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  • Updated 11/30/2014
  • Created 12/24/2010
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  • Newest File: v1.5.1

About OneChoice

OneChoice tries to help you reduce quest reward choices down to, ideally, one choice.

Blizzard's quest UI marks items your character can't use in red so you know they're unusable. For classes that can use multiple types of armor this leads to a lot of choices, but your Mail wearing Warrior or Plate wearing Death Knight probably won't be interested in Cloth armor. So OneChoice marks all armor (except relics, rings, trinkets, necklaces and cloaks) that doesn't match your character's preferred armor type red as well.

In addition to this OneChoice places a gold MV below the name of the item that vendors for the highest price. In cases where multiple items tie for this honor, the first one found ends up being marked.

A recently new feature is the addition of a iLevel differential display. This compares the iLevel of the item being offered and the one you have equipped. It will display the difference on items that you can use.

This guidance show up on the quest logs as well.

Note: I attempt to dynamically determine the localized string from the various armor types. This should allow it to work without issue for people playing on non-english copies of WoW. This ability however hasn't been tested so maybe not. If it doesn't work the first time it loads logging out and back in may fix it.

2014-11-30  Bryan McLemore  <>

[7d7f3e8013b2] [v1.5.1]
* main.lua

Fix issue related to heirloom items


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  • #26

    All fixed, sorry for the delay in getting the update out! :)

  • #27


    Ty for the update :)

  • #28

    You're welcome. :)

  • #25

    Sadly it  throws errors in 6.0.2 :(

  • #23

    I've added first party Monk support.  Sorry for not having it sooner.

  • #22

    To get this to work for monks I added this line at line 152:


    preferable_subclass_by_class["MONK"] = LEATHER

  • #21

    It is bugged for monks: It colors leather items red.

  • #20

    I am using Zygor's Guide. One feature of Zygor's is that it can autocomplete quests. I think there might be other addons with a similar feature.

    The problem is that this addon autoselects the highest vendor value item, and then Zygor autocompletes, meaning I might not get an upgrade from a quest. I would like to see an option not to select most expensive item please.

  • #24

    I'm also having this problem.  It's exceptionally frustrating.  VendorBait used to just show you the best upgrade, but didn't actually physically select it for you (I don't think) so autocomplete quests couldn't interfere.  I think whether you use Zygor or not, just anything that enables autocomplete will cause this with this addon.  I disabled autocomplete.  It's kind of a pain, but at least I don't miss out on RP gear.

  • #18

    Hi guys, 

    I've updated to fix the shields and a few other bugs.

    Can someone point me to a low level quest to reproduce any issues with off-hands it'll help significantly for me to root those out.


  • #19

    The following link from wowhead should show you the available "held in off-hand" items from low level questing:;maxle=20;cr=18;crs=1;crv=0;eb=1#0 2

    The earliest one is from the quest "An Ocean not so deep", a level 8 quest in Darkshore. See


  • #13
    I'm having another issue of things showing with red as if they were unuseable even though they are useable. Now it's off-hand items. On my priest, I'm typically equipping a staff but I do have a gear set that uses one handed and off-hand. For the quest rewards, the off hand items are getting colored in red as if unuseable. Fortunately Pawn is still acknowledging them so I haven't missed any, but I thought I should let you know.
  • #14
    I will post under stormkeep since my problem is similar. On my warrior (which im leveling as dps but will be a tank) I had a quest reward shield that was colored red. I only noticed it because it was also marked as most valuable.
  • #15
    I'll add my comment as well. on my shaman toon, shields are colored red, even when wearing one. Seems you need to refine your item checks...
  • #16
    Shields are marking red because internally (to the game) they're armor. The addon checks if your class can wear armor based on the normal armor types (cloth, leather, etc.) and marks red everything outside of that.
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