the reason for version jump. Added auto reply Nutty Recruit will no longer spam when you are afk or busy. Included an option to allow Nutty Recruit to spam when you are afk/busy. Nutty Recruit will no longer spam you when you use a keyword Also bug fixes for deDE translations Redesigned some option Added the ability to use multiple keywords Added more slash commands Added the ability to auto fill guild name and lvl in your recruitment message.

Ver 5: Small bugfix with en local

Ver 4.9: Added deDE localization thanks BadBlackLion

ver 4.8: Added Guild Invite keyword.

Ver 4.7: Can now set timer for auto reply in guild info also I got annoyed that people ask questions about the guild that was in the guildinfo keyword so you can now type /gispam playername to send them the guildinfo e.g /gispam Nuttyprot

Ver 4.6: Changed the way guild motd spam works.

ver 4.5: Added the ability to use custom words for guildinfo and /w !invite

ver 4.1: Fix for guild message of day getting deleted (hopefully). Added Raid disband option. Ps sorry for constant updates.

Ver 4.0: Fix lib error and added roll tracker

Ver 3.1: Added profiles

Ver 3: Redone options make it easier to navigate. Added guildinfo keyword, spam options,New recruit spam,Raid options,

Ver 2.1:Ver 2.1: Added Guild message of the day spam. Removed the options added in ver 2 as no longer needed due to code change the addon will now detect zone change by default and will also prevent overspamming when moving in and out of the same zone or when traveling between citys. Thanks to zaphon for the code.

Ver 2: Added 2 new options New Zone Spam and New Zone spam delay. Thanks to zaphon for giving me the idea to add new zone spam.

Ver: 1 Release


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  • #64

    Nutty has already said anyone who wants to can take over this project

  • #63

    Date: 2013-04-23 13:21:06
    ID: -2
    Error occured in: AddOn: NuttyRecruit
    Count: 1
    Message: Warning: AddOn NuttyRecruit attempted to call a protected function (GuildInvite()) which may require interaction.
    [C]: GuildInvite()
    NuttyRecruit\NuttyRecruit.lua:1464: Sendinvite()
    NuttyRecruit\NuttyRecruit.lua:1441: ?()

  • #62

    As of Feb 2013 the manual /ginvite is still not working but at least I found the solution in the comments below was to use the Guild UI, and use "Add Member" button.

  • #61

    This is another dead add on.. I gotta say Add ons are great keep up the good work add on makers.. but for godsakes isnt there a way to unlist your add on after is gone defunct... or at least change the discription to say that it is no longer current and is open to anyone who wants to take over its maintenance?

  • #59

    Can someone edit this addon so that the ginvite functions do not work? With addon installed and advertizing if I manually try to ginvite someone it errors and will not send out an invite? I am not sure if it is because it is checking to see if person is in a guild or what causes the failure but it stops you from even manually inviting. I mostly want the advertizing feature to work. 


     edit: actually nvm I fixed the bugging out problem. Still would like someone to make the auto invite function work.

    Last edited by Ruinit on 8/16/2012 8:26:43 AM
  • #60

    agree makes this autoinvite work!

  • #58

    1)  Guild Invite DOES work, but only if you use the Guild UI, and use "Add Member" button.  But the /ginvite *is* broken.

    2)  I am offering *real* money/reward to anyone who takes this over and actually keeps it workign properly into MoP.  I depend on this addon for multiple accounts, and use it for some very unique purposes (not just guild activities).

  • #57

    someone take this over please. ginvite function no longer works

  • #55

    I have not played wow in over a year now and have no intention of coming back sorry. If anyone wants to take over the mod feel free.

  • #56
    Quote from Nuttyprot »

    I have not played wow in over a year now and have no intention of coming back sorry. If anyone wants to take over the mod feel free.

    Can i take it over? - I am new to making WoW Addons and would like to learn more. I thought it could be cool to learn wow addons like that.

  • #54

    Awwwww been spending like an hour on it, overwhelmed by all the fantastic possibilities offered with this addon, to find out why the autoreply & general channel spam wouldn't function…

    A real shame that this addon isn't brought to life with actual version (4.3 now, Pandaria coming) :'(

    Please, Nuttyprot, or anyone else confident enough with LUA, bring back this beauty ! :)

  • #53

    Never mind, I just saw your update.  It's a shame no one's taken it over.

  • #52

    This is a great addon.  It's really helped get my guild going.  Are there any plans on updating it?  the info request still works, but it's actually stopping me from inviting people "Interface action failed because of an addon".

    Thanks for the addon reguardless.

  • #50
    Can you make it so we dont have to be in a guild to have the addon automaticly spam for us? im sure a large number of your addon users use it for more then just guild recruitment. it took me quite a while to even relize i had to be in a guild for it to work in the first place.
  • #48
    Naz Guild Recruiter has been updated for Cataclysm and working fine.
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