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  • World of Warcraft
  • 3,321 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 815,401 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/19/2015
  • Created 05/25/2009
  • 1,083 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Rose 6

About OPie

OPie is a radial action-binding addon: it lets you group actions into rings which appear when you hold down a keyboard or mouse binding. When you release the binding, OPie will perform an action based on where your mouse cursor is.

Use OPie to reduce the amount of clutter on your action bars: rings can contain your abilities, items, professions, battle pets, equipment sets, macros, and raid or world markers. Some rings for common class abilities and professions are included, as is a special quest items ring which automatically makes all of your quest and quest-starting items easily accessible. Other addons may add additional rings; for example, Spade uses OPie rings to let you chose the seeds you want to plant on your farm.

Download OPie today; configure to your liking (/opie), and customize your rings (/opie rings). For more details, see the OPie Guide, the screenshots on Curse, or a YouTube video of OPie in action.

Ring snapshots and tutorial/gameplay videos

You can create snapshots of your custom rings to share with other players; if you like, you can post them in the comments section on this page. Likewise, if you've created a video showing how you use OPie, I would very much like to hear about it.

Bug reports and feature requests

If you encounter any problems while using OPie, or think of useful functionality to add to OPie, use the OPie ticket tracker to get a faster response.

New Features

  • Added [instance:...] extended conditional (or [in:...] for short) for determining which type of instance you're currently in. Possible variants: [in:world/​garrison/​scenario/​dungeon/​lfr/raid/​worldpvp/​battleground/​ratedbg/​arena].
  • Toys can now be added to OPie rings.
  • Extended macro conditionals now also work for unprotected conditional commands like /dismount, /leavevehicle, /settitle, /usetalents.
  • Added German, Spanish localization.
  • [R2] A Dismiss Pet action can now be added to OPie rings.
  • [R4] OPie no longer considers Tanaan, Draenor, and garrisons to be [flyable].
  • [R4] /use Toy Item Name macros now display the Toy tooltip instead of the Item tooltip.
  • [R5] Added [outpost:...] extended conditional for checking which garrison outpost building is currently providing the player with a special ability. Possible arguments: garrison/​arena/​yard/​sanctum/​arsenal/​brewery/​run/​corral/​tankworks.
  • [R5] Added [glyph:...] extended conditional for checking which glyphs the player is currently using; argument specifies either the glyph name or the glyph ID.
  • [R5] The [form:...] extended conditional now accepts moonkin, in addition to moon, to check for Moonkin form.
  • [R5] Garrison Ability is now displayed alongside other player abilities and can be added to OPie rings.

Bug fixes

  • Infinite recursion using /runmacro is now handled better.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in incorrect feedback for inventory slots.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Search label to be displayed inappropriately when selecting slices to add to a ring.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented custom slice color changes from taking effect immediately.
  • Sea Turtle and Riding Turtle are no longer considered for {{mount:ground}}.
  • [R2] Fixed an issue preventing the Abyssal Seahorse from appearing in OPie rings while swimming in Vashj'ir.
  • [R2] Fixed an issue preventing Hunter and Warlock pet abilities from appearing in OPie rings.
  • [R2] Fixed an issue preventing some /macro macros from appearing in OPie rings.
  • [R2] Fixed an issue allowing a slice previously flagged as a quick action to persist as the quick action after being unflagged.
  • [R3] Changed the conditions required for mount slices to be displayed in OPie rings.
  • [R3] Searches containing non-lowercase letters in the add new slice dialog can now once again return results.
  • [R4] Flying machines and carpets can no longer be chosen for {{mount:air}} random mount selection.
  • [R4] Fixed an issue preventing some items from being displayed in the quest items ring.
  • [R4] Fixed a performance issue involving mount slices.
  • [R5] Fixed an issue that could cause question mark icons to be displayed for some custom macro slices in the custom rings configuration slice list.
  • [R5] Fixed an issue that could cause mount feedback to be based on the opposite faction version of the mount.
  • [R5] OPie default skin's cooldown text is now layered above the cooldown's icon border.
  • [R6] Fixed an error that occured when macros containing /equipset commands were displayed in an OPie ring.
  • [R6] Fixed an error that occured for Warlocks and Hunters due to the removal of /petdismiss in Patch 6.1.

Full Release Notes


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  • #246
    A good work around for equipped trinkets is to make 2 macro slices (1 for each trinket slot)

    First macro: (call it Trinket 1)

    /use 13

    Second Macro: (call it Trinket 2)

    /use 14

    Bind those to 2 slices and don't change the icon or anything.

    Then when you call up that ring, then the icon will show whatever trinket you have equipped in the slots, together with the right cooldown, tooltip etc.

  • #245
    It'd hard to do properly, unfortunately. In an ideal world, you'd be able to specify [macro] conditionals for each slice's visibility and have applied dynamically when you open the ring.

    File a ticket, I may get around to it eventually.
  • #239
    One thing I usually do after installing this is adding "Basic Campfire" to the profession ring. I wonder if it would not be appropriate to add it per default?
  • #240
    When you open your tradeskill ring, hold alt. It will show alternate buttons for some professions - cooking/fire, enchanting/de, archaeology/survey, jc/prospecting, and possibly others. At least that seems to be enabled by default for me... I don't remember checking that setting ;)
  • #236
    First of all, this is definitely my favorite add-on! I would like to know: is there any way to have character specific key bindings? Is that something I'm missing with the profiles feature? All my characters use the default atm. I'd like to have my hunter traps ring more easily available but I don't want every character to have a ring on that binding.
  • #256

    Whenever I make a ring with a damge dealing spell after my target dies, all custom bindings no longer work. Please help!

  • #237
    Yes. You could use profiles (create a new one for your hunter, set the binding), or simply mark your custom ring as hunter-specific: in that case, it won't appear on non-hunter characters, and you'll be free to use the binding for other things when not playing a hunter.
  • #255

    When ever I make an Opie ring with a damge dealing spell, after the target dies all custom bindings no longer work, please respond!

  • #235
    Downloaded today for my Lock and am loving it :) Works great, but one thing I would change. I would let the user set up his/her own keybindings to the spells. I have the Numeric bindings turned on, but would rather set up the bindings on other keys, more specifically, keys on my number pad.
  • #238
    It's not exposed in the configuration UI, but there's a setting you can tweak to adjust the per-slice bindings. You can find some discussion about it further back in these comments.
  • #233
    Hey foxlit,

    This sounds like an awesome addon, but it is not working with my set up. I have tried downloading both with the curse client and manual. The wow interface menu states that it is out of date, and neither of the slash commands bring up a menu. Any suggestions?
  • #234
    On the Character Selection screen, click the "Addons" button and check the "Load out of date addons" checkbox on the dialog that pops up. You may have to repeat this procedure for after each WoW patch.
  • #229
    Hello there foxlit,
    first of all I wanted to thank you for this awsome addon that has freed tones of space on my bars.

    Second of all I wanted to ask if there are plans for support /castrandom? Now I use mount macro:
    /castrandom [flyable] Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher, Rusted Proto-Drake, Turbo-Charged Flying Machine
    /cast [noflyable] Mechano-Hog
    /dismount [mounted]
    But it always selects Bloodbathed Frostbrood, no matter how many tries (tried ~100 times).

    Thanks for answer in advantage.

    And again awsome addon !

    Best regards,
  • #232
    /castrandom being what it is, I simply cannot predict what it'll cast; so OPie will always use the first option for indication.

    OPie simply passes your macros to Blizzard's code for execution; as such, if you find that /castrandom does not behave randomly, it's a Blizzard issue. Note that /castrandom will not pick a new spell to cast until it has *succeeded* in casting its last choice.
  • #228
    Just started using this and noticed the Druid Cheetah Form (travel) is not available from the radial menu. I can't figure out how to add a ticket at the ticket tracker.

    Thanks for the mod, love radial menus
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