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Ovale Spell Priority

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 48,424 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.8
  • 1,657,206 Total Downloads
  • Updated 07/26/2014
  • Created 08/17/2008
  • 669 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: 5.4.32

About Ovale Spell Priority

Ovale Spell Priority is a rotation-helper addon that shows you what spell or ability you should use in order to maximize your damage.

It displays one or more icons that show the cooldown of an action. The action is conditionally defined through a user-defined script, e.g. you may display either Corruption if the DoT is not on your target or Shadow Bolt if the Corruption DoT is already on your target.

Default scripts are available for all dps classes and specializations, based on SimulationCraft. You may also customize the default script to suit your needs (see Documentation) or use scripts made by other users.

See the video of a survival hunter using Ovale during Wrath of the Lich King.

Please use the forums to submit scripts or discuss them. If you want to report bugs, use the ticket manager.


  • Default scripts for every DPS class and talent specialization.
  • Tracks DoTs, buffs, debuffs, cooldowns, combo points, runes, mana, everything that a player would need to choose what to do.
  • Adapts to your talent points and glyphs.
  • Change quickly the configuration at any time with configurable checkboxes and drop-down lists that can be shown/hidden by clicking on the icons, e.g. switching between single and multi-target damage, setting the curse to cast.
  • Multi-target DoT tracking: remember which target had a DoT and when the DoT will expire, allowing the script author to support multi-target dotting.
  • Compatible with the action icon skinning library Masque.
  • 100% configurable: everything is in an easy-to-understand script that you can modify and test in real-time without reloading your UI.
  • Can be used to track crowd-control spells on your focus.
  • Scoring system: evaluate how well you followed the script. Add a new Ovale panel in Recount and Skada, with a score between 0 (very bad) and 1000 (perfect).
  • Up to two-spells-ahead accuracy with some classes.


Why does it not work for me?

Try to reset your Profile in the Ovale settings. Most problems come from faulty scripts.

Why is the key binding displayed for an action wrong?

The action may be in several action bars, e.g., the bars that you can cycle through or the bars that appear in special cases like Shadowform or Cat Form.

Why is the key binding not displayed at all?

The action must be in your standard Blizzard action bar in order for Ovale to know which key binding is used.

Why is the icon sometimes red?

The cooldown that is displayed in an icon is not always the true action cooldown. If this cooldown is longer than the action cooldown, then the icon is red. In most cases, it means that if you use this action too soon, then you will overwrite or clip a DoT, which may not be what you want.

Why can't I click on the icon to cast the spell?

Blizzard does not allow this. Only a predefined sequence of spells can be bound to an action icon and this sequence can not change in combat.

On my low-level character, there is nothing at all.

You need to reach level 10 and choose a specialization.

There is no bane or curse (or whatever) in the rotation.

Click the icon and select the bane or curse that you want to use from the dropdown menu list.

tag 5.4.32
Johnny C. Lam <>
2014-07-26 06:17:15 -0400

Tagging as 5.4.32 release.


Johnny C. Lam:
    - Move racial actions into the class-specific common scripts.
    Some racials are class-specific, so define a class-specific
    UseRacialActions() function that has a much narrower list of available
    Also move UseRacialInterruptActions() into the bodies of the
    class-specific Interrupt() functions and, again, narrow the list of
    available racials to the ones from the races allowed to be that class.
    Fix the spell ID of Blood Fury on orcs, which has a different ID based on
    the class.
    - Fix Bandit's Guile detection on combat rogues.
    The spellbook isn't completely catalogued when the specialization is
    detected, so we can't check for Bandit's Guile in the spellbook to trigger
    adding event handlers.  Instead, just assume combat rogues have access to
    Bandit's Guile.
    - Fix whitespace in block comment.
    - Properly account for combo points generated from Anticipation stacks.
    On a rogue talented into Anticipation, combo points generated when at max
    combo points are added to stacks of Anticipation, and when a finisher is
    used, any stacks of Anticipation are converted into combo points on the
    target.  However, there is a slight delay between the combo points being
    consumed and the Anticipation stacks are converted into combot points on
    the target.
    "Pre-adjust" the combo point total to include the Anticipation stacks when
    an offensive finisher is used. Also, adjust the combo points in the
    simulator accordingly after a spell is cast.
    Add a debug option for the OvaleComboPoint module.
    - Support the energy-reduction buff from the rogue 2pT16 bonus.
    - Allow for stacking auras for cost-reduction buffs.
    Auras with a stacking effect should set "stacking=1".
    - Simplify the registered event handlers by using Ovale events.
    Ovale_SpellsChanged and Ovale_Talents changed can be used instead of the
    larger set of Blizzard events to check.


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  • #804

    All of my frames are showing the word "Focus" and nothing else.  Any idea what's up?

  • #806

    Logged in today and it is all fixed.  Strange.

  • #803

    I've decided to move the "unknown spells" warning so that it only appears if you ask for it explicitly by setting debug options for Ovale.  If you're a script author and want to verify your script, please enter the following into your chat window:

    /ovale toggledebug unknown_spells
  • #801

    50x Ovale-5.1.1\OvaleState.lua:83: attempt to index global "OvaleComboPoints" (a nil value) Ovale-5.1.1\OvaleState.lua:83: in function "Reset" Ovale-5.1.1\OvaleBestAction.lua:74: in function "StartNewAction" Ovale-5.1.1\OvaleFrame.lua:173: in function "OnUpdate" Ovale-5.1.1\OvaleFrame.lua:70: in function <Ovale\OvaleFrame.lua:69>

    Locals: self = <table> {  GetActionInfo = <func> @Ovale\OvaleBestAction.lua:78  Compute = <func> @Ovale\OvaleBestAction.lua:204  ComputeBool = <func> @Ovale\OvaleBestAction.lua:194  StartNewAction = <func> @Ovale\OvaleBestAction.lua:73 }

  • #802

    You should reinstall your Ovale addon... it looks like it's some mixture of 5.1.1 and 5.1.2 files.

  • #799

    Fix for Shaman 'unknown spell with ID strike':

    Replace line:

      SpellInfo(stormblast duration=15 sharedcd=strike cd=8 )


      SpellInfo(stormblast duration=15 sharedcd=stormstrike cd=8 )


      if SpellCooldown(strike) >=3 Spell(ascendance)


      if SpellCooldown(stormstrike) >=3 Spell(ascendance)


    Last edited by SvenLowry on 11/28/2012 4:33:32 AM
  • #797

    I am also getting spammed with unknown ID errors. 

  • #796

    I get spammed with the following in my chat whenever I change zones, specs, or enter/exit a vehicle:

    Ovale: Unknown spell with ID soul_reaper
    Ovale: Unknown spell with ID strangulate
    Ovale: Unknown spell with ID asphyxiate
    Ovale: Unknown spell with ID soul_reaper
    Ovale: Unknown spell with ID strangulate
    Ovale: Unknown spell with ID asphyxiate
    Ovale: Unknown spell with ID strangulate
    Ovale: Unknown spell with ID asphyxiate

    I am also running Nerien's Ovale Scripts, so I'm not sure if it's a problem with Ovale or Nerien's.

    I'm a DK, this happens in any spec for me.

    Last edited by sparrowlab on 11/25/2012 11:13:06 AM
  • #800

    Thanks! I'll ask around there and see if there's a fix.

  • #798

    This is a bug in Opisthobranch's DK script that's included in Nerien's Ovale Scripts.  You can try posting on the Ovale DK forum thread for his script to see if there are any fixes he could suggest.

  • #795

    Trueshot aura ? What's that ? (Ye I know but I can't find spell anymore and think it was removed also as glyph). Also hunter rotations have changed much lately imo. Mayhaps I will disable ovale until someone takes a look at it Undecided

    Last edited by Livanamako on 11/13/2012 9:12:53 PM
  • #793

    I seem to be having a problem with ovale, on my brewmaster monk, everytime I enter a dungeon ovale goes blank showing no rotation. But as soon as I leave the dungeon it starts working again. It just recently started doing this, I,ve tried reinstalling but still the same. And it seems to be only on my monk when it happens. Now if I go windwalker it works fine in dungeons, just on brewmaster spec in dungeons it don't work but outside of instances it works well





    Last edited by bamabandit on 11/1/2012 1:53:06 PM
  • #794

    It's stated in the description that none of the tank specs are working atm.

  • #792

    Enhance shaman, ovale keeps saying unknown spell with ID strike, and it keeps removing stormstrike from the icons.  every time i zone take a flight path etc. if i do a /reload sometimes it fixes itself and it shows up, otherwise it shows main attack as searing totem or windfury weapon.  I'm using the latest version of Ovale.

  • #789

    Got som weird stuff going on now with this addon it only shows that i shall spam moonfire and sunfire not showing the correct rotation anymore any ideas wy ?

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