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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 4.1
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  • Updated 04/27/2011
  • Created 01/16/2011
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: OreCrusher 4.1

About OreCrusher

I feel this update has been obsoleted by the spread sheet avaliable. I will no longer be working on updates for The OreCrusher going forward.

OreCrusher (or 'The O.C.' for short) is a simple in game spreadsheet replacement for Prospectors.
Shows you expected results from prospecting and disenchanting, raw values of gems, transmute values, and max profit values.
Pulls prices from Auctioneer, AuctionLite/Auctionator/AuctionMaster, or TradeSkillMaster.

Use one of the following to open the main window:

Set your preferred Auction AddOn in the options window. Automatically enables selection of only the mods you have installed.

Mouse over a green name for additional information via tooltip.
"Total with DE" and "Total with Transmute" show both revenue and profit on each line.

Q) All the values are "-"!
A) Your auction addon isn't scanned by OreCrusher until you press one of the "Do it" buttons. After inputting the price and number (and you only have to input the number of stacks, but The O.C. will not scan ore prices for you) just press the corresponding button and feel the magic!

Q) I can't seem to get prices for anything! Wat
A) Currently, a GetAll scan of the Auction House may not return all the info that it should - Click here for more information about why this is happening. If you're experiencing pricing issues, be sure to do a normal, slow scan using your auction addon. If your addon does not have a slow scan option, you will need to manually search for each item that does not have a price. Keep an eye on your preferred addon's website for more information regarding this issue and possible fixes.

Q) I get prices, but they're slightly off!
A) If you are seeing slight variations between the price listed by OreCrusher and the price on the AH, the most likely cause is someone bought or listed additional items in the time between the scan used by The O.C. and looking at current AH data. You may also be experiencing the undercut option of your auction addon at work.

- - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -
v4.1 (04/27/2011) ::
-Updated uncommon gem prices
-Updated suggestion text

v4.1 (04/27/2011) ::
-Updated uncommon gem prices
-Updated suggestion text
v3.7b (02/19/2011) ::
-Experimental price scanning added.  Check "OreCrusherPriceDB" in options to enable the scan button.  Please report any issues!
v2.0 (02/04/2011) ::
-New transmute window!  Shows uncommon to rare transmute values.
-New options window!  Set Multipliers, UI Scale, even pick your auction addon easier than ever!
-Reconfigured DE window!  Some additional pricing shown.
-Expanded tooltips for DE and Transmute Totals.  Now clearer, and with additional information.
-Max Ore Stack Price now shown in the lower right corner.  Shows how much you can spend up to on the ore that you just DID.
v1.6 (02/01/2011) ::
-Added support for TradeSkillMaster_AuctionDB.  If you have Auctioneer installed, /oc altbuyout will force use of TSM_AucDB over AuctionLite/Auctionator/AuctionMaster.  This means if AuctionLite/Auctionator/AuctionMaster and TSM_AucDB are installed side by side, TSM will always be used.
v1.5 (02/01/2011) ::
-Added saving of last known price, to stop nil errors when there are no listing of a specific item in auction scan data.
v1.4 (01/29/2011) ::
-Added UI Scale.  Set it in the Disenchant Values window. (Choppy sizing of the window, but it works!)
-Green names have tooltips on mouse over.  See a gem's individual value or number of Shadowspirit Diamonds, plus more.
v1.3 (01/25/2011) ::
-Updated rare gem calculations for Elementium Ore
v1.2 (01/22/2011) ::
-Fixed calculations for uncommon gems


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  • #107

    so guessing not gonna be for MOP

  • #79
    this no longer seems to be working with the auctionator plugin
  • #80
    Haven't had much time to devote to the project recently, I'll check it out as soon as I can.

    Also, make sure that you have this folder with AucSimple.lua in it:
  • #81
    Have it, still not working.
  • #78

    I keep getting OreCrusher: Could not get price for item Volatile Earth. Using last known price of 0g0s.

    Now I have done regular searches for just that item and it still does this when I hit the Do It button, am I doing something wrong?

    Oh and btw I am using Auctionator. Also is there anything I can give you on my side to help debug this?
  • #77
    Could you make the various items listed be links? That would make it easier to get the stack price for Ore.
  • #76
    Hey there. Thanks for an awesome addon. Its been helping me alot lately... I dont know if this has been asked yet (tried to check but cudnt see anything) but is there any plans on having the addon support pre-Cata ore as well? Mayb with a dropdown selector for xpacs?

  • #74
    Just like Sutton3 I was looking for a way to manually input prices. I like the addon, I like how it was put together, but I am no fan of trusting automated prices.

    It has come to a point I always check prices before posting because undercutting happens all the time, fiercely. A gem can go from 50g to 100g and a auctioner addon will pick numbers at random from any of those price swings.

    Though it is true we can use a spreadsheet it would defeat the purpose of using an addon.

    Please, don't take this as a dig at you or your project :)
  • #75
    Yeah, I noticed the addon seems to be taking auctioneer's undercut value. At least I was selling for more than what OC was expecting, but I can do some minor percentile adjustments of profit myself and use OC as a guide at least. I have a tendency to get into rather large volumes, when I first tried it out I bought 150 stacks of elementium. At those volumes you kinda have to do a bit of both transmuting and DEing.
  • #73
    I use auctioneer's 'snatch' buying system for purchasing everything that's under a certain value per unit. Auctioneer also lets me more easily see the price gradient while searching by viewing as price per unit. I never really view profitability as buying a batch of x stacks for x money, but more as a minimum profit margin I'm willing to work for.

    It would be nice if the orecrusher input allowed a checkbox or setup flag for price per unit.

    This is a bit of nitpicking, but I think under the DE page it would be more intuitive to replace 'gem worth' with 'DE' for new users. When it listed the alicites as 'Auction Raw' and showed 'Gem Worth 5g0s' I thought it was telling me I could sell the gem for 5g on the AH as the most profitable solution. I would prefer that rather than listing the most profitable choice to the left of de values, you simply put cut/vend left of total and AH left of DE. It looks like it would fit if relabeled with these suggestions.

    Today I checked prices and saw a message that it couldn't get GCE values and was using last known, turns out I was the only person with them on the AH. It didn't seem to take my own prices into account and listed last known which was much less than what I'm selling at.

    Anyways, I'm quite happy with your addon either way, I used to manually run the numbers back in wrath and didn't feel like bothering in cata. Thanks for going though the effort and keep it up.
  • #70
    This mod is nice, but it doesn't seem to take into account "rare" procs of the jewelry, which result in heavenly shards for hessonite/nightstone jewelry (or small heavenly shards for jasper/alicite jewelry)
  • #71
    For now, consider all of those a nice little bonus.
  • #72
    Not a bonus, but a factor I have to use to mentally adjust the mods suggestions. Something to take into consideration for future revisions of the mod, thought I'd point it out is all.
  • #66
    Really nice addon,there were few things which i didn't quite get it.

    1. In DE section below the item name in green it says ' Auction Raw' does this mean sell the carnelian spikes as it is or DE them and sell it..what are other things which will be showed in this place " cut and vendor " " auction raw " anything other than these 2?

    2.I have transmute master on one of my Alt i have it checked it currently says 11.52 shadowspirit diamond @ 171g75s profit 1146g how is the math done here ? is it 11 shadowspirit diamond X 171g75s? 11*171 is 1881 was just wondering how it is done some insight here would be nice
  • #69
    "Auction Raw" means auction the raw gems. You would see "DE" if it were more profitable to disenchant.

    The profit was the revenue minus the cost of ore. This his been clarified in version 2.0.
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