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Ovale Spell Priority

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 106,302 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.0
  • 2,518,313 Total Downloads
  • Updated 07/24/2015
  • Created 08/17/2008
  • 815 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: MIT License
  • Newest File: 6.2.13

About Ovale Spell Priority

Ovale Spell Priority is a rotation-helper addon that shows you what spell or ability you should use in order to maximize your damage.

It displays one or more icons that show the cooldown of an action. The action is conditionally defined through a user-defined script, e.g. you may display either Corruption if the DoT is not on your target or Shadow Bolt if the Corruption DoT is already on your target.

The current release of Ovale provides default scripts for the following classes for Warlords of Draenor:

  • Death Knight: Blood, Frost, Unholy
  • Druid: Feral, Guardian, Restoration (Balance is NOT currently supported)
  • Hunter: Beast Mastery, Marksmanship, Survival
  • Mage: Arcane, Fire, Frost
  • Monk: Brewmaster, Windwalker
  • Paladin: Protection, Retribution
  • Priest: Shadow
  • Rogue: Assassination, Combat, Subtlety
  • Shaman: Elemental, Enhancement, Restoration
  • Warlock: Affliction, Demonology, Destruction
  • Warrior: Arms, Fury, Protection

Default scripts are based on SimulationCraft. You may also customize the default script to suit your needs (see Documentation) or use scripts made by other users.

See the video of a survival hunter using Ovale during Wrath of the Lich King.

Please use the forums to submit scripts or discuss them. If you want to report bugs, use the ticket manager.


  • Tracks DoTs, buffs, debuffs, cooldowns, combo points, runes, mana -- everything that a player would need to decide what to do.
  • Adapts to your talent points and glyphs.
  • 100% configurable: everything is in an easy-to-understand script that you can modify and test in real-time without reloading your UI.
  • Compatible with the action icon skinning library Masque.
  • Use SpellFlashCore to flash abilities on action bars in addition, or as an alternative, to displaying the ability icons.


How closely are the default scripts based on SimulationCraft?

The SimulationCraft APL language and the Ovale script language are functionally very similar and concepts from one can be translated into the other in a very direct and mechanical way. For all intents and purposes, the default scripts are the SimulationCraft APLs imported into the game and displayed visually.

Why is the key binding displayed for an action wrong?

You may be running an action bar addon, e.g., Bartender4, etc., that does not use the Blizzard action bar frames.

Why is the icon sometimes red?

The cooldown that is displayed in an icon is not always the true action cooldown. If this cooldown is longer than the action cooldown, then the icon is red. In most cases, it means that if you use this action too soon, then you will overwrite or clip a DoT, which may not be what you want.

How do I make the spells flash on the action bar?

Simply install SpellFlashCore (included if you install SpellFlash) and Ovale will use it to flash the spell to cast on the action bar in addition to displaying the spell in the Ovale icon bar.

Why can't I click on the icon to cast the spell?

Blizzard does not allow this. Only a predefined sequence of spells can be bound to an action icon and this sequence can not change in combat.

On my low-level character, there is nothing at all.

You need to reach level 10 and choose a specialization. However, be aware that the default Ovale scripts are tuned for max-level characters and you may be missing key abilities at low levels that are assumed to exist. If the default script is not working for you, you will need to find or write a script more appropriate for your character's level.

Ovale Spell Priority 6.2.13


Changes from version 6.2.12:

  • Update localized strings from CurseForge app from 2015-07-23.

  • Regenerate scripts based on SimulationCraft git master from 2015-07-23.

  • Merge branch 'simulationcraft'.

    Pull in changes from SimulationCraft git master from 2015-07-23.

  • Import Tier18M profiles from SimulationCraft git master from 2015-07-23.

  • Put all scripts for each class into a single, per-class Lua file.

    This makes it easier to update the addon without needing to restart the
    client to detect new files.

  • Ovale does not use AceLocale-3.0.

  • Skip "wait" actions with a constant "sec" modifier in SimC APLs.

    Ovale does not have the concept of "wait for N seconds before proceeding",
    so just ignore those lines in SimC APLs.

  • Don't use the same variable name back-to-back.

  • Import latest from curseforge-packager project.

  • Check for non-nil tables before referencing members.

  • Teach OvaleSimulationCraft about "" expressions.

    Ovale doesn't understand the concept of a priority target, so treat
    "" expressions as always true.

  • Update for patch 6.2 hotfixes up through 2015-07-20.

  • The spell databases have been updated for patch 6.2.


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  • #1401

    Hello my friend..


    I just rejoined WoW, and found your add on :)

    And i started a lvl 1 paladin, and it didnt up up with my ability :) Dont know if it is because im just lvl?

  • #1399

    Any luck on figuring out Balance Druid yet? Other addons have figured out Eclipse so I am kind of surprised this still doesn't have support.

    An example is this:

  • #1400

    I've figured it out, but I haven't coded it yet due to lack of time.

  • #1398

    The UH DK scripts, both of them, seem bugged--if you're Defile spec, it's never once listed as an ability under Short CDs like it used to be, and if you're Necrotic Plague/Unholy Blight, the standard UHB rotation doesn't get used, and UHB in fact is never listed under the short CDs at all. I don't know what's causing it but at a glance, Defile seems to have new requirements to list instead of being listed on cooldown like it used to be, and those requirements are causing it to never come up at all when it's your spec. UHB, I can't tell what's wrong there but it's never listed; if I let NP fall off intentionally it opts for Outbreak.

  • #1395

    looks like this addon is no longer supported ?

    I take it all back :P




    Last edited by Vederia2 on 6/24/2015 12:05:32 AM
  • #1397

    Don't think I'd call it that just yet, the author last logged in on the 10th of this month. My guess is we'll likly see updates again when 6.2 is released or shortly after. Most classes from what I've seen should still be able to use the most current release or the most recent alpha because I don't think any class are facing major rotational changes and if they are you can just generate the new script yourself using the addon and the latest release of simc.

  • #1394

    Errors again,

    Message: Interface\AddOns\Ovale\Debug.lua:14: Cannot find a library instance of "LibTextDump-1.0".
    Time: 06/16/15 23:26:41
    Count: 1
    Stack: [C]: in function `error'
    Interface\AddOns\HandyNotes\Libs\LibStub\LibStub.lua:23: in function `LibStub'
    Interface\AddOns\Ovale\Debug.lua:14: in main chunk

    Locals: (*temporary) = "Cannot find a library instance of "LibTextDump-1.0"."

  • #1391
    Having an issues with FPS

    If i have this addon enabled I lose alot of fps, almost 20 sometimes depending on where i am. I was getting as low as 15 in raids with in on. Is this a common issue?


  • #1392

    See @hype2k2 post below, this fix works.

    author where are you :(


  • #1393

    This did nothig for me, Still losing 20fps in my garrsion and around the world. I'm not sure how but this addon seems to be detrimental to my amd cpu. :< Ive used this addon for along time too.

  • #1390

    I changed my secondary spec from blood to unholy and there is no flashing at all. I saw it yesterday and again today. For frost it's working just right.

  • #1388

    i showhow lost the spell rotation window on my UI. I think i may have pulled it off the right side of the screen, but i can not find it to get it back? Anyone have any helpful ideas?

  • #1386

    Hey, just checking, will this addon be supported for 6.2 ? I would def miss it if not :(

  • #1384

    Thanks for your work, really!

    But you must do something for the fps drops.

    I've uninstalled ovale :(

  • #1385
    Quote from psychosonic »

    Thanks for your work, really!

    But you must do something for the fps drops.

    I've uninstalled ovale :(

    I have unfortunately done the same, the performance hit due to Ovale is massive from 80fps down to 20 in some cases.

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