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  • Updated 06/15/2015
  • Created 02/24/2012
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Support development! **

About OpenRaid

The official OpenRaid AddOn. You can find more information at

If you are curious how to use the AddOn, read our HOW-TO guide.

If you have any problem, suggestion, future request, bug report etc... mail to [email protected]

Version 2.1.2
Allow for 200 people to be added to your friendslist through the addon, since you can now have 200 friends.

Version 2.1.1
Fix for sending battlenet requests. Please report to if we broke any functionality (which we shouldn't ;p ).

Version 2.1
Sorry for the very long wait, but finally this update is ready. Keep in mind that if any bugs occur, please mail asap to so we can fix them! KEEP IN MIND YOU HAVE TO RESTART YOUR WOW CLIENT TO CORRECTLY LOAD THE NEW GRAPHICS
 - Updated graphics
 - Updated ratings function, you can now snapshot a raid and rate when you want, even on a later time
 - Some fixes to nil errors
 - So many changes I can't even remember them

Version 2.0.1
 - Updated many tooltips to clarify the behaviour of the AddOn
 - If you are trying to invite more than 4 people while not in a raid you get a message to explain why it doesn't work

Version 2.0
 - Initial commit of OpenRaid 2.0


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  • #29

    Is there an update coming soon? I can send btag invites but it doesn't appear to be working because I end up having to add them manually << since 6.0

  • #30

    Yes we are working on an update. Stay tuned =]

  • #28

    Doesnt work . can not  import anything from the quick raid screen. well until this is fixed i guess im stuck using oqueue ....

    Thou it looks as if they say they have anew version that curse hasn't approved yet

    Please note that a new addon version is still pending that will make this easier.


    Last edited by tartarusspawn on 8/3/2014 4:22:55 AM
  • #27

    just installed your addon but its not letting me import my quickraid i also made a future event to try that and wont let me import future raid events i missing something here?  using the lastest version...installed using curse client then uninstalled and tried installing manually from curse luck...lil help?

    Last edited by Droole on 6/23/2014 5:01:54 AM
  • #25

    How do i use the new openraid add on for quick raids

  • #26

    I need to know because with the old open raid add on i could use the code that they give me when i press invite everyone from my quick raid group and now i cant, seems like u made it to work only for events now.

    Last edited by ish91 on 5/27/2014 9:59:10 AM
  • #23

    I had been told its mainly for raid leaders, would be nice if it worked both ways so people looking for a raid could get invited through the addon.


  • #24

    Hey Shadeslove,

    It's one of our FAQ and the reason we are not implementing it, is because we offer that feature already on the site. Sadly since in-game AddOns can't communicate with the internet, we are unable to import this feature in the game.

    Hope you enjoy using it as a raid leader though!



  • #21

    this addon looks awesome! if only there was a way of finding out WHAT IT ACTUALLY DID ?! The description part being .. devoid of any such information besides a link for the How-To guide.

  • #22

    Hi Kizeryakuza,

    Did you read the HOW-TO guide? That guide is written to help people who just downloaded the AddOn to get used the it. The reason why it is a link, is because we can easily update our guide and it automatically updates on every download (clone) site.

    If you still are not sure how to use our AddOn you can contact us (as said above) at [email protected] and we are delighted to help you =]



  • #19

    Hi Jeremy, 

    Great work on the addon.

    Is there any chance you could look at:

    1. making it scalable (ie so I can read the text!)

    2. remove or enable the command /or to be disabled? (this is the default command in game for other raids like ordos, celestials etc) leaving /openraid or any of the others viable.

    3. look at introducing a comment (or the option to include a comment) such as "this is for flex 3/MSV/FL" when b-tag invites are sent out? Almost every time I get "is this for ..."

    Would you also consider moving the very simple instructions at the end of the guide to the top? I've been asked by others who know I use the addon if there is a less complex guide to read, and the addon is actually straight forward once you master the changes.

    Many thanks for your hard work in making our raiding easier!


  • #20


    Thanks for your great feedback. Since this box is a bit small and I have some questions, could you mail please to [email protected]?

    Many thanks once again,


  • #16

    I get errors when I log in now with updated version. put in a ticket. fornow i have to use old version for 5.4.1

  • #17

    Hello Knighryder,

    Did you exit wow, update the AddOn and then start wow again? If not then the errors are because you didn't update properly. If the errors persist please mail me at [email protected]



  • #15

    Hey, Jeremybell,

    Thanks a bunch again for improving the addon! I have a suggestion on how to make it a much more valuable tool for any RL to manage his raid setup - and really hope you can find some value in it and improve this nice tool (since I use OpenRaid pretty often it'd simplify my life quite a bit).

    In general, addon is a major improvement over the previous one, however there is one design flaw which is even more evident in the new version - it's not focused (i.e. has poor information on) on what RL is most interested in - raid setup.

    Example 1: I've sent btag invites through addon to everyone 1hr before the event. Now, 15min before the event it's time to invite - however, I have no clue how many ppl accepted my invites - if only 1-2 dps missing for Flex - no big deal, will do without them, however, if both tanks still haven't accepted, I urgently need to spam chat or we won't raid on time.

    Example 2: Similar thing goes for managing invites. I've sent all invites, however, it's hard to track missing ppl (e.g. is the last tank just procrastinating and I need to send him a personal whisper or has the addon just not invited him for some reason) - yes, there is a popup for the latter, but what if there are 10ppl on the list, do should I write their names down and go chase them?

    So, as a big suggestion it'd be much better if the core window of the addon would be current information on the status of raid composition with all the other functions (btag invites, actual invites, etc) which could look as follows

    4 groups (tanks, healers, mdps, rdps)

    In each group: list of people from event info "Name (btag)"

    Next to each name 2-3 checkbox indicators: btag invite, raid invite (event status (approved, reserve))

    Now, a brief illustration of how it could work: if e.g. Tank1 hasn't been sent btag invite then his 'btag invite' indicator is empty black box. By clicking on that box you can send him btag invite and a yellow checkmark appears in the box. Once tank accepts btag invite - green checkmark appears in the box. After some time it greys out since this information becomes less relevant. 

    After that, you can click on the 'Raid invite' box to send him a raid invite: yellow checkmark appears meaning invite is sent, if he's on the wrong char then it turns red and shows status "wrong char" on mouseover, if he accepts raid invite, green checkmark appears and after some time greys out.

    Of course, this could all just as well work with 'send btag invites to all approved' 'mass invite all approved' buttons - which will be used most of the time - but now, after you've clicked those buttons, it's very easy to see what's going on with your raid - how many ppl haven't accept btags (so either wait or replace), how many ppl haven't accepted raid invites (click invite again, warn them with a whisper, replace or just ignore it if it's not critical e.g. for Flex), and more importantly which raid roles it affects to allow you to focus your attention on what's more important.

    I believe with this redesign will make this addon from just easing the pain of managing invites of 25ppl to an awesome informative tool of getting the raid setup as efficiently as possible :-)

    And I hope in the most basic form it shouldn't take that much work (although I realize my estimate here isn't reliable)  - you can just list character&btag names in 4 columns with e.g. two numbers as indicators of 'btag invite' and 'raid invite' instead of checkboxes "_" nothing happening "0" incomplete and "1" complete or something similar.

    Minor suggestions:

    1. Combine approved and reserves in data import - separation can be easily achieved via addon itself (e.g. through 'send btags to approved' 'send btags to reserves' buttons.
    2. Select raid only once and in one place (currently have to select in from drop-down menu every time I open addon AND every time I change a tab) 
    3. Add raid status indicator (how many from approved list are in) visible from any tab in the addon: e.g. tanks 2/2 healers 1/4 mdps 5/5 rdps 6/6
    4. Is it possible to be able to whisper btag by clicking on the person's name in the main status window?
    5. Make the raid input dynamic - e.g. if I add 2 more people on Openraid and reimport data, it should update my event within addon
    6. Add more feedback in the addon (for my #5 - maybe it is dynamic now, but it doesn't tell me after I import a new string: "event #123 updated, added 2 healers, 3 rdps)
    7. Any chance to sync addon to the website through your account (so that you don't actually have to import/export anything)?
    Bug: currently, if a person is already in your btag list the addon won't invite him (probably it only looks for ppl with the #Openraid hashtag) - can you please make addon aware of your full btag list, not just the ppl the addon is adding?
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