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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.1
  • 686,361 Total Downloads
  • Updated 08/22/2014
  • Created 05/25/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Plum 5

About OPie

OPie is a radial action-binding addon: it lets you group actions into rings which appear when you hold down a keyboard or mouse binding. When you release the binding, OPie will perform an action based on where your mouse cursor is.

Use OPie to reduce the amount of clutter on your action bars: rings can contain your abilities, items, professions, battle pets, equipment sets, macros, and raid or world markers. Some rings for common class abilities and professions are included, as is a special quest items ring which automatically makes all of your quest and quest-starting items easily accessible. Other addons may add additional rings; for example, Spade uses OPie rings to let you chose the seeds you want to plant on your farm.

Download OPie today; configure to your liking (/opie), and customize your rings (/opie rings). For more details, see the OPie Guide, the screenshots on Curse, or a YouTube video of OPie in action.

Ring snapshots and tutorial/gameplay videos

You can create snapshots of your custom rings to share with other players; if you like, you can post them in the comments section on this page. Likewise, if you've created a video showing how you use OPie, I would very much like to hear about it.

Bug reports and feature requests

If you encounter any problems while using OPie, or think of useful functionality to add to OPie, use the OPie ticket tracker to get a faster response.

Restart World of Warcraft if updating from a version prior to Plum 1.

New Features

  • Macros triggered via OPie can now use extended functionality:
    • Added #mute, #mutenext, #unmute macro metacommands for suppressing error notifications.
    • Added #skip, #important macro metacommands for controlling feedback in presence of multiple slash commands.
    • Added /runmacro [options] Macro Name slash command.
    • You can now use extended conditionals in macros, e.g. /cast [zone:Isle of Thunder] Kirin Tor Beacon; Hearthstone.
  • Added [talent:] extended macro conditional, which checks whether you've selected a specific talent. For example, [talent:4.2] [talent:60.2] [talent:Burning Rush] are all equivalent ways of checking for the Burning Rush talent on a Warlock character.
  • Added feedback for /equip, /equipset, /summonpet, /targetmarker, /worldmarker, /pet-controlling commands, and /click ExtraActionButton1 in macros.
  • /castrandom now provides accurate feedback.
  • Slices showing equipped items now display a small green banner in the top left corner.
  • Added new default rings for Warlocks.
  • {{mount:ground}} and {{mount:air}} in OPie macros are now replaced with a randomly-selected mount of the appropriate type.
  • The Summon Random Favorite Mount ability can now be added to OPie rings on 6.0.


  • Revoked battle pets are now indicated as unusable.
  • The #show* metacommands are now treated as an #important /use.
  • Minor tweaks to some bundled druid, warlock, and death knight rings.
  • The Per-slice icons and Center caption appearance options have been removed.
  • Item slices with 0 remaining charges/items are no longer indicated as usable.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an error that occured if the Blizzard_CompactRaidFrames addon was disabled.
  • Fixed an issue causing [spec:1] and [spec:2] to always evaluate to false.
  • Fixed a division by zero error that occured if zoom-in/out time was set to 0.
  • Fixed multiple errors that could occur if macros, ring names, bindings, and other user-provided or system values contained curly braces or function.
  • Fixed an error that occured when a /macro-managed macro was deleted.
  • Fixed an error that might prevent the custom rings configuration UI from editing a ring containing invalid slices.
  • Fixed an incorrect synthesis of macro conditional clauses combining @unit with other conditionals.
  • /macro-created macros for which no dynamic action has been recognized may now fallback to showing the /macro-configured icon.
  • Macros for which no dynamic action has been recognized, and contain unrecognized slash commands are now displayed as usable rather than unusable.
  • [form:cat] now correctly recognizes Claws of Shirvallah.
  • Improved item feedback for items with random enchantments and equipped items.
  • Fixed an error occuring when attempting to open a nested ring.

Full Release Notes


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  • #57
    It would be possible to add something like that, however, details are a bit annoying. On some level, I'd probably like to allow you to use any macro conditional to specify whether a slice should be visible or not. Unfortunately, that leads to some annoying behavior if the slice visibility should decide to change while the ring is open -- should it be postponed until you close the ring, or take effect immediately?

    You can, meanwhile, set up something that would perform almost the same function by creating two rings -- one for combat, and one for non-combat use -- and use conditional bindings (alt-click on a button in the OPie bindings dialog, then typing something like [nocombat] ALT-F or [combat] ALT-F) to have the same binding open a different ring depending on whether you're in combat or not.
  • #52
    Hey m8, this is a great addon :o
    I just have two questions:
    1) How did u change how the icons look in ur second screenshot?
    2) what does it mean by "Make rings top-most"? and
    3) When you add "sub-ring slice", you have an option to set "Default Slice". What does that mean?

    I would also like to suggest a few things:
    1) There should be an option to have a caption under icons (Not just in center)
    2) When you have 'sub-slices', it is usually more practical to just click on an icon rather than having to scroll untill you get it.
    So for 'sub-slices': when u click DIRECTLY on an icon, that should be activated.

    For example for your Screenshot #2: If I'd click on a skull, I would mark target as skull. However, if I would click in the middle, or next to an icon, it would mark the target as a circle.

    but great work on it! It's rly nice! If you could just please explain those two things :P
  • #56
    1. ButtonFacade; and enable it in OPie options.
    2. Has to do with how left-click-to-use-a-slice is handled: when top-most, left-clicking anywhere on the screen will be interpreted as an OPie action; otherwise, you'll be able to left-click on your unit frames/action bars/buttons while an OPie ring is open.
    3. That should control the initial rotation of the sub-ring slice -- until you rotate the ring manually for the session.

    1. Maybe -- but that would probably be messy. Most captions are static, and I'm somewhat banking on you being able to remember which icon does what (if not which direction does what).
    2. OPie is unlikely to ever work that way -- the code to make that work would be annoyingly convoluted, and it generally does not fit well with the other ways to interact with OPie rings. I generally point to LunarSphere as a possible clicky pop-out menu addon.
  • #55
    It'd be possible to add, but it's nt the way things work currently -- range/mana conditions for the currently selected slice are indicated by showing/hiding the ring glow.
  • #45
    This addon is one of the rare ones that doesn't seem to support the WoW mouse. It is kind of sad because I could think of many ways of making this addon really handy combined with the mouse.
  • #49
    Unfortunately I have no WoW mouse to test against, so I'm limited to just confirming that it is indeed sad.
  • #43
    Hello, I just installed addon, normal rings are working properly but when I add a subring to ring I cant activate items in subrings, subrings stay still and no matter which spell-ability-action you click on the one that is on the main ring is being used.

    I would appreciate if you can find a solution to this problem.

    Thaks in advance.
  • #48
    You may rotate the subrings by scrolling the mouse wheel. You cannot actually click on any of the buttons you see while you're interacting with OPie.
  • #42
    Is there any way to add a ring for paladin Seals?
  • #41
    Is there any way to uncolor some spells (shapesshifts) when u dont have enought mana?
  • #47
    Not at present. Your lack of mana to use a particular ability is, however, communicated using the glow/shadow of the ring: if the ring is not glowing, you cannot cast the ability.
  • #40
    Maybe I'm just missing something, but this latest version of Opie doesn't seem to have the Use last action as quick action functionality anymore. This is not okay. I had rings that relied on this ability, things like sting/shot rings and food/drink rings and seal/judgment rings. Any plans to bring this back?
  • #46
    That particular checkbox does not exist any more; this is an intended change. The remember-last-used-quick-action behavior is now there by default. What you should, however, do is check the per-slice "Allow this slice to be used as the ring's quick action" checkboxes for each slice that you want it to apply to. Those sorts of changes are generally documented in both the curse change summaries and the more detailed change logs.

    [This particular change is actually a result of a feature request you submitted a while ago; it allows you to prevent some slices from ever being used as a quick action.]
  • #44
    yeah, i'm having this same problem, too ... since 3.3, i think. i can't get the use last action/quick action to work anymore. Maybe they changed something so players can't just spam an addon to perform an action?

    anyway, love the addon, and look forward to a fix!

  • #37
    Seriously I love this addon and many thanks to the creator. BUT!

    It's seriously bugging me that I can't remove BANDAGES from quest items. They are there by default.

    Second thing is that i'd like to add Disenchanting to Default tradeskill bar.

    Im talking about modifying the default bars that are great as they are.

    If It's possible by custom ring please let me know how cause I cant seem to find a way.
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