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Ovale Spell Priority

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 38,470 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.8
  • 1,731,240 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/21/2014
  • Created 08/17/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: MIT License
  • Newest File: 5.4.36

About Ovale Spell Priority

Ovale Spell Priority is a rotation-helper addon that shows you what spell or ability you should use in order to maximize your damage.

It displays one or more icons that show the cooldown of an action. The action is conditionally defined through a user-defined script, e.g. you may display either Corruption if the DoT is not on your target or Shadow Bolt if the Corruption DoT is already on your target.

Default scripts are available for all dps classes and specializations, based on SimulationCraft. You may also customize the default script to suit your needs (see Documentation) or use scripts made by other users.

See the video of a survival hunter using Ovale during Wrath of the Lich King.

Please use the forums to submit scripts or discuss them. If you want to report bugs, use the ticket manager.


  • Default scripts for every DPS class and talent specialization.
  • Tracks DoTs, buffs, debuffs, cooldowns, combo points, runes, mana, everything that a player would need to choose what to do.
  • Adapts to your talent points and glyphs.
  • Change quickly the configuration at any time with configurable checkboxes and drop-down lists that can be shown/hidden by clicking on the icons, e.g. switching between single and multi-target damage, setting the curse to cast.
  • Multi-target DoT tracking: remember which target had a DoT and when the DoT will expire, allowing the script author to support multi-target dotting.
  • Compatible with the action icon skinning library Masque.
  • 100% configurable: everything is in an easy-to-understand script that you can modify and test in real-time without reloading your UI.
  • Can be used to track crowd-control spells on your focus.
  • Scoring system: evaluate how well you followed the script. Add a new Ovale panel in Recount and Skada, with a score between 0 (very bad) and 1000 (perfect).
  • Up to two-spells-ahead accuracy with some classes.


Why does it not work for me?

Try to reset your Profile in the Ovale settings. Most problems come from faulty scripts.

Why is the key binding displayed for an action wrong?

The action may be in several action bars, e.g., the bars that you can cycle through or the bars that appear in special cases like Shadowform or Cat Form.

Why is the key binding not displayed at all?

The action must be in your standard Blizzard action bar in order for Ovale to know which key binding is used.

Why is the icon sometimes red?

The cooldown that is displayed in an icon is not always the true action cooldown. If this cooldown is longer than the action cooldown, then the icon is red. In most cases, it means that if you use this action too soon, then you will overwrite or clip a DoT, which may not be what you want.

Why can't I click on the icon to cast the spell?

Blizzard does not allow this. Only a predefined sequence of spells can be bound to an action icon and this sequence can not change in combat.

On my low-level character, there is nothing at all.

You need to reach level 10 and choose a specialization.

tag 5.4.36
Johnny C. Lam <>
2014-10-08 16:04:23 -0400

Tagging as 5.4.36 release.


Johnny C. Lam:
    - Warrior: Improve the AoE tanking rotation.
    Suggest Cleave, Thunder Clap, and the level 60 talents.
    - Warrior: Move "offgcd" icon to the far left position.
    The default icon layout is now:
        [offgcd] [shortcd] [main] [aoe] [cd]
    where the AoE icon can be toggled.  This change makes the shortcd-to-cd
    icon block like all other classes and specializations, and simply appends
    the offgcd icon to the leftmost position where it can "flash" as a
    reminder to use the offgcd ability.
    Also, make the offgcd icon small to de-emphasize it relative to the
    rotation icons.
    - Warrior: Move Demoralizing Shout to the short CD icon.


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  • #408
    DK- Blood

    This isn't working as I had suggested. Testing on a dummy, you will indeed sometimes use deathstrike twice in a row, while your blood shield is still up, thus wasting part of your shield.

    if Runes(unholy 1 frost 1) and {BuffExpires(BLOODSHIELD) or TargetTargetIsPlayer(no)} Spell(DEATHSTRIKE)

    The code I use is working fine, and is as follows:
    if Runes(unholy 1 frost 1) unless BuffPresent(BLOODSHIELD) Spell(DEATHSTRIKE)
  • #416
    You need to be targeted by your target. No point in delaying death strike if you are not hit.
  • #406
    DK -Blood

    For precise use of Death Pact:

    if TotemPresent(ghoul) and LifePercent(less 61) and Mana(more 39) Spell(DEATHPACT)

    Makes Death Pact suggestion appear if ghoul is present and only if enough RP is available to cast while also reducing the chance for overhealing.

    Thanks for added in Death Pact in there. I was using PetPresent(yes). Figured that another function would be needed to pick up the pet.
  • #407
    Yes, it was not obvious that the ghoul was a totem :)
  • #403
    Death Knight- Blood

    Small suggestion on deathstrike, I'd do it like this:
    if Runes(unholy 1 frost 1) unless BuffPresent(BLOODSHIELD) Spell(DEATHSTRIKE)

    That way you're never 'wasting' a deathstrike shield.

    I'd also add:
    unless Runes(blood 1) Spell(BLOODTAP usable=1)

    toward the end of the conditions so you can always generate runes if you need to.
  • #404
    Thank you, it will be added in next release.
  • #400
    Just changed Ovale and noticed some red question marks in he lower right corner of all the icons. I seem to remember a few posts here about them in the summer, but no one could make much sense of them. I've discovered through a bit of trial and error that these are range indicators, and are linked to some text string I'm unable to find within the whole of the Ovale code. They turn into question marks when someone has replaced the default interface fonts with fonts that do not contain the dot character that is called for. Can I request a toggle option for the range feature, or perhaps that the range indicator be changed to a texture? Aside from that I can just keep trying to dig through the code for the place where the indicator character is defined...
  • #401
    It's RANGE_INDICATOR in OvaleIcone.lua line 3.
  • #402
  • #399
    Warlock - Destruction

    When selecting Curse of Elements it works as it should suggesting when you should cast CoE.

    When selecting the type of bane, i.e bane of doom... it never suggest you to cast bane of doom, rather it only suggests bane of agony vice versa if you select bane of havoc it never suggests you to cast any banes except for bane of agony.

    The fix I have is by changing or replacing everything in the default script that suggests "BANEOFAGONY" to "BANEOFDOOM" or "BANEOFHAVOC".

    I would like to request that if the option to select the curses and or banes is not functioning then they should be removed, or fixed.

    On a positive note* this addons does maximize my dps in any and all fight situations. I do not engage any encounter without this addon loaded.

    Thank You, to the developers of this addons it truly enhances my gaming experience as a warlock.
  • #405
    That's strange. I need the time to check this.
  • #409
    this is my a little modified script for pve desto

    "AddListItem(curse weakness SpellName(CURSEWEAKNESS))
    AddListItem(curse elements SpellName(CURSEELEMENTS))
    AddListItem(curse without L(None))
    AddListItem(bane agony SpellName(BANEOFAGONY))
    AddListItem(bane doom SpellName(BANEOFDOOM))
    AddListItem(bane havoc SpellName(BANEOFHAVOC))"

    "AddIcon help=main mastery=3
    if InCombat(no) and BuffExpires(FELARMOR 400) Spell(FELARMOR)
    if BuffExpires(FELARMOR 4) Spell(FELARMOR)

    if List(curse elements) and TargetDebuffExpires(CURSEELEMENTS 2) and TargetDeadIn(more 8) Spell(CURSEELEMENTS)
    if List(curse weakness) and TargetDebuffExpires(CURSEWEAKNESS 2) and TargetDeadIn(more 8) Spell(CURSEWEAKNESS)

    if BuffExpires(ISF) and TargetLifePercent(more 80) and Spell(SOULBURN usable=1) Spell(SOULFIRE)
    if TargetDebuffExpires(IMMOLATE 1 mine=1) and TargetDeadIn(more 5) Spell(IMMOLATE)
    if List(bane doom) and TargetDebuffExpires(BANEOFDOOM 3 mine=1) and TargetDeadIn(more 10) Spell(BANEOFDOOM)
    if TargetDebuffPresent(IMMOLATE mine=1) Spell(CONFLAGRATE useable=1)
    if TargetDebuffExpires(CORRUPTION 1 mine=1) and TargetDeadIn(more 9) Spell(CORRUPTION)
    if BuffPresent(EMPOWEREDIMP) or {BuffExpires(ISF) and Spell(SOULBURN usable=1) or BuffPresent(SOULBURN)} Spell(SOULFIRE)
    if TargetDeadIn(less 5) and TargetLifePercent(less 20) Spell(SHADOWBURN)
  • #395
    Warlock script is bugged, for destro at least (haven't checked others). All it does is suggest Life Tap, while the effect of that glyph is totally different now.
  • #396
    You use an outdated script. The last script don't use Life Tap at all.
  • #394
    I know your working on tons - but the unholy dk dps is not workign at all. It does not seem to take into accound SUDDENDOOM or more importantly DARKTRANSFORMATION it also seems to stay with SCOURGESTRIKE instead of adding FESTERINGSTRIKE into the rotation. I saw a post on your forum which seemed to address it - but I'm just not a programmer!

    The addon is fantastic though!
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