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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.3
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  • Updated 11/01/2014
  • Created 08/05/2008
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  • Release Type: Mature
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v3.8.3
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About OneBag3

OneBag3 is part of a long line of bag replacements for the default game bags that will combine all of your bags into one frame.

OneBag has a long history of minimalism and OneBag3 will continue to uphold the standard of easy of use and simplicity it's predecessors set. Like the earlier versions, OneBag3 will continue to offer powerful options for those who wish to delve a little deeper.

Also in the vein of earlier iterations I've kept to the philosophy of doing as little work as possible, as a result the code base is very small, and most of it is in the OneCore library. As of the time of writing there are only 268 lines of code unique to OneBag3, and only 1804 lines of code in OneCore itself. LoC is a horrible stat in general, but it's fun none the less, and I cheat horribly since I build off the powerful Ace3 libraries.


  • Now with Search
  • Combines all of your bags into one.
  • Customizable number of columns
  • Inherent support for addons that interact with the default bags
  • Color coded slots by item rarity or bag type
  • Will automatically open and close for you when visiting the auction house, bank, mailbox, merchant or when trading with another player.
  • Allows only certain bags to be displayed, either by slot or type
  • Custom bag bar which will highlight it's associated slots on mouseover. This highlighting can be locked in place by clicking.
  • Customizable scale, background color, alpha, and more.
  • Clean and powerful graphical configuration
  • Exposes WoW's built in bag sorting

Search Syntax

Search inside of OneBag3 is powered by the LibItemSearch library by Jalibroc. As a result it supports many advanced search options.

Advanced Filters:

  • Quality: q:[quality] or quality:[quality]. Example: q:epic
  • Level: l:[level], lvl:[level] or level:[quality]. Example lvl:30
  • Type or Subtype: t:[search], type:[search] or slot:[search]. Example t:weapon
  • Name: n:[name] or name:[name]. Example: n:lockbox
  • Sets: s:[set] or set:[set]. Example: s:fire
  • Tooltip Info: tt:[term], tip:[term] or tooltip:[term]. Example: tt:binds

Search Operators

  • Logical NOT: "!q:epic" matches items that are NOT epic.
  • Logical OR: "q:epic | q:rare" matches items that are either epic OR rare.
  • Logical AND: "q:epic & t:weapon" matches items that are epic AND weapons.
  • Greater Than: "lvl: > 30" matches items that are higher than level 30.
  • Less Than: "lvl: < 30" matches items that are less than level 30.
  • Greater or Equal to: "lvl: => 30" matches items that are lvl 30 or greater.
  • Lesser or Equal to: "lvl: <= 30" matches items that are lvl 30 or less.

Special Keywords

  • soulbound, bound, bop - Bind on pickup items.
  • bou - Bind on use items.
  • boe - Bind on equip items.
  • boa - Bind on account items.
  • quest - Quest bound items.

The Family

The brains and the brawn of the outfit, Core does all the heavy lifting both logic and layout wise. This is embedded in OneBag by default, and you shouldn't need to worry about installing it unless you're running no-lib builds.
On WowAce
On Curse
OneBag's brother who always like the safety of town, Bank does pretty much the exact same job for your bankslots as OneBag does for your character's bags.
On WowAce
On Curse


Localization is powered by WowAce's built in translation system. Please use the following links to contribute to localization.

Bug Reports & Suggestions

Please report all bug reports to my tracker on WowAce.

I want to thank all the users who've been using OneBag and OneBank for so long.

2014-11-01  Bryan McLemore  <>

[80e5686a0f19] [v3.8.3]
* OneBag3.lua wiki/WowInterface.txt

Adding option to hide sort button


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  • #1137

    When using the UI pack, nUI, Onebag3, and Onebank3 cause loot windows and other random UI elements to not show up, or show up only out of combat, with bags open.

  • #1135

    Get a random error when trying to use carbonite quest items in the quest list and clicking inside the bag shows a blizzard illegal action and asks if i want to ignore or disable, ignoring it doesnt allow the action to procced.

  • #1134

    this add on doesnt work with fubar gear rating.

  • #1132

    I notice that occasionally there will be a mysterious floating text-entry field popping into existence when I open my bags. I am guessing that it's the search field for the vanilla blizzard bags. Is there anyway to ensure that onebag will either "absorb" that field (it's floating off by itself in the middle of my screen, currently) or perhaps just hide it?

  • #1133

    Could you send me a screenshot of this?

  • #1142
    I've sent it via a PM. In addition to the two I sent, I managed to get it to happen a few other times, though I doubt you can infer more from those screenshots than the originals. Please let me know if I can do more to debug.
  • #1129
    doesn't work properly

    when i use onebag3 i can't open clams or use any questitems(if i click on it in the bag), otherwise the questitems works.

  • #1149

    Hey for some reason when i use onebag or onebank i cant roll on loot.

  • #1131

    I have tried reproducing this and using items from the bag window works correctly for me.  Is it possibly some other addon you have related to inventory?

  • #1126

    Is it possible to add a search functin like the one the Bagnon addon uses?

  • #1124
    only on 1 of my toons i have been experiencing an issue when i pack up my bags. it always packs to the bottom of my bag and if i change it to backwards in the interface options it leaves random item spaces empty and packs things in wrong groupin orders and doesnt makes sense.
    So basically if i have 10 stacks of things in my bag: 4 tin ore 1 copper ore 2 netherweave 3 silver leaf. I hit pack and the order becomes 3 tin 1copper 1 tin 2 empty spaces 1 netherweave 3 silver leaf empty spaces 1 netherweave.
    I have uninstalled and reinstalled 2 times and it is still happening. i dont assume it has to do with needing an update because it has been happening since i installed it in april only on 1 toon tho.
  • #1125
    this very well could be a jpack issue too so i have reported it to them as well.
  • #1123
    Seems to be out of date as of today's patch, 4.20A. This makes me very sad.
  • #1122
    hello icant see my bags at all cant se the inventory help plz
  • #1121
    Interface: 42000
    Should be 40200
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