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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 4.2
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  • Updated 07/06/2011
  • Created 04/19/2009
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v3.3.1
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About OneRing3

OneRing3 is a plugin for OneBag3 that styles your keyring frame.

It follows in the vein of minimalism and stability as the rest of the OneBag suite. For the purpose of configuration OneRing3 will use the same settings as OneBag3.


  • Doesn't display more rows than you need to see.
  • Color coded slots by item rarity
  • Inherits from OneBag3 any scale, background color, alpha, and other options.

The Family

The brains and the brawn of the outfit, Core does all the heavy lifting both logic and layout wise. This is embedded in OneBag by default, and you shouldn't need to worry about installing it unless you're running no-lib builds.
On WowAce
On Curse
OneBank's adventurous brother who didn't mind being dragged through a dank swamp, Bag does pretty much the exact same job for your character's bag as OneBank3 does for your bank bags.
On WowAce
On Curse
OneBag's brother who always like the safety of town, Bank does pretty much the exact same job for your bankslots as OneBag does for your character's bags.
On WowAce
On Curse
Coming Soon(tm)
Coming Soon(tm)


Localization is powered by WowAce's built in translation system. Please use the following links to contribute to localization.

Currently needing - Latin American Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Spanish
Currently needing - Latin American Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Spanish
Currently needing - Latin American Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Spanish
Currently needing - Latin American Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Spanish

Bug Reports & Suggestions

Please report all bug reports to my tracker on WowAce.

I want to thank all the users who've been using the OneBag suite for so long. I'm hoping not to leave the code on autopilot quite like I did once OB2 went stable, although it was nice to not have to touch it for almost two years.

2011-07-06  Bryan McLemore  <>

[86b519edc0eb] [v3.3.1]
* .hgtags:

Added tag v3.3.0 for changeset d2c358f09dc5


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  • #15
    I have 1bag3 on all wow char's. and 1...only 1 ,my priest was opening mail in og and the bag stopped working proper. it closed and would not open ,so I logged out and disabled and was able to open my back pack...1 b a g at a time. I tell everyone about your great addon. I cant get it to work. all my other toons on same computer still work fine and I have 6 on horde an many on alliance. any ideas???
    again thanks
  • #16
    The problem you have could be caused by Bartender if you are using that. Out of all the bag addons i've used whenever i had an issue with them not opening or icons disapearing, it was because of bartender. try looking through other addons setting that might conflict with this one.
  • #14
    This add-on does absolutely nothing for me. I have OneBag3, and OneBank3, and I even tried it with OneCore still nothing. Keyring shows-up at WoW default detination looking as it always has. I love the other 2 add-ons I mentioned earlier. But this one needs seriously updated, or merged in with OneBag3.
  • #13
    Still says its out dated .. Any eta on update?
  • #10
    the 3.2.5 totally breaks onebag for me. blank frame
  • #11
    I'll test when I get home, until then just downgrade.
  • #12
    already done. 3.2.4 is good of course
  • #9
    Hmm...You did not update the .toc file?
  • #7
    Well really there isn't much that I can see doing with the ring frame, although I'm open to suggestions.

    Also of issue is the fact that it shares a database with OneBag, therefor it's dependent on it's configuration options. I could give it it's own db and config options but it'd seem like overkill.
  • #8
    would it be difficult thought to have the window at least lock properly? When i move it and lock it in onebag it just reverts back to where it defaults to which is in the middle of the screen. When I use the default keyring it stays where I put it but I would prefer onering.
  • #6
    thanks a lot for the addon. just wondering is this really very insanely basic version because you can't do anything to the keyring such as move it where you actually want it to be and have it stay there. When I open the keyring its smack in the middle of the screen which is very obtrusive if your quickly looking for a key and trying to do something else with your character. When onebag is open and you click on the keyring it suddenly now appears above the onebag frame. I tried unlocking the onebag frame option move them where I want but they do not stay there.

    thanks for the time one the whole oneX series.
  • #4
    Thank you very much for updating this addon, missed it alot! :D
  • #3
    Yeah, I had a copy paste bug in my packaging stuff,

    The latest zip should fix it

  • #5
    Can't find this addon with the curse updater. The only one that shows is the old one.
  • #2
    I love the Onebag mod, but I think you may have uploaded the wrong file becasue when I download it it lists it as Onebag3 and when I go to unzip it that is the file inside not Onering3
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