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  • World of Warcraft
  • 645 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.1.0
  • 222,615 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/28/2012
  • Created 09/18/2008
  • 286 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: 0.96 beta70 FAN UPDATE for MoP

About OptiTaunt

OptiTaunt is an addon for warriors, druids, paladins and deathknights. It informs you and your party/raid if your taunting abilites were resisted. It also announces your use of crucial abilities like Last Stand, Frenzy Regeneration, etc.

I'm always glad to receive feature and localization suggestions. Please use the comments -or even better- use the CurseForge ticket system.

Current dev status:

active - semi-active - pending - inactive

  • Core rewrite and Ace3 conversion
  • changing event handling
  • expand spell db and configuration


  • FuBar plugin included
  • Minimap icon (if Fubar isn't installed)
  • Slash command "/ot config"

There are several options you can enable or disable:

  • Raid- and partychat warnings
  • Warning customization
  • Whisper (automatically whispers a warning to the player which has aggro of the mob which resisted your taunt)
  • Audio warnings (plays an audio warning on your client when your taunt resisted, which is quiet valuable in combat situations)
  • ...

Supported Abilities:

Shield Wall
Last Stand
Challenging Shout
Enraged Regeneration
Shield Bash
Hand of Reckoning
Righteous Defense
Avenger's Shield
Divine Protection
Ardent Defender
Lay on Hands
Hand of Protection
Divine Guardian
Guardian of Ancient Kings
Frenzied Regeneration
Survival Instincts
Challenging Roar
Skull Bash
Dark Command
Death Grip
Vampiric Blood
Icebound Fortitude
Anti-Magic Shell
Pillar of Frost
Mind Freeze
Dancing Rune Weapon

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Vancleef's last update:

''As you might have noticed there were no updates for quite a long time. This is due to the fact that I quit playing WoW some time ago. I have no plans to maintain this addon any further and therefore I marked it as "abandoned". Maybe there is someone out there who might adopt OptiTaunt - who kows? Thanks for all your suggestions, bug reports and kind words. Vancleef.''

0.96 beta70 FAN UPDATE for MoP Fan v3:
  • fixed text issue that was causing MONK abilities not to show up
  • fixed GetRealNum* entry in AceEvent
Fan v2:
  • Fixed Paladin spellDB (removed Divine Sacrifice and updated GoAK spellID)
  • GoAK is not detected properly and doesn't announce
Fan v1:
  • Fixed OptiTaunt v0.96 beta70 to work with MoP
  • Added Monk support.
  • Removed spells/abilities that no longer exist
  • Added new spells/abilities and updated timers on existing ones.
0.96 beta70
  • 4.3 update
0.96 beta50
  • fixed bug in standby functionality
0.96 beta40
  • reworked SpellDB and options
  • new Event Handling AddSpell-GUI not finished yet, use "/run OptiTaunt:AddAbility(spellId)" to add missing spells.
  • To avoid problems, choose a char-based profile at first.
0.95 rev12
  • 4.3 release
0.95 rev11
  • 4.2 release
0.95 rev10
  • fixed bug with LDB plugin options
0.95 rev9
  • added LDB plugin
  • removed FuBar and Tablet
  • various code changes for the upcoming DB rewrite
0.95 rev8
  • fixed issue with oRA3 plugin
0.95 rev7

Core enhancements, Ace3 conversion will follow asap

  • LOTS of improvements
  • Tank specific dmg reduction abilities (Shield Wall, Icebound Fortitude etc) now correctly update the duration (e.g. Tier11 bonus)
  • Druid's Skull Bash and Deathknight's Strangulate should now announce correctly
  • added a PullTimer option
0.95 rev3
  • added Rallying Cry
  • changed handling of multi-target buff/debuff (Challenging Shouts, Divine Guardian etc.)
  • fixed some spells (Guardian of Ancient Kings should announce properly now)
0.95 rev2
  • 4.1 release
  • fixed some spells (Guardian of Ancient Kings should announce properly now)
0.95 beta6

pre-release for testing

  • fixed bug in zone-based PvP Check
0.95 beta5

pre-release for testing

  • fixes / additions in spell DB
  • Enhanced zone-based PvP Check
0.95 beta3

pre-release for testing

  • fixes in Druid spell DB
  • TEST: DBM timer for party/raid counterspells (to deactivate, change OptiTaunt.lua:3500 to 'local showCStimer = false')
0.95 beta2

pre-release for testing

  • added Skull Bash and Rebuke
  • some minor fixes
0.95 beta

pre-release for testing

  • class / spell DB enhancements
  • some minor fixes
  • DK abilities fixed
  • some minor fixes
0.94 extended functionality
  • Announcement of various raid/dungeon debuffs (categorized in stun, magic, curse, poison, disease)
  • Announcement of disarm
  • Announcement of heal intensive debuffs
  • Announcement of secondary abilities (like the warrior's disarm, shield bash, paladin's bubble, LoH ...)
  • Announcement of procs (Ardent Defender)
  • Announcement of Taunt statistics


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  • #93
    I am currently reworking OptiTaunt's Event Handling which is taking much of my limited spare time. The advantage of this next big version is the dynamic and user-defined spell db.

    I will try to add this as soon as possible to the current 0.95 version.
  • #91
    OptiTaunt 0.95 rev11 is patch 4.2 compatible and is pending approval.
    (There was a typo in rev10, I'm sorry)

    There will be a major update as soon as I finished the rewrite and the conversion to Ace3.
  • #88
    How does one get rid of the minimap button since latest update (0.95 rev 9)?
  • #89
    rev10 should fix this issue.
  • #90
    Awesome. Thanks for the quick work.
  • #86
    Thanks for a great addon!

    Small bug - getting this with 0.95rev7. I'm not running oRA3.
    OptiTaunt\\Interrupts.lua:5: Usage: GetAddon(name): 'name' - Cannot find an AceAddon 'oRA3'.
  • #87
    Should be fixed in rev8 which is pending approval.
  • #84
    I changed Guardians of Ancient Kings to take the actual buff duration instead to account for set-bonuses and future possible changes. Might want to do it for the other shield walls aswell.

    --Guardian of Ancient Kings --Retri:86698 (30sec) --Tank:86659 (12sec) --Heal:86669 (30sec)
    if (spellId == 86150) then
    local post = false
    if GetPrimaryTalentTree() == 1 then --Holy
    elseif GetPrimaryTalentTree() == 2 then --Protection
    local name, rank, icon, count, dispelType, duration = UnitAura("player", "Guardian of Ancient Kings")
    self.abilityduration= tostring(duration);
    post = true
    elseif GetPrimaryTalentTree() == 3 then --Retribution
    if (self.db.profile.announceability) and post then
    OptiTaunt:giveAlert(spellName, _, "ABILITY")
    OptiTaunt:Timer(timestamp, eventtype, srcGUID, srcName, srcFlags, dstGUID, dstName, dstFlags, spellId, spellName, spellSchool)
  • #85
    I am currently working on an overhaul to get rid of the predefined, static spell DB. This will feature a dynamic check for ability modifications.
  • #82
    Feature Change Requests:

    - On the announcement message of an immune ability, put the name of the mob's spell ability that was immune with the announcement, (not to be confused with the player's ability that was used. i.e. "'s ability is immune against my !" , e.g. "'s ability is immune to my !". Make sense for what I'm asking for here?

    - On the announcement message of a successful interrupt, change the wording from "kicked" to "interrupted" , or to the class-specific ability (i.e. "pummeled" for warrior, etc.). I've gotten many "kick? lols" from people when I successfully pummel a spell.
  • #83
    1) Seems like a good idea. I add this into my list.

    2) ALL messages can be altered to your needs via the MinimapButton menu or the slash commands.
    The standard interrupt message is "Kicked {s} by {t} ({d}s)".
    {s} is the interrupted spell, {t} is the interrupted target's name, {d} is the duration of the silence/spell prevention effect.
  • #80
    Pls add Announce for Warriors: Rallying Cry
  • #81
    Will be featured in the next release which should be released tomorrow.
  • #77
    How about guardian of the ancient kings for paladins?
  • #78
    This is already part of the upcoming release.
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