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Ovale Spell Priority

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 183,771 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 2,241,518 Total Downloads
  • Updated 01/30/2015
  • Created 08/17/2008
  • 767 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: MIT License
  • Newest File: 6.0.52

About Ovale Spell Priority

Ovale Spell Priority is a rotation-helper addon that shows you what spell or ability you should use in order to maximize your damage.

It displays one or more icons that show the cooldown of an action. The action is conditionally defined through a user-defined script, e.g. you may display either Corruption if the DoT is not on your target or Shadow Bolt if the Corruption DoT is already on your target.

The current release of Ovale provides default scripts for the following classes for Warlords of Draenor:

  • Death Knight: Blood, Frost, Unholy
  • Druid: Feral, Guardian, Restoration (Balance is NOT currently supported)
  • Hunter: Beast Mastery, Marksmanship, Survival
  • Mage: Arcane, Fire, Frost
  • Monk: Brewmaster, Windwalker
  • Paladin: Protection, Retribution
  • Priest: Shadow
  • Rogue: Assassination, Combat, Subtlety
  • Shaman: Elemental, Enhancement, Restoration
  • Warlock: Affliction, Demonology, Destruction
  • Warrior: Arms, Fury, Protection

Default scripts are based on SimulationCraft. You may also customize the default script to suit your needs (see Documentation) or use scripts made by other users.

See the video of a survival hunter using Ovale during Wrath of the Lich King.

Please use the forums to submit scripts or discuss them. If you want to report bugs, use the ticket manager.


  • Tracks DoTs, buffs, debuffs, cooldowns, combo points, runes, mana -- everything that a player would need to decide what to do.
  • Adapts to your talent points and glyphs.
  • 100% configurable: everything is in an easy-to-understand script that you can modify and test in real-time without reloading your UI.
  • Compatible with the action icon skinning library Masque.
  • Use SpellFlashCore to flash abilities on action bars in addition, or as an alternative, to displaying the ability icons.


How closely are the default scripts based on SimulationCraft?

The SimulationCraft APL language and the Ovale script language are functionally very similar and concepts from one can be translated into the other in a very direct and mechanical way. For all intents and purposes, the default scripts are the SimulationCraft APLs imported into the game and displayed visually.

Why is the key binding displayed for an action wrong?

You may be running an action bar addon, e.g., Bartender4, etc., that does not use the Blizzard action bar frames.

Why is the icon sometimes red?

The cooldown that is displayed in an icon is not always the true action cooldown. If this cooldown is longer than the action cooldown, then the icon is red. In most cases, it means that if you use this action too soon, then you will overwrite or clip a DoT, which may not be what you want.

How do I make the spells flash on the action bar?

Simply install SpellFlashCore (included if you install SpellFlash) and Ovale will use it to flash the spell to cast on the action bar in addition to displaying the spell in the Ovale icon bar.

Why can't I click on the icon to cast the spell?

Blizzard does not allow this. Only a predefined sequence of spells can be bound to an action icon and this sequence can not change in combat.

On my low-level character, there is nothing at all.

You need to reach level 10 and choose a specialization. However, be aware that the default Ovale scripts are tuned for max-level characters and you may be missing key abilities at low levels that are assumed to exist. If the default script is not working for you, you will need to find or write a script more appropriate for your character's level.

Ovale Spell Priority 6.0.52

Changes from version 6.0.51:

  • Mage: Move Cone of Cold to "shortcd" icon since there is no range check.

  • Recompile the script if the player changes specializations.

    Script controls may have changed due to the specialization change and
    recompiling the script will reset the controls and rebuild them again.

  • Use a more elegant method to generate AddIcon blocks for the script.

    This avoids extra tables and strings and should use less memory.

  • Suggest CDs at the appropriate time in case there is a pre-cast spell.

    This change should make opener suggestions more closely follow the
    SimulationCraft profile.

  • Add the Lone Wolf raid buffs.

  • Translate SimulationCraft's "shadowy_apparations_in_flight" operand.

    It currently translates to a static value of 1.

  • Update Localization.lua using the new shell script.

    Minor differences include changing some comments and removing an
    unnecessary variable assignment.

  • Git should ignore all *.tmp files.

  • Rewrite localization.lua as a shell script.

    The shell script only uses tools found in a Windows Git


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  • #636

    Frost Mage is seeing no skills in the boxes, just the word Focus and errors as follows:

    2946x Ovale\Ovale-4.3.5.lua:2233: attempt to concatenate local "y" (a nil value)
    Ovale\Ovale-4.3.5.lua:2233: in function <Ovale\Ovale.lua:1938>
    (tail call): ?
    Ovale\Ovale-4.3.5.lua:2146: in function "CalculerMeilleureAction"
    Ovale\Ovale-4.3.5.lua:2137: in function "CalculerMeilleureAction"
    Ovale\Ovale-4.3.5.lua:2341: in function "CalculerMeilleureAction"
    Ovale-4.3.5\OvaleFrame.lua:160: in function "OnUpdate"
    Ovale-4.3.5\OvaleFrame.lua:62: in function <Ovale\OvaleFrame.lua:61>

    (*temporary) = 1.1520000696182
    (*temporary) = <func> =[C]:-1


  • #638

    Fixed in 4.3.6, thank you.

  • #634

    It might be the rest of my add ons but the Feral DPS part of ovale is giving me some fairly heavy errors.  Was working yesterday not so much today.  

    Still works with other classes.  Still works in Bear form.  Errors out the ass in Kitty.


    340x Ovale\Ovale-4.3.5.lua:2233: attempt to concatenate local "b" (a nil value)
    Ovale\Ovale-4.3.5.lua:2233: in function <Ovale\Ovale.lua:1938>
    (tail call): ?
    Ovale\Ovale-4.3.5.lua:2137: in function "CalculerMeilleureAction"
    Ovale\Ovale-4.3.5.lua:2137: in function "CalculerMeilleureAction"
    Ovale\Ovale-4.3.5.lua:2137: in function "CalculerMeilleureAction"
    Ovale\Ovale-4.3.5.lua:2341: in function "CalculerMeilleureAction"
    Ovale\Ovale-4.3.5.lua:2146: in function "CalculerMeilleureAction"
    Ovale\Ovale-4.3.5.lua:2341: in function "CalculerMeilleureAction"
    Ovale-4.3.5\OvaleFrame.lua:160: in function "OnUpdate"
    Ovale-4.3.5\OvaleFrame.lua:62: in function <Ovale\OvaleFrame.lua:61>

    (*temporary) = 0.039000000804663
    (*temporary) = <func> =[C]:-1"

    If that tells you anything.


  • #639

    Cool less than 24 hours and its fixed.  Love this add on!

  • #635

    Same for me. I'm not even seeing any skills show up in the boxes while in cat form. I deleted and reinstalled the addon, made sure to remove the ovale files in SavedVariables; nothing fixed it.

  • #633
    My English is not so good, so there might be some mistake involved. Please do me a favor if it happens. Thanks. 4T13 and 2T13  Feral isn't included.
  • #628

    I think that elemental shaman needs updating if Lava burst is on CD and fulmination is at 9 ovale should not try to recast Flame shock if its about to run out instead it should prioritize fulmination, otherwise it will be a dps loss because ur going to be doing LvB with doesn't benefit much from FS.

    Last edited by neoark1 on 1/29/2012 7:21:16 PM
  • #629

    That statement is completely false. We only ever want to cast LvB when FS is active on the target because then it is a guaranteed critical strike. We also prioritize maximum uptime on FS because elemental shamans have a talent that gives each tick of FS a 20% chance to reset the CD of LvB.

  • #632

    The action you're describing is the last one on your list, where you need to be able to fit ES and subsequent shock cooldown within the remaining duration of FS on the target.  The default shaman script tries to do this but fails on this line:

    if BuffPresent(LIGHTNINGSHIELD stacks=7) and { target.debuffExpires(FLAMESHOCK mine=1) > spell(LAVABURST) } and { target.debuffExpires(FLAMESHOCK mine=1) < spell(LAVABURST) + timeWithHaste(3) } Spell(EARTHSHOCK)

    It is incorrectly checking the spell cooldown of Lava Burst instead of Earth Shock in the test condition.  You should submit a bug report on this.

    You can also try this custom shaman script that also takes into account the proper time to drop FE totem.

  • #630

    Proc of doing that are really low:

    • Fire Elemental Totem IF you have Spellpower procs AND it can remain on the boss for 2 minutes
    • Elemental Mastery
    • Fire Elemental Totem IF it can stay on the boss long enough to outdo Searing Totem AND there will be no longer period where it can get greater uptime
    • Searing Totem
    • Flame Shock IF its debuff is under 3 seconds OR isn't on the target
    • Lava Burst IF FS debuff is on the target
    • Earth Shock IF Lightning Shield is at 9 stacks
    • Earth Shock IF LS is at 7+ stacks AND FS debuff is longer than shock CD (5-6 seconds depending on talents)
  • #627

    Saw a good tutorial on you tube

    Last edited by jason2 on 1/23/2012 10:45:48 PM
  • #624

    i use to like this add on for all my classes,  but i found that the frost dw dps was wrong, ret pally dps was out of order, and something changed with prot pally.  basically i now question the rotation for all my classes.  i wish the the spell priorities were more customizable like clcret used to be or is (i think the writer stopped updating it).  i think i'm done with it.

  • #625

    This doesn't make any sense. The rotations are all based on user-editable scripts (you can bring up the script using "/ovale code"). The script language is fairly simple and anyone can go in and change it. The move suggestions are *completely* customizable.

    I believe Sidoine periodically updates the default scripts using the information gleaned from SimulationCraft, but they need testing before release, and I doubt he has coverage of every spec of every class on his account.

    If you want to test DK and paladin scripts, send me a PM and I'll point you to two that I've written that need testing before I submit them to Sidoine for future Ovale releases.

  • #623

    Ovale seems to cause a "deadspot" in the middle-right ish of my screen; just wanted to let you know

  • #626

    The "dead spot" might be because you have set up Ovale to ignore mouse clicks and to also hide empty boxes.  Even if the box is empty, the frame is still on the screen taking up "click space".  Try making Ovale not hide the empty boxes and you'll be able to avoid clicking in those spots.

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